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I'm going to buy a clear bra strap to attach bling too. You cant see it here, but I plan to add teardrop gems down the back of the strap too. i really love these gems, they're really beautiful and a lot cheaper than I'd find in the UK.

Corset was bought as I simple don't have the time or resources to make it here in Korea.
Skirt I made today. The waistband has been finished (not shown here) and the only thing that needs to be finished for this base skirt is the bottom to be hemmed.

As mentioned, I made a cloak from spare fabric, purchased a crown and as seen in the photos made wrist cuffs. The wrist cuffs were made from the same fabric as the cloak, with a strip of lace across the middle, feathers glues to the top end and a bid skull charm added to the middle of the fabric.
I've improved using make-up in general since the last time I wore this costume so I made sure to use eyeliner this time and make it quite heavy, I also had some deeper coloured lipgloss. I think working on my make up really helped with this costume.

Made a cloak from scratch last night- I mostly wanted this as it's freezing outside and even though it hides some of the detailing, I still think it looks pretty. Adding more feathers everywhere! I couldn't afford to make a head dress so i have a sort of crown instead which works as I can see Raven to be quite proud.

Wasn't going to start this for a while but I found some lovely white silk in a fabric shop that's a really good price! I'm going to make a pattern for the whole dress and see how much I need and how much it would cost me.

Bought some fabric for this today- got blue cotton for his top and some white cotton for the cape thing. Hoping to start this after Christmas.

Decided to start this cosplay and just slowly work on it over time to give myself a break from making dresses!
Bought a wig, need to see if I can spike it once it gets here!
Going to look for some cheap fabric for his blue top, the trouser fabric should be easy to find. The cape is probably going to be the hardest part!

After finding the wig again, I'm inspired to start work on this costume!
I've started breaking down the costume and looking for fabric that would be good for it :)

There is a lot I would like to improve about this costume, mostly the skirt and detailing. I'm also considering making some sort of headdress/head piece to give a better effect. And of course more feathers!

Wont be starting this for a while but I've started to look at wigs and started to break the costume down. Finding it hard to find a good image of all the detailing on his outfit so I'll be taking inspiration from what other cosplayers have done.

Wont start this for a while yet bur started to look at wigs and break down the costume. All the detailing is going to take a long time.

Nearly finished! All my armour is done apart from waiting from glue to dry so it's sealed. mask is complete and looks better than i thought it would! Sword is almost done, just got to wait for paint to dry and then to add rub n buff to make it look more metallic like.
After this just need to add some paint detail to certain parts of the costume, some poppers need adding and some elastic needs attaching and I'm done :D

Armour is all painted and currently drying. It might need another coat but we'll see.
Making the sword at the moment, it won't look fantastic but I'm just happy I've had the time to make it! Glued all the foamboard and wire together. Got to go to town later to pick up more paint and materials for both the sword and the mask.

Shoulder armour complete and attached.
Made and completed the cross thats attached to his cape. Painted one of the arm armour pieces.
Still waiting on some bits for the leg armour.

Made the shoulder armour. Ran out of worbla so had to cover the pieces in fabric that I had left over. They look okay but I can always re-make them at another time!
Arm armour looks okay, needs some more wood glue adding to it to even out places but hoping to have them painted by the end of today!

I've made the arm armour. It doesn't look fantastic because it's my first time making armour and I had no idea what I was doing! It looks okay for a first attempt though!
Leg armour however is another matter and I'm really not sure how to do this at all!

Been really busy so progress on this cosplay has been slow!
I've cut out all the materials for the armour pieces to discover I have nowhere near enough worbla :/

Nearly completed this, just needs hemming at the bottom and snap fasteners adding at the back. After this, i just need to add trim to the neck line, add red fabric/ribbon to the top of the corset and style the wig. Nearly there!

Had problems with my sewing machine and the tension so sewing up the top has been very stressful! The main body of the top is done, working on the sleeves and then it's onto her green coreset-like thing.

Well not really but kind of! I managed to get some cheap shoes for this copsplay from ebay today. I also ordered some tights.

Added lace to the bottom of the underskirt and I really like the way it looks!
Made a pattern for her top and I've cut out the fabric ready to be sewn up tomorrow.
managed to get some cheap red shoes from ebay today for this costume.

Made the cape, it's not 100% accurate but seeing as Expo is getting ever closer it will do for now! Adding some small detail to my sleeve that I missed and all the fabric part of the cosplay is done. Onto making his armour next.

Skirt is done apart from adding lace to the bottom :)

Nearly complete, friend helped me add all the trim and it's looking a lot better yay :3

Didn't have much energy to sew after work but vest base is complete apart from the collar. Will tackle that and detailing tomorrow. Hoping to start patterning out armour too.

Undershirt is complete. Vest top is sewn up but needs hemming and sorting out a little as its not fitted quite properly. Need to add all the detailing to it next.

Undershirt is nearly complete but I need to put a zip up the back so I can get in and out of it. Patterned out the vest, will start on this tomorrow. Also patterned out armour pieces, I'll start these on the weekend.

Wig has been ordered from taobao, I hope it comes in time!
Ordered a small petticoat too to give the skirt some volume, once this arrives I can pattern out her dress.

Made and completed the trousers today.
Next step is to make the under shirt.

Looking for a suitable wig for this cosplay is hard. I would commission one but I don't have the money for that sadly. So far I'm finding that Saber wigs might work if I alter them slightly and that's probably what I will go for!

So far I have the wig to be styled, orange fabric for the skirt, green fabric for the bodice thing and shoes to be spray painted red.
Starting to look for a decent petticoat or I'll just make one if I can't find one.

