I got started cosplaying 2 days before my first London MCM expo back in 2006. Crazedteensie called me asking if i wanted to go. Of course i had no time to make anything so FreyaCresent and Luminescence made me a pair of Chobits ears (thanks!) and I wore a black dress to be Freya from Chobits. Blame them for everything.
Since then I've strived to improve in all areas of cosplay, and I'll keep doing so until my hands fall off (an actual possibility)

And yes, generally speaking I do indeed handsew everything. Yes, I'm crazy. Yes, I do so out of choice and enjoy it.

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Make-up test happened at long last today! I BRAVED FACE PAINT AAAH

I used Kryolan Supracolor paint for the base, then the Revolution blue/green colour palette for highlighting and contouring. For my first attempt I'm really happy with it! I'm glad I went with glitter for the freckles too c:

No photos but I cut out the circle skirts yesterday! They're currently hanging up to drop, so I can get to hemming them as something to do on the bus when I return to work next week.
The orange underskirt is taffeta and I have matching organza ribbon for the ruffles! The sound is going to be DISTRESSING but it's such a good colour! The blue skirt is a cotton spandex mix I picked up for less than £2/m. It has a really nice microfibre-like sheen to it so I'm vey happy!

Bodice almost done! I'm so happy with it c:
It looks wrinkly here because the top layer isn't sewn down, and I was moving around a lot trying to get a picture of it on.
Sleeves are in progress but I'm taking a break from them as stitching criss-cross lines is tedious.

Cosplay test!
I love the coat so much, and overall I'm happy with the outfit <3 I made the trousers but bought everything else.

But ooof I'm not keen on the wig. It's too short and the shade of blonde doesn't work for me. I do like how I did the parting and roots though, so I'll be using that technique on the new one (casually browsing coscraft as I type ahahaha)
Makeup-wise I don't think I did too bad? I look absolutely nothing like Jodie but I tried to at least create her fresh-faced look!

Slowly slowly getting closer to completion!
The bodice is almost done, I'm just putting in the zip before starting work on the sleeves!

My plan for the sleeves is to embroider criss-cross lines over red velvet, possibly quilting it? Then I'll stitch pearls onto where the lines cross before adding floating interfaced strips of light blue satin over the top. Not sure if I'm going to add trim or embroidery to these strips, I think I'll see how it looks as I go!

I'm so excited to be reaching the finish line for this costume, I'll have actually completed something this year??

Had a go at a makeup test last week! Snow's face and general look are very different from mine so I was very worried that I wouldn't suit her with my long angular face!
The wig needs work, it's a Coscraft Bernie in Natural Black. I plan to re-curl it to tighten the curls more and if that isn't enough, add more wefts. It's not accurate to Snow's hairstyle but again it's a case of trying to find a look that suits me!
Flower crown is a stand-in until I make her classic hair bow

Using simplicity 4092 (the elizabeth swan style dress), I'm making the bodice out of a really lush upholstery velvet! It's lined with yellow floral print cotton and interlined with herringbone coutil, with flat steel boning.
I've added some ribbon loop lacing to the waist of the bodice for decoration and so I can pull my waist in slightly for a better silhouette.

On the front panel I've done some hand embroidery in gold thread, using the design of the skirt of the d23 LE doll as inspiration

So I've been planning Snow White for years now, and while doing a cosplay clear-out during lockdown I found my Princess Sara costume! I still adore the fabrics I used for the skirt of that costume so I'm re-purposing the skirt for this cosplay!

First thing I did was replace the back panel in the satin underskirt so the fabrics matched, then pinking-sheared all the seams to make them nice and neat. On the over skirt I redid the seams entirely as french seams. I re-pleated the satin skirt and regathered the overskirt to reduce the bulk at my waist before tacking them back together again.
Next job I shortened both skirts so they were ankle-length, and hemmed the satin skirt with horsehair braid to give it more body and flounce. Finally I replaced the zip and waistband.

I'm really happy with how it came out, I love the shape!

Other than the moon decoration this hat is done <3 I bought a big sunhat from Primark for £1, then used heavy sew-in interfacing to support the brim and extend the radius by 2". This is supported by millinery wire which also allows me to change how the brim sits!
For the crown I used some buckram that I steamed into shape, padded it up with 2oz wadding and added a little bit more wire for posing support.
Once I was satisfied with the shape, I covered the whole thing in spun velvet, with pink/purple taffeta for the underside and satin bias around the edge. The band is some red jacquard I had lying around and the flowers were from the Range.
As for the moon I'm going to test one of my reject resin ones from Luna and if that fails, make one with foam/worbla!

3 months of embroidery during my work commute finally complete

I'm so happy with how this came out, working out the pattern for it drove me mad! My only issue is that the hood is non-functional ;;

I crocheted a pair of gloves (as I'm not a fan of leather ones) adapting a pattern I found in a magazine!
They're a bit big for me so I may redo them in the future but for now these will work c:

Yarn is Hayfield Bonus Glitter in navy, hooks used were a 4mm and a 3.5mm

Following the afore mentioned kimono disaster, I used up some of the fabric from that to make a short 3/4 circle capelet for this instead and I'm so glad I did!
I lined it with the pretty blue shimmery viscose I bought for the kimono, put silvery bias and beaded curtain trim around the bottom and sewed fancy buttons onto the front to hook a chain loop over to fasten it.
The result is so cute c: At some point i'm going to unpick the front and put in some curtain weights to help it sit better and not move around so much but I'm really really happy with the result

The first attempts at these are now in the bin :c
I made them with foam and worbla, then painted them with gold leaf paint and used yacht varnish to get them nice and shiny.
Something went very wrong in transit (chipped and scratched and went patchy???) so I revarnished them at my friend's house. That also went very wrong so I used some enamel to try to even the whole lot out.
Enamel and varnish are not friends. They will fight. They will eat each other. Don't put them together.

Soooo in the new year I'm remaking them from scratch :c

Somehow I managed to complete this cosplay in time for MCM!

The sleeves need redoing to make them comfortable, but I used some leftover fairy organza from Cheese to get the pretty sparkle effect, and made the bardot neckline from heavily interfaced duchess satin

The tail is a 5ft tube of a very fine 'curtain velvet', which feels more like minky than velvet! I've attached fishing wire to the end (under the bow) so that it can loop onto my wrist rather than drag along the floor.
The ears are fossshape covered in the same fabric, with crocheted balls of furry yarn, resin leaves and a chiffon veil all attached to the same hairband.

The tail is a 5ft tube of a very fine 'curtain velvet', which feels more like minky than velvet! I've attached fishing wire to the end (under the bow) so that it can loop onto my wrist rather than drag along the floor.
The ears are fossshape covered in the same fabric, with crocheted balls of furry yarn, resin leaves and a chiffon veil all attached to the same hairband.

This was much easier than I expected! I used a variant chain stitch for the embroidery design and added the gems with the same thread. Leaving the edge plain like the doll reference just didn't look quite 'enough'. so I added silver bias binding like in the Parks reference
This will attach to the bodice with poppers!

I'm so so happy with these shorts! They're wide legged shorts using the same pattern as my 13th doctor trousers, with pockets in the front and back <3
They're made from a really nice lightweight wool-mix fabric with subtle navy details on them, and the pockets are lined with awesome magic-themed cotton!
I may gather and put bands at the bottom of the legs, but for now I'll see how leaving them wide looks for the first run!

The socks and hat were ordered from eBay. I added the design with felt and made a yarn pompom to go on the hat c:

The bag was made completely from scratch with faux suedette fabric, faux leather details, craft cotton lining and some notions I felt would make it look more 'authentic', such as little pegs on the base and a tuck-lock clasp!

There are even pockets inside, one zippy one and one plain one c:

Using a pattern I bought on sale, I made this out of a thick 'dress' fabric from work (it feels like a heavier version of poloshirt fabric?)
I added a fitted waistband to the pattern so it sits better under the jumper, though I may swap this out for elastic.
The buttons are self cover buttons, but the dress actually fastens with poppers

The jumper/cardigan was knitted by my mum out of Aran wool! We bought a knitting pattern and she altered the cabling to match the design on the jacket.
I had planned to learn to knit so I could make it myself but I don't have the time to learn a new craft atm so she very kindly did it for me c:

My original idea for this was to make a western-style 'kimono' jacket to go over the shirt and shorts, but I hate how it looks in practice!
Sooo I'm going to change tack and make a mini cape instead with the same fabric <3

I bought the prettiest fabric from work for the shirt: a sheer crinkle viscose with gold and silver threads running through it! I'll be wearing a lilac top underneath for dignity, but I've made an oversized 'medieval'-style shirt with massive sleeves that laces up the front with lilac cord.

Oh boy this is a FELLA

It started out life as the biggest hat Primark had to offer... it was not enough! I built a 2ft tall crown with buckram and fossshape and steamed it into shape to get that nice crunkly look.
I then used millinery stiffener on some felt, combined that with heavy duty interfacing and created a 2ft wide brim. I reinforced this with millinery wire as spokes and stitched some around the edge.

I covered it in two different craft cottons, with hot-fix gems being added to the underside for sparkley goodness! The band is some pretty pink fabric I got on sale and the ugliest trim I had at work c:

Next job is some grosgrain ribbon around the inside for neatness and grip, and to throw beads and other nonsense at it until I hate it

Hiatus ended up being until September, but the bodice embroidery is DONE

Alas no rest for the wicked as I'm now onto some embroidery for the peplum, and I want to remake the necklace and crown if I have time!

Dress is almost complete! I just need to adjust and hem the armholes, add the shoulder frill and put the neckband on the halter c:

I'm so excited to wear this for Japan Expo, and then finish it off properly for Sunnycon c: I feel inordinately cute in this dress!

3 layers of 3 tiers: a 5m tulle/glitter tulle tier, a 10m tulle/glitter tulle tier, and a 20m sparkle organza tier hemmed with satin bias and fishing wire

It took over 100 hours and I've sacrificed everything I own to glitter... but it's DONE

I have had too much fun telling people that I painted a skirt to look like cheese xD but it's true!
It's a full circle skirt made of 100% cotton and painted with Trimits fabric paint on both sides of each half.
Waiting on some horsehair braid to hem it with.

I'm slowly but surely getting there! I just need to attach the linings to the dress, hat and cape, then add the trim c:

These started out life as a £3 pair of black velvet boots from Primark. They were actually really cute so altering them was a bit saddening xD
For some wild reason I have an endless supply of white stretch pleather so I used that to cover the boots (including the heel) and make the ankle cuffs. The ankle cuffs are separate to make it easier to use the side zip, they attach with Velcro to the inside of the boot.
Originally I painted on the floral designs but they got washed off at Amecon (that rain was horrendous). At some point I'll repaint them, but I'm going to test out some other types of paint on scrap fabric to find something a little more sturdy.

Like the bodice, I hand-embroidered the flower design with DMC cottons. I made the apron from green linen (sob all that ironing), and it simply safety-pins onto the skirt c: it has no visible attachment in the art and I was admittedly being lazy but it works and saves the bulk of knotting a waist-tie!

The belt and pouch were made from faux suede. The pouch has a coutil interlining to help it stay in shape, and it slips onto the belt c: both are lined with more striped fabric!

I altered my old Rapunzel pattern for this to get the general aesthetic of a dirndl, and made it out of spare dark green velvet from Eiko. I put ribbon loops in the back seams so I could lace it up a bit and to add to the overall look.
The embroidery was designed by myself based off the artwork and done entirely by hand. I used satin stitch, fishtail stitch and woven circles c: The lacing at the front is just carefully layed-out ribbon, and the sides hidden by the lace. The red lace was dyed with sharpie ink.

There's plastic boning in the lining, to give it a bit of structure.

