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I started cosplay in October 2007, after attending Midlands MCM Expo in the February of that year and seeing all those people in brilliant costumes. I, however, was not very good at it. I'm still not brilliant but I like to think that I'm at least improving. I enjoy cosplay for the craft and creativity involved, the new skills picked up upon the way and the terrific fun it is to wear the completed costumes.

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Looking at screenshot, Sanji wear a belt. It won't be visible unless I remove my jacket, but I like doing the extra details where I can.

This was put together with a denim belt I won from eBay. The buckle was wrong, so I replaced it with one from natk-shop (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/141151459795). Painted the end with silver fabric paint and widened the belt loops of my trousers so it would actually fit through.

It's a little more golden than I thought it would be, but I'm still really happy with this. Just needs a bit of pinning back and a spritz of hairspray to keep down those stray strands and it's ready to go. Brought from pinganchina2012 on eBay (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/111159067296)

Because I thought I would have to alter a pattern more than I actually will, I made a mock-up of the jacket out of muslin fabric. But I'm still glad I did because that's how I found out that some pieces need to be lengthened just a smidge. Plus it gives me a good idea for what I'm doing before cutting into my more expensive suiting fabric.

There are no fastenings and I didn't put it neatly on the dummy. That'll be why it looks a little sloppy in the pic.

Probably one of my proudest cosplay accomplishments to date. And it'll be under my chain mail where nobody can see it. ;A;

There's a slightly bigger post about it here: http://vjwcosplay.tumblr.com/post/62708064879/completed-gambeson-im-so-proud-of-this-but-its

I'm following this video tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtYmYwJK5b8

I'll put on another duct tape layer. Then I'll make a cover out of fabric which will contain the detail and cover my head and neck like hers does.

These are really quick and easy to do. I made them out of felt using this template and tutorial: http://ventusskyress14.deviantart.com/art/Pony-Ear-Pattern-Rules-and-Instrustion-in-Descp-323151278 Then I used a glue gun to attach them to a clear headband.

White theatrical gloves from the_blue_planet on eBay with some purple sequin ribbon stitched around the top. Fabulous, darling!

You'll notice that the bandages on Nami's arm don't have a bit going across her chest to support it. So I'm using a tubular support bandage, which I'll secure to my shoulder on the day with three little bits of double-sided tape.

I brought a one-size-fits-all bandage from Poundland and cut the length I needed from the arm. I did just try folding the whole thing back over, but having more than one layer of bandage got very tight and restrictive after a few minutes, which wouldn't be healthy for Saturday during London Expo. So I cut it to length and then the remaining will be folded over my hand for that bandage. I'll get a little tube of dark red paint and on the day smudge a bit on where the blood spots need to be.

This was really fun to do. I followed this tutorial for most of it: http://www.mommybydaycrafterbynight.com/2011/12/little-birdie-told-me-messenger-bag.html (though didn't include the flap because I don't think it's meant to have one, plus I made it a bit smaller than the measurements specified to make it look more life the one in the reference pic. The zip is just sewed on, it doesn't go to anything. And I sewed on a pop-fastener to close it.

I think this is what she has on her wrist? I have no idea, resource pics seem few and don't give a clear shot. But there seems to be something there and I figured it was this. Perhaps it was a bit cheap and tacky of me to make it out of felt, but I did it with very limited time and I think it came out okay.

It just doesn't seem right to cosplay a Pokemon trainer without having a Pokemon. Snivy is my starter for my Pokemon Black game, so it had to be him. Picked him up from Buy-For-Less-Online at Amazon.

A simple but fun little project. Found a plain white baseball cap which looked about right from j.a.m.manufacturing on eBay. Painted the peak and the top. The front pattern was painted into thin white felt and then attached via fabric glue. That way, if I made a mistake with the pattern I wouldn't have to get a whole new hat (again!).

These started off as a pair of black socks, which I have quite a few of. They were cut to length and then two strips of white felt were painted pink (this happens throughout the costume to keep the pink shade consistent). The strips were sewn on and then given a few more layers of paint to hide the stitching.