So I got all the costume done in 6 days flat and wore it to the ayacon ball! It was amazing to wear, so poofy and swishy! I didn't get to add all the detailing I would have liked to have added so I shall be doing that when I wear it for the cosplay competition at J-con in a few weeks!

Underskirt is complete. It's a 6 hoop underskirt, a petticoat on top (4 alyers of full length netting) and two layers of short netting at the top for added puff!
I've never made a skirt this big before!

I've had to delay starting this due to someone borrowing my hoop skirt and basically wrecking it ^^; I've got a new one on it's way and I've got netting to add to it as the top section still isn't big enough. This skirt is going to be so poofy!

The wig I have commissioned because I can't do that myself! My friend has kindly took this on for me and the base wig is beautiful as it is so I'm really excited to see what she comes up with!
I've already got a massive hoopskirt which is perfect for Sarah so I've ordered white duchess satin for the base of her dress which will be covered with layers of iridescent organza to give the dress the sheen it has. Excited to start on this!

Won the jacket on ebay, just got to wait for it to turn up and see if it works or not!

I'm currently bidding on a double breasted jacket that's perfect for him, hope I win it!
Going to do a test to see if my Shion wig will work for Sal, it might do at a pinch. I already have some white jeans I can wear and I'm sure I can borrow my brother's shoes and shirt!

Started work on the prop today. I found an extendible mop. Took the mop head off and spray painted the whole pole gold. It wont look exactly accurate but because of how tall the prop will be this will help loads with transporting it so I don't mind sacrificing a bit of accuracy to do that!

Began to paint the flowers yesterday. They're way too big so I've had to take layers of petals off. They're still too big but I think it will look nice so I'm satisfied with them!

I bought flowers for her crown today, they need to be spray painted but I think they'll look nice! I have my eye on a wig for her but can't afford it just yet!

messed about with worbla a little bit yesterday and think I might use that for the beak in the hair. The wig will be tricky, never tried to do anything like this before but we'll see how it goes!

I've started to break down this outfit and I think it will be a bit of a challenge but I think I can do it if I take my time!
I've found some yellow fabric with a printed swirl pattern on it that looks nice on taobao that I might use for the main part of the coat.

Re-making some parts of this costume for a shoot.
The head piece fell apart so I've started to re-make that, learnt my lesson and using foam to strengthen the worbla.
Some parts of the tops need fixing too.

I have most of the clothing already or it's on the way. Hoping my hat turns up! Just got to make a few accessories and style the wig and I'm good to go :)

Hunting for a ping pong ball to make his necklace, got all the other bits for it~

Ideally I would like to have this cosplay done this year. Either to Auchinawa of perhaps to MCM Birmingham Expo in November.
I have some ideas for fabrics but currently trying to figure out the wig, going to really test me but we'll see what I can come up with!

I loved cosplaying in this outfit it was so much fun! The only thing I didn't like was the turban, I had to buy it because I didn't have time to make it and I disliked the colour a lot. I didn't manage to add all the detailing that I wanted too. I think that maybe one of the tops needs to be re-made too but we'll see.

I did like cosplaying Luke but because I made this so fast I cut lots of corners and some parts of the costume I really didn't like. I think when I have time, I will be re-making bits, mostly the coat and will actually style the wig properly!

coat is pretty much done. Just need to do gloves and the sword.

Belt is complete. Added sleeves to the coat, they're too short really and I screwed up setting one in but no time to fix that now, it looks decent I guess.
Sword is nearing completion. Added another layer of foamboard to handle and detailing, this needs layers of paper mache and then I can begin to add the gesso, should be able to do all of this tonight. After that sword will just need sanding and painting and it will be done!
Hoping to get the coat complete by tonight and to have made a good start on the gloves.

Made the skull microphone out of clay and attached it to the pole I got for it. It looks decent, hoping it will better once its painted.

Coat is sewn together, going to start hemming it later.
Shoes have been painted, just waiting for them to dry.
Cut out a template for the sword and layered up foam to make it thick enough. Added the first layer of paper mache, waiting for that to dry before I can continue.

Blazer is done, resorted to using hot glue in some tricky areas on the lapels, will do for now. Painted the t-shirt and painted another layer of paint on the shoes. Hopefully once the paint is dry, they should be done.
Only the wig left to go now!

Trousers are complete, base wrap is complete just need to add trim. Top is cut out need to hem it and add a zip up the back. Shoes arrived and are stunning, I love them.

Blazer is nearly done apart from covering a lapel.
Wig has arrived. It's more red than orange which is good! Not sure it's quite bright enough but I'm happy with it.
Started painting the shoes, waiting for them to dry so I can add another coat.

Blazer arrived this morning and it is perfect! I just need to add the checked fabric and the outfit is pretty much complete bar some paint on the shoes. Just waiting for my wig now :)

Trousers are nearly completely bar putting in the elastic at the waistband. Cut out fabric for the striped wrap, needs lining before I can start to add detail.
Fabric for the top I need to re-make has been cut out. Shoes have been ordered. Not a great deal left to do other then add detail.

The checked fabric arrived this morning and its nice and thick. I think the checks might be a bit on the small side but will do for now!

Added fake pocket flaps to the trousers. Top is finished, sleeves gave me a headache though! Started on his belt and sword and the back seam of the coat is sewn together.

Going to have to re-make one of the tops because the sizing is terrible and I can't fix it. Bought fabric for the trousers and some trim for the striped wrap and turban.

Base trousers are done, just got to add the pocket flaps. Top is half done, shouldn't take long to complete. Shoes are arrived, just need to spray paint them now.
Going to start to tackle the coat tomorrow.

everything for this cosplay has been bought and is currently on it's way!
I got a cheap white t-shirt from primark and the shoes arrived today and they are perfect, just need some grey paint added to them.

