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I'd seen people doing it and jumped on the bandwagon. Oh dear.

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I started working on the wig today. Originally the length of the ponytail was way past my butt, almost falling to my knees. This has been cut down to a much more manageable length. The braid needs redoing as this was just a messy one I put in to see where it would fall and the bangs require further styling but it's a promising start.

Boot covers are done! They're not very good but oh well, it's better than wearing normal boots? The bottom of my normal shoes peeks out a little so I'm not too sure what to think of these.

That little bit of weight I lost? I think I put it back on. I'm not feeling too confident and I feel really fat and gross and ugly and this is just not going to end well in the slightest. I'm feeling super self-concious so I'll probably bring a jacket to cover myself up. I'm also going to need to tit tape myself in everywhere because it's hard to move and keep my chest covered and I'm worried about my... other areas. Anyone wanna help? Haha

Image is attached. It's shooped a little bit to make myself feel a tiny bit better. Behold those thunder thighs, phwoar.

I'm not too confident about this still because I look huge. The top half needs taken in a little bit and it's not zipped up at the back because I couldn't quite reach with one hand. I'll definitely need some help. I'm undecided if want to go for the slim look of the movie or invest in a smaller hoop skirt or something. Any advice?

The wig arrived today! Well actually, it arrived a few days ago but I missed the parcel so I didn't receive it today. The wig is really nice. It's a little thinner than what I was hoping for but I've been able to work with it. It's tentaively finished because I'm scared of messing it up. I've included the before and after picture of the wig; it's so much more manageable now!

This wig came through the post earlier today, talk about good timing. Just in time fo Christmas haha. It's a lovely wig and I love the colour, even though the wig wasn't what I was really expecting, you know? I have no idea where on earth I would start with this so I'm going to look up how to do stuff before I start cutting. I'm still not very good at styling wigs so I imagine that this will be a little difficult for me. Wish me luck!

Oh yeah these little bad boys came today. They're slightly too big but it's nothing that can't easily be fixed. All I need to do with these is break into them as they currently hurt a lot.

As I've lost quite a bit of weight I've decided to get a grip of myself and do the orange outfit. Although I've liked almost every outfit that she's worn in the anime I keep coming back to this one for some reason, although the white outfit from this week's episode really ticked all my boxes! I've chickened out of this countless of times and my own mother had to give me a pep talk which was a bit crude, actually.

I've also purchased the wig for this which will need styled.

I've spoken to the commissioner and we've opted to go for cotton which whilst I'm not totally happy with, it looks a lot better than the shiny fabric they were intending to use. I've had a look at the swatches too and picekd which colours I think will look best on the dress. Even if I've only had a limited control on what this will turn out like I'm satisfied.

Bought the wig and a nice pair of shoes for this today! As I'm going for the blue dress the shoes are blue (of course) and TheMagicalLucy helped me pick a lovely wig. It needs some styling but I'm certain I can work with it!

Today, I did a make-up test for Mami which I'm kinda pleased with! I was worried since I couldn't pull off the wig at all without make-up on apparently if I apply a lot of it that's all good. The false eyelashes are temporary; they were the only pair which I could actually find in my room and were applied in a rush. I'm wearing far too much make-up here I think (as I said, I do NOT look like myself) but... I kinda like it. Maybe I will go for a more dramatic eyelash type than I normally would.

This took around 15 - 30 minutes to apply.

I'm almost finished this! I just need to buy appropriate stockings / socks for this! I really don't suit blonde hair so I need to work on my make-up and lightening my eyebrows. I plan to have my eyebrows waxed rather thinly on the Thursday before Fushicon but if this isn't possible I'm going to rehearse lightening them!

The actual body of the outfit needs taken in a lot as it's rather baggy on me and I'm unhappy with how it looks. A few days before Fushicon I plan on having this taken in to fit my body as close as possible and I'm highly considering in investing in a smaller petticoat to give the skirt some extra oomph.

So the base wig for this came on Tuesday(24/05/2011). I was humming and ahhing over whether or not I should style it and eventually got around to it. It was so nerve wracking since I've never had to style a wig on this extent. It's not completely finished and I'll go back and make changes to it for sure but this is what it's like for now. I need to invest in... is it called got2be? :S
I used character references of Mami whilst doing this, as well as using photos from people who have already cosplayed her to see what I like best. So yes, this isn't the final version but it's like this for now. :)

My hoop skirt came for this! I do have a photo but it is on my camera which is currently broken. :(

It's a little too big but I think I'll be able to deal with that when the time comes to wearing it. It makes the dress look a lot bigger which I'm ultimately pleased about.

I just need to style the wig now.

I don't have a camera at the moment so forgive me for the lack of pictures.

Nia has been modded now. The part which held the cape up is now attached to the dress and the cape itself is now attachable and detatchable via press studs. Unfortunately I shan't be able to wear this without the cape as I've had to put a stud in the middle of the back for extra support; without it I would have had even less arm movement and it would rub and irritate my skin.

