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I'm still relatively new to this. My first event as a spectator was the London MCM Expo May 2011. Then after meeting some awesome people here on Cosplay Island, I did my first cosplay which was Jax from Mortal Kombat (at the London Film and Comic Con July 2011).

I would say my proudest moment so far was completing my first costume. Never knew I had it in me to create something convincing enough to pass for the real thing. For me, the most fun about cosplay is being able to hang with others whilst in character.

My Cosplay goal is to be able to create full-body mascot costumes with ease. For now I'm pushing myself to go bigger and better.

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it's not as perfect as I would have wanted. But it is an improvement from my original design. Ayacon here I come!

using a mix of foam and cardboard should make it more sturdy

decided to make some improvements on the gatling gun using eva foam

just arrived. hours of fun await!

not a good picture. I've not had enough time to work on this so the paint is a bit off...but I could always say I was going for the battle-worn look

was going for the same shade of burgundy but oh well. this will do. I'll be reusing my Serenity - Operative armour. Just need to repaint it

I wasn't going to expose my stomach but I think I need to if I want to do the character justice... so I'll just reduce the lenght of the top a tiny bit

just have to glue the lettering to the chest. not too long to go

done the lettering. decided to use fabric glue to hold it together. I'm hoping it will make it look tidier

One leg done. Another to go. I hand-stiched all the patterns as I don't trust my (evil) mini sewing machine

the pattern is a bit big but in my book Bigger = Better :D

it has taken me 3 weeks to find an (almost) matching pair to modify. not long till Expo.. I'll have to work super-fast

started working on the writing across Eddy's chest - 'FAISCA'

Ok after many trials and even more errors. I've given up on using lens for the eyes. Just used some fabric. I still think the eyes are too big but oh well..

some more progress. just need to figure out how to make the eyes

needs a lick of paint. And I think I made too many..

giant bucket of body filler in my basement finally came in handy

I'm using Ichigo's Tensa Zangetsu as the base for Afro's katana. This means it will be abnormally long, which is fine by me :D
The sheath I'm making from scratch

made with foam. to be soaked in glue then painted blood red. You Dig!

only about 7 days till Expo. I really need to work quickly. Just need to make some thigh armour, begin painting and then test some LEDs

Finally finished the boots. Just have to paint these bad boys!

still not as symmetrical as I want but I think I'm getting there

it is proving rather difficult to get the right shape. I also need to figure out how and where to fit some LEDs

I think I've got the right shape. Now to the hard part - the back

still need to add a few bits and lots of detailing

finally! after cutting out and amending several foam patterns, I think I'm getting close to the basic shape. I'm building it around a workman's boot to make it sturdy

It looks a bit shit but hopefully the finished product should look better

built it using a PC fan, cables, a toggle switch and battery pack. It should keep the head cool. I plan to make it detachable so I can use it in other costumes

Using lots of upholstery foam to get the right shape. Top of the head still needs some work done

1st stage of foaming almost complete. I was also able to build-in a head-brace to keep it stable when I wear it.

I plan to use a Hi-Vis safety waistcost as the base, then sew on the fabric from there. This will be my first attempt at using a sewing machine - good luck to me

only just realised the gunarm is getting quite large. I'll have to workout a way to disassemble it if I want to get it into my suitcase

found this beauty online.. the plan is to paint the blue silver to make it look more realistic

I love TkMaxx!! Went into a store's coat section last night and what's the first thing I see...bish-bash-bosh jobdone XD

Added two layers of foam to the base. Might add another layer to make it even bigger.

still very rough but the plan is to fibreglass the inside to make the frame stable and fill the insides with foam... kindof like a yue log cake

I've decided to build this using my wii hand cannon as the base. Will need to do lots of detailing and painting

You might be wondering why I have my arm in a pringles can... I was hungry.
naah :) it's the base for my left arm. I'm using 'the pringle method' created by Sketch McDraw

need to get me some Cog tags then begin work on my pistol

Okay.... I don't know whether to laugh or cry at this
Still have a bit of sanding and the painting to do
oh and attaching the pauldrons is a right pain

Tabi socks and zori sandals to complete the samurai look

Not having the time to create one from scratch, I've opted for some props. They look quite convincing as well.

Following Sensei's design plan I have now created armour for both arms. Next up, resin mixing fun

Yay!! my kendo uniform arrived today. It's all black. I wanted a blue kendogi but this should do. Just need to get my dual katana and Geta sandals and I'll be set.

I know - it looks like a skirt lol. I do hope to cut down the side panels to a more appropriate shape

with directions from FusionRose (my cosplay sensei) I have now begun to craft the chest plate (cardboard + resin + fiberglass)

so far it looks like a smexy tank top lolz

I'm going for the less complicated cardboard - papermache combination

I've hollowed out the pupils and head with a hot knife. This will allow me to see through the eyes albeit only sideways. Luckily I can kindof see right ahead of me through the fabric. It's not very clear but in bright light I have some vision.

Finally completed the ears. The were initially quite massive, like mickey mouse's. That was a big no-no. Reduced the size but one is now smaller than the other - SHIMATTA!!!

yay!! It has finally taken shape.
I created the crease in the middle by stuffing the fabric under a wire.

The eyes are from a polystyrene ball that came in two halves. I then sculpted the snout from a polystyrene block (took me ages).

The plan is to use to two layers of fabric to ensure a smooth even surface

I was not too happy with the shape so I decided to make it more spherical. I accomplished this by using strips of foam from an exercise mat.
I will however have to install a fan and create some ventilation or I just might faint whilst wearing it.

I have now taped the head up to secure it (in the process blocking off what little ventilation gaps existed - oh shit!)
It is however not as spherical in shape as I hoped it would be. The only solution I can think of is to use fabric to even out the sharp edges.
Next up: giving this baby some skin!

I have now spent most of my weekend cutting polystyrene foam sheets into sections with a hot wire cutter; and then attaching it to the wire frame with lots of hot glue. Still have a few more sections to add...

Unable to find wire baskets I decided to build the wire frame from scratch. I used several coils of garden wire, cut them and stuck them together with tape to create a spherical base for the head.

This is going to be challenging project so I've given myself just under 3 months to complete it. After viewing a few tutorials online here are some of the items I need to get my paws on:
- Memory Foam, wire baskets x2
- Wire, Plastic Ornament x2
- Stretch Fabric (dark brown)
- Black and White paint
- Duct Tape, Hot Glue Gun
- Batting (thick brown fabric), Styrofoam

Following some heavenly advice from Lord Raiden, I stuck with craft foam for the forearms and applied paper mache over it. I then sprayed it and it came out quite well!!
I just have to work on my belt and I'm set for Saturday. Hurray!!

The biceps turned out better than expected .... the forearms not so much. I used craft foam for the forearms but they seems to be out of sync with the rest of the arm. I'll try out leather on the forearms as it has a nicer finish to it...

Have now added a second set of panels to the under armour. This is beginning to look like something from a bad 80s Sci-fi Tv show. lol.
Next up biceps ...

I've cut a cheap football into two halves, sprayed them and trimmed each to fit my shoulders. (Not yet sure what I'll do about the ridges in the football though)

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