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I've always loved to dress up and make costumes, but my first official cosplay was for the London MCM Expo in October 2005. I lost my bus one day and walked into a shop to browse through some magazines while waiting. They happened to have the Neo magazine and I saw an advertisement for the MCM Expo. The very next day I talked a friend of mine that lives in London, into letting me stay at her place, and booked my plane tickets XD That was my first visit to the UK. There have been many more after that ;)

At the moment few of my cosplays pictures are uploaded. Had a computer crash last year, so I lost most of my pictures :( So I have to get around to take new ones... Oh well, it's an excuse to wear them again, even if it's just for an hour or so. XD

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Mtani - Dark Elf Sorceress - 6th October 2012

Staff head

After a week of sculpting in clay (Chevant medium) the staff head has finally found it's shape. The last two days have pretty much been spent remodelling the horns, as I wasn't happy with the shape they had, and adding texture. This thing has LOTS of texture. I don't want it to look like some cheap, undetailed, plastic thing one can buy from toy stores...
All that texture should make the paintjob more fun as it will be easier to make this thing look realistic.

The close up on the right shows some of the texture on the horns. That took some time, and had to be done layer by layer. Kind of like working in photoshop. Only a lot more fun!


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