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Went to MCM expo one year and have been going ever since.
Chances are, if I'm doing a cosplay, its because someone has convinced me to join their group as I much prefer group cosplays as opposed the solo ones. It's just so much easier when people suggest who you should be.

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It so happens my sister had a school uniform and I already had a a white wig so the is my super speedy test. The wig needs to be cut and the uniform edited but this is what im started from

I found black and red material and proceeded to waste my night.

Everything together. Will probably remake the spear and redo the boots at some point but for May Expo its done.

Now with added leather trouser. I'm so going to bake in May.

Finally got moving on my axe as it only just occurred to me the the event is next week and I still haven't finished this cosplay. This has been so rushed but it just needs to be finished at this point.

The wig I ordered to whilst being the right style is too light for Noda.
My friend has offered me one of her wigs. The colour is darker but it's quite short so styling is proving difficult. Going to drop it round a friend and see if they can do anything cause I can't afford a new wig in time for the event.

The wood has mostly been cut out for the axe, just need to do some editing and then I can paint it.
Most of the cosplay has been bought, and is in the process of being edited as well.

Kittz got me the tie and badge so I thought I'd take a quick picture. Might buy a different shirt/waistcoat if I come across extra cash but if not, I'll use this

Started work on one of the sleeves today so have a bad quality picture of it...

Finally finished the bottom of the skirt, though my cat has now decided that he likes to sit under it and on top of it.

I bought my wig. Its 1.5m long and I know its just going to end up one giant mess before expo D:
At least I can get back to work on finishing this thing after tomorrow

... but instead I mess around with face paint and Sai....

Pretty much given up with my sewing machine so it's now all hand sewing and I just know its going to fall apart OTL
Started the second skirt and I'm now pretty much finished with it apart from some tidying up.
Just need to finish the detail in the first skirt and sew on a circle to the front and the bottom half is finished, oh and please ignore the orange jumpsuit I'm wearing underneath.

Done the basic shape of the first skirt.

To make life easier for myself I'm going to build my cosplay around an old corset then pretty much make it up as I go along~ Its should be interesting

For now, these are the shoes I plan on using unless I can find a better pair (plus they are free cause I stole them from my sister)

Actually getting started on this. Made his earring however the spray paint I used is too dull so I shall be getting some more in the near future. Also now have the trousers thanks to escaspedyesterday getting them for me for christmas

Got all the makeup and body paint to turn me blue however I seem to have forgotten to get a sponge to put it on...

I officially hate his hair so much. Every time I style this wig, I end up washing it out and doing it again. At least I only have one section to go now

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