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Just wanted to take creativeness to a new level :)

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FangGirl - Samantha Byrne - 9th June 2012

Plaster of Paris Bandage

Found out what this stuff was called just now, going to make a cast of me to make the armour on, I thought it be easy to make it that way, least I can fit it to size probably :)
And I might even use it for the armour as well, this stuff is very good, sand it down, seal it, paint it, and then waterseal it hey we got armour :)might get some soon, got £16 left in bank so can get some if I want.

Still working on the lancer ideas as well.Going to shop around for some electronics later, will ask my other half if he can write a list of the things I will need (he knows alot about electronics as he use to make alot of things with them) and then shop for them but work out what needs to go where and what needs to be used for what :)

Getting there, slowly :)


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