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I first got interested in cosplay thanks to the cosplay group "JAC Productions". They've been on hiatus for/have split up about a few years now, but I still regard them as my main influence :] Since then I've cosplayed quite a bit, spent all my money and made so many awesome friends. Cosplay is amazing!

To date, I haven't really been *proud* of any of my cosplays, there's nothing amazing about them :3 But even so, it's so fun to run around as my favourite characters!

My most expensive cosplay so far is Sephiroth - but I didn't make it XD I'm planning to remake the pauldrons at some point though.

My favourite cosplay so far is probably Kurogane. This is probably because I had so much fun being him, despite his grumpiness! I have an awesome Fai [Skyla] and Kamui [x-Blade-x] to mess around with too. Not only that, but Vic Mignogna himseld said it was awesome XD Meeting and talking to Vic Mignogna is also a personal highlight for me since I started cosplaying.

I have a personal goal to achieve; to cosplay as many versions of Kurogane as I can! Mainly for photoshoot/competition purposes though, as I doubt his artwork/alternative clothing will get me recognised as Kurogane :)

As of April 2010, I have taken the decision to temporarily stop all cosplay due to the lack of time and money. As soon as the money situation improves, I will take myself off hiatus and get to work.

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Just spent the day dying my material, only to have the pieces come out different shades of brown each time. One's the shade i want - BROWN, one has a pink tinge and one has a yellow/green tinge. I bought another dye which is on the way, but if that doesn't work then I'm actually going to cry, I've spent so much on this coat trying to get it right and nothing has gone right yet :( if the fabric shop sent me the right shade of material in the first place, this wouldn't be happening :(

Am hoping I'll have more luck with my shirt tomorrow, but at the rate I'm going, I'll screw that up too.

Not only that, but my boots are a bit too small so they ruin my feet everytime I wear them.

Fml. This cosplay is going to be shit.

The wig came today - it's pretty much perfect except it's black and needs a trim but it's alright for Ban XD tried it on with the glasses and I think i look pretty cool ;D

All that left to do is sort his shirt out, so it won't be long before I can move him to complete! Progress pics soon <3

Dye has been bought for mah coat, so that will (hopefully) be sorted pretty quickly. My breeches have also arrived! They're pretty massive on me, but they'll hopefully look better when they're tucked into boots!

Just waiting on the boots to arrive now, and then buy a brown belt. And possibly blue contacts <3
Will get started on the top pretty soon, maybe tomorrow, since I'll be bored XD hoping I'll have all my homework done by then though :P

The material for Arthur came today, which is all well and good except -
a) the red material is too garish (this problem isn't too bad, I can fade it out)
b) the "brown" thread I ordered is in fact gold D:
c) the worst problem - the suede I ordered is a really light tan, and not brown like I thought it was D8 so I have to get fabric dye. Except it's suede, and I have no idea about what dyes will work D8 And expo is this month, so I'm having a bit of a panic-spack right now :'D

I'm sure I'll work it out but for now, I continue to spack XD

Have had a lot of generous help from my Merlin this weekend, she measured me up and whipped up some patterns for the tunic and the coat which I am forever grateful for <3 I send her much Colin Morgan and CUUUUMBERBAAATCH for her troubles and for painting me a chibi Arthur ring & a Pendragon ring ;w;

Whilst she was doing that, I finished off the claw necklace which I'm pretty pleased with. Apart from the fact that I modelled it without looking at references, so the shape is wrong X'D if I have time, I might redo it since I still have a lot of brown thonging left ^^

Have now also ordered the material, so all that's left to buy is a belt and maybe some blue contacts :D srsly can't wait to get him doooooone <33333

Leaving the photos and stoof up here, but yeah, cosplay is dropped.
07-Ghost bores me now~ and some of the fandoms really get my goat XD; *coughFrauxTeitocough* Sorry guys!

May still wear him randomly, but yeah.

