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I got the base through for the basket. The great thing about this prop is I don't actually need a bag with the cosplay as I can put everything in it.
I do have to mod the handle and recolour it, which will have to wait until I've finished the embroidery on the first piece...

I don't embroider often, I'm actually really slow at hand sewing, but I wanted some really nice detail on this so I'm pushing myself to do this.
It's been a fun thing surprisingly, designing it went better than expected, and I've gotten the first section done. I'm happy with how it looks and glad I chose to do it, but I have another 9 panels (at least) to go on this first piece, and then there's the rest of the cosplay.
Still, this is something I want to put all my effort into so I can be proud of this cosplay whenever I wear it.

Back to work on this now, so much left to do but at least it's not like starting from scratch right ?
I'm planning on getting the modesty top done next, no way am I wandering around with one strap holding the girls in place lol. Then I can finish the neck corset, do his chest strap, and probably move onto the haori.....So much work needs to be done for that but it'll be worth it. Then his weapons, I'm not looking forward to making those.....

I've rarely been uploading images here, I've got a lot more on my facebook https://www.facebook.com/xblackravenx/media_set?set=a.10152816110275203.1073741831.671960202&type=3

I'm starting early this time, as I'm gonna be putting a lot of work into Link for May.
So far I have the boots, and I've found where I'm going to be getting everything else from, just need to get Christmas out of the way so I can buy stuff.
I have ordered the jump rings for his chainmaille, 760 bronze rings are now on their way to me, so at least I can be putting work in while I wait for money. It shouldn't be too bad, I've found great tutorials online, and I made sure to order one of those finger thingys that has the slits in to make it easier. I can't see myself using pliers on 760 rings xD

If all goes well I should have the chainmaile completed quickly, and I have already drafted out the pattern for his tunic, I just need to tweak the collar on it. It -should- all be fairly straightforward.

So I've ordered the wig, had to pick a different one as the one I wanted was out of stock :(
I've finished making the leg straps (they go underneath the turnovers of the boots, such a tiny detail to spot >.<) and the choker. I did buy a leather one, but it didn't fit my neck :( So I made one out of the suede I had and I love it so much, it's soooooooooo soft ^^
Don't like using press studs, they stabbed me too much xD

So I've pretty much finished my cosplay. I'm getting Rue to do the wig for me, as he's amazing at short styles, then I need to dye the shorts as they're a bit lighter than I'd like.
I bought a parasol for him aswel, as I couldn't resist, and I'm getting accessories together (mostly bows and pearls) so it doesn't look too plain.
Still haven't gotten my shipping notice for the shoes :(
I'm debating whether or not to get a mini top hat for him aswel....

I found a shirt on the egl comm sales that's perfect for my outfit, and it was really well priced :)

I have most of this now, I've just ordered the cloaks from Cos00, hopefully they wont take too long to arrive.
Still to do :
Modify the boots (I've decided to use Spoonflower to custom print the checkerboard fabric)

So I've ordered my wig, it looks so pretty I can't wait for it to get here !
I've also decided on an outfit for him for both the Will Adams festival, and for MCM October.

So I finished combining the two wigs together, I've stripped wefts off of one until I was left with the skintop area. I added the wefts to the base wig, to get the volume that Ariel has. Once that was done, I then used the skintop from the stripped wig to make the new parting and to add even more volume to the fringe. Because Ariel has a massive fringe !
Now that this is all done, I just need to style the fringe in and it's all completed.

So far I've managed to but the nail varnish, boots to modify and the wig :3
I have a feeling that the wig may be a little dark, but I'm hoping it's going to be like every other wig I've brought and be lighter than the sales photos.
Finding the rest shouldn't be too bad, stripey shirt that I may or may not mod the collar and cuffs on, black waistcoat and black trousers.
I'm having a bit of trouble finding the fabric for his boots turnups, but I do have a plan for them if I can't buy fabric.
I'm thinking of talking to TAB for his leather braces belt thingy...

I completed this wig today !
It's been a lot of fun working on it, a very interesting commission for me to have gotten, and I'm very happy with the end result

We're at 25 for this stage of the wig, many more to come

So now I'm onto the last stage of the wig, which is doing the backwards "fluff" spikes. I've cut down the ones at the front, as I felt they were too long, and added a bit more volume to them. In my eyes they look a lot better. The braids wont be staying in, otherwise this would make a pretty good Walmarket Cloud wig ^^

This is going to be my most ambitious and expensive cosplay to date.
I'm expecting it to take a long time to do, so I haven't got a specific event to wear it for, just whenever it's finished. I'm pretty sure I have found where to get everything I need for it, it's just a question of finishing off other cosplays and saving for the materials needed.

I've decided to go for a blonde-pink mix for the wig, as that's what it looks like atm, I may change my mind if better pictures become avaliable, but atm I'm working from The Sun lol.

Wish me luck xD

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