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I think my first encounter with the whole idea of cosplay was reading an article about it. I found it incredibly interesting, alongside amazement at how much time and effort people put into their creations. So, I decided that for the MCM Expo of that year (2011) (which I believe I was already going to attend), I would jump in and have a go ^_^. My cosplay was Hikari Hanazono from Special A, which was a bought costume, alongside other various pieces (wig, contacts etc) added to it (my partner dressed as Light (Death Note). It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and, even though I wasn't expecting many people to recognise me, surprisingly a few did. Everyone was kind, friendly and approachable; this, alongside the awesomeness of the Expo, made for one fantastic weekend.

May 2013 (MCM London Comic Con) - Me and my partner attended the London MCM Expo, cosplaying as Holo & Lawrence from Spice & Wolf. Once again, the Expo was nothing short of absolutely brilliant ^_^

October 2013 (MCM London Comic Con) - Erutis from Demon Diary :)

May 2014 (MCM London Comic Con) - Nothing ^_^

May 2015 (MCM London Comic Con) - NiGHTS, as seen in Journey of Dreams.

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Kuchiito - NiGHTS - 26th August 2014

A Little Thank You

I'm not sure how many people are following/will follow these little entries, but I just wanted to give a little message of thanks to Tim Baverstock, whose awesome website dedicated to catsuits (Somewhat Stretchy - http://www.stretchy.org/) has helped me so much ^_^

So far, I've been putting my measurements onto paper, ready for transfer to the material. I am still yet to measure my feet, hands and head, for the sock, glove and hood sections respectively; hopefully I can get these done in the next couple of days. I'm not sure if this zentai suit will be complete by the end of the month, but it will hold me in good stead to make the second, which will be a little bit more complicated ^_^


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