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I started cosplaying a few years ago, by accident. A last minute decision to go to MCM Expo turned into a last minute panic to find a costume that didn't make me look like an idiot. This is where I got the bug. Armour, fabric, props, it's all good. I love playing video games, so all my costumes are from things like Final Fantasy, Mass Effect, Diablo III, Destiny...

I enjoy entering into competitions with my creations, and I'm pleased to say my track record isn't too shabby.

Fran (FFXII):
Winner EGX Cosplay Masquerade 2013

Ashley Williams (ME3):
Winner, MCM Expo Telford Cosplay Masquerade 2014

The Barbarian (Diablo III):
Winner, LFCC Cosplay Championship 2014
Second Place, MCM London Expo Cosplay Masquerade 2014

The Titan (Destiny)
Second Place, EGX Cosplay Championship 2015

The Demon Hunter (Diablo III):
Winner, LFCC Cosplay Masquerade 2015
Winner, EGX Cosplay Championship 2016

You can find more from me and Si (my significant other) in a few places:

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LittleBlondeGoth - Fran - 25th March 2012

How Hard Can It Be?

Turns out, very.

So far, I've made the leg armour pieces for my Fran costume, and invented a couple of colourful new swear words along the way. Deconstructing the design to make a workable pattern has proved... interesting. And let's not even mention cutting out all the fiddly little pieces this thing requires. The thigh sections might have taken a year or so off my life.

But they're starting to look halfway decent now, so I'm pretty pleased. Next job is the arm pieces, and figuring out how to do that bell shape at the end...


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