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I always enjoyed dressing up and being a character as a kid and so when I went to my first con in 2015 I knew I had to cosplay for the next one.
What I enjoy most is being a different person when in cosplay and getting to act like them; its so much fun :D
My best moment was when I was wearing my Grell cosplay on a test-run and people wanted to take my photo. It made me feel better about myself and my cosplay.

I really enjoy making my own cosplays and taking time out to work on them and make them my own. I especially like sewing on the final finishing touches on stuff.

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LelouchTheDouche - Psycho Mantis - 7th June 2017

Progress ^u^

Yay my boots arrived! Wider than I expected but making the laces tighter helps. Ordering the gas mask and zentai suit next week. Probably need to alter the boots and remove the top 'flap' which I won't need, that or keep it tucked in but unsure if it'd be irritating after a while :/ costest needed.


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