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I tend to cosplay derpy characters. Of late I've formed a VanaN'Ice group with the lovely Ayame and Limegreenjelly so you'll be seeing a lot of Kaito in the coming events :3

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I've not updated CI for a fair while now but with only a couple of weeks until Kitacon I figured now was the time to.

Since my last post my wig has arrived and is ready to style, I've made my hakama and limegreenjelly and Ayame have been helping out a LOT with other things. My headpiece is almost sorted, as is my sleeve, arm bands and jacket, so thank you so much ladies!

Still to do is my crop-top, securing a pair of elbow length gloves and fully styling the wig as well as painting all my designs onto the satin. Not too long left either so I'm hoping the majority will be done within a week or so!

Photos will be uploaded when I get some outfit shots.

Well this cosplay was supposed to be for October Expo but my money wouldn't stretch too far .. however I'm planning to get this done for Kitacon now!
Today I will be buying my wig and pipe. I was going to style a wig that I already had and add extensions but I'm not too confident at colour matching, so I'm going to get a wig specially for the cosplay and re-style it if necessary.

I'm really glad to have limegreenjelly and Ayame helping me out on this - they'll be contributing bits and bobs so I will of course credit them.

Next week I'm hoping to go home and make a rough draft of the kimono jacket and hakama out of cheap white cotton to get an idea of what needs changing before I invest in proper (I'm guessing expensive) satin .. I'm also going to be drawing out some stencils to make the painting process a little smoother.

After a long while of procrastinating I finally started to cut the replacement wig that I bought. The one that I ended up getting was a really lovely quality long, flicky, layered wig - purposefully too long so that I could cut it to size (maybe I was just paranoid ...) however the colour was off. I can't afford to get any other wigs for this cosplay so I'm just gonna go with it for now.
The overall length has been shortened a lot and the general front area has been cut and shaped and is just waiting to be styled. I'll upload photos soon enough.

The wig that I ordered arrived and while I can't fault it for price, quality or speed, it's completely not right >; the colour is near enough perfect but the length is an awful lot shorter than what I was expecting so I'm going to have to either sell it or see if I can use it for another cosplay. At a push I might be able to use it for Kaito but I'm unsure T__T this has really thrown me off and I'm going to have to see if I can find a new wig now.

Hopefully planning to make this over the summer break when I have a little more free time, but I've already started looking at wigs.
I already have my contact lenses sorted thankfully, but the wig is proving more of a problem. I'm having a hard time interpreting exactly WHAT colour Kafei's hair actually is. I always assumed it was purple but I can't work out now whether it is purple or actually blue or a ridiculous mix of the two.
I've found a couple of possible wigs, and I suppose I'm really just being anal with regards to the colour because I don't think I'll be able to find a decent wig that is actually bang-on.
The shoes I've already found and am looking to buy, and the actual body of the outfit I'm hoping to actually sew myself over the summer *FINGERS CROSSED* XDD the necklace, Keaton mask and HOPEFULLY Couples Mask/Sun Mask I'm gonna be working on myself because I really love making props :3 I really can't wait to see how this works out because he's such an under-cosplayed character and he's awesome X3

limegreenjelly has done an absolutely stunning job on a pair of Team Magma cowls for myself and my friend, so the rest is down to me. It's not going to be a completely accurate cosplay because it's just a bit of fun with my friend who came up with the idea :3
The rest of the outfit for me will probably consist of black skinnies, black docs, black tee and red/black contacts and my favourite red wig ever X3 Looking forward to something casual with this!
Thanks again to limegreenjelly for doing this for us <3

