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I started cosplaying in 2007 when Tokyopop had their Recons. My first cosplay was Solid Snake from MGS (first version was bad). Since then I've done my best to do more.

I try to cosplay characters that I so wanted to be from childhood, but I really just do it to have fun.

Yeah thats it really X3

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I know its a little late but its finished and was worn at London Expo

It was a really good idea to redo the eyes and cut out bottles XD

Well started Spray painting parts and "finishing". All I can do for no since I'm going skiing for a week. Cutting things close getting things done ^^:

Well getting there with the helmet after MANY issues with sanding, filling and cutting it in half. It has warped out of shape slightly, but I'm moving on, I've made a velcro strap connection and also decided to add some colour to the jacket, just need to add a red stripe along the sleeve. I doubt I'll add anything to the trousers.

But yeah, keep going ^^

Trying out Rondoing for my helmet and its getting there, just need it all smooth. Bought a power sander to help :)

So I founda suitable wetsuit and some good EL wires, heres the ebay links if anyones itnerested:




So while I'm waiting for my Paypal details to confirm (waiting for those verify payments to send to my new account, I'm sure I dont need to verify it but I dont wanna risk it again even though there wasnt any problems before ^^:) I have been messing around with helmet ideas.

The new Legacy's clear half-visor look doesnt quite appeal to me, I prefered Anon's full faced look since it looks more sexy, plus it covers my ugly mug XD.

Thanks to good old I found a rather snazzy base.
I'll be using the Forerunner Helmet Tester as the base since it has an interesting angular look to it. Plus its real easy to make.

With a few modifications it should look ideal. Of course I'll be using my old friend resin also but I'll take better care of doing it this time.

Well the cosplay was pretty much done although next time I'll grow my hair or just use a wig, doesnt fit with short hair. Will upload photos of the Ryugun and Den-O driver later.

Also I need to learn breakdance XD

Well I've kind of figured out a way to put the suit on and make it all stable, but its like a step-by-step puzzle ^^:. Pieces have to be put on in a specific order and some parts will be fiddly ^^;.

Order of putting on:
COD belt, Thighs, loop suspenders through COD piece, attach suspender clips to rear of thighs. Shins (may use a strip of velcro to link the tighs and shins). Boots, then stick covers on. Shoulders, Chest-piece (need help lol), Gauntlets, handplates and then finally someone needs to put my helmet on for me XDD.

Just found some Pepakura files for Kamen Rider helmets, may use some of these and mod them slightly

Decided not to call this one Master Chief since I'm using a darker shade of Green plus I altered the visor to look different. So he shall be a regular Spartan soldier. Spartan - 7734!

right so I suck at Paper Mache', but delving into the pepkura files more I've found Iron Man armour. So, I think I'll make one of those helmets and hack n slash and see what I come up with ^^:

Well I'm not sure if people knew, but there was this guy on Youtube called Abrant3 who did fantastic video tutorials of Halo armour, unfortunately he's removed his videos for some strange reason. However, I have managed to track him down on and found a nifty sizing tutorial of his. This is built for average body sizes and requires you entire height in cm's:

I haven't used Paper Mach'e before, I know its like 2 cups Flour, 2 cups Water and a Table spoon of salt, but is there anything else I need to do? Any hints or Tips when using this stuff? How strong does it become and if not so much should I decide to give it a coat of Fibreglass resin for strength?

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