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I've been cosplaying since May MCM 2009. I've improved a lot since then but I still feel I've got a long way to go. I've had the chance to cosplay some of my favourite characters and they've been well received which makes me incredibly happy. I like taking on new challenges with my cosplays, I now mostly make my pieces - though to be honest if I can buy and modify some bits then I do!

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I've started work on the costume finally! I wasn't sure if I would be able to find the bits I needed, but fortunately through a lot of ebay searching I've found the under bust corset I need. I'll have to add a bit of ribbon detailing to it, but that's a lot easier than trying to make the whole thing. I think I've found some boots as well, I just have to win them on the bid. Fingers crossed!

So far I need to find a suitable skirt/fabric for skirt and a lace top for under the corset. I've seen one that would be good but I don't think they have my size. Sods law.
I'm going to have a look around Brighton next week though and see what I can find. If anything I can probably pick up some belts there as well as something to go round my upper arm. As for the choker I'll have to think about it, I don't like having something that close & tight to my throat.

Hopefully there's going to be a little We Will Rock You group on Saturday. A friend of mine is coming as Khashoggi, and another is being a secret police/yuppie.

The skirt was taken in with help from my Gran again (she helped with my Knight cosplay too).
However now I just need shoes. I know where I can get them from, it's just a case of hoping my budget for the end of this month allows it D; I only get paid the day before Expo so I might just have to go for it and buy them soon.

I also need to iron the ribbon on the headband because it's creased to buggery :'D

Myself and my fellow knights of Camelot will return for the Saturday of May MCM Expo 2011! Feel free to say hello if you see us :D

I've bought a new tank top which is cut lower so you can actually see the tie. My other one was a mans one from H&M so it wasn't actually designed for a school uniform. I'm also considering getting a different skirt for it because the one I have at the moment is a little too short for me to be comfortable with.

So in the end I've bought the full cosplay off of Ebay because in all honestly I don't have the sewing skills to pull one together from scratch.

I did however get it cheaper than I've seen elsewhere which is good. The top is a good fit (the neck is a little small, I had fun trying to tak it off >_<) but the skirt is a little big at the waist and longer than I would have liked (I didn't want it super short but this is knee length). Fortunately this is sorted by rolling the skirt over at the waistband once and covering it with the belt ;P but I might have a go at adjusting it a little myself.

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