I dedicated today to going into Birmingham with my Mum to trawl the Rag Market for some material for my scarf and some sort of pleather to make boot covers with. I thought for sure that the former would be easy to find but in the end I had to make do with some sheeting because nothing else seemed to be the right colour! The only other possible match was some Duchess Satin at £5/6 a metre @__@ it was so, so gorgeous and I wanted it so bad, but I just couldn't justify it for Kaito XD I had to compromise though and I'm happy with the decision I made.
Next was finding some sort of pleather/vinyl for the boot covers. I have no idea how I'm going to do them but I'll think about that later ...
I thought we'd have to go to the fabric warehouse to find anything even close for this, but Mum asked at one of the stalls she knows and the lady pulled out a roll of matte pleather which was absolutely PERFECT. £6 a metre but she let me have half a metre so that saved me a little :3 Fabric for two full length Kaito scarves and a pair of boot covers came to about a tenner so I was very happy with that.

As for the headset, there was a single-side earpiece with mic that I found on eBay for about £2 that is gonna suffice for now. I've got to pull the cables off and fiddle around to make it pretty, but the base is there.

Looks like I have everything now : ) it's just a case of bringing it all together and seeing how it looks.

Just went for a mooch in the town centre today to look out for something I could use for my Kaito trousers. I found a pair of men's trousers in Primark that I thought could work. The colour is described as "stone" but it's a grey/brown colour and would probably take well to fabric dye. The main thing was that they were cheap at £7, they fitted me and they would work as a base.
I came back to check the concept art and realised that they are pretty much bang-on in terms of colour, so no messy fabric dyeing like I thought I'd have to do : ) I'll be back home this weekend to buy fabric for and make my scarf, so I'll dig out my fabric paints and make a stencil for the arrow designs on the trousers. All being well, we should be sorted for Kitacon :D

My Kaito wig arrived earlier this weekend : ) I chose the blue prince style wig from Ayanamisatoru which appears to be a good match for the style and colour, and as always, is wonderful quality. Took around 2 weeks to arrive, but shipping was only something like £5 so this was fine.
I've commissioned limegreenjelly to make my coat and she's shown me a WIP picture and it's looking awesome :D once that is done, I need to sort trousers, a headset and some sort of bootcovers, but I'm hoping that'll all be done this week with the amount of free time I have.
Here's hoping!

After toying with a few options I finally got round to ordering my Kaito wig. After umming and aaahing about which wig was cheapest and which looked best etc, I ended up going with the eBay store that I knew the best; being "Ayanamisatoru". Both myself and another friend have bought 4 or 5 wigs between us from that store and have had nothing but good quality.
My wig, inc. shipping came to roughly £25 which I'm happy to pay when I know what wonderful quality I will get.
I will of course take photos when it arrives, and in the meantime I'm going to work on making my headset.

I had a blast at Midlands Expo yesterday :3 I was happy with my outfit and the hoodie came out wonderfully! Only thing I was a tad gutted about was the makeup - but that is definitely something I will work on for Kitacon : )
Thank you to everyone that was nice enough to take photos! I take it as such a compliment and you would not believe how happy it makes me X3

My parents dropped off a couple of packages for me - consisting my hoodie and my gloves. The gloves are okay but a little off-colour but the hoodie is perfect. As I type this I'm waiting for the paint to dry on it so I can do the last little details for the eyes and teeth.
I've been told there are another couple of parcels waiting for me and I HOPE they are my contacts and wig - there's nothing else I can think of that they could be. All being well this will be sorted soon :3
Because there is no official artwork of what Gumi wears on her bottom half (Well nothing on the PV anyway - all the other stuff I've seen is varying fan interpretations) I'm going to be wearing some blue skinny jeans and my 14 eyelet black Dr Martens. I think they will suit, I wouldn't consider it if I thought they wouldn't.

2 more days anyway : ) fingers crossed I'll get it done.

Exactly a week to go until Midlands Expo. I'm waiting on all the stuff to arrive and then I can work on the design for the hoodie : ) hoping to get that done within a day and practise my make-up as well (because God knows I'll need a steady hand to get those lines right. But as of now there's very little that I can actually do towards it.
Here's hoping everything arrives in time and looks good!
See you there guys!

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