I wasn;t sure how to do the frill around the top as to do it with more of the fabric was either too bulky (pleated) or looked awkward (cut in a wave), so I looked at various dirdls and decided to use pleated ribbon to match the back lacing, then put very thin lace around the collar. Measuring each pleat out was an absolute nightmare, but I really like the effect! It might not be accurate to the art, but it does resemble IRL dirndls so still works for the design.

It fastens at the side with an open-ended zipper.

I had some left over cotton sateen from Sakura so I botched together this poof-sleeved shirt quite quickly for Japan Expo from a mis-match of old patterns, but it does the job well enough that I haven't been bothered to fix it yet! It has enclosed seams, and fastens up the front with poppers (the buttons at the top are entirely decorative as I had them spare). I really like the sleeves on this so even if I remake it, I'll salvage the sleeves at least!

Why do I suck at keeping journals? I should probably post some stuff about how I made this!

I have such a love-hatred with this circus tent I call a skirt. Sourcing the fabric was a nightmare, but I finally found some printed cotton, which I used for lining the bodice and bag as well as for the skirt c:
The skirt is a big pleated tube! The stripes made my eyes burn but at least they were useful for making sure my pleats were even and the seams were perfectly straight (I'm very proud of how sneaky the seams are). It was hemmed with horsehair braid to help it stick out a bit. I also gathered some tulle to help it keep shape, as it's quite poofy in the few references I have. It fastens in the back with a red zipper.

I'm making the main dress from 'smooth touch velvet', which is actually from the household section at work! It's so soft and has a lovely flow/drape to it so it works really nicely for dressmaking! The whole group is using the same Simplicity pattern so that we all match!
I'm so excited to make this and be part of a sailor squad again <3

I've decided to not try to finish this in time for October MCM, as to do so would involve extreme con crunching and stress to make something I wasn't happy with, and I would have ended up despising the costume.
I'm also going to take a little break from working on her, as the embroidery is starting to make me go a bit mad! Progress will hopefully resume in November after Doki Doki <3
It's so frustrating as I'm so close, but just not close enough!

Today I made the bases for Aurora's crown and necklace from foam and worbla. I don't have time to do them like in the reference so I've made plain ones to give my plans a test-run c: The proportions feel a bit off atm, but I need to see them with everything else on!

I'm debating on whether to drop Aurora for MCM, but keep working on her and do a shoot in the early new year. I still have a lot of embroidery to do, even after deciding to leave the designs on the peplum out for this event... I'll see where I am on Thursday with everything and make an executive decision then!

My life is just a sea of royal blue chiffon at the moment, but the end is in sight! I'm so glad that the doll has visible top-stitching on the skirt hem, as while it takes longer, I much prefer using backstitch when doing a rolled hem. I imagine on a machine, I would love the proper way more!
I can't wait to put the two skirts together and practice twirling in them <3

So it turns out this cosplay was a complete ruse, and was actually a tear-away to hide the yellow star dress for WCS and then later on ECG prelims! We're very reluctant to use the skit for ECG finals so I'm going to be altering this dress to become an actual cosplay in the future c:
This entails:
-taking out all the poppers and making the seams actual seams, as well as re-fitting the bodice in general
-replacing the zip in the back with either a concealed zip or a longer open one (I'm keeping the skirt and bodice separate because it's just so much easier for me
-putting a short zip into the skirt, and separating the back seams for the overskirt and the petti layer, refitting the waistband.
-I want to take out, or at least alter a bit of the pink skirt so it sits more like it does in the reference
-Obtain a Star Wand from Chompworks
-re-doing the sleeves entirely so they fit nicely and have full ruffle
-taking off the ascot and making it a separate piece so the collar of the bodice sits better

Quite the extensive list when I get round to it!

I cut up my old Sakura wig (prince in Toffee) for this, and sewed half the wefts into a Coscraft Prince in Caramel, and used the other half and some caramel wefts to make the clip-ons. It was tedious as heck but I love the result so much <3 I finally feel like I suit Sakura?
I want to neaten up the clips in the future when I'm a little better with wig styling but I'm really happy with them at the moment!

The skirt is a normal circle skirt in duchess satin, and lined with matching polycotton. The underskirt is white duchess satin, with more scalloped trim that Crystalneko kindly prepared for me! NGL fray-checking and cutting out all those scallops was a killer... The trim was gathered on a machine (look at me using a machine for once!) and then sewn to the satin underskirt.
Both skirts are attached to the same waistband and fastens with a concealed zip. Once I was happy with the skirt, I had at it with ALL THE STARS

The undershirt is the same white duchess satin. I cut a commercial pattern out much bigger, and elasticated the edges to fit me. Originally the shirt was plain satin but it was horrifically rushed, so I remade the whole thing, and put a layer of explosion organza for extra sparkle. The shirt goes on under the bodice, with the front pulled down and pinned to my bra to stop it riding up. I let it peek out at the back because I like the effect! Like the bodice and skirt, I put worbla and hotfix stars onto the sleeves. I kept them off the back of the shirt as I wasn't sure if I would have it peeking out and didn't want them to scratch me if I tucked it in.

Like most of my 'dress' costumes, the skirt and bodice are actually separate for general convenience.
The bodice was made using an altered version of my favourite dress pattern (I messed about with the seam placement and the shape of the bottom edge to match the reference). It's made from duchess satin, coutil and yellow polycotton. The piping and bias binding were made from the same satin. Making my own piping was much easier and more fun than I expected! I also made the loops for the back of the bodice, and chose to lace it with a gold ribbon to match the stars. It fastens on one side with a zipper (I may change it out for hook/loop tape in the future but I much prefer sewing zips haha). I put boning channels into the seam allowances in the satin/coutil layer for extra support and cinch-power! This way I still get a nice silhouette over the petticoat and skirt bulk at my waist.

Crystalneko used her machine to create the scallop edge detail on white duchess satin, which I then fray-checked and cut out carefully before attaching to the bodice. She also helped me pattern out the ruffle down the front <3

Because I hate myself, I'm sewing together two wigs again to get Aurora's lush locks. I'm blending a pale ash blonde Jeri with a pale yellow blonde Jeri from Coscraft to get a nice balance between the film/merch's bright hair and the park's more natural ashy blonde hair. I'm really hoping it works!

I figure I should probably put in some stuff about how I made this costume? So we'll start with the hell that was ALL THE STARS

Crystalneko and I split this job between us. We used 3 different sized silicone star-shape molds to shape Pearly Worbla. Once the stars were formed they were cut out (RIP the nerves in my right thumb. It's still a bit tingly now!), and the edges were sanded with a dremel so they wouldn't snag the satin on the dresses. The surfaces were sanded by hand with multiple grades of sandpaper to get them as smooth as possible. After this we added layers of woodglue and paint primer to improve the smoothness.
For the paint, we used a combination of spray paint and gilding gold paint to give the stars a range of colour, and then varnished them with Montana glossy spray varnish. Hole were pierced into the stars with seam rippers.

Most of the stars were sewn onto the dresses (to match the randomness in the art we scattered them across the dresses and stitched them in place), and some were used for the shoes and accessories. On my hairclips, the stars are linked with jump rings, and some were attached to bobby pins with jump rings so I could have random single stars in my wig.

Embroidery is still going on slowly and surely, but I've decided to get some other things done (and keep embroidery just for bus journeys for a while). I've started making the bodice lining, which is being done with a gorgeous floral 100% cotton and coutil. Unlike Sakura's bodice, I'm putting the coutil layer and boning into the lining, so there's less risk of me snagging my bodice satin. The Chiffon skirt is still hanging ready for trimming (totally didn't forget about it).

Best bit of progress is that I've ordered and received my shoes! I splashed out on a gorgeous lacy/glittery pair of Irregular Choice mid-heel shoes, as I can think of many other reasons to wear them (and they're bridal shoes so designed to be worn and stood in for a long time)

Like the doll, I'm embroidering the front of my bodice with metallic thread. Sadly I couldn't find good quality metallic embroidery thread in the right blue (madeira do a close one but I couldn't find it in stock sob), so I'm extending some artistic licence and doing it in a pale silver (one of the parks dresses has silver embroidery so I'm using that as reference too!)

It's slow going but I think I've passed the 1/3 mark! Now ECG prelims are done I can dedicate more time to this and speed up c:

For anyone interested, I'm using DMC Diamant thread in D168. I can really recommend this thread for metallic embroidery, as it's much easier than other metallics I've tried. I've not even needed wax to keep it from fraying!

Having made a mock-up out of ugly ugly fabric, I've settled on a 3/4 circle skirt for this. The pieces were cut out of duchess satin and left to hang for a few days while I worked on other things, and I'll cut out the chiffon layer in the very near future. Apparently I hate myself as I'm doing enclosed seams for both layers OTL. When the satin skirt seams are done, I'll hem the skirt with horsehair braid to help it keep shape and make it easier to walk about and perform in c: the chiffon layer will be slightly fuller like on the doll.

Fabric used: navy blue duchess satin, royal blue chiffon.

The main ref I'm using for this costume is the DFDC doll! I love the double layer skirt and the embroidery on the bodice <3
I'll be making a few changes though, such as doing silver embroidery rather than pale blue (the metallic thread I like doesn't come in blue yet sobsob), and a more natural toned wig c:

Not the best wings I've done but they'll work for this cosplay! I bent wire coat-hangers into the shape I wanted, then stretched blue crystal organza over the frames, and then covered the edges with pale blue satin bias binding.
All being well, these will slot into small channels in the back of the dress, then possibly be safety pinned in place depending on how much they try to swing!

http://saralaughed.com/flower-crown-diy-tutorial/ this tutorial saved my life

I love how huge and extra this thing ended up <3 for extra security I kept the wires on my flowers and wound them into the base wire crown, and then hot glued everything in place. Babby;s first time using hot glue, my life has been CHANGED

All flowers were from The Range!

Since my last entry, I've made a lot of stars from Pearly Worbla, made a 5m striped ribbon to go around the hem of my dress, and finished wefting the wig! It's been a busy busy couple of weeks (especially as I've been working, and my sister was visiting too!) My fabric arrived too, so I can make a start on the dress properly now aaaaah c:

Bodysuit and gloves are both made from white scuba! The hip rolls and sleeve rolls are filled with wadding and toy stuffing for dat Michelin Man aesthetic!
Skirt and fuku are blue satin. The skirt has horsehair braid for added flounce, and the trim on the fuku is white satin bias.
The bows and glove rolls are red satin. The bows are lined with thin wadding so they keep their glorious cartoony poofage <3
The boots are an eBay find, which I altered. The moons are all made with fimo clay!
The tiara is craft foam covered in worbla, and attaches to my head with strong clips under my wig.

Overall I love this costume but I want to fix up a few things that bother me a little. The wig needs a desperate re-style, I want to shorten the skirt and redo the braid, and I'm toying with the idea of remaking the moons with pearly worbla c: but I love being Usagi so much!

Because I am an idiot, I am making my own stripe ribbon. This is a test piece to see how much I like the brown on the white, and I'm super happy so FULL STEAM AHEAD


My old Sakura wig bothers me, so it has been scrapped for parts to blend into my lovely new one! The new colour is much closer to the illustrations, and adding wefts will balance out the height of the wig and hopefully create a nice natural blend <3
Old wig (RIP) is a Coscraft Prince in Toffee, new is a Prince in Caramel!

My mad collection of flower clips makes for the prettiest wefting process...

