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I did a quick wig test yesterday! Better than the one I swapped it with so I'm going back to this.

I got back from being away for a couple of days yesterday and my wig turned up, so last night I did a quick closet cosplay and make-up/wig test!

So I was roped into this cosplay by some friends of mine who are looking to get a group together. I thought I would try a quick make-up and wig test! The wig will be different as I should be borrowing a friend's but this is what I had to work with. I'm going to try some heavier eyeliner next time to give me more of an anime eye kind of look. :)

Did a little test for this cosplay yesterday - this is the outfit as it stand rn (sans the blue lumber jacket of course!). This is definitely going to be an autumn/winter cosplay because so many layers!

I got the wig in the post today and I've just managed to cut the lace front. Here's the final thing! I still need to style it but it's a start.

So after receiving my first wig and it being a little too short, I decided to go with a lace-front wig that I can style more easily.

Just brought this wig for Arya - not bad for £9.22!

I've started making some progress on my backpack. Luckily, I've had some help from my Mum who has been helping me measure things and sew some pieces together as I've been collapsed onto my bed from college! It's going well, just need to see the rest of the pocket cover on and then onto the base piece, where it'll be finished!

I've just finished the little keyring Ellie has. It's drying at the moment, but tomorrow I'll clean it up a little bit and make it look neater. From far away it looks great, anyway. :P
I brought the green fabric I need for the bag today so I can make a start on that soon. Very excited for this con/cosplay!

First attempt at trying Ellie's bite scar. I wasn't keen on how this one ended up (the base is far too thick and the tissue used is too raised), so I'll be trying another way soon!

A small make-up test I did for Arya and to amuse my friends that, apparently, I do look like Maisie Williams.

Got my lovely t-shirt yesterday and I've already managed to weather it. First pic is a bit unflattering but the only way I could get a full shot of the top when I'm wearing it. :)

What was meant to be a make-up test for Ellie turned into a "holy crap I kind of look like Maisie Williams?" moment.
I've been convinced into cosplaying as Arry now, to go along with friends' plans of a Game of Thrones group.

Finally feel as if I'm getting somewhere with this cosplay! I need to dirty the shoes, mod the back pack and see about maybe distressing the jeans.

Game-accurate reinforcements oops

Managed to do a quick make-up test last night, and I'm pretty please with how it's all turned out.
I need to change the scar so it looks a little more natural, and wait until my hair grows out a little until I can dye it the right colour.
Overall pretty pleased with it, though!

Okay, so about 2 days prior to me travelling to the con, I was having a serious, stress-inducing problem with my fur collar.
The fur I had brought was too short and I wanted something longer. It looked stupid with it being ridiculously short.
So, I sacrificed colour for length and got some new fur. It's very rough in this shot but I personally think it looks much better and considering what I had available, it turned out pretty well.

I've managed to buy so lovely fur fabric for Snow's collar, but it was a little too light. My first idea was to tea-stain it/soak it in tea for several hours, but I was doubtful it'd work (because of the synthetic hair etc.). Luckily, however, it's worked! It's now much more of the colour I want it to be.

I'm still planning on adding a little bit more to try on the tester strip.

My jodhpurs arrived! So here's a photo of them along with the boots I'll be using for Snow. :)

Cut out my pattern, I just need to stain everything up, seam it and sew it together!

So the previous journal was so old that the fabric I wanted was no longer available at the fabric store I was going to use.
SO! I've had to resort to buying pieces of chamois leather (used for cars) and sewn them together, which I've lined out in the picture. I've also stained the material to make it look for weathered and distressed, which I've shown in the picture as well! :)

My wig arrived and it is suuuuuper comfortable! Just waiting on the bright pink clip-on highlights to arrive and then all the hair stuff is sorted. Just need to sort out the skirt, tights, shoes, accessories and the make-up.

Very excited for this group now!

I brought the bottoms today, a £4 pair from Primark, and now I just have to add the red and grey stripes, sort out the District number on the shirt and polish up the boots to a more accurate colour.

The training shirt has arrived and luckily I get to kill two cosplays with one stone. Foxface will be finished soon, as will this one. I'm looking forward to it!

Check my other journal entry at Foxface for a different picture/angle of the shirt

The beautiful shirt came in the post today and fits absolutely perfectly! I just need to get a couple of bits of fabric so I can cover up the numbers and change them and get the bottoms sorted, then I'll be finished!

Work in progress. The blood hasn't gone down the entire front yet but I'll add that when I get some more fake blood.

Another coat of PVA glue will go on later to make it give it a wet/fresh blood look.

Pictures coming soon but it's all finished, bar adjusting a few bits and pieces. Exciting! :D

The pattern is all cut out in black, I just need to sort out the yellow lining.

Hey everyone! Progress is going pretty well, I'm super happy with my wig at the moment and my apron has arrived! I just need to look for a shirt and skirt but it should all be sorted for Expo! :)

Found some pretty damn good fabric at the local shop so hopefully I can make a start on the leather top.

Obviously it's subject to change. Hopefully we can so it for October but... we'll see. :P

Hey peeps!

I've now purchased the top but I can't make any adjustments until next week as it's a normal t-shirt which I'll be detaching the sleeves.

Anyway, super excited about this now! :D

Hey guys!
The next plan of action is to make the vest and throwing knives. A friend linked me to these:
And they're the most screen-accurate items I've found. However, I am on a very tight budget so I'll be using it as a reference to make my own. I'm pretty sure Dad has some woodboard in his workshop and I can just papier mache from then on.

The jacket is slooooowly coming along, thank goodness! Mum brought me a sewing machine too, so thank you mother :3

Alrighty, so, tomorrow I'll be buying and starting to sew the grey lining onto the jacket, which means I should have everything done before Collectormania! \o/

The boots have arrived! And they are so comfy omg.
Now just to polish them brown.

Yeah, so, turns out ima need 8m of grey binding and 5m of orange...
Fun, fun, fun.

The t-shirt is an utterly different colour to the jacket, which I'm a bit miffed about but I can't really complain as the t-shirt was only £2.

Ah well, to Primark!

Easy Peasy. It's great because Hufflepuff is my personal house.

Alright, that's it, I've got everything. Hermione is sorted. I just need to sort out the broken wig clip and glue it back on, seeing as it broke the second time I wore it.

Thank god for super glue.

Hermione will be coming with me to Midlands Expo! :D

Alright people, I need some help!
Those of you who've seen the AVPM/S series will know the character's wands are basically drumsticks. Should I use a drumstick-type piece of wood for Hermione?

I need some help!
Just found this wig and it's pretty much what I want. Good enough?

Decided to wear this costume again for this month's expo. I don't really have enough money to do two new cosplays this year, but I really adore this character so I thought I'd bring it back! n_nb

I've finally got a tie!
Hurrah for Gryffindor

After much deliberation and many polls on dA, myself and my mum both decided to go with this wig. The reason being is with the other wig I looked at, it's longer on one side than the other.

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