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I first got into Cosplay through a youtube show called Demyx Time when I first watched this I had no idea what Cosplay was but it looked very appealing and so I looked into it. I attended my first Cosplay convention in 2012 at Dundee Union (Dee-Con) and really rather enjoyed the problem is most of my cosplays come from Animes and everytime I watch a new one I usually find yet another character I want to cosplay and I have like no money to do so. I've now been cosplaying for little under a full year now. Most of my planned cosplays that I hope to do now are from Fairy Tail, I have a full of list of them and I'm far too lazy to upload them all.

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CloudsAngel22 - Belle - 16th August 2013

Arrived but

It arrived the other day this cosplay but all though it all fits and rather well its not right I've been giving a gillet style front instead of the corset design also it sits to high up like instead of sitting just above the bust like it should but like at my neck so I need that sorted, have been offered help but I'm not sure if I can take it yet I'm finding that out tomorrow as there might be someone closer to home that could help


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