He got finished. Just. After my best friend came round and had to tell me it would be alright and that it would work. Because I didn't have a pattern, and it went tits up.
And he looked - to put it bluntly - shit. I had a lot of fun in the costume, but unless I feel proud of it, it automatically drops how I feel when I cosplay.

I'm eventually going to redo his coat. Maybe even buy it.
I need to lose weight so I don't look like I have manboobs to go with my beer belly. Or at least buy a looser WHITE jumper.
I need to buy a wig so my hair isn't fail.

It's mainly the coat that disappointed me though. The only things that made my costume were the two amazing props that Matty made me. Thanks so much Matty, you're amazing! Everyone loved the drill and Komurin :D

This needs to be redone before I ever wear this again. I'm not going to post any picture of it here until it looks much much better.

But hey, trial and error, right? :D

This is mainly for me, so I can choose the right colours for the wig XDD

Cosworx Extentions - 25 [butterscotch blonde]

Base wig:
Cosworx - Yuri - 27 [strawberry blonde]

Yup, heard me right folks! Bought and bloodied up the shirt today, and I have the trousers, wig, tie and shoes already XD
I just need to dirty the shirt up a little and it'll be perfect ;D
Progress pictures up soon :]

Moved Komui to in progress 'cause I've dyed my hair [black-blue] and have got the white beret!

This week I'm hoping to get hold of a white roll neck jumper and white trousers too. I might make these at a later date when I have more time. But I'm definitely making his Supervisor coat, I'm really looking forward to it XD I've also decided that he's going to have the manga Black Order cross 'cause it's cooler than the anime one :]

Looking forward to seeing my Lavi and Kanda on Monday, so there might be photos when I get back! <3

So thanks to x-Blade-x and skyla-dream, I managed to make a cloak and top on the friday and saturday XD I love the wig, I'd love to have my real hair like that XD

*cough* anyways.
I will be improving this cosplay.
1) I need to make the shoulder armour.
2) I need to sew the cloak collar to cloak. I've noticed that you can see my shoulders/back in some photos.
3) Re-make the bracers and top. I used red paint to edge and it doesn't look very good. I want to use proper braiding.
4) Make boot covers.
5) Make another head guard, as I had my original one signed/approved by Vic Mignogna ;D
6) Finish the belts and add a sword sheath/scabbard for a sword.
7) Make Kuro's sword, "Ginryū".
8) Get red contact lenses.

I think that's about it. But I am determined to get this cosplay looking awesome~!

Abandoned the armour, it's 2am and I just can't do it.

Done the bracers, headguard, rough belts and leg belt thing. I'm gonna do the top and cloak tomorrow at skyla-dream's.

As a first draft, it doesn't look half bad. Not sure if I want to wear it in front of Vic Mignogna though. I'll look like a complete cosplay n00b with an unfinished cosplay XDD Oh well.

I'll finish tidying up and then go to bed :3 See y'all at LFCC~!

I'm kinda well known for my procrastination, but I'm never this bad XD;
LFCC is this weekend and I've only just started *head desk*
There will probably be progress pictures throughout tonight XD

At the moment I'm working on the shoulder armour, and then I'll move onto making the belts. Afterwards it'll be the headguard. Tomorrow at skyla-dream's I'll be styling the wig, making the cloak and *hopefully* the top.

This costume WILL be finished properly, but LFCC is just a test run of the first costume. I know I'll probably have to redo bits and bobs because I havem't done first drafts of anything.

Wish me luck! *zooms off*

The wig arrived yesterday... but unfortunately the people tried to style it -.- that's the second time that's happened to me [the other time being on my Sephiroth wig].
I'm going to brush out whatever they did to it to make it spike the wrong way [n00bs] and restyle it. Once that's done, I can also make a start on the headguard thing, as the foam for that also came. I'm thinking about shaping it and attatching it to a stretchy headband with superglue, and then glazing it with PVA to make it shiny :3

When my Fai comes this weekend, she'll bring the black and red pleather with her so I can start on the top and armour ^.^

Progress pics soon!

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