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Amehhful - Rias Gremory - 14th July 2014

Starting the skirt

Today I started making the skirt, I measured the skirt by using two of my own skirts as a template, one for the waist and one for the fullness of the skirt. Lets just say it was a little more difficult than I had planned! I stitched a little pocket along the waist band for the elastic and then threaded the elastic through, I am using quite a thick elastic this time, to make sure it's powerful enough. Annoying I couldn't find a thread similar to my material, so I had to use a brown, so I may switch it up if I find a red thread, as I have another 2-3 months to do this ^-^ my next step would be stitching the bottom of the skirt. Excuse the shabby photo!


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