So apparently gathering 100m of ribbon for Madoka didn't satisfy my need for ruffles, so I've got another 70m to play with YAAAAAY
Some of it will be used for the stripy trim, but the vast majority will be infused with my tears and turned into glorious ruffle-age

Why am I like this... oh, because this dress is so damn cute that's why

Two full sleeves of embroidery was a task and a half but by some miracle I did it and I LOVE the result! I added some seed beads here and there, as well as some larger purple gems.
On the main body of the jacket I stuck to beads and trims to jazz it up, partially to spare my sanity and partially because I knew the bag would rub against it and potentially ruin it.
The jacket is fully lined with pretty jacquard print lining fabric (I couldn't find a blue cotton I liked), with satin bias running around the inside where the lining ends.

My favourite thing <3 The main bow is made with cotton that I ice-dyed, and I put a larger chiffon bow behind it. On the tails of both bows I added tassels, and some co-ordinating trim, before tying a long beaded cord around the centre.
It fixes into the wig with a huuuge comb that is supposed to be for DIY wedding veils (it can handle the weight of the bow easily)

Ice dyeing is love

Using a pattern, I made the top with some beautiful yellow brocade, lined it with spare blue microfiber, and bound the edges with satin bias. For even more flair, I added some purple beaded trim to the under-bust seam.
I had to take in the shoulders, but otherwise I'm super happy with this, considering I had very little reference to go on.

Adventures in wig styling GO! I bought a Lily in White from Coscraft, added Pale Teal wefts, then dip-dyed the ends with FW ink c: not the most wild of styling but good practice for basic techniques c:
For even more fancy, I strung beads onto cord and tied the cords onto clips.

Poofy pants are the greatest! Thankfully the design for these is relatively simple, which I'm very glad of as overly embelleshed trousers/skirts can make moving around and sitting tricky! I've used microfibre, and put a green/purple catatonic chiffon overlay so they have a lovely effect c: There's a band of glittery trim just above the knee c:
Hopefully I'll have time to make a 'petticoat' for them but if not, I'll stuff them a bit with some tulle so they keep shape.

I made a pleather bag for this (GOD BLESS DESIGNS WITH ACTUAL BAGS AND OR POCKETS), and spent far too long adding trims and beads. The lining is left over cotton from Agitha, and there's a phone pocket inside c:

Between other elements and while travelling anywhere, I've been slowly working on the bolero by embroidering flower-esque designs on it! It's very slow goings but I'm loving the result so far c:

It's just so slow...

Spent today altering some ugly ugly boots from Primark by making them even more ugly c:
I made new straps, added some heel detail, and remembered why I never use metallic embroidery thread any more...

Happy new year!

I wanted to make the basket completely from scratch due to its bizarre size and shape, but unfortunately time and my own body were against me (RSI/muscle tension is a literal pain)
Sooo I bought a round hanging basket on sale at the garden centre, smushed it into shape and painted it with wall paint to get the base. The bug cover is scrap white scuba, with purple scuba designs top-stitched onto it. The blanket is linen, with purple ribbon sewn to it, and lace stitched around the edge.
The strap is buckram covered in brown canvas and wide blue ribbon. It threads through the top of the basket and the blanket (IKR IT'S WEIRD AND BIZARRE?) and is heavily stitched in place. The stitching is covered by the buckles which are made from craft foam and black worbla and painted gold.

I used the same pattern as I did for my Fyora dress, and altered it to be floor length again! The fabric for the dress is candy pink mirofibre, and I used a soft viscose to line the bodice. The ribbon is velvet, and the swoops are fairy organza (I wanted that extra sparkle, fight me). Those were patterned by making the shoulder strap pattern muchlonger and wider, then bringing it in again until I was happy with the size.

The flower crown was a fun one: I bought a bunch of fake flowers and dyed them with sharpie markers, then added little felt backs to them so I could slip them onto a thin hair-band.

SO by some miracle I finished the thing! But it was very rushed and so I want to fix up a few things before wearing her again c:

-make a new bigger skirt butterfly so they're more proportional to the skirt (keeping the two larger ones but moving them up)
-unpick and either re-sew or replace the crinkle trim on the skirt, and fray-check the suede caterpillars
-add wefts or clip-ons to the wig for more fluff, it looked a bit sad
-tack the upper and lower wings together so they don't swing about so much
-take up the dark over skirt as it's a bit too long

I'm so happy with this costume though, these are just little things that bother me as I didnt have the time to do them c:

I made this with the same pattern I used for Trucy. I did the main bodice in aqua scuba, painted with fabric paint, and the top piece and half-circle skirt in a lovely satin georgette mix I found on clearance. The wrong side was PERFECT for what I needed! The dots are all sewn-on gems, and I measured each scallop so it would be even, and fray-checked the edges before painting the borders on.
On the back there are boning channels to help support the wings which will be slotted in by the zip

A small bug army is in the making!

I've made a variety of different bugs with craft foam for the jewellery and have had so much fun with this <3
Each bug has a little worbla shell, and has thick wire running through so I can connect them. They're painted with nail polish for shiny glory and slight iridescence <3

A very last minute prop but heck I'm proud of him.

He's mostly made from buckram, and his body has a plastic boning frame to help support him. The body and head were made seperately, and are attached with two 'necks'. The front 'neck' is a thin PVC pipe that is fixed into place with craft foam, and is covered by the big bow tie. The back 'neck' is more buckram and is much bigger as that's where my hand goes to operate the mouth c:
The head is two pieces, which join around the mouth and with a seam at the back. The mouth is reinforced with extra buckram and has a strap on the top half to make it easier for me to open and close it.
His whole head is covered in brown heavyweight cotton, and he has little cotton ears and felt facial features! The body is covered in black cotton, and white satin, with a red satin bow.
His cloak was made the same way as mine, but he only has diamonds on his THANKK GOD!

I covered an old umbrella in hessian and canvas for this. Annoyingly no umbrellas in the right shape had 10 spokes so I've had to just cope with it being 8 ;__; For the lace, I bought some beautiful pink lace and carefully dyed part of it purple. The other option was to sew 2 laces together and yeah, stuff that.
The designs on the canvas were painted freehand with white fabric paint. The 'frame' is black Worbla painted gold. It went a bit wibbly in some parts so if there's time I'll redo those bits.

For the handle, I cut off the curved section of the orginal handle and built a new one with craft foam, and covered that in more black Worbla. I'm in the process of priming it but I'm happy with how it looks!

If I have time, I'm going to glue some pretty lace into the underside of the umbrella. The fabric choices make it too heavy to do double-sided, but some nice lightweight lace to cover up the interior will do the trick!

I had a lot of fun learning to use a new thing for this! All the 'gems' were made with the new Worbla Crystal Art, then painted with glass paint. I tried colouring the gems as I made them, but it made shaping them really difficult, but it was much easier to shape them, then paint.
The brooch was made with craft foam, then covered with Worbla. Two safety pins are attached to the back to share the load when I pin it to my costume c:
The buttons have a hole pierced into each end so I could sew them onto the dress.
The earring is more painted crystalArt, with an earring drop pin thingy pushed into it, then attached to a stud earring. It's quite heavy to wear but I'm happy with it all the same c:

At some point I want to replace the buttons with resin as they're so lumpy. I dont want to use crystal art for sharp gems again, but it'll be great for round ones <3

Made from cream georgette chiffon layered over pale pink cotton. I combined several patterns for it,and interfaced the sleeves and collar. The collar was a nightmare as it's gathered but rigid? I ended up gathering chiffon and attaching it to a straight piece of cotton. I'm not completely happy but it looks enough the part!

The detail on the sleeves is a strip of black cotton with iridescent square gems sewn around. I chose to use these as they're reminiscent of bug shells, and give the shirt a princess-y touch! A princess of the bug kingdom must look the part after all!

Because no Trucy should be without her signature trick!
These were made of microfibre, and had wadding inside to help them keep shape. All the pinstripes on the panties were backstitched by hand, and the details were topstitched on! I carefully measured out all the pleats around the top and legs , it was a nightmare but damn they look so cute c:
I made these as a big panty-shaped pocket, so that they could be used on stage as part of a trick c:

I should probably update this as I go!
I started this costume by throwing together the head dress, which I made with duchess satin and a printed cotton lining (THEMED LINING) I sandwiched thick wadding in between these fabrics and carefully measured out squares, which I backstitched through to create the quilted effect. On each intersection I sewed a small gem. I then went around the edges with a satin bias binding c:

The straps still need to be done, and I need to finish the bugs, but otherwise I'm so happy!

The bane of my life ;_; It's so inconsistent between references and it made me want to cry many times

The main cloak is two layers of duchess satin, which fastens with poppers to the dress, and with the brooch. I need to replace one of the poppers because it's a bad one but otherwise it works. The details are microfiber top-stitched onto stretch duchess satin, which was then carefully stitched on to each side of the cloak. It had to be the same on the inside so I had to be super careful not to let the stitching go all the way through! In a perfect world I would have done proper satin stitch applique but alas time and RSI were against me...
While I would like the cape to be a bit wider in general, I'm actually really happy with it as it's the bit I struggled with the most. It behaves roughly how I wanted it to and it's nowhere near as much of a pain to wear as the original one was!

The baubles are wooden beads painted with glass paint, and I used drop earring wire rods to attach them (I sewed the loop to the cloak, and coiled the end around the bottom of each bead).

Originally I wanted to make this as a functioning bag, but I just couldn't work out how to do it and get it to support its own shape. Soooo I cheated!
I made the front and back pieces by sandwiching buckram in duchess satin and mircofiber, and top-stitching the white design onto the front. I then cut two hearts out of sofa foam, and tacked them to the front and back pieces (there was excess around the edges to make this bit easier. I then tacked these together. Two thin strips of satin were backstitched together to make a fake seam, and this strip was then used to cover the middle of the topit (where the foam blocks were tacked together.

I topstitched white to blue duchess satin to create the strap, which was sewn to the back of the topit on one side, then I put poppers on for the fastening.


Everything for this costume is bought, because I wanted to match others who are cosplaying with me <3
The uniform is from CosplaySky, the boots are from eBay (THEY LIGHT UP), and I'm going to sew together two wigs from Coscraft ('Ash's in Midnight Green and Black)

HECK these were an unexpected journey, as I'd hoped to just buy a pair. The boots were originally DISGUSTING. They were over-knee, sparkly and had a weird lacing at the back at the top. No thank you!
I started off by cutting the boots down to the right height, and cutting open the back seam to put in a zipper. I then covered them in white stretch pleather in sections, starting with the leg of each boot, then the heel, then the foot. The foot was the hardest part, as even with a leather needle, I just couldn't stitch through the boot ;_; so I had to weild the super duper strong super glue for that bit. I'm really really proud of the boots, AND they're comfy! If the originals weren't so hideous I would get some for daily wear...

Leather needles though. Get one, it'll change your bootcover making life forever.

I used the project runway Simplicity pattern as a base (I forget what number), but put the pieces together so that there was no seam at the waist. The skirt was also reduced to be more a-line. It's made with a slightly stretchy suiting fabric as it had a very subtle sheen which I thought was suitable for a stage costume <3 I couldn't find a cute themed lining, so I used a nice fancy jacquard print one instead. The buttons were made with Crystalart (see later journal) but I want to get them cast in resin instead

I plan to add eyelets to the back so I can reduce the size as and when I need to c: while it fitted wonderfully at first, I lost juuust enough weight by the time of EGX for it to not stay up so well ahaha

For the scarf I used red duchess satin. The main piece is a wide choker that fastens with poppers. I did the tails separately because they're completely static in-game. Both tails are interfaced to support them them and are slightly pinched.
I want to make the choker a little smaller, as it's a little too slack atm and has a tendency to slip around my neck so the tails get caught on the earring ;_;

As part of Cos-Tober I'm gonna try to write something coherent about the making of this costume! So I'll start with my favourite piece: the hat!