Blazer arrived. I'm not sure I like it but I have no alternatives so I'm just going to go with it and hop it doesn't look crap!

I made the tops ages ago, need to see if they still fit and they'll need neatening up a bit as I'm better at sewing now. I've ordered a turban to mod and to make pretty. I've got striped material already for his wrap, just need to cut it in the right shape and attach it. Need to buy trouser material and trim and then I'll have everything and I'll just need to sew a few pieces!

Finally got some fabric progress! Luke's trousers are mostly done, just got to add elastic the waistband and hem the bottom of the legs.

Wig has been ordered! I'm hoping when it comes it will be more red than orange but we'll see!

Wig arrived. Colour is darker than I thought so not sure if it will work or not. I'm a bit annoyed about it.
I have all the fabric for his coat and trousers now but as I'm re-decorating, finding where they currently are is a mystery and I've made no progress yet!

Wig has arrived and it's great! Needs styling and cutting but it will work fine.
I ordered the jacket. Little bit worried it won't fit properly but we'll see when it gets here!

Bought a gorgeous wig for this. Its quite long so I should be able to pin bits up if I wanted to!
Need to start thinking about an outfit, I kinda wan to use clothes I already have so shall see what I can find!

I've ordered a wig for him, the colour looks great so hoping it appears as that colour ^^;
I have a good idea of what fabric I'll be using for his coat, I need to make sure the local fabric shop still has it in stock. Hoping to start making his coat this week/week end!

I bought a wig for N. It's an Haru wig from free but should work really well!
I'm hoping to get more clay tomorrow so that I can Begin practising moulding the skull head for the top of the voodoo pin. On the look out for a decent jacket!
Excited to be doing this!

Commissioned a wig because I don't have the time or skills to do this myself!

Bodice has been taken in and fits much better now. Really pleased with it. Hoping to get all the lace attached to the costume tonight and its complete :)

Going to sort out my bodice today, it actually needs taking in a LOT. but hopefully shouldn't take too long!
Lace has been attached to the skirt. I started out hand sewing it (My machine has broken and is unusable) but it was taking a long time because the hem is so big so I ended up cheating and hot gluing it all on which still took a few hours ><
The veil is a simple case of pinning the fabric into my hair clip and making sure it falls right.
After I've take the bodice in, just need to add lace to the bodice sleeves and neckline and add the lace to the bustle and this costume is done!

I managed to make the cage in the space of a few hours yesterday! It's mostly done, just the sides that need painting which shouldn't take long. I need to assemble it so i can see where all the details need to go. I have a few bows to make and if I have time, I need to paint my roses blue.
Corset detailing is complete just needs to be sewn on. Only a few small bits left, feel confident I can finish it in time!

Headband is complete, made the exsphere and just needs painting. Just got the gloves to finish and done!

Coat is complete with detail. I've added all the detail to the sword sheath too.
Shoes have been customised, just need to paint the worbla gold. Main things left to do are finish the gloves and make his exsphere which i should be able to do tomorrow.

Eyelets have been added to the bodice. The bodice needs taking in slightly which will be done next week.
I've bought lace to edge the bodice and skirt (possibly the bustle too). Once I've done this, I just need to sort out the veil and I am done with this costume :)

Skirt is finally complete, including ruffles. Had a nightmare because my machine broke but my friend kindly let me use her and helped me a lot! She also showed me how to make bows so I can do that over the weekend.
The cage is being made from craft foam which I'm now having to just spray paint due to money and lack of machine. Hoping to start that this weekend. Not a huge amount left to do now.

I ended up buying some fuchsia/hot pink coloured gloves because I cannot make gloves to save my life and it would save me lots of time and effort!

Sewn half the gold ribbon onto the coat. Will be finishing that and adding the cord and toggles to the coat tomorrow.

Since my last journal, I have pretty much completed the bodice apart from putting in the eyelets and re-sizing it a little as it's a bit too big. My eyelet pliers arrived this morning so will get to that asap.
I made the bustle as well today, it could be better but for a first attempt it's not bad really.
Just got to add lace to the bodice and bustle and maybe attempt to make a veil and I will be done with this costume.

Corset has been completely covered. Really love the material I used. Undecided whether to add more details but we'll see how fast I get other bits done.

Started covering the corset today and it looks nice!
I had nearly sorted the skirt but I ran out of thread ><
Due to time the cage will be made from thick-ish foam until I have time to make it properly!

Sheathe for sword is made and so is the belt. Just got to finish the gloves and boots now!

This time round it was a success! I know what I did wrong so I can avoid that in the future. Trousers are pretty much complete :)
Sword is done and painted, doesn't look great but I made it fast and I can't make it any better due to time! I might add a few pieces of worbla to the hilt for decoration now my heat gun is here.
Shoes need a second coat of white paint but I ran out of spray paint so that will have to wait! Haven't got much left to do now, really pleased with my progress.

Sword has been sanded down and painted. Needs another layer of paint and it will be done. I want to add some worbla to the hilt if I had time to give bits a raised effect but it all depends on time!
Sewing up my trouser tonight, hoping this goes better than my first attempt!
Shoes have been spray painted white in preparation for being modded.

The coat is done apart from details! I have some toggles and lilac cord on the way so I can't do that yet and I will be trying to buy some gold ribbon tomorrow. The gloves I bought arrived, they're long enough but need some elastic putting in at the top so they stay up. Attempting my second go at trousers tomorrow.
Hoping to get most of the fabric part of this costume done by Friday.

The sword is nearing completion. Needs small bits of filler here and there and then it can be sanded down and painted. Feeling loads better about getting this costume done now :)

Coat has been sewn together. Needs taking up at the back and neatening at the top but I'm really happy with it!

