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Bought craft foam for £12 to re make the shield along with a board for the back to keep it in place. :3 picture when I've cut it out.

bought the fur online for £13.99, cut out the usual template of a fox tail, 36" then darted along the edge to form a curve

SO These are the contacts for the cosplay when they come back in stock :D I already love them and haven't even purchased them yet.

Half of the jacket is completed :3 It looks good so far! lets just hope it covers everything when I finally wear it.

title explains it basically. These are Not the boots I am wearing with the costume. Just fill ins until I order mine.
I bought these from a charity shop for £1 which was awesome. Just need to edit some things on them then they will be fine.

ahhhh!!! I love their jackets! They are so cute >.< haha anyway..

Half done, after hours of tedious sewing and no course work getting done XD I actually can't wait to cosplay Kurt <3 I love him sooo much!

ordered my ears C: woo! I didn't know hwich ones would look right but in the end I chose these >

Pretty happy about how this came out! (I look fat in this picture!!! >.< Because I has no binding on T-T Damn breaticles)

It took me forever due to reatrd sewing machine syndrome! Forgot to mention still have to do the sleeves!

Went on a fabric hunt today with the best friend and searched like hell for the right colour c: ANd only managed to make the hat today without detail since the sewing machine decided to blow up on us! (sorry about the blur and ugly in this photo XD

ahhhh!!! Lost weight and now the tunic doesn't actually fit me anymore :C Sad times. It just drops off of my shoulders whenever I wear it...

Here we go again...

So, when I ordered the wig the meatballs XD were terribly styled! but it was a great quality wig anyway.
Meatball: I started off by looping parts of the hair (knotting)where I wanted the bun to be, this was the base in which I would start the shape off.
I then began to wrap individual strands of the wig in a circle so it began to build shape. Doing this with all the pieces whilst spraying and crocidile clipping them in place seemed to make the bun look much more effective.

Armor thing :L : I used fimo clay for this. Rolling out a white piece and a red piece, cutting circular shapes out (white bigger than red)and placing them together in place. I then put them in a circular bowl which was oven proof to acheive all greatness of that annoying curve XD haha. Heating it in the oven for around 15 minutes would do. Finally I varnshed (with actual nail varnish) and stuck clips to the piece to make it attachable to the wig. (I also added a white shine to make it look more cartoony)

So I'm deciding to scrap the tights since they were a last minute thing anyway :3 And I'm wearing it to Kita con anyway so I get a nice fresh start!

T-T Only have a temporary one which may have to be used due to the lack of moneys D: Oh well...

Decided to go with a red wig instead of an orange wig :) Woo Should be here soon :D

Ordered my hat today :D I mean. I'll make the rest of the costume but a hat? Jeez...I'm not that talented XD

Hahah, just found some jeans in my wardrobe that are like perfect for this :P Wow, this is already getting started and I'm only just planning it XD

OKay, so here are a few issues. Issue one. I suck at picking a dye. Two, my cape has gone a really light purple. But does that really matter? I mean I will stand out more I guess :P Anyway. Progression is coming along steadily, even bought my over pants today! woo :3

Started my Mysterion mask tonight. Made of the lovely paper mache :D <3

I finished my belts today :D....Well the top belts anyway :3 they are made of thin pleather and actually acquired no sewing since the glue gun was a much easier approach ^^

I decided to cover my original Armour in a brown pleather material since this gave it a nice defined look and looks quite realistic :D (still has messy glue gun bits on :( but I will peel them off so it look tidy ^_^)

I made this sheath out of poster board. I used poster board because it's strong, easy to cut, yet not very flexible. I still have to actually either paint or make the decorative patterns on the shield in a golden colour. :)

hat completed and stuffed for a fuller look

I have nearly finished the skeleton of my master sword :D Yush!

I drew out a pattern for my hat on baking paper :D It's looking good at the moment. ^-^ Might die the fabric a darker green though.

I found this really light weight alternative for chain mail :) I think it looks really effective. I will be doubling up the material though to make it less see through ^-^

Made the left arm armour. I used green craft foam which I will paint when I go out and buy a copper brown colour :)

I've done this fast for my own reasons. I have no time whatsoever to complete this because of revision for exams.
I still have to add shading and weathering so it's not close to being finished :3

I added the details onto the shield using red foam :) It came out pretty good I think :D I also added the rivets by cutting out round parts of foam and spraying them silver :3

I cut out a large piece of grey foam into the shape of the hylian shield, I then sprayed it metallic blue. For the outside part, I used poster board and drew around my shield, then cut it out, sprayed it grey and stuck it on with PVA :)

I Drew out the template for my master sword blade. Hopefully it will look great once it's finished :)

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