I built the base hat from buckram, purposefully making it way too big so it would be proportional to Mr Hat. I then covered the whole base in Foss-shape (my new favourite thing) for ultimate stability! Foss shape is a millinery felt that shrinks and hardens as you heat it, and holds shape like a BOSS

After this, I added a chunk of sofa foam around the top half of the inside of the hat, so it wouldn't fall down over my head or Mr Hat's head past a certain point. Also made it hella comfy! To cover how ugly the inside is, I lined the hat with blue microfibre, then set about covering the hat.

The fabric covering the hat is blue duchess satin to match the topit and cloak. It's annoyingly a little darker than I wanted but it was the closest I could find to the in-game model! I covered the brim and the top first, then the body of the hat to cover the raw edges from the rest of the covering. It was a bit cheaty of me, but it was easier than making the cover separately and gave me much more leeway with patterning. To finish, I made a ribbon from stretch duchess satin and wrapped it around the hat.

I love my hat <3

The shoes are done! They were kind of a nightmare tbh. For one, when I patterned out the shapes onto the base shoes I bought, the proportions looked awful! Sooo I repatterned everything and I'm much happier, even if the shoes now look kind of inaccurate.
And then the LACES. Apparently the only yellow laces in existence are glow-in-the-dark-migraine-inducing-vomit yellow so I ended up sharpie-ing a plain white pair. The sharpie turned orange overnight so I've spent today painting the shoelaces in the same yellow I'm using for the design on the top.
OH and the shoes claim to be a 5 but are actually a 6 or maybe even a 7, so they look massive on me sob.

At least it was worth it, I love my ugly litten-esque feet.

I've been desperately trying to make this as well as I can as fast as I can! This is a rubbish photo of my progress: the bodysuit and the vest. The bodysuit is actually in two parts: the top is a legless bodysuit made using Yaya Han's pattern, and the trousers are made with my usual Kwiksew bodysuit pattern. The armour was pure guesswork haha.
I've used scuba as it has been stated that Judy's clothes are made of neoprene (but I cant afford that sob). I swear my top is blue! The photo makes it look white but it's a powdery sky blue. I'm going to either dye it or remake it if I can find better fabric.

Badge is from eBay, and I'm so pleased with it!
Kneepads, collar, and wig are all in progress, and I intend to start the armguards tonight c:

I've been slowly ploughing through this cosplay, focussing mostly on the dress so far! One skirt is done, but I ran out of lace to do the second so I have to wait for that to arrive baaah :c
The bodice is almost done, it's just a case of adding details and working out the sleeves!

Insert Coin recently released their official LiS range so I decided to order the Jane Doe shirt c: It feels so odd not to be making a costume from scratch but I don't think I could make the top up to the standard I want yet.
I've also bought some cheap jeans and a hoodie! I'll buy a base bag and alter it, just so I've done SOME sewing haha

It's taken about 100 hours of fray-checking, sewing, ruffling and altering later, the petticoat is to a point I feel I can wear it and it look okay. It's not perfect, the layers seem to grow and shrink of their own accord, but for all intents and purposes, it's done and I can actually do something else!

I was right, this IS the story of how I died, or at least the nerves in my hands did...
I'm about halfway through the 6th layer and I've started dreaming about ruffles. Each layer of petticoat has had ruffles sewn around each side of the bottom hem, then the ribbons were flipped the right way and tacked together. THEN each layer had a long strip of tulle gathered onto it for extra fluff.
There are horsehair supports on the 3rd layer, so the upper layers don't crush the bottom layers as much (they've EATEN the shortest layer send help)

If you ever decide to embark on the rufflebutt madoka tutorial: DO NOT HANDSEW IT did I mention my hands are dying

This skirt is much fluffier than in the photo. I've hung it up oddly, and I think one of the layers has gone into hiding...or the skirt is eating itself haha

I FINALLY treated myself to the Chompworks clow wand set, and got a really good deal on a raw print of it! With a bit of sanding and some primer, it'll be ready to paint c:

I also bought some more pink tulle and some extra wide horsehair braid to boost the petticoat! The braid is to make supports with, which is a little trick I learned from making the Madoka poofmonster c:

I decided to do this on a whim, just to give myself extra work...
Making plushes and bags to go with my cosplays is one of my favourite things, so I decided to make this one really squishy with wadding and interfacing c:
The outside body and the details are made of felt, the gold is bias and the lining is bi stretch. I've added the ears and straps to this since the photo, and I'm really proud of the face!

Okay so this thing was the most daunting aspect of this cosplay: HOW DO??
The design is based off a mob cap, so I started out making a mock-up one of those and it honestly looked like I was trying to look like a Victorian baby. Sooo I tried again, this time using interfacing to give it some body , and that was a disaster too. It didn't have the right shape or body to it at all, and it was flimsy as heck.

TAKE THREE was third time lucky. This time I tried felting a hat/dome to use as a base and then covered it in spare dress fabric. Luckily I found a tutorial that involved using craft felt and it turned out pretty well and it was sturdy! Just to be sure, I gave it a thin coat of millinery solution and it did the trick brilliantly. Only a really good thump is going to squash this hat!
Covering it was pretty easy, as I could just stretch the fabric over the top until it was smooth. The brim is actually an offcut from the bottom of my dress, folded and gathered to fit. There's a bit of interfacing in there too, so it doesn't flop over my eyes c:
It's not perfect by any stretch or means, but I'm still pretty happy with it!
I just need the bows now!
(Please excuse the lighting, and my tired/ill face haha)

Today I gathered 100yds (approx 88m) of ribbon into ruffles, thanks to Crazedteensie kindly letting me steal her machine for the evening!
I still have 1 22m (25yds)spool left in case I run out or have a ruffle emergency c:
Everyday I'm rufflin' (not my pun)

Over 20m of different fabrics and 100m of ribbon later, and I think I might have enough fabric for the Petticoat of Death...
I'll be following the Rufflebutt tutorial as much as I can, but I think this cosplay is going to be the end of me haha

I love it so much so far!
I bought a cheap sunhat from work to use as a base, as it meant it wouldn't slip down over my face all day AND I had a substantial brim that would keep shape! On top of this, I built the witch's hat shape with craft foam and interfacing, then covered the lot in brown suede. The tip is stuffed for weight and shape c:

Mini tsum for size reference, this hat is BIG

At Kita, the inner senshi all bought their corresponding gachapon Star Wands, so I decided to join them c: Originally I got muddled up and bought ChibiMoon's wand, but I managed to nab the Moon Stick and Cutie Moon Rod really cheap on eBay! I may sill go wild and get a full size prop, but these mini ones are so sweet

I'm getting there!
The gloves are stretch suede, with bodycon lining the arms so they have some support. There's a random seam across her hand on some of the references, which was a pain to sew!
The dress is yet another half circle dress made from double knit jersey with suede and faux fur detail. The sleeves are charcoal jersey, and I made them using two patterns. The top half is super poofy, but the bottom half is fitted, and hooks over my thumb, so the gloves go over the top easily. It's been taken in since this photo, but like heck am I taking another one

My house is so fluffy because of the fur ;_; why did I choose to sew/wear this in July!

Well, I finally finished my rod for Estelle today! It's a bit ...amatuer if I'm honest haha
I made the rod part from a pvc pipe and pipe ends from b&q (so cheap), built it up with foam and milliput and painted it with enamel paint (designed for walls and plant pots and drains and stuff like that). The tip is transpaArt, which is SO DIFFICULT oh my god.
I made a mold from modelling clay (and wrapped it in clingfilm to stop any stray clay getting on the tA), then heated the two halves around the mold. I used acrylic craft paint to colour it, then reheated the pieces and evo-stick'd them together. Sadly the heat seems to have cracked and discoloured the paint a little, and my attempts to repaint it didn't really work...
The top is removable, as there is a flexitorch inside to provide the glow!

I'm really not that happy with the result as I just could not get the milliput to sand smooth, but the glow effect is pretty funky c:

Size 4 foot for scale

Another adventure into the world of Worbla, and I think this was a bit too far out of my skill range!
I made it out of craft foam in 3 parts: the bracelet, the gem piece and the 'heart', then covered them in worbla, using its adhesiveness to stick the parts together. As the bracelet only connects to the gem at the four 'points', I added a strip of TranspaArt to the back as an extra support.
The gem is polymer clay (Fimo Translucent Effect), blended with embossing powder and glitter. It's super sparkly!

It's ended up a little narrower than in some of the references, as my sparrow wrists looked a bit ridiculous with such a thick bracelet!

First little job complete!
I made this out of craft foam and worbla, and made two little 'pearls' from polymer clay.
I used white and gold model paint for the design, then went around it with gold enamel paint. It's been neatened up and evened out since this photo, and I've attached a hair clip to it as well c:

Quick shot of the dress/overshirt together! I'm pretty proud of getting through this bias binding hell haha

Going to give this one heck of an iron once all the detail is stitched in place...

It still looks like a frog! I finally got around to covering the base in worbla today and I'm happy with how it turned out. My inexperience with the material kind of shows, especially in the loss of detail in the shape, but for my second attempt at the stuff, I didn't do THAT badly! Maybe when I've improved, I'll try again c:
Sadly the plain choker went well, but isn;t as flexible as I'd hoped (its a bit too tight when I fasten it). So I sulked for a bit, then decided to try covering it in some spare gold bias binding I had (the lengths were too short for Estelle but just long enough for this), and added a bit of extra length at the ends. I've attached a hook and eye to the ends and it works! it's now just tight enough to stay in place without choking me c:

Going to play with some translucent clay for the gem!

After much frustration, they're 99% done!
I bought a pair of cheap boots off of eBay (left image), and started off by cutting them down a little and covering them in cotton jersey. I'm used to covering awkward shoes in this way, but I had so much trouble trying to sew around the soles! In the end, I just could NOT get a needle through the boots, so I had to resort to my hella superglue. A test walk around my house (including stairs and various flooring) went well, nothing came unstuck, but I still don't trust it...
The 'cuffs' are the same cotton as the dress, with bias binding and the little 'tabs' made from blue cotton.
All I need is some buttons now! I'm pretty happy with the result (right image) as long as the glue holds!

The base choker is done! I made about 6 paper templates until I had one I was happy with, then I made the base choker out of craft foam. I have all the worbla pieces cut and ready, but I think I'm going to wait until I've made the gem before I do that! In the very least I may need some help shaping it around my neck...
I have a few gem ideas lined up to try out, and plenty of time to try them out before Expo!

Seeing as I only started this last Thursday and then went to Ame, I'm surprised by how quickly this is coming together! Major thanks to my mum who has done a bit of the detail while I've been at work <3

By the miracle that is eBay, I have acquired a little captain's hat for Kyuubey! It was advertised as a ladies mini hat, so hopefully it'll be about the right size for a plush (I can cut holes for his ears if needs be).
Now to actually obtain a plush...

After sticking a load of craft foam together onto a belt buckle, I decided to try worbla for the first time and cover it all up to make it a bit sturdier (superglue and I will never be friends) and generally look badass! I'm really happy with how it turned out c:
I don't have a heat gun so I just used my trusty old hairdryer and it did the trick pretty well. Now to prime it, sand it and paint it!
The rest of the belt is just a tube of the same jersey as my gloves with squares of craft and sofa foam sewn in at intervals to create that 3D look. This cosplay is turning out to be very chunky haha

The base boots are my Sophie boots which I re-covered in the same lilac as my suit. I then drew and cut out the design for the raised bit on seat foam, and cut it down to about 2/3 thickness. After folding a piece of lilac jersey around it and sewing close around the foam (to make it stand out), I sewed the whole lot into a tube to make a bootcover.
The bootcover just slips on over the top of the base boot before I put it on, so I can keep using the boots for Sophie!

