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Drachryn - Ritsuko Akizuki - 20th March 2012


I sewed the main part together today, and after testing it a bit (I danced >>;) I know what needs to be fixed a little better.
I'm not wearing everything I've made for it in these pictures, as I'm still sewing bits together.

- The part around my waist needs to be fixed, so I'm doing that now, so that it sits right and doesn't slip.
- I need to make the shorts. The ones I'm wearing in these pictures are too short, and not dyed the right colour. They were an experiment. It's pretty obvious. I'm considering an overlay too, but not sure.
- I need to put lace/ruffled parts down the front, but I'm scared to because I can't get it to sit right.
- Need to attach things to gold parts, beads, etc..
- Hat is WIP too.. I'm not happy with it. I need to iron it and see how things go. I've ran out of the purple fabric >_<

Lots of things to do, but it's a start.
Oh.. And boot covers are complete. ^_^
Pinkish-red coloured fabric is a lot better than it looks in these pictures. I only had time to quickly take these today.


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