Having a bit of a nightmare with skirt, having to alter it a lot because the fabric lies weirdly and it looks rubbish.
My corset has arrived, fits really well thank goodness! Can start covering it in the nice fabric I found.

Arghhhh! I can't make gloves it seems, I always mess up the measurements for at least one of the fingers. Tried three times and I just can't do it! I'm going to buy black base gloves and mod them instead as I'm running out of time!

Skirt is now sewn together. The fabric width wasn't quite long enough so I'm going to add a small length of ruffles to the bottom of the skirt to hide the bottom of the hoop skirt.
Corset has been ordered and is on it's way so I can cover that when it gets here.
I've started to order different sized artificial roses for the cage. Attempting to make gloves for another costume and if that works, I can start to make Ada's. Really pleased to finally have progress on this cosplay!

Had to put paper mache on the sword because it was far too flimsy. I've put 5 layers on and it's much more sturdy, it has a layer of filler on now and I'm just waiting for that to dry so I can put one last layer on.
All my fabric has arrived or Zelos now. Shoes to be modded are on the way!
Attempting gloves today with a better pattern so I hope it works out this time.

Well. Had an absolute nightmare with the bodice, screwed up one part and had to take a panel out and replace it with a new one but it was really awkward and fiddly. The sleeves are both set in now and it looks decent. It's nearly done, the neckline and the back needs neatening and the eyelets added and then it's complete, yay!

Sleeves are all sewn up and just need setting in. Bodice needs neatening up and then its pretty much done.

The main part of the bodice is all sewn together. I need to try it on as I think it might be slightly too big which is easy to fix!
Aiming to get it all finished bar the strip where the eyelets will go as I need to get an eyelet plier first.

Started the sword finally. Cut out the foam core and one side has filler on it, will have it wait for it to dry before I can do anymore. I think I'll need 2/3 layers on each side to make it solid enough. Maybe hoping to get all the filler on by Sunday and sanded down if I can.

Half of the bodice is sewn together, I think it looks okay, not sure if it's too flimsy or not but it will do for now.

Skirt is completely finished and complete. I'm glad I didn't add two more layers to it as I think it would have been too much. Starting the bodice tomorrow, hoping it will be done by the end of the week.

So I have 3/4 panels of the skirt cut out but I ran out of fabric >< I'll be buying more soon so I can get the skirt done and move onto other things. The fabric is not quite long enough width wise so I'm having to add ruffles to the bottom of my skirt but I think it will be a nice bit of detail. Think I have found a way to make the cage so I shall get started on that asap!

Okay, I tried to make gloves for the first time and screwed them up really badly so hopefully my second attempt works because I only just have enough fabric! I've ordered fabric for his coat and the detailing on the gloves, it's a little dark but it's nice fabric. I'll be getting the rest of the white fabric for his trousers tomorrow and then hopefully I can just sit and sew it all together!

Well I had to drop a costume for kita and I already had bits of this done so I think I can get it done in time because I still have material from when I last started it! So far I have the black v-neck done and the base black gloves are done. I have fabric for the lining of his coat and I think I have enough white for his trousers so we'll see how this goes! One month to go before the con, I think I might be slightly crazy. If i don't get this done, it's not the end of the world though!

The skirt has been sewn together. The waist needs taken in loads but better to be too big than too small! The bottom needs taking up hemming too but I am happy with the way it looks. The fabric is gorgeous and really nice to work with which is a relief!

Fabric has arrived and I've cut out the skirt with help from my friend. Hoping to get most of Tessa done next week. I'm going to edit the design to suit my skill level and time limits.

Skirt fabric arrived and I do have enough thank goodness!
I'll hopefully be starting to make Ada soon. I've decided to buy a corset and cover it in my fabric as I am running out of time to make things before Kita.

Just got to make the arm ribbon things and the ones for his leg and then I'm done :)

Modded some sandals, doesn't look particularly great but it will do.
Just got the last bits of the dagger to finish and this costume is finished!

Bought the underskirt today. As soon as it comes I can measure out roughly how much fabric I need for the skirt and order it. Hopefully it won't be too much!

Base jacket complete, just need to add extra detail, fur and gems etc.
Customised a t-shirt and cut in a v-neck. Not much left to do now :)

Dagger is almost complete, just got to wait for the hilt to finish drying and I can paint it and done.
Cut out leatherette for the sheathe, needs sewing together. Looking for some suitable sandles to modify and then I'll FINALLY be done.

Bought fabric today for her corset and gloves, the colour isn't accurate but the fabric is really nice so I don't mind too much.
Sample material for the skirt was great so I will order some of that as soon as my underskirt arrives and I can take measurements.
Think I know how I am making the cage, will take time so as soon as the skirt is done I can get onto making that.

Ordered 10 metres of patterned taffeta, it's been posted so as soon as it's here, I'll start working on the skirt.

The jacket is mostly made thanks to infinitejester helping me to make it (many hugs for her!). I just have to take it up at the bottom and shape it and cut the sleeves to the right length and the base is pretty much done. Then I can add the fur and find some jewels to decorate the lapels :) shouldn't take me much longer to finish this costume hopefully!

Bought a t-shirt to customise. Hoping to get lots of this done over the weekend.

Started the dagger, should only take a couple of days what with waiting for filler to dry. As soon as it's finished I can make the sheathe for it.

Costume is pretty much done!
Just gotta sort out what I'm doing about footwear and make the dagger and sheath which shouldn't take too long.

Harem pants have been made. Pretty happy with these seeing as it's my first time making trousers on my own :)
Haven't got mush left to do for this now, a few sewing bits left and then making the dagger.