Also taking photos of my own leg is still awkward and difficult, and it make the boot slip down :c

I used Kwiksew 2722 and my generic sleeve pattern to make the base bodysuit out of black scuba, purposefully making it a little loose. I then cut and stitched the lilac sections. The jersey I used isn't as stretchy as the scuba, which is why I made the base suit loose, so the fit wouldn't be too badly affected. The collar is just yellow and lilac jersey. It's stitched halfway around, and the rest is fastened by poppers for ease of getting in!
The whole thing is fastened by a zip at the back, which I need to iron...

So the sweatshirt fabric I bought turned out to be a little thinner than I'd hoped, but it still worked pretty well for the white jumper/top! The hat is a little crumpled, so I'll fix that up and get round to finishing the ribbon asap so I can shoot at one of the many ferris wheels and/or winter wonderlands going on atm! Just need to buy a buckle~

Quickly threw together the blue dress for this, even though the fabric is the wrong shade of blue (this is going to bother me forever haha). I'm really happy with the fit, especially the sleeves!
I used blue jersey, as it's cheap and easy to sew!

Finally got round to making a new clasp! I sculpted elongated hearts out of milliput and stuck them to the original clasp. When dry I painted them with silver metallic nail polish (forgot to buy paint haha), then carefully sketched the design with black sharpie before using a teeny brush to fill it with black nail polish.

One daaay this cosplay will be finished! But today is not that day...

Desperately trying to get as much embroidery on the skirt done in time for Wales Comic Con! At the very least, I want to get the designs on the scallops done!

To ease myself back into sewing (I've been having shoulder issues again), I decided to make something simple. And so I made my Magma hood!

To get the poncho shape, I pinned around one of my oversized jumpers onto red fleece, cut around it and sewed the shoulder seams. I then tried it on, and marked the length I wanted and cut it to that (I should have left this step til later!)
I used my usual pattern for the hood, and sewed it into the collar. At this point I realised that the hood would pull the poncho up, and so it looks a bit too short because I cut it too early baaah

The black details are pleather (pinned on in the photo as I need to move the M up slightly). Horns will come soon!

I'm still not 100% certain on the length of the poncho... opinions?

Once upon a time I was good at planning cosplays and finishing them well in time for events... WHY HAVE I LOST THAT
This past few days I've been working on the cape, following Adree Cosplay's fabulous tutorial (it's been so useful!), except I am an idiot and have decided to stitch all the trim rather than fuse it on with interfacing... welp

With will power, Evo-Stik and a load of beads, I have a crown! After fixing it with more Milliput and painting it gold, I used a combination of glue and thread to attach the horned bauble to the veiled hairband. I then strung beads onto lengths of wire and wrapped them around the bases of the horns. This added an extra support to the bauble AND made it super bling-y. To finish off, I sewed beads onto the hairband.
I'm going to take some superglue with me in case all else fails, but it seems to be holding up as it is!

MASSIVE THANKS to my mum, who did about 80% of the beading on the cape, while I was at work and away in Cardiff <3 It also meant I had time to work on Anna and Mario c: Going to add sequins soon!
The sleeves are almost done! I made tubes of chiffon and gathered one end and added elastic, so I have slightly poofy straight sleeves c: I just need to sparkle them up a bit and they'll be done!

I accidently broke the hairpiece. It was tragic and hilarious. So that's been fixed and repainted, so hopefully I can finish that soon too...

EDIT: I've decided that the sequins I've chosen for the cape are a bit too bright and I don't think I'd like the effect, so I'm going to leave them for now and focus on getting everything else done!

I completed my boots and wig this week! The boots are ones I bought in a random shop in Liverpool. Trying to find PLAIN black boots with a very small heel was surprisingly difficult! I painted the gold designs on with fabric paint (sketching them out beforehand with white gel pen), and a red/pink acrylic paint has been used on the heels and soles. Not that great, but I suck at painting so I'm proud.

The wig is a Coscraft Jeri in Dark Strawberry Blonde, and the streak is from a pack of Milkmaid Blonde wefts. It hurt to cut the Jeri wig, IT'S SO NICE. The resulting plaits are lovely and thick though, so it was worth it!
(the picture is mirror flipped so you can see the bangs on the right side so I look hella weird haha)

I put this on the back burner while I worked some more on Anna but I'm ploughing through some of the final details for this now c: I've started work on the veils, cape and hairpiece!
VEILS: A wide strip of chiffon folded into two layers, roll-hemmed and then swarovski crystal beads sewn on. I then gathered it onto a hairband. It's turned out a bit more rectangular than I intended, but it looks like the Theatrhythm sprite so they'll do!

HAIRPIECE: after much um-ing and ah-ing, I finally devised a plan! The main piece is an old christmas bauble (with most of the glitter scraped off) wrapped in a spiral of wire. The 'horns' are more wire doubled over and bent into shape before being covered in a small amount of milliput and painted gold. I also have a gold circular earring with a red bead in the centre ready to attach to the hairpiece with bead chains! I have no idea how I'll attach this to the hairband...
CAPE: It's currently just a long strip of the same chiffon as the veils, and I'm in the process of roll-hemming it.

Threw this together in between work shifts and I'm super chuffed!
The bodice is Simplicity Project Runway 2176, and the skirt is just a simple circle skirt. Thanks to Luminescence for making me some buttons!

The photo sucks, the dress is royal blue, not navy!

Just over a week later, and the first section of embroidery is done, and the stabiliser removed! I'm really happy with how it looks, even though there's a little puckering on the bust (inevitable as I was sewing a flat design onto a curved surface, noob error!).
So far I've used satin stitch, woven spider's wheels, and heavy chain stitch. Hopefully now I'm in the swing of it and the big bit is done, the rest will be plain sailing from here!

Slow progress is slow! I'm really happy with how it's turning out though, so it's worth taking it slow c:
The corset is made from velvet, and lined with plain lining fabric. I combined two patterns to get the shape and length I wanted: Simplicity 1910 and 2757. I haven't added the boning or lacing yet, as I want to see how it looks without first.

THE EMBROIDERY oh god send help. I started out by drawing around the front of the bodice on paper, and then sketching out the pattern so it would be to scale. I then traced all the designs (in the right colours) onto pieces of fabric stabiliser and tacked the main piece onto the bodice.
Fun and essential tip: YOU CAN'T USE A HOOP ON VELVET! It crushed the pile, causing irreversible and ugly 'hoop burn'. So I hooped a piece of tear-away stabiliser and tacked the bodice onto that. This way I could keep the velvet taut without the dreaded hoop burn! It's a lot more extra work to keep hooping, tacking and removing the stabiliser, but I think it'll be worth it.

Fabric stabiliser is amazing. The stuff I bought just tears away once I've completed a section (I took out a piece to show this) with a bit of careful force. I'm going to look into cheap alternatives in the future, but for this project, I'm sticking to what I know will work!

Got bored earlier so I did a bit of wig styling. I'll neaten it up nearer to Expo, but for now it'll do c:
The wig is from eBay, and is a gorgeous pink to blonde gradient (in the picture I pulled a bit over my shoulder to show this off) but the bangs were already cut in, so I'll have to spray them into place on the day.
The bun/loop things are just sections of the wig plaited and looped up. I'll make some shiny bands to pretty them up at some point?
Excuse my terrible selfie, I'm so bad at taking them...

I'm cheating and making this in two halves. Mostly so the beads on the bodice don't catch the skirt in storage!
I've used my trusty Simplicity 1910 pattern for the base, and used leftover duchess satin from Meruru for the corset and skirt.
The sparkly net I used for the overlay has a scalloped edge so I ended up sewing it into a tube and gathered it onto the satin skirt (much stress here!) before pleating the skirt as normal.
The bodice detail is a strip of the sparkly net with beaded trim attached (leftover from Gou), and the charm is a pendant with beads I added.
I love how it looks so far!

I have mittens! My mum very kindly knitted them for me (I did ask her to teach me haha) and then I added some sequins and beads in a sort of snowflake pattern

Sparkle sparkle~

It's still a bit too hot to sew, so I started on the jewellery today! While shopping for beads and cheap earrings, I came across a shoulder chain and a necklace with over 30 teardrop shaped glass-cut beads. I was wondering how I was going to do all the jewellery, so this solved a huge chunk of my dilemma!
I'm so happy with how this has turned out, especially as it only took an hour c:
Left: one side lain flat. Right: don't take photos of your own shoulders!

After finding all my left over duchess satin from Meruru, I'm going to be starting this quite soon!
While shopping today, I found some GORGEOUS fabric which I hope to use for the skirt/halter or the sleeves. It's the same sort of stuff that I used for my Terra arm-cape, but it's yellow/white gradient and so sparkly!

I finally finished fixing up the wig. The ponytails are still a bit horizontal for my liking buuut at least they don;t droop any more!
I achieved it by wrapping wire around the hairband to form a sort of shrek look for want of a better term. I poked the wires through the wig (and tried it on to make sure they were okay!) and then proceeded to brush and fix the ponytails around them. One of the tube things needs glueing down/wedging in place but other than that, I'm so much happier with it!
I hope it survives the trip to Paris and back!

Okay I've finished all the sculpting and am pretty chuffed with how it's all turning out! I'm not as happy with my top/cape ensemble but I'm hoping that it'll look better with the rest of the costume.
I'm going to cut out and start sewing the lilac dress tomorrow, hopefully I can get that done before I travel on monday, leaving just the embroidery to do!

Bought a wig of Crystalneko recently c:
Can't wait to start this later this year!

I'm trying to get as much of this costume done before Japan Expo so I have less to do in the week in between it and the zelda concert
My main aim is to get all the bits that need sculpting done asap! The chestplate is done, and the hairpiece is currently drying, but I need to start the tiara and the belt thingies (buckle and ovals).
All of these things are made from a combination of cardboard, craft foam and milliput (easiest and quickest materials for me to obtain and work with).

The top is done, made of pink velvet (I have matching ribbon for the skirt) and edged with satin bias binding. The cape is white liquid satin covered in ivory chiffon. It's a biiiiig cape!

As for the tabard, I'm about 1/5-1/4 through all the embroidery *sob*! I'll probably take it with me to JE for travelling/something to do in the evenings if we have a quiet night in.

Got a lot done for this in the past week!
The cloak is all done, I just cut a basic hood and cloak out of cotton and sewed them together before making the front ties seperately and attaching them (easiest way to do it!)
The bag/belt ensemble was also pretty simple. I made the bag from the same pattern as my Meruru pouch, just making it deeper. Fabric wise I used brown pleather, with white vinyl as interfacing and floral cotton as lining. The belts are just strips of brown pleather. The ends for one belt are sculpted from Milliput. It all fastens around the back of my left hip with poppers c:
Aaaand my wig arrived this morning! It's a bit lighter than on the site, but it'll do c:

For the bodice I used Butterick Pattern B5322, as it had a right-over-left wrap dress, which is exactly what I needed. The skirt is just a biiig doubled-up rectangle of fabric, which I tucked at the waist to make it fit. You can’t see it in the photo, but it’s a wrap-around skirt. I really should have taken the photo a bit earlier in the day! I used bias binding for the patterns around the skirt, and used three strands of embroidery thread for the fine line. The diamonds are also bias.

THE SLEEVES OH GOD. I used Simplicity pattern 1728 as a base, but folded it in to make the sleeves shorter and a bit less voluminous (the pattern is based on the dresses in Mirror Mirror, to give some impression of how huge those sleeves are)! I then cut short slits in the bottom of the sleeves and roll-hemmed them, before cutting and hemming the longer slits at the top (Espella’s sleeves cut out at the shoulders and fall down to expose her upper arm wat). My original plan was to use the top of the sleeves to make the shoulder ties, but there wasn’t enough fabric in them to floop appropriately. So my earlier idea to make them shorter was a dud haha!

