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MCM London Expo (May 2019) (Mei [Pajamei Skin], Overwatch & TBC)

MCM London Expo (May 2013) (Ezio Auditore, ACII & Waitress Stocking, P&S)
MCM London Expo (May 2012) (Ezio Auditore, ACII & Stocking Anarchy, P&S).
MCM London Expo (October 2011) (Megurine Luka, Vocaloid Matryoshka).
MCM London Expo (May 2011)
MCM London Expo (October 2010)
MCM London Expo (October 2009) (Hinata Hyuuga, Naruto Shippuden).

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Ailune - Mei - 22nd May 2019

Completed Gun!

I worked all night and managed to complete the piece. Unfortunately the tank won't be done in time but I can sort it out for next time!


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