Wig has arrived. Not entirely sure on the colour but it will do for now. Will post test photos later.

My necklace arrived today and it is beautiful and better than I expected!

Wig has arrived, I'm not sure if I like it. Need to try it on and pin it into the style I want to see if it will work. I like the colour but I'm not sure if it's a little thin. Will post photo as soon as I get the chance.

Bought some white fabric for his blazer and some blue cotton for the lining. I managed to buy some fur for a decent price and I got the scarf for his waist.
Once I'e got another costume out of the way, I can crack on with this one and hopefully shouldn't take me too long to finish!

Arm/wrist things are complete.
Bought a scarf for his waist, just got to buy ribbon and sew/glue it onto the scard. Bought another nice ring and bought red rope to go around his waist.
Aiming to get his trousers done over the following week. After that just got to make the dagger and buy a few more accessories and done.

I found some cheap jewellery in primark that I thought would work for Sei. I still need to get a few more pieces but made a start!

I want to make sure this costume is as good as I can make it without cutting corners because this dress is my absolute favourite of Ada's!
I've received my sample fabric for the skirt and it is lovely so as soon as I can afford it I will be ordering my underskirt and skirt fabric.

I have seen some fabric which may work her corset and gloves but I'm going to look around first to see if I can find anything better.

Finished his head scarf!
Starting to work on his arm cuff things and trousers.

Finally got round to ordering a wig. Sei's hair is such an awkward colour so it might not be 100% accurate but I can live with that :)

Ordered a wig that might be suitable, hoping the quality is good but we'll have to wait and see!
I've also ordered a clockwork angel pendant from etsy, it looks gorgeous so here's hoping it looks just as good in real life!
Hoping to buy the main fabric for her dress soon :)

After having this wig for AGES and having half his costume done, decided to do this for kita :) Just need to sort the top half of the outfit out and find the accessories so hopefully won't take too much!

Undertop and vest are complete.
Started to make a pattern for the harem trousers.

Bought the rest of the fabric I need for this costume :)
Hoping to get it all done over Christmas!

Haven't made much progress on this recently due to work. Aiming to get more done this weekend. Decided to buy a scarf for his waist rather than make one, just need to add trim and that bit is done.

White undertop is complete.
Red vest just needs to be hemmed around the neck and then that will be complete too.

never did wear this to Bham Expo because of so many delays with the order ><
Everything has finally come and fits so hoping to get photos in this cosplay at some point (especially if it snows!)

The hat I ordered finally turned up today and it is perfect!
Given me motivation to continue making this outfit but I will have to wait until after summer 2014.

The white under top is done bar putting in a zip up the back.
Might try and get some of the red vest sewn up too today.

Starting to pattern out bits of this costume, need to get this done asap as it's one of my easier kita cosplays.
I've neatened up the edges of the nice material I bought for his scarf, need to experiment with getting it to sit right on my head so it shows off the silver bits.
I've made a pattern for his red vest, need to cut out fabric and sew it together. I've decided to make an under-top for this cosplay too as I'm a girl and can't really get away with that much skin on show x3 I've got some nice white patterned fabric that I will use. I've already got a pattern for that so hoping that won't take me long!

Started to source the fabric for this costume, looking for greys and perhaps white and maybe some black for the cloak.

My wig arrived today, it's not totally accurate but I prefer the way the wig looks on me so I'm not too bothered about 100% accuracy.
Just really need the leather jacket now and the cosplay will be complete.

Tried on the wig and I absolutely love it! Just need to sort out the fringe and it's done :)
Really excited to be cosplaying her finally~

Decided I definitely want to make the blades. Found a good tutorial that I'll be following :)
Ordered foam board and I'll be getting craft foam and paint I don't have soon. Hoping to make a start on them next week.

Jeans have been ordered for this costume.
Red scarf is half made, just needs hemming up one side.
Waiting to see what my friends jacket and harness looks like and then I'll be ordering mine from taobao.
The only thing left to order then will be boots and I plan to make two blades.

I'm no longer going to Expo due to money reasons so I've put this costume on hold.
The wig I ordered came today and I like the colour, will need a bit of styling. Will do a test shot once the hat arrives.

Bought some nice gold mesh type fabric to use for the arms of the dress and some detail bits on the skirt as I'm changing the design slightly because some bits are out of my skill level.
Also found some nice fabric for the main part of the dress but am waiting to be paid before buying that as I'm going to need quite a lot of it.

Found and bought fabric for Sonia's dress yesterday. Really nice colour and quite cheap too! Hopefully this will give me some motivation to start making her soon.

Went fabric shopping recently and got some red fabric for his vest and some green fabric for his head scarf. I wanted to jazz up the design a bit and found some gorgeous fabric so I'm using that for his head scarf.

Tries to transfer print it and it just looked crap so I ahnd painted it with fabric paint instead.

Now I have money I've finally ordred things for Ayanami. Ordered his wig and some
nice platform boots! My friend is cosplaying Frau but she's tall so I want to try to be her height if I can!
I need to get fabric but I've a really nice heavy cotton drill which is perfect. Thinking of ordering the hat and patch straight from taobao because I don't have the time for all that extra stuff really.

Had a quick shoot with infinitexjester as Totsuka yesterday.
I really like wearing Mikoto however I am going to have to hair spray his fringe bits into submission as the slightest bit of wind destroys the styling I do and makes the wig super fluffy!
Still need some small pieces for his costume, mostly just the jewellery but a belt and chain too (plus fur on the hood of the jacket I already have).

Base jacket arrived today, just gotta sew on the green and orange sections and any other detailing.

Should be able to do a wig test (and possibly make up test) soon.