I then stitched a strip of fabric inside the sleeves just above the slits to form a channel, through which I threaded elastic. I had wanted to make the sleeves a drawstring because of the bow, but that didn’t work too well thanks to how the pattern worked, so I just threaded leather cord through two teeny slits above the slit and tied it into bows. Next, I sewed up the seams and fitted the sleeves to the armholes, and finished up by making shoulder ties out of spare fabric.

I'm so freaking proud, especially as I winged the sleeves a lot while being struck down with a hell of a cold!

Dress progress is going super fast! The bodice is all done, and I'm currently doing all the detail on the skirt.
I've used linen as it's lightweight, natural and will be super comfy for the summer heat but dear god I need to iron it soooo bad!
Pics will come once the skirt and bodice are attached. And once I've dried my tears over the darn sleeves (HOW)

Mild panic is setting in!
The dress, corset and bloomers are all 100% done, and one glove is finished at the time of typing this. Wig arrived and I LOVE it, just need to style the bangs on the day.
I've painted the microphone, and have the white bit of the ribbon done, so I just need to add the pink and blue bits.
So just the ears and ribbons to do now! I'm dropping the capelet for expo because no time and it'll be too hot anyway! SOB

The shoes and tights arrived and are exactly what I wanted. Still waiting on the wig.

The dress is well under way, the bodice is done (sans the front detail) and the skirts have all been cut out, and I'm now working my way through the laborious task of hemming them (sob)

Just need to sculpt a buckle and somehow make a styler...
Wig and goggles ordered! The goggles arrived this morning but they've turned out to be kids ones so I'm either going to need to buy a new pair or get a new strap.

Both are done.
The scarf itself is just a big strip of yellow jersey.

The jacket is red bi-stretch, with yellow and white jersey/lycra details. I used the top of a dress pattern for the jacket, adjusting the length and front appropriately. I don't have a jacket pattern so I had to improvise with what I did have haha! I then stitched a strip of yellow around the bottom, and rolled white lycra around the armholes.

The gloves were pretty simple. I cut my normal glove shape out of blue lycra and then chopped off the fingers and thumbs, then sewed them as normal. Next, I stitched a strip of red bi-stretch across the knuckles and rolled and stitched a thick strip of white lycra around the wrists for the cuffs.

Just the shorts to go and I'll have the base costume ready! Going to order a wig and some goggles on my next payday c:

(I've also bought a white bangle and I'm going to try to sculpt something that looks like a styler onto it)

EDIT: The scarf just wasn't working so I remade it and I'll think of some way of tying it.

The shoes are finally done, and my fingers are almost no longer in agony!
I bought a pair of cheap white/orange school trainers as these were the only ones I could get with a velcro strap! To edit them I first stitched red bi-stretch over the tongue, and then pinned and stitched blue lycra around the front of the shoe. As the shoes are made of some kind of plasticky stuff to make them easy to clean (being school shoes), sewing through them was incredibly painful :c
To finish off, I used a red marker to colour the sides and any remaining orange details.

I've ordered a wig, some tights and some shoes for this already, so they all arrive in plenty of time for Expo c:
Also, I've started sketching out my design and deciding on fabrics c:

By some miracle and a little help from mum , this is actually ready in time for Kita!
The pattern took a couple of days as cutting, pinning and stitching each individual shape (diamonds and flowers) was a very time-consuming process!
The snood was made today. I had to run a couple of last minute errands today so mum very kindly stitched a large section of the snood c:

Time is not on my side right now haha!
Today I managed to paint my watch and make the whole base dress for this AND pin the bias binding edges before work today! Let's hope I continue with this speed c:

So the stripey sleeves are done! I've used a black long sleeved top as a base (gonna boil), and attached the striped sections onto the arms.

The striped sections themselves were time-consuming. I made a base layer of the blue, and then folded a black strip over the end. I then measured, cut and stitched on the purple stripes before finally adding in the two yellow. I then turned this into a tube, matching up the stripes, and stitched it to the black top.
It's turned out 3D rather than smooth, but sewing each stripe section individually rather than building up would have taken even longer, and time is (quite appropriately) NOT on my side!

Surprisingly easy to do! I started out by measuring and cutting out 4 rings of sofa foam, and then doubling up these rings to make the thick section at the tops of the gloves. I covered these in blue lycra. They look like arm swimming bands! Or donuts!
Next, I measured the length I wanted the gloves and drew around my hand to make a pattern. I cut around this 4 times, leaving plenty of room around the edges (to account for my hand being 3D) and sewed 2 pieces together to make each glove. After checking they fit, I then cut a grey jersey zigzag and sewed one around each glove, before attaching the glove to the arm-band/donuts. To finish off, I stitched a strip of pink lyrca around the glove/donut join.

I love my donut gloves <3

I hate everything that resembles a 110cm lilac wig. Especially ones with pigtails!
Okay so it's not THAT traumatic, but my god I have spent 3 full days working on this thing and most of it was pure frustration.

The back parting was done with wefts taken from clip-in ponytails. Next time I'm just going to buy a pack of wefts, because all the ones from the clips were too narrow and I had to sew them together to get the right lengths! I followed a tutorial from the internet to do the parting, so the process itself was fairly simple, I just had to keep brushing the wig to keep it neat.
Somewhere along the lines, one of the ponytails has slipped out of place slightly, but honestly I don't care enough any more to fix it haha. For a first attempt at anything like this, I didn't do too badly. My mum kindly cut the bangs for me once I tried the wig on c:

Photo was taken with flash, so naturally it looks shiny as hell and for some reason the teeny gap at the back decided it was going to look hella obvious.

I was dreading making these because I've never done anything like them before! But they're going much better than planned! I bought Kwiksew pattern 2722 and it's the best decision I've made in cosplay ever, I swear! All I had to do was cut straight on the back section rather than follow the curve for the 'hole' in the back and include a zip c:
The grey suit is double knit jersey. The sleeves were done with my beloved straight sleeve pattern, and then fitted to my arms.

The pink one is taking a little more work. I cut the pieces, but then sewed only the lengths I wanted, leaving the rest loose for editing. I then tried it on inside out and roughly pinned where I wanted the cut-out sections to be. I then neatened them up and made them symmetrical before cutting them out and hemming the legs. Now I just need to make and add all the bias binding (I'm using leftover fabric from PB for this as it's a great shade of hot pink!). I'm cheating a bit and am going to attach the pink suit to the grey one for ease of getting it off and on. Sadly this means I'm going to have a seam up the back of the pink suit buuuut it's an accuracy sacrifice I'm willing to make if I want to be able to go to the bathroom in this costume!

The wig is not behaving itself :/ I'm going to spend my next day off shouting at it.

All done and dusted!
The leg thingies (this is the technical term) are white bodycon. I cut lengths long and wide enough for each leg, and then used a lot of trial and error to position the rings and make the legs fitted. The rings are attached by a strip of fabric on each side. I then folded the excess fabric around my feet/ankles to create a sort of stirrup strap so they don't ride up.
Next, I cut out the shape for the things at the top of each leg in bodycon, so I had double for each leg. I sewed them together and turned them inside out. I then side the same but slightly smaller in black cotton and attached it to the white part, and sewed a gold button on each. Using more small strips of white bodycon, I attached them to gold rings, and then attached them to the top of each leg thingy.

The belt was a similar process. I first of all measured out and pinned a doubled-over strip of bodycon but didn't cut it out. Next, I positioned a diamond shaped paper pattern on each side to create the suspenders. With these in place, I cut the whole shape out. This way, I didn't have any visible seams. To reinforce the suspenders, I cut out another diamond for each side and sewed them to the attached ones before turning them inside out. I then rolled the belt part over and folded the edges in, so the seam was on the underneath edge.
For the black part, I pinned the whole bodycon belt/suspender combo to black cotton and cut around it. I unpinned it and then carefully folded over all the edges of the black piece and pinned it in place (so it was smaller than the white piece), before stitching it down. To finish off, I cut smaller diamonds out of white bodycon and sewed them to each suspender.
Before attaching this to the leg thingies, I carefully folded up one side of the belt, and slid a round buckle (with the centre pin removed) into the centre of the belt.
The last task was to attach the suspenders to the rings on the leg thingies, which I did with more strips of bodycon.

This was a very awkward explanation of how I did things... at some point I will take a photo of the whole ensemble!

I've finished the boots (see pic). I bought a pair of ugg-style boots in the sales for £5 and folded down the top to get the right height. I covered the folded over bit in white bodycon and cut a hole (with great difficulty!) for the eyelet. Next, I cut out the necessary shapes and covered the rest of the boot in lilac jersey. Finally I tied lengths of ribbon into bows and stitched them onto the back of each boot, and put a shower curtain eyelet into the hole in the right boot. Not shown in the picture is the chain, because I only just realised I don't have enough beads for it. Luckily I've just found some big rectangular beads online for just over £2 that should do the trick!

The wig has been prepped for wefting, in that I've tied as much as I could into bunches and taken the wefts off the clips.

The leg thingies are well underway! I've painted curtain rings gold, and I'm in the process of cutting white bodycon into shape.

The boots have just been given another coat of paint but I think they'll be done once they're dry!
The collar is almost done, I'm just finishing off the last segment of triangle trim, so I just need to make more bias and add ribbon.
The hearts for the crown have been cut out, and I've made templates for the flowers c:
So close now!

2. (8/1/2014) Much experimentation and trial/error later, I have a top I can work with! Currently in the process of fitting it, but I'm quite happy with how it's turned out. It's not going to be accurate unfortunately as my figure is very different to Meruru's, but I'll do my best!
3. Much making and sewing of bias binding and I'm almost there! Trying to attach the skirt is proving to be an utter pain though! The sleeves are all done and attached with relative ease.

My plan to make a back parted wig is underway! I have acquired, on the recommendation of Kirarayumi, a twin tail wig. I intend to remove the wefts from the clip-on tails and sew them into the base wig. Luckily, the wig was quite cheap so if all goes to hell, it's okay. I also still have time to order a new wig!

I ordered a wig about a week ago, not expecting it to arrive til 2014, but it turned up today and I love it!
It's a bit curlier than I was expecting, so I'll brush it out a bit to make it look wavy instead.

1. (15/12) The past few weeks have been various stages of (figurative) sobbing over the top of the dress. It started out simple enough: cover a bra in lilac satin. Simple? Ha! I ended up using two pieces for each cup, carefully smoothing, pinning and re-pinning satin until I'd created a smooth surface with the curved seam down the middle. Then I had to sew it on without my curved needle :/
Next, I did the front panel which actually was simple. I just measured the centre length of it, half the base curve of the bra, the width I wanted the bottom to be and the side length. I then cut this pattern in half, and cut two of each piece, and sewed them all together to form the seams in the ref. I stitched boning into the seams after opening them out, and then cut another piece of satin in the shape of the front panel and tacked it together to make the front panel thicker. I then pinned it to the bra (not sewn yet)
Now comes the tricky bit. Using Simplicity pattern 3629 I've started off by cutting out my lining, using 'vest back' 'vest side back' and vest side front'. With the pieces all pinned together and pinned to the bra/panel. From here, I've cut a curve from the front side piece around the bra. My next step is to sew all my lining together and see how it works...

Got fabric for the dress today! It was hard to judge what to get as it looks like a sweater dress in the sprite but thin and clingy in the official art. It's also two completely different shades of purple!
In the end I went for a smoky mid-purple double knit jersey. So I'm going more with the offical art in terms of fit but the in-game art and sprite for colour.

After a 5 and a half hour round trip to the fabric shop (this one is really awkward to get to OTL), I have acquired some fabrics for this!
I have double knit jersey for the bodysuit and pink jersey for the playsuit. Luckily I have some bodycon for the legs, collar and shoes, lilac jersey for the boots and black stiff cotton for the belt from other costumes!
So many stretchy fabrics... with such a form fitting costume though I don't really have a choice!

