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My friend introduced me to cosplay after persuading me to join her YGO group and my first con was February 2011 - a very small one near where I live. My cosplay was half finished and terrible but it was good fun. I pretty much caught the cosplay bug and have been wanting to cosplay literally everything since.

After taking a year out due to my first year of uni, I have come back with a need to learn new skills and so have decided to start small and work my way up, hopefully gaining new and useful skills with each costume.

I have a long way to go before I'm actually any good, but I'm learning and keep trying so hopefully I'll get somewhere one day!

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so i've started buying stuff towards this cosplay. i've got a load of brown pleather sitting in my room that i'm basically too terrified to start making into the harness, i've got the top i'm going to modify to look like eren's, wig is in (slow) progress and my boots have arrived! they're actually pretty great for the price and will hopefully be comfy plus i feel kinda badass in them which is always important.

the skirt is finished, although i'm worried about how well the pleats are going to stay in so i may have to think on that. i've made a start on the black top thing so now all i have to do is add the white swirl bits in the points. am still unsure how i will go about that, but hey, i've got time!

my wig has arrived, but i sent it home, so just have to wait until i'm home from uni to try it out. hopefully it will be as good as it looked!

i've bought almost all of the fabric, although they did not have as much as i would have liked of the maroon fabric i bought for the dress part, but i hope i am still able to get it done with what i have.

scary stuff. still no idea how i'm going to stop the wefts at the back showing

it is literally the perfect colour for how i imagine her hair! the wig came with a skin top which i wasn't expecting, but it actually worked out pretty well especially seeing as i needed a middle part.

need to cut the fringe and front bits in and then find a way to cover the wefts at the back as they show when the fibres are pulled into the ponytails

okay so this skirt has been the first "real" item of clothing i have ever made and i am pretty damn proud! the colour are more vibrant irl though

i've finished the interface thingies, just need to attach them to my hairband and the tie is also finished. so yeah, progressing along nicely

colours came out okay, although could probably be better. just got the trouser stripes to do now

i'm rethinking wearing this to aya as i'm terrified i'm gonna melt!

uggh dying caused me so much stress i have been literally too scared to do it but i took the plunge. my top t-shirt had come out the same colour as the long-sleeved one i had so i needed to dye it a couple of shades darker. i bought dylon's burlesque red thinking that it should make the right colour as long as i didn't soak it for too long.

just waiting on it drying and i guess i'll have to see tomorrow!

these colours are so pretty and so close to what i need. finding a good check proved difficult, but i'm so pleased with this!

ahhh picking fabrics is such a scary thing for me, but i guess it's something that will come with experience. i'm really pleased with the colour, and although this hangs nicely i think if i were to do it again i would have gone for something with better flow.

the coif gave me a bit of confusion and it is a little big, but as the material is not very stretchy this is probably a good thing.

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