Should be able to do a wig test (and possibly make up test) soon.

T-shirt has arrived and it's great! Just need to print the orca whale and his name onto it and it's done.
Got my eye on a letterman jacket I'll be buying soon and customising and then this outfit is pretty much complete.

Still needs a bit more trimming off I think!

This costume is pretty much complete, just waiting for paint to dry on the spear so I can assemble it and done!
This costume has made me curse a great deal but I am quite proud of the outcome :)

Took a long time to hand paint this. Not got much left to do, a few bits left to sew and just the spear to paint and assemble.

Made the head piece from worbla, first time using this material but I really like it! It's the best made thing but I'm happy with it, just needs painting now.

The skirt is now hemmed, just need to add the organza at the back and I can start gluing on all the feathers (going to take me ages). Lots of thanks to Kila for helping to pin the bottom!
Not got a lot left to do for this costume now :)

Trousers are now made thanks to a load of help from Kila :D
Paint deatailing on ribbon is nearly done and I'm almost ready to paint the spear, FINALLY. Not got a huge deal left to do :)

(Missing the wrap here as I'm waiting for paint on it to dry)
I'm aware it looks messy but once it's on it sits properly. Happier with it than I was.

Finished the wrap, had some difficulty with thinking of how to fasten it but used poppers in the end because it was easier!
Started painting the ribbon that sits on top of his overcoat, going to take a long time.

Wig came today, fringe and bangs need cutting and styling but I love this wig. Really comfy :)

Completed the overcoat, looks better now and I'm happier with it.
Starting to sew up the wrap, had a little trouble with sizing because of hips x3
But should look okay once done. Hoping to take a WIP photo.
Going to start making the trousers either today or tomorrow, never made trousers before so not sure how they will turn out!

Wig arrived this morning and I love it. Going to take tester shots as soon as I have a break from making aya stuff.
Once I have money I'll be buying a black base letterman jacket and adding fabric to it as that is going to be way easier for me. I need to find a nice pair of jeans but they probably won't be light blue but a bit darker. The t-shirt is probably going to be a transfer and added colour to the collar and sleeves.

Overcoat is sewn up but needs some extra work.
Spear head is nearly sanded down but needs some more filler added in places. decorative bits have arrived/been cut out ready to piece together.
Made a patter for his wrap/final layer ready to be sewn up and decorated with fabric paint.
getting fabric for trousers tomorrow.
Hoping to get most of this outfit done by Monday.

Just got to paint the mask and add another layer of paint to the jewellery and I'm pretty much done with this costume :D

Won't have time to start this properly until September but I'm starting to gather materials in to be ready! I'll have about a month and a half to make the costume and hopefully get the 3D gear done too.
Found some plywood in the shed, so I'll be using that for the box like structures of the 3D gear.

Shirt is finally made, not 100% happy with it but no time now to make it from scratch! But at least it's done I guess.
Making a pattern for his overcoat/second layer but ever ref picture is different so I'm just going with whatever is easiest to make! Hoping to get that and the final layer/obi wrap? thing done today as well!

Jewllery is nearly finished just need to get more cord for the necklace.
Mask just needs to be sanded and painted and I'll be finishing the boot covers later today!

Its proving hard to find a wig I like for Emma, I'm probably just being far too picky.
I've found a nice fake leather jacket for £20 which is a decent price (I'd probably wear it normally too).

Made one of the shoe covers, turned out to be more fiddly than I thought!
Earrings are done, just waiting on earring backs so I can actually wear them. Necklace is nearly done just waiting for clay to dry.
Made more progress on the mask, holes have been cut and I've inserted the napkin rings. Just need a layer of clay for smoothness and then it's ready to be painted and glossed.

Ayacon is getting ever closer and I have finally started on his costume.
Made the pattern for his shirt, very fiddly with the front piece but I'm hoping to manage to sew it all up today and not screw it up.

Pretty much finished the clothing side of the costume, just get to make boot covers and done :)
Still have to finish her necklace, earrings and her mask but I have plenty of time to get that done (I hope!)

Pinned my skirt to mannequin now that it's been cut to the right length. Needs hemming but I can't do this until my sewing machine starts working again ¬¬
Have ordered feathers so once they come can start attaching them to the organza for the insert.
Decided to not have a mask in the end as my eyesight is really crappy and that wouldn't help! So instead I'm going to do a few more make up tests with make up that is more striking. I don't normally wear make up so this will be a bit of a challenge.

My corset has finally arrived and I do love it <3 So has my organza so I can start making the skirt for Raven now. I still need to order feathers for the back insert but I'm going to have to wait until I've been paid.

Complete (added all the beads after this photo was taken.
Will be attached to my corset.

Feathers have arrived for my shoulder wrap thing x3 They're really nice, a good length and have the green sheen I was after! Going to add some lace and possibly add some beads for extra detail :)

Need to sand down filler and add paint and the spear head is done. After that I just need to get some decorative bits and put it all together and finished :)

Spear nearly complete. Needs another layer of paint and detailing and then attaching to pole and done :)

It's huge and I love it! the trail at the back should look nice and I'm glad I'm adding all the feathers. Excited to start work on this :D

Made and finished the white apron and the dress is half sewn. Napkin rings have arrived so I can now cut out the holes and get on with adding clay to the mask.

Finished layering paper mache on. Have put one layer of polyfiller on it to try and smooth out all bumps but think I will need to put on a another layer of filler before I can sand it and paint it, nearly there!

Paper mache for the mask is complete, next step is cutting out eye and mouth holes (waiting on napkin rings before I can do this) and then adding clay. I've cut out fabric for her purple dress, just need to sew it together which shouldn't take long.

