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CaptainAmelia - Cersei Lannister - 11th July 2014

Sleeves, glorious sleeves~

I'm in love with these monstrosities! Convinced I won't be able to move without knocking things over left, right and centre, but it'll be *totally worth it*. It actually fastens itself, now, with a line of snaps down the inside front, but it's still covered in pins and about 80% there.

I'm about to add the gold crossover neckline and the embroidery, hem the sleeves and the skirt and style my wig! It won't be 100% for LFCC as I would eventually like to add the chainmail fastening at the back of the belt and the red lion embroidery on the skirt panels, but I'm hoping I'll be able to run touch-ups in time for Manchester Comic Con next weekend!


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