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Bought the fabric today :D Even though it wasn't -perfect-, I'm happy with it and the girl behind the counter was really helpful. It's even got little shiny threads in it as part of the tartan-ness :D It's just a cotton tartany type thing.
I'm using pink chiffon for the ruffly-bits and and pink bits on the outfit.

jo got me the wig for my birthday
happy happy days~ <3

finished the belts, tie and little "VOCALOID02" emblem. i want to wear them as normal belts, theyre so cute x3

as for the arm warmers, i have given on my LEDs. >< after buying them, staring at them for ages searching everywhere online and looking at a dozen tutorials I can see i just wont be able to do it nor do ni know anyone that can help (and before you offer and/or tell me what i need, i bought LED strips, not indi vidual circuit lights, which is where its so difficult. id know how to wire up simple led circuits)
so im going back to my idea of high viz reflective tape and rhinestones. x_X

bought the fabric today. was going to use duchess satin but.. not at £10.50 a metre i certainly wasnt. XD got a lovely matte satin instead, thicker and nicer and than ordinary slippery horrible (mermaid melody ¬¬) thin satin so yay. Plus its black so i dont have to worry about it being see through. xD We also bought the pattern. I -almost- bought the earrings too but I bought Kirari ones instead because they were cuter XD;
Anyway successful trip (Y) must work out the actual dress now.

Went to Lewisham today to get the material I need for Tsumugi which I got, but I thought while I was in there I would look for material suitable for Kirari.. pff. They had nothing. DD: Only the shiny pink crepe-y stuff I'm using fur the overlays which I can buy anywhere so.. fission mailed. BUT I did get really gorgeous gold big star sparkly earrings which are PERFECT for Kirari and also so cute for daily wear (and also for Hanon Hoshou XD) so YAY. XD And they were only £6. Result :D
I'll look around Welling again and if no luck I shall shop online or start looking round markets (I hate markets..)

i have a decision to make, haha..
there is a shop selling wigs the perfect colour. one is 31.5 inches which will finish kind of just before my butt. which is shorter than Yae's hair. And there is one that is 40 inches which is a LOT longer (like to my knees). BUUUT i dont really want another super long wig xD they get tangled and they are a nuisance. it will be tied at the bottom but still..
do i get the long one, for accuracy's sake, or do i get the shorter one for easiness' sake and sod it..?

..the small bands of gold fell off the shorts so i need to stick them down properly OTL''
And the belts are done. Hooray for glue-gunning pleather. dont want pleather ever again. xD Nor do I wanna make belts again actually..

no picture sorry D:

Bought the fabric and started making the top today. Just gotta hem the sleevey bits and take them in since it had no sleeves. Unsure on how to make the net-bits. i'll be continuing to work on this after school~

Jo took the photo xD

My wig arrived! its soo soft and the curls are really bouncy. its a bit lighter than in the picture but never mind, coulda just been my computer screen =] And it's still a lovely colour! So now I just gotta make the katana~

We;ve decided to tack the collar of the blazer down to give the appearance of a collarless blazer like the ones they wear in TD! so it should look more accurate. |3 Waiting on my wig now, and I've started making the Katana. It's nothing special, just layers of cardboard and papier mâché and bandages until I can invest in a real wooden Katana lol. I might make a small Tenori no Taiga plushie if I have time~

Finished editing the blazer, in order to get the blazer to do up the right way (the blazer I got was male intended) we had to kind of scrap the orignal buttons all together so now it seals with velcro and the buttons are purely for decoration. XD
Ordered my wig, too, so I'm waiting for that to arrive. Then I just need to make the katana <3

Gonna buy this wig http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Wavy-35-LIGHT-BROWN-long-wavy-cosplay-wig-toradora_W0QQitemZ310194451121QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUS_CSA_MWA_Wigs_Extensions?hash=item483907b2b1
Present from Mum for passing my maths GCSE (I'm awful at maths). |3 Work hard in school kids, you may get rewarded xDD

The shiny strip is for the "mini-belts" and detail on the shorts. It looks bronze in the photo, but I promise it's really gold in real life!

the basic shorts are finished, now we've got to add the belt bits onto the shorts, which i've cut out but got too tired to finish so that will be done tomorrow most likely xD. I've finished the leg warmers, too, and I've made the basic arm warmers, gotta get reflective tape and buttons. Next as well is the shirt and actual belt, though I need a brown sharpie for that.
Progress pics tomorrow probably =]

the shorts are nearly finished, i'll post a picture later. the basic arm/leg warmers are bascially done too, but i need to get reflective tape for the glowy bit and buttons.

i've decided to put rhinestones on it for some of the shiny details |3 Beautiful idea from lollivamp of dA/Cosplay.com.
It's coming along niiice. Next is the shirt and belt.

iIll possibly wear this for the J.Arts Festival if I go which I probably will. If not I'll wear some other costume. If I go both days then I'll maybe wear Hanyuu the other day...

I'm like £20 away from my wig.. ¬w¬'
I need to somehow earn more money..
and have another boot sale so i can get cash for patterns and materials..
Ah Dx

merry christmas everyone! XD I got my Len wig for xmas, the headphones haven't arrived yet. It's really soft and gorgeous, bit more golden than the picture but still good, i really love it. pictures soon <3


Ok well it looks good from the side but it needs that big spike at the top. TO THE HAIR GEL~

This is my official list of Len PV costumes I want to do xDD


Vocaloid Default
Alice Human Sacrifice

..and more to come |D

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