As title says, very quick wig test! Bangs need cutting a bit shorter I think but overall happy with the wig :)

Spear WIP. Pipe needs another layer of paint and foam needs to be covered in paper mache. Need to add circular part so I can attach tassels.

Bought white fabric for her apron today so I'm gonna start to make that asap. need to get a move on with the mask just in case I do it wrong, need time to do another one just in case! Waiting on a fabric sample for her dress.

Found a good tutorial for the mask so I've started making this first as it's the hardest bit!

Started to search for fabrics and it's proving to be harder than I though to find something I like (think that's just me being pick!).
Found this stole/wrap online and I want to create something similar as it would be perfect for Raven.

Hoodie came today, more of a lighter green than I expected but it's a nice comfy hoodie so I'm not complaining! Just need to make the skirt now and I'm done :)

Ordered the wig for Chiaki today.Never quite sure what colour his hair is so I went for an orange/brown colour.
Going to hunt for clothing items today if I have the time :)

Made the leg warmers and half made the top. Hoping to get all sewing done tomorrow. Just leaves details and the crown.

Skirt is completely finished. Nearly finished leg warmers but my sewing machine had decided to break again :/

So basically the pink bit of the skirt I screwed up and made all over again. Looks a lot better, just need to sort the gathered bit out and attach the white underskirt and that's the skirt complete. Only got 8 days left :/

Styled wig. Took me ages as it kept on tangling ><

Elasticated the waistband of the skirt as it's the easiest way for a good fit. The white section of skirt I've put on hold as it's taking ages >< My leatherette arrived so I might start making the belt and bag. Have half finished the crown. Might not use this one as the final piece, depending on the out come. Need to buy some resin to cast the gems. Starting to come together. Just waiting on a sample of material so that I can order fabric for the top/leg warmer things.

Have made the pink over skirt, took me a while to figure out how to do it but I got there in the end :) have started the white underskirt, first time attempting ruffles so we'll see how that works. I might get a small petticoat to put underneath for some volume. Skirt should be done tomorrow.

Made some progress with this finally. Had to spray paint some shoes I already had gold. Have ordered most of my fabric and I'm just waiting for it to arrive. The corset I've had to abandon as it didn't fit and was completely the wrong colour so I'm just going to attempt to make one! Skirt is in progress, shouldn't take me too long to complete. Hoping to have the whole skirt complete by Monday so I can start on everything else as soon as it arrives. Going to be a bit of a rush!

As per usual I have procrastinated a LOT and haven't done pretty much anything for this yet. A wig and underbust corset are on the way, hoping they get here on time.
Ordered some pink fabric and have ordered samples of brown and cream fabric, hoping the samples come soon!
Today I'm hoping to get some cheap shoes I can just paint and some buttons and ribbon. I am determined to make this look as good as it can in the time I have left!

I already have a lot of things for this costume. I have a wig that's been styled, I'll post a photo once I can get a decent one. I have a white shirt and red ribbon.
I have trainers I can paint the pink onto. Just need the skirt, socks and hoody. Thank goodness for simple costumes!

So I've been looking at this costume and I can see a lot of flaws or things I could make a hell of a lot better. At some point I'm going to completely remake the whole thing until I'm happy with it. I want nicer materials and nicer boots.

I have the outfit now, just need to find my tank top, it's about somewhere x3
I want to make a seraph blade too, would be a good prop I think :)

Wig arrived, I love it! Unstyled, just put it on for some quick photos.

I didn't manage to make the props I wanted for Pitch as I ran out of time, but for May Expo or whenever I wear Pitch again, I would definitely like to make his scythe and possibly his bow and arrow.

I have the perfect navy material to make the jacket. The jacket is the only thing I need to make, along with all the detail on it. Once I get started it shouldn't take long!

Coat is pretty much done, just need to sort the sleeves out :D
Just got to make sure the wig looks okay and I'm practically done!

I have 19 days to finish this, eep :/
Have worked more on the wig, it just needs spiking now, will take photos once I can find the charger for my camera :)
Nearly finished the pattern for his coat(?) so I should be able to start making that soon, shouldn't take too long as it looks relatively simple.

I've finally ordered a wig that I think will work with some styling :)
I'm going to make a pattern for his coat this week and hopefully get a first attempt made with spare fabric I have. I've never made anything like this from scratch before so it's learn as I go along.

My first make up test was a failure, the test in my photos is my second attempt. Struggled a little with blending, but managed it in the end. Need to add some more shadows but I'll have a few more make-up tests before March to try and perfect it!

This *should* be a somewhat simple cosplay but we'll see how it goes!
I finally have grey face paint so I can start doing make-up tests and I'm thinking of ordering black cotton drill for his coat soon :)

This is the shortest wig I own, I'm not 100% confident I like it but I think thats mainly cos I don't have an outfit yet either so can't see the finished result!
Outfit wise I'm thinking something that looks more shadow-huntery: black jeans, black boots, tank top and possibly a leather jacket?

Just need to fluff out the top bits a little and it will be better :)

It's a nice wig and it's not as yellow-y blonde as I was worried it might be! It's a nice pale blonde. It's not white blonde like it should be as I couldn't find a wig I liked in that colour but this will do nicely :) just to sort out the outfit now!

Wig has arrived! I'm really happy with the colour of it! it's a nice wig, very soft. I need to style it and curl it but can't do this until after Christmas as it's a present from my parents! I can now start looking for fabrics for the shirt and waistcoat :)

I have had so much stress trying to find a good wig for Rumples! basically his hair colour is a strange colour that wig manufacturers won't produce unless it's real human hair which I can't afford! So, I've found a wig that is darkish brown that will work and I'll have to settle on that! It will need cutting, curling and styling, to get it to look his hair ><

I've started the sash he wears over his shoulder. I've made it and outlined all the details, I copied what I could see but you can't see the back bit so I just used my imagination. I'm hand painting it all so it might take a while but should be done in a couple of days. I'll post photos once it's done :)

Okay I have my jeans and I've ordered a similar looking coloured t-shirt, it just needs ripping and some trim put on the sleeve. Not sure about the wig colour I don't know if it's too grey looking.

