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I tend to choose more cute/shy characters, as they just seem to work best for me, but with a few different ones thrown in. My fave one i have done is Mew Ichigo, and will keep using it untill it dies on me. Close favourites being Fluttershy and Rima.

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Just need to add in somewhere that the pics for this cosplay where all taken by Geordie gent photography, he did a great job :)

I have put it in my info but ill put more detail here. My Fluttershy has had a complete makeover. Its a new dress now, which isnt showing of my bum, and is a much lighter yellow. Its actually a summer dress which i have altered slightly. The cutie mark is only on one side now.
Its kinda changed to be her human version, rather than halfway between like the first one. Ill be wearing no tail, (which for me is strange as i have alot of cosplays with tails), but i will have better ears and wings.
I hope u all like it when i stick photos up :)

I've bought all the essentails to this already, got a light blue hoody, baige combats, blue converses, ginger spikey wig (bought an ichigo from Bleach wig for this!) and of course the ginger furry material for the tail and ears ^_^. Oh, with a little bit of cream furry material for the tip of the tail.
There are a few props i need for this cosplay, already got the frying pan and some monopoly money! Just need to buy a helmet, fake cigar and guns to be army conker! Will be a fun day i think!!
Once i make the tail it will be suspended behind me by invisable wire, as conkers tail dosnt hang. It will be a huge tail!
Anyway, once its all done ill put up a pic :) -x-

Well, i thought i'd better put in my progress! As you can see i have my tail done, which took me about 3 hours. It is pretty damn heavy and i don't know how i will cope all day but im gonna put up with it!
I have finished my Leg warmers and just need to sew my Sleeves. Will take a pic when all 4 are done.
Also, dress has been started, but shouldn't take too long, its pretty basic.
Loving the progress and hopefully will be nearly done next time im on here!!

The wig has been a pain in the ass for this cosplay, i bought what i thought was a good Axel wig from ebay and was just gonna cut it slightly. When the wig turned up it looked awful. Full of holes and the spikes were stupid!! Completly re-designed it and it does look better, but the spikes arent as styled as i wanted. Still, i can be a Lea who's just been eletricuted :P.

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