I'm contemplating varnishing parts of the necklace as I don't like how big they've made the tassels, but time will tell.

A quick picture of Nia now she actually fits apart from around the chest area. It's a bit bigger than it should look because I was really cold and threw it on top of my work uniform!

The dress now fits me properly; I would have taken some pictures but I've been a little lazy recently ha ha. The inside of the dress is now all lined and the leg slit is up to where I originally wanted them to be.

The cape is still a problem though. I'm planning to either have the gold part remade and attached to the dress, or just using the one which which was on the cape originally and attaching it to the dress. I'm also hoping that I'm going to be able to attach small buttons (I know what I'm talking about but I can't think of the name!) so I'm able to attach the cape in the correct place and detatch when I don't wish to wear it.

All 3 earrings, booyahh. They all look somewhat straight when I have them laying flat but the smallest two apparently aren't? I'll have to fix that. They're clips because my piercings have started to close up and it's horribly painful to wear anything. The clips do hurt my ears but I'm hoping with a little daily wear they'll stop that.
The largest earring hurts the most due to the weight, and the littlest clip hurts a little when I first wear it which is most likely due to the location it's in.

So I came home from work and was super excited because my Yuna wig came. It's such a gorgeous fibre and it's so soft and everything. But, being in lit areas makes it look a lot lighter than it actually is(which might be a good thing considering the game cut scenes) and it's just not what I expected.

I dunno what to think of it. :/

Although I do already have a wig for this cosplay, I've decided to start work on a second one as the first one is refusing to detangle. With this second wig I'm aiming to style it right since last time I cut it wrong thanks to using a mirror. :)

Painting this kinda came out disasterous. It would have been a lot better to do it with iron on transfers actually but this wasn't thought of until after starting to paint.

I also misplaced some of the badges I have for this. I'm not looking forward to wearing it at all.

I am making some progress on ths, here's the proof! I received the base of my jumpsuit today; I'm considering bringing up the trouser length because it's a little bit too long when I stand up but it's perfect when I sit down. Oh, decisions decisions. It's a bit big at the moment but I presume since what I'll be wearing underneath will be thicker than pyjamas, that should hopefully sort itself out.
The length of where the buttons go to have confirmed that I will have to wear both shorts and a vest top underneath which is fine with me.
The white thing on my wrist is a paint/dust/whatever mask. Considering the theme behind the jumpsuits seems to be painting/spray painting it was appropriate.

Next thing to do with this is to customise this! However, I need to go buy a paintbrush or two first because I still don't own any.

Apologies for my hair, I had just gotten woken up this morning by someone throwing parcels onto my bed and I was so excited I tried them on straight away without brushing my hair orz.

Almost finished! I need to work on making the shoes more comfortable because they don't look very good and are very uncomfortable at the moment, and how to correct the jewellery. There's a few other things I want to change but they're not so high up on my priorities at the moment.

This is finally finished! The fringe has been cut now so I can see, although it's a little too blunt maybe? D: I don't think I will be able oget some of the props done because I still haven't located Hobbycraft but oh well. D: No pictures of the wig 'cos I am lazy.

Wig shots. :D These are the best ones I have that show the wig length off that I don't look stupid in.

Pictures of my Ange wig (finally)! I'm really happy with it, although I'm too nervous about cutting the fringe on my own. I don't think I'll cut it so it falls above the eyebrows since it doesn't look good at all in my opinion. The picture shows the length (once again, could be shorter) and the parts at the front which are shorter.

ALSO My pyjamas are beautiful. -3-;

After a lot of shopping around, I've found some hair ties which are pretty similar to her. They're a brighter shade of pink though, and they're metallic. Like I said, I only found one store that sold hair ties like that so for now I'll have to settle with those unless I find a more accurate pair.

Also, I'm contemplating making Maria's spell book. It's proving a little tricky though to find a book like that but I'm not too bothered if I don't get the chance to. It's just an extra, after all!

For this costume, I have my eye on this wig. A LOT of it will have to be cut off but that colour is perfect and I can't find a similar wig that has a shorter length. The up side to having this length is that if the wig is too thin I'll be able to make wefts from the rest of it and sew them in to make it thicker. :)

I'm around 90% done with this! I'm not sure if I'll wear a chain since... I don't like the way it looks so I'll most likely wear the ring on my finger. :) Thing is, trident work isn't going too well. My first little mockup broke pretty easily even though I thought I had reinforced it pretty well. I'm a little disappointed, and disheartened.
I'll give it a few more times before I decide if I'm going without it or if I'll think of an alternative. I'm a little reluctant to commission it since it looks expensive and I can't really afford it! D:

Well, I told myself and everybody who would listen that I was making this costume by myself. Thus, to do this I went out and bought a sewing machine. After buying this sewing machine I got so frustrated I couldn't thread it properly I went to take it downstairs to find someone who could tell me how. But me, being me, was clumsy and tripped and the sewing machine happened to slip out of my hands and went BANG CLATTER SMASH down the stairs and now it doesn't work.

...So yeah this is kinda on hold. 8D;

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