I'm not making any of this costume unless I absolutely have to as it will probably be cheaper to just buy stuff for it. Have found a t-shirt that's a similar colour, bought it in the biggest size it comes in and have bid on some grey jeans. The jeans are light grey so not an accurate colour but will do for now! I have a wig that may work for this costume, I'll try it on and see what I think!
Also have my eye on some boots but will have to wait until I have more money to buy those!

These horns really stress me out xD
Have finally re-made them. Used a much thicker kind oh foam, carved it, add sealant, sanded that down and then used spraypaint and a layer of glue for finished touches! Much more well made than the previous ones! The base is made from a double layer of the foam that split last time, with cardboard in the middle for extra strength AND is mounted to a plastic shaped head piece that was taken out the inside of a hard helmet. Made for a much stronger base! Will add photos when I get them :)

Am finally adding the details to Jareth's vest after a day of procrastination!
Paper mache bits are drying so I can't do anything else to them yet but they should only need painting. Have cut out all the extra leatherette sections so they only need to be glued on. And that's practically it for the detailing. Am annoyed that it won't look great but nothing I can do about it now!

Leatherette vest has been, just need to add a zip to the back. My friend was great and helped me to make a lot of it as I've never made anything like that before so mega thanks to her! Just go to ass the detail to that and that will be finished. Bought some stuff (vylene I think it's called) for the massive collar as it will stiffen so that the material stays in the shape I want it to. Am nearly there with this costume, just have to add detail and attach it all together and I shall be finished!

I've nearly finished this outfit, the skirt just needs to be cut better at the bottom and it is done. The main body of her top is done, I just need to braid some hessian for the bit that goes around her neck.

brown leatherette section of cloak (final layer yay!) has finally been done. As I don't have a sewing machine I attached all the bits by hand sewing them on which took hours as I wanted to do it properly. Now just need to add the bone detail- won't look as good as I want it to as I'm very quickly running out of time but I can always re-do it at a later date.

I'm re-making her headpiece for Amecon as the other one was a bit of a fail and completely died by the end of the day. After Amecon I'm making another cloak for her but it will be green crushed velvet with some fur and decorations :)

There are 15 days till Amecon and I'm slightly panicking so Irri is being done very quickly! I've got the basic shape of the top and will probably have it finished by tomorrow. The skirt I've cut to the right shape, I think I just need a zip to go up the side and then Irri is done :D

Finally sewn on all the triangles to make the ragged layer of his cloak, it's taken me like a week to do that and I'm pleased with the outcome. Have started the final layer of his cloak, using some brown leatherette for the shoulder pieces and the back jagged section (I know what I mean). Will upload progress pictures as soon as I have some.

Have ordered a crystal ball! Think this will add to the costume :D

Have made good progress on the cloak. Black and blue material was cut out, hemmed and sewn together to form the base layers. Have cut black organza fabric out and sewn this to the top of the black material, it's really nice and floaty so I think it works well. Am cutting up more of the organza and adding more ripped layers to give the cloak a better overall affect. Have got a rough shape for the brown leatherette that needs to be added to the top so that the bone detail can be glued to it. Overall, cloak is about 2/3 finished :D Will upload photos when I get some decent ones.

Just need to add star motif and blazer is done.
Just need to buy red jeans and costume is finished :D

All red ribbon is sewn onto blazer and I've started making the star motif from felt, just needs sewing on. Need to go and pick up some gold buttons and then the blazer will be finished :)

Ergh really didn't know what I was letting myself in for doing this outfit xD
Am currently sourcing fabrics for both the top and the skirt. The top might not be 100% accurate because I'm a little self-conscious. Have ordered a wig, should be here in another week or so, I really hope it looks okay!

Have started this finally. Yuki is very kindly borrowing me her Gilbert coat. I am having to try and butcher a shirt to make it look more Gil's, this is proving to be difficult (stupid shirt).

I've bought a blazer that works well for Kanba, just need red ribbon and buttons to finish it off. Currently styling the wig, I'll take pictures once it looks decent.

I've made a start finally to this cosplay. Surprisingly, I already have a lot of the items I need (leggings,boots, gloves,shirt, wig). I'm starting on the cloak, I have black material for it but still needs blue material and perhaps gauze or something like that to go over the top. Still got no idea how I'm going to make the vest or the collar- will figure that out later when it comes to it!

So I have all the stuff I need and have begun sewing today. Have already made the brown belt thing around the waist and am now working on the green cloth that hangs over her legs.
I wnat to start and perhaps finish the horns today as well but we shall have to see how that goes. The horns will not look great as I do not have the time to make them look good. They're going to be made out of wire and foam tubing. Hope it works xD

So I've ordered boots.
I'm going to get green material and fake fur on Monday and then I can actually start to make it :D

Was meant to be doing this for amecon but someone persuaded me to do it to Expo! Hope I can get it done in time and do it justice!
So far I have the wig, have ordered tights and sequin material for the top.
Currently trying to find nice boots!

Got a black base jacket now, yay! I have a reading week soon, so hoping to get the jacket done. Will post pics as soon as it looks half decent.

Have material for his white tail coat thingee now and gold ribbon so I can start making that. Already have black trousers and boots so it's just the top half I have to make/customise.

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