I had a lot of fun making this!
I used the pink satin/velvet that I have for the cape and crown, though as this wasn't sturdy enough, I doubled it with white pleather. The lining is pale lilac, the same as what I will use for the dress lining! Hooray for fabric consistency!
The detail is the gold duchess satin I was going to use for the dress. Sadly I realised it's not yellow enough, so I'm going to use it for all the gold details in the costume instead.

I'm trying to document how I make everything in this costume, so here's how I did the bloomers:
I measured and cut out 4 pattern pieces (1). These are deliberately big for maximum poof. I used one front and one back piece for each leg. With 'right' sides together, I backstitched each outside leg seam. I then turned and folded over the bottom edge , backstitching it in place (2). Next I sewed a line parallel to this one to form a channel which I threaded through elastic before stitching the inside leg.
The next step was stitching both legs together (3). I left a section of the back seam free, so I could turn and fold over the top edge to form the waistband (4). After threading though more elastic, I sewed up the rest of the back seam and voila!

Bloomers all done! They were really simple to make and I'm really happy with how they turned out. So poofy!

Everything is done, except for the last few details on the top.
Gold embroidery thread is the devil incarnate.

I finally finished my Serena bag!

I used doubled-up pink pleather to make it, though the feel of the ‘outside’ of the fabric made me retch so this is the ‘inside’ of the fabric haha. The bag is quilted and fully lined, and I put in a phone pocket too!

Its so squeeshy, I will probably use it as a pillow when travelling to and from expo(s) c:

Wig #1, based of the art in my refs. I love the colour and style of this wig so much! I need to cut bangs into it though.
I'm still not sure about ears, as I generally don't like actual ears on gijinka costumes, but all my favourite Isabelle cosplayers use ears and it looks super cute... A second, paler wig is on its way, one that would look much better with ears so I'll do some more tests then!
Other progress... shirt and skirt purchased, tights ordered and the sweatervest is almost done!
Haven't decided on shoes yet...
My face is makeupless and the picture of ill, so I'm hiding behind my phone :c

After many hours of careful stitching, I have a headscarf!
Made from Catatonic chiffon.
I sewed gold chiffon ribbon, blue/gold sequinned trim and gold pearls around the bottom edge to make it look all pretty.

Shoes happened! Moonlily helped me find them by offering advice c:

After a lot of trial, error, pinning and screaming, I have finally managed to get a skirt I'm happy with!

I started off by cutting the waistband and then making and attaching the pleated section as I normally would for a skirt, but not to the full measurement I usually do it to.
I then made the side panel and pinned the 'front' of it to the 'front' of the pleat skirt. I then pinned the zip to the 'back' of the panel.
This is where it got tricky and awkward. I put the skirt on, and pinned the rest of the zip to the other end of the pleat skirt to fit my waist. Once I was happy with the fit, I took the skirt off and pinned the rest of the panel to the rest of the pleat skirt (the length not attached to zip) before putting on again for further fitting.
What a kurfuffle!
All I need to do now is sew it properly together and attach the buttons, pocket and the band around the waist. Oh and secure the pleats. They're sitting well enough but they'll look sharper and better if I secure them c:

EDIT 12/9: All the details added now! Hopefully will get a progress pic tomorrow if the lighting's good!
EDIT: 11/10 ARG MY SKIRT IS WRONG. THIS IS THE ISSUE WITH NOT WAITING FOR A TURNAROUND REF. In all honesty, the 'wrong' side is mostly hidden by my bag and I can add some more buttons to the waistband, but it's just frustrating.
EDIT: 15/10
Skirt is now fixed. I took in the left side panel a little, moving the buttons and adjusting the zip, and then made a side panel for the right side. I sewed the pleats together on the right side so I just just put the panel on over the top. It's not completely perfect and it's a pretty rushed job but at least it looks right now!

So I may have already ordered a wig and bought some shiny swag.....

Attempted to start on the shirt today but progress is slow thanks to a bitch of a cold/ extremely delayed conflu.
Used a top of mine as a template, and edited the shape of the neckline to match Serena's. Have made it so the back of the collar will fasten with a button or a popper, as I intend to use a non-stretch fabric for the peter-pan collar, and getting my head through it would be difficult

EDIT: Shirt now complete. Used some leftover cotton from Popuri's corset for the collarm using a basic peterpan collar to make my own pattern. It fastens at the back with a popper so I can get in and out of the top easily c:

Mum and I were clearing out the attic and we came across an old sword prop she'd made years ago. It was designed to be a pirate sword for a costume party, so it had the same curve Terra's sword in Dissidia art does.
A bit of editing on the handle (removing the guard and covering it in swag) and a repair/paint job on the 'blade' and SUDDENLY TERRA SWORD

Finally done!
The chest ruffle was the hardest bit! I couldn't work out how it worked so I made it up. I've done it the park's way, and foregone the lace and ribbon around the edge, mostly because I don;t have enough time right now, and I don't have quite enough lace.
I will go back and at least add ribbon to it so it's more true to the film in the future!

I didn't intend to start this for a while but then I found some gorgeous fabrics where my friend works!
I have pale gold duchess satin for the bodice and skirt, and lilac duchess satin for the bloomers and bodice front! Oh, and I found a lovely cerise satin/velvet mix for the cape, crown and bag! I wanted to use velvet for these but I though it would be too heavy for the cape so the satin-backed velevet stuff hopefully will be perfect c:

Found some gorgeous floral fabric in my local fabric shop yesterday while buying stuff for James' Locke cosplay. It even had red and yellow flowers on it! All I need now is the iridescent chiffon for the cape lining....
and to buy the game!

I am so done with pettis. I just have to hem them now but I've finally pieced together one white petti and three red. If these don't provide enough poof, I'll be using my lolita petti as well

She found my figurine of Isabelle and thought it was adorable. I mentioned that I wanted to buy a sweater vest like hers and she was like BUY ME WOOL AND I'LL KNIT ONE FOR YOU!
The idea of Isabelle wearing clothes that her mum made for her is too cute!

The shoes were so easy. I bought some cheap black-toe converse-style shoes and sewed felt pokeballs onto the sides of them.
The hat however is causing me a lot of stress. I scoured everywhere for either the perfect hat or a suitable hat I could customise, and eventually found a white hat that was the perfect shape. This afternoon I attempted to dye it red. However, I think it's turned out pink WHYYYYY

I'm getting the prettiest wig in existance for christmas, it's exactly what I wanted for this costume (and its variants!)
Also bought some white vinyl for the boots, it was cheap because it was a bit grubby, but the muck has washed off without a problem wooo

Quick wig test! Typically awful photo haha

Started on the dress today, cutting out all the pieces for the skirt. My eyes hurt so much and my vision is still slightly yellow from staring at the lurid pink for so long. Bought some very pale blue sparkly embroidery thread for the sleeves, and I plan to put a bit of subtle embroidery around the bottom hem for an extra touch of princessy goodness

EDIT 16/5
Slowly chuffing along with some progress, finished the big-ass-bow! Have had to enlist mum to help with the dress because I've managed to become horrendously ill and am sewing at a snails pace. Won't get the embroidery done for expo boooo

EDIT 19/5
Suddenly progress! Currently working on the sleeves. Sadly my plan to do satin stitch failed epically so I've gone for a backstitch which I will jazz up when I'm not so pressed for time!

The crown base is now finished! Just needs painting.
I made the base out of craft foam, but I felt it looked too flat so I decided to cover it in milliput to make it look rounded. DUMBEST IDEA EVA.
Hopefully once it's dry and has been sanded, it'll look a lot better, but it's really obvious how inexperienced I am with this stuff!
I accidently mixed too much and so decided to add a bit of swirly detail to use up the leftover stuff (I hate wasting it, it's expensive!) and to hide the worst areas haha

Of all the things I've made so far for this cosplay, the boot covers have been the least frustrating. Go figure!
I made them with bodycon fabric (pleather was never going to work WHAT WAS I THINKING), then added black jersey around the tops. I then hemmed the toe parts and put gold bais around the heels. The boots they go over are really comfy!

Have a bad and slightly awkward photo of them :)

I've started on the shoulder thingimajig but I'm not entirely sure if I'm happy with it.

I currently hate this cosplay and want to burn it in a ritual, complete with Wicked Witch cackling and screaming
Mostly because of this ascot. I tried desperately to get it to look right and not like a napkin and failed with all the mock-ups and practices and failed. Sooooo I took a different angle and tried a variation on an ascot and I';m still not happy.
Sooo I dont know what to do. Do I go for the napkin look, or do I try using this awkward-looking rag :c
Sorry about the bad photo. I would get one with it and the dress on, but I'm having problems with my shoulders and trying on cosplay repeatedly aggravates it :/

Finally have a base dress! I've used the Love Ward pattern S-Lawliet made for me , then changed the top of the dress so it wouldn't have seams. I then gathered a loooong strip of the white cotton for the collar, and put an invisible zip in the back. Need to take in the skirt a lot next!

I bought a Merida bow from the Disney store (it;s actually quite big) and I'll be editing it to look more like Natalia's bow.
I've commissioned some arrows from inyourdreamsfx as the arrows that came with the bow are awful haha

The arrows arrived this morning and they are fantastic! I hope my edit on the bow looks as good!

Had a couple of spare hours today so decided to style the wig
I wish I'd taken a 'before' photo, it looked like a cloud!
Spent at least 30 minutes brushing the tip og the wig with warm water so it would sit flat-ish on my head, then pulled it into a half-ponytail with the help of my mum, pinning it down with pearly hair-grips. It was originally a full ponytail, but because the wig is so curly, the pony was too short.
Once the half pony was secure, we (Mum and I) tied a beaded hair scarf thingie around it to hide the bobble. We then used a couple of sparkly clips to pull the rest of the hair up so that it looks like a proper high ponytail, pinning remaining stray bits of hair with pearly grips. Finished off with the pink chiffon bow thingy I made ages ago!
Really happy with how it's turned out :) I bought some pearl spiral things to add a bit more jazz to it but I'll put those in at the con. It's safe in a box and it's not coming out until Gemucon haha!

I can't beleive how much stress these have caused me!
I made these by cutting a base of white pleather (after multiple mock-ups and paper patterns), then covered them in red brocade.
This was no where near shiny enough so I threw some trims at them. I bought a top really cheap in a sale because it had beautiful applique beadwork on the shoulders, and used said applique to jazz up the outer sides of the boots. I then sewed some beads (like on the bag) onto the bias binding around the toe bit.

They probably could be better, but I'm happy enough with how they look.
Photo is of the outer side (on shoe) and front view (not on shoe) of the right boot. It fits on the shoe better when it's on my foot

I started work on the cape today and it's not going too badly
So far I have hemmed some lilac chiffon with matching sheer ribbon. I'm in the process of pinning some fabric flowers onto it because I cannot paint for toffee. Run out of fabric flowers after severely underestimating the amount I'd need. May try to get some varying size ones, failing that buy extra and clump them together.
So far the cape looks like a big rectangle with some flowers on it. Once the flowers are on, I'm going to gather the top edge of it to give it some swoopy volume. Not sure how I'm going to do the rest of the cape thingy. I'm HOPING to somehow use the surplus at the top to form that wierd hood bit some of the art has, and bring one side over into a strap.

...It makes sense to me okay haha

EDIT 26/2 I am seriously done with flowers. There are approximately 121 on that cape
EDIT 5/3 Cape is attached to dress, and I managed to get the hood/strap concept to work after all of the trial and error. Sewed the rest of the purple crystals (a grand total of 5 or 6) onto the hood to give a little sparkle. On the strap bit, I added some red jewel beads from the remnants of the chocker trim.
On the other shoulder, I used a strip of christmas ribbon to form a strap. I sewed the arm cape onto the underside of this strap, and sewed the pauldron to the topside of it. I actually can't believe this is almost done!