These were a little tougher than I first thought, but still fun. They started off as a pair of royal blue skinny trousers (from timeclothing2012 on eBay). I cut them to length, removed embellishments where needed and added the holes/ragged looking bits at the bottom. The white pockets (I presume) were added using some fabric I have leftover from another costume. The button was added, which I painted with nail polish (and added a top coat layer).

I brought the cape from fancydress4all (http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/fancydress4all/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=&_trksid=p3686) on eBay.

The straps are from a brown belt I found in a charity shop (elasticated, so I had to stitch around the edges) and the buckle is from yet another belt and repainted (I know the buckles have further detail, but I'm probably not going to do that).

The Pendragon emblem, pictured below, is what I'm most pleased about. It's embroided (though has a little slack at the top of the wing - should have invested in an embroidery hoop) and I'm really pleased with how it came out.

Looking at promotional images, Gwaine's chainmail has a split at the front and back. With a pair of pliers, this was really easy to modify. Then I just had to fix a few things up and it's now all ready to go! The only downside I've found to the gift-mart chainmail is that it can be somewhat flimsy. The rings can easily come loose and fall off, so I'm trying not to wear it too much before Expo time. I think I'll carry a pair of pliers in my bag as well just incase.

I knew I at least wanted something around my waist for this costume. Then because I plan to do ears and a horn I decided that the sash would be a tail of sorts. I went through a couple of 'curly' designs because that's how Rarity's tail is styled. But none of them looked good, plus I was concerned about how anything I did with wires might get mis-shapen during transit (this costume will be worn during Friday which is also the travel day). Then I decided to just make it a bit simpler. The curvy zig-zag does, I think, give the impression of curls with a much more basic design. And sometimes simpler is better.

The 'tail' and sash are different parts. On the back of the tail is a loop which the sash goes through, then hook-and-eye attachments do it up.

The gambeson is a padded jacket worn underneath armour and chainmail. It provides warmth, extra protection and because chainmail can really pinch against bare skin (trust me, I know).

This started off as a size XL fleece jacket which I found in a charity shop for £3. I altered it and now it fits quite comfortably underneath the chainmail (I'm a size 12 btw). I haven't given it a padded look, but if I find myself with time before the Expo I may see about it.

The dress is a long-skirted sleeveless maxi dress from eBay. I added a long split up one side (because I plan to draw her cute mark on my thigh). For the purple, I took material which I still had leftover from another costume to create the lining around the bust and the sleeves which will fall just below my shoulders.

The first photograph shows the completed dress, the second what it will look like with other parts of the costume (except that isn't the sash - I haven't made that yet, I just wrapped a piece of purple material around my waist to give a better idea). I know in my design I had purple around the bottom of the dress but I've decided to leave that bit out.

To be fair, I did have a go at making my own. Then after 1,000 rings (which basically left me with a chainmail scarf) I did some quick calculations and realised that to make the full shirt and coif would take over 20,000 rings and cost me over £200. It would also take a lot of time. So, on the recommendation of another Merlin cosplayer who wears chainmail, I brought a chainmail shirt and coif from gifts-mart on eBay. It's designed for recreational purposes, so is lightweight and comfortable to wear. I need to make a few minor adjustments and fix where some of the rings have come loose, but it'll do the job just fine. In a way, it is a bit of a bummer that I can't wear a shirt I made myself but at least I now know how to weave basic chainmail.

One of the easier things to do, though I seriously cramped my hands up holding the fabric apart so that I wouldn't take away the elasticity of the gloves, which is what allows them to fit onto your arms. But they're comfortable to wear and should match the dress just great!

Wig selections for Rarity, and I think I'll be going for number 6. I know there is a lovely one available on etsy, but it's about £70. Little out of my price range.

The images are from their respective eBay sales and they're not what the final thing will look like - there would be some styling. Mostly I'm looking for colour and length and how easy it might be to style.

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