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I'm very excited to have finally tried out my makeup for this cosplay. This is a look I want everyday, damn it! Just need to build that hobby horse and we're ready to shoot. And I only noticed that I left my septum in until it was too late to take another selfie hahaaaaa~ 8D

I remember wanting to cosplay this character about 10 years ago but inevitably scrapped the idea because the original design for Ken (The Digimon Kaiser uniform) looked too complicated for me at the time. But when I finished Tri I knew I had to attempt this. I may decide to make the body from scuba for a fitted look with the overcoat being made from Gaberchino. I'm going to toy around with some smaples and some patterns and see if it's doable ^_^

I originally saw a ready made cosplay for sale on Aliexpress but there were a lot of parts missing from it unfortunately. Nonetheless, the idea of a new cosplay is always exciting! I just want to fangirl with some fellow Digimon weebs :D

Even though the main body of the dress has been finished for a while, I still have a weapon to make! I will make a makeup demo for the cosplay but I'm so eager to get this done, you won't believe! I'll post another journal when I'm happy with the make up! :)

And so I've spent most of the day sewing the "boots". I've made them as part of the bodysuit and my progress was really slow~

I placed baking sheets underneath the fabric to stop it from slipping under the presser foot.

I've attached them to the bodysuit using powernet and it is a BITCH to sew~!

So for the weekend I got started on my next costume to add to the handful of projects I already have going! :D

I toyed around with the ideas of using different fabrics and found cotton jersey and cotton lining to be the most useful to make the base. So far I have managed to work on the front details.

I used gold bias binding for the middle stripes, felt for the eyes and have made my own bias binding out of blue poly cotton. The top half of the leotard is made from cotton curtain lining which has been interfaced with a fuse on stiffener.

So today, now that Christmas and the new year have passed, I've finally had chance to pick up my first print from Myco Studio. I don't have a scanner to post the picture on many major cosplay websites. So I'm gonna leave it until I get the photos on disk, which will be ready tomorrow ^^ I'm really excited! :) I may use them to enter that new cosplay website. Just maybe ^^;;

I have booked a photoshoot on Wedesday to get some professional photos of this cosplay. I would be happier to have some more photos of this cosplay in a studio. It would give me a chance to show the rest of the cosplay seeing as I only got photos of the top half of the outfit X'D Also it would be a good experiance seeing as I may start using the studio more often in the future. Trust that the session goes well ^^

Hopefully if my friend Charito is well enough, I will be seeing her in December dressed in my Nana outfit :) She's coming all the way from Greece with her sister to see Wednesday 13 in concert. So I arranged to meet her, and she requested if I would come dressed as Nana Osaki. Therefore, I've bought some rocking horse shoes and a more accurate wig (one with a centre parting) to complete the character finally ^^ Hope all goes well and we don't freeze! Maaaaay wear some ankle warmers at least <3

I know Iwasn't making this costume for any special event, but I've now decided to take it to the Entertainment Media show in London that will be running from the 1st-2nd of October (I think?)
By now, I've already made the dress and 3/4 of the jacket, so I'm very happy with my progress :) But just in case something goes wrong, such as, the wig doesn't arrive in time, I may take Cherri Creeper ^^ Still, happy days!

So here's the photo of just the wig, the make-up test, and the top of the uniform (which you can barely see). I'm soooo happy with it! :) I feel like a totally different person ^^ Still a long way to go though.

Photos to be taken next Wednesday :) This will give me something to put in my galleries before the cosplay meet on the 30th. I'm so excited X3

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