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Always loved anime. First notable animes I started watching were probobly DBZ and beyblade when I was about 4 or 5 years old. I always thought it would be cool to be like those guys :) then I was introduced to COSPLAY by one of my friends. Dressing up as bad-ass characters like android 17? HELL YES! I'm really into yu-gi-oh and a few of my costume ideas have come from the card game. Best cosplay experience so far has been when I went as Frank West from dead rising. I made the servbot mask from the game and went around putting it on peoples heads and then taking pictures. It was so fun! XD

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Right! Just done the blue shin-pads. Made with paper mache. The spiky collar is in progress. Made the template with paper mache (what else) and some fabric will be attatched to that. Got the little choker he's wearing. Found some boots in the cupboard (not great but they'll do). Made his silver belt by spray painint a black belt silver, then drawing lines on it with a felt-tip pen. Only the collar to do then! :D

Nails arrived this morning and cape is done. He's almost complete >:)

Well, here it is. :D Might just add a few more layers of paint for the eyes so they're just...better. lol

Can't see it...lol. However, in episode 3 of "yu-gi-oh capsule monsters" it (luckily) shows a full image (except the feet, DAMN!) of neo aqua madoor and I saw that he is wearing black tight-fitting trousers AND, interestingly, blue shin guards. Planning on making those from carboard to save some money. As for the shoes...I guess I'll just have to use some imagination. Saw some nice black gothic boots in a charity shop. Might get them.

Have started making the mask. Got shape by cutting it out of a cereal box. Am now papier-macheing it for strength. Will upload a pic when I have painted it and done the eyes.

I already had some black jeans which should do the trick for the trousers. But will continue to look for a cheap pair of black leather trousers instead. Now that would make it so much cooler. Found some black belts which I will spray paint silver for his metal-looking belts around his waist. Also found a black strap (I think it's a blind-fold XD) to wear around the stomach.

Ordered a long sleeve mocha coloured shirt online for about £8. The size of it is too small for me but that's exactly what I want, because I need my muscles to show through the shirt, just like Neo aqua madoor in the picutre. Just one problem though, I'm not as ripped as he is 0_0 Just one solution though...MUST WORK OUT! :P

Was testing with hair gel to see how high up I could get my hair and was very pleased with the results. :) Ordered some silver hair spray online for about £2. So that's the hair covered. The AWESOME HAIR!!! :D

I cut the eyes and mouth out from paper. I used a black marker pen for the outline of the mouth; center of the eyes and outline of the eyes. I used red paint for the inside of the mouth. Finally super-glued these to the mask and ta-da! Came much better than I expected it to. :)

When the mask was strong enough, I painted it with yellow and metallic silver.

Bought a leather jacket from a charity for £15. Looked around the house for other clothes and was successful. Found a good camera too.

Used masking tape and card to make a frail cylinder. Used masking tape and carboard to make the top of the mask. Taped it all together and then used papier-mache to make it stronger because (obviously) masking tape and card alone is pretty weak.

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