After god knows how long, I have finally nearly finished the dress. I somehow managed to make the skirt about 4 or 5 sizes too big, and so I ended up having to gradually take it in bit by bit so I didn't screw up.
I've taken a bit of artistic licence with the shape of the skirt. It's still a little flared as if I'd taken it in any further it would have looked awful. I've also given the hem more of a scallop shape than in the art. This was mostly due to how the skirt was sitting on me. The straight skirt with the side splits just didn't work with the fabric, it looked too harsh to me! The rest of the dress and costume is very fancy and feminine, so the rounded hemline just seemed right.
Just need to sew the hems and add some gold bias.

I used more brocade, and did a little embroidery (just a fishbone stitch to look like a vine and a rosette chain flower). I put the same trims as the dress and pauldron around the top, and some gold bias around the bottom.

I finally reached a point with the top half of the dress where I felt I could take a decent progress image. I utterly screwed up my first attempt, so I made a second. Screwed up the front panel so redid that one, so the one you see in the picture I uploaded is version 2.5
Got an embroidery book for christmas so I have been having a LOT of fun. In the end I used a fair few different stitches: satin, split stitch, double-threaded backstitch, fishbone stitch, herringbone stitch and scroll stitch (this sounds like a game of spot-the-stitch).
I still need to add some beads for embellishment, and the trims around the top. Also, I only roughly pinned in the zip, so the front looks really wonky right now. It'll look a lot better when it's finished!
Time taken: just don't even try asking

I am a wuss and won't start the dress yet, so I made the pauldron over the past couple of days.
I covered a shoulder pad with brocade (and dress lining) to start off with. I then did a swirly pattern over the top with a chain (pic 1). This was frustating as hell. In the end I used Terra's anthology design and then went crazy with the rest of the chain.
Next, I sewed on a pretty leaf/bead thing I bought and a couple of shiny beads (pic 2)
Finally I went around the edges with a gold and a pearl trim to match what I will do on the dress and gauntlets (pic 3).
I'm really happy with the result! Sooo gaudy XD

Other achievements include putting together a bunch of scarves using various fabrics and trims. Oh, and I made a bead chain thing. Said bead chain ended up being too heavy to just be tied onto my hips, so I sewed it lightly to one of the scarves.

So I have spent at least 20 hours making a bag that blends into my cosplay.
Using some red brocade, I have made a drawstring pouch. On this I have sewn on ribbon and more beads than I care to count.
No photo does this bag justice

Skirt is now attached to the bodice, so all I need to do is add more trimming to the skirt hem and make some sleeves!
Mungojerrie is kindly lending me her white wig, so I shall buy some black extensions.

Bodice is almost finished, just need to do the eyelets and sleeves. Skirt is in the process of being sewn together. I think I may need some more trim for the skirt and sleeves as I thought I'd bought the same type as some I already had. It was not the same :/

I've been a busy magpie, collecting lots of shiny things to jazz up the cosplay a bit. I have a couple of hairclips, a bigass flower, some pretty rings and a big brooch. So many sparkles~

This one is a pretty pink chiffon trim with lilac flowers. I spotted it while gtting stuff for Susan, and was like HNNNG THAT WOULD LOOK AMAZING AS ONE OF THE HAIR SCARF THINGIES. So I pulled it off the shelf and looked at the price, wondering how much of my soul I would have to sell to obtain this beautiful trim.
76p a metre. 76P WAT
So I bought a metre at vast expense. It's going to clash HIDEOUSLY with the redness of the costume but idgaf.
Oh and wig is on order. Its white and curly and poofy. I am going to have a cloud on my head and it will be glorious.

Last week I bought some fabric, and today I bought some trimmings
The fabric is loooovely, but not fancy. For the most part of the overdress, I have a suiting fabric that has shimmery stuff running though it. I have a beautiful embroidered stretch knit for the sleeves and front panels of the top.
The best part is, both fabrics and the trimmings have cost me just under £10. Get in.

I spotted yet more pretty trims and ribbons in the fabric shop today, and so decided to make a choker necklace. The choker is made from a maroon velvet ribbon and a beaded trim. I then attached beads and a pendant to this. This didn;t seem like enough, so I used an old necklace chain to make it look more like the Sakizou artwork.
So goddamn happy with this. Took about 4 hours in total.

Bought some fabric for the dress today.
After studying this outfit for a ridiculous length of time, I've finally worked out how I'm going to make it!
Also have my eye on a potential wig

I just dont have any room for the amount of photos I want to upload, and I just love these ones so much!
So here are some glorious glorious derpy faces
Street-Angel as Mother Gothel, MadameLapin as Flynn Rider, photos by Martin

was so close to finishing the clasp, and now it has gone walkies
I'mma buy anoter base tomorrow in order to make this one turn up. It's the only way

Mum treated me to some blue and red brocade fabrics today because I was feeling inordinately sick but still helped with the food shop and housework
It such beautiful fabric ;_; I will use the red for the dress, gloves and boot covers and the blue for one of the many waist sashes.

I've taken artistic licence for this. Having found back reference, I found that the back was extremely narrow, and not laced. In order to make this as comfortable as possible, I made the back a bit taller, and put in lacing for cuteness and adjustability.
Yes it is inaccurate, but I'd rather be comfortable. Also, lacing is cute :)

Is done. Made from teal duchess satin :)
I now have a chain of forget me nots drying on a hanger, along with a forget-me-not hairband
Consider this cosplay DONE

Belts have been painted and varnished, and patterns have been painted onto the bracelets.
Will be styling the wig either tomorrow or wednesday! I need to buy some mini elastics as I think the kitten has eaten the few I had left

Main body of the dress done, just need to add the details and hem the skirt :)
Bought a clasp to edit, and bought a cardigan and jeggings last week.
Finding shoes is proving to be a nightmare!

So Cat, Alex and Zoe helped me style the wig today. And by help I mean do pretty much everything while I wore said wig and provided Minstrels and styling equipment.
I'm so happy with it <3 ButIforgottotakeapicturebecauseIamabitrubbish

Out of sheer panic about waiting for my results, I ended up sewing about 80% this costume
pics when I get a zip

Underdress done
Overdress in progress. Made from net curtain, Giselle would be proud
Pieces for all petticoats cut out and ready to sew.
Red shoes and buttons bought

All done, with epic poofy sleeves big enough to hide things in 8D
Just got the wig to do now, which I'm hoping CAN get done in time as I will need at least another pair of hands to help me!

After agonising over the corset for 10 days or so, I finally completed it on Monday! Also bought fabric for the shirt and hair bow, and proceeded to make the hairbow in a couple of hours BECAUSE I WAS BORED WITHOUT THE INTERNET
Shirt is currently just a pair of doomworthy sleeves :)

This corset is being a nightmare seriously :/ I'm trying a new pattern which while looks simple, but has turned out to be darn complicated. But I will persevere!

Despite my color scheme being more box-art-y, I've gone for more in-movie sleeves as they look cuter. The result is rubber-ring-arm-bands apparantly

Am quite happy with them, especially because if I get tired I have pillows on my shoulders to rest my head on XD

Ploughing through all the detail on the dress.
Brown belt pretty much done, just need to paint the clasp

Thought I would put up a picture of what I'd done. I did try to take a picture of it all on, but the lack of a full length mirror put an end to that plan

So those shoes I mentioned. Went back to the shop today

So glad I finally have navy blue shoes with a reasonable heel :)

Have sewed and hemmed the base dress, ready to add all the details
The brown belt is almost done, just need to paint the buckle.

Have pretty much everything underway now. All I have left to buy is all of the yellow-gold bias binding and some pink and teal ribbons for my hair. Oh and a big blue gem for the dress.

I'm really happy with it so far, despite my hands being inordinately sore from the leather for the belt and tassle.

The sailcloth is almost finished, though I need to put the Skyloft symbol on it :) It's made from canvas.
Pics of me with it on, and when it's laid out flat. I made it so it would look somewhat like a functioning sailcloth when it's not being worn.

I literally just realised that because I've chosen a brighter blue for Thumbelina's skirt, I can totally use it for Ariel as well.
I also spotted some shoes the other day but I need to try them on again.

Started on the skirt today. Juuuust had enough material to make a full circle. I intended to make it so it would be one piece, but not enough fabric to do that so there will just have to be two seams rather than one :c

Full circle skirts are the best. Swooooosh

14/5/12- finally finished hemming this darn thing. Must be at least 5 metres circumference :/ But so swoopy

Today I bought spirit gum, a buckle and a swatch of some leafy green fabric :)
I can finally call this cosplay FINISHED! The progress photo is horrendous because I had to try to take it myself without a full-length mirror XD I had to bend really awkwardly to get the whole playsuit into the shot, so it looks like a really wierd fit. I assure you it isn't!

Now to learn Saria's song on the ocarina...

Purchased a loooooong ponytail to match my wig so that I have crazy long hair :)

Oh word, why do I love the crazy long hair people

Finished the boots last night, and started remaking the belt. Need to get a buckle tomorrow.
Forgot to pack a scrap of playsuit material so may not have belt loops for May :/

S-Lawliet has very kindly agreed to make the hat for me, and I know she's going to do an amazing job on it!
Bought some off-white fabric for the underdress and some white lace gloves

I painted the traingle onto my ocarina to make it look like Saria's(see pic) Not sure how the clay is taking to the nail polish (green pain didnt work), may do another coat.

Also cut a strip of fabric to start working on the belt again, but sewing will have to wait until my coursework is done. I should probably be doing that rather than posting on CI really XD

I've lost my belt so I have to make another one. Also thought I'd lost my jumper, but mum found that this morning and is going to post it to me.
This costume keeps escaping :c

Bought some blue canvas for the tabard thingy today, along with some blue biad binding.
Also cut the bangs into my wig, so I'm ready to do the styling at a later date. Wearing mah ears in the picture

FINALLY got a gold headband, and glued on the pink star decal. Gonna buy some sparklies tomorrow and then this will be DONE and Kita will be in the bag!

Put some cutie marks on my dress. Twi's cutie mark isn;t symmetrical and this makes me sad :C

The skirt is done! It's soooo long, I will end up tripping over it at some point but it's done 8D

As much as I love handstitching, it does take forever :C I reckon this skirt took at least 10-12 hours to do in total

is underway~
It currently looks like an A-line dress, but it won't soon 8D

Tried on my skirt yesterday, and it's 2" short. HAVE I GOTTEN TALLER???
Eitherway, said skirt couldn't be made longer without looking terrible, so bought some cheap heavy cotton and a really cute new pattern. Hopefully this one will go better!

Got a bit of fixing to do on the collar so that it stays up (interfacing is my enemy) but so proud of this. I've never been able to make poof sleeves before so this is a big step for me :)
I hate gathering. The amount this shirt needed was ridiculous. What kind of farmer wears such a frilly shirt? Or a corset????

Obligatory bad quality photo of progess~

Bought some cheap ears today. They're not amazing, but they'll serve their purpose once I've got some spirit gum

It arrived the other day but I was away.
It's a bit lighter than I expected but it'll work just fine for this and for a fair number of other Zelda variants!
Pics once I've cut it/got mum to help

Started remaking it as the one I made went all wrong and it was just easier to start all over. Will probably use the old shirt for Thumbelina XD
Currently having a mini-war with the sleeves as they keep going too poofy or not poofy enough.
Also have collected a mini army of easter chick pompom things.

I've decided instead of making the hairband to match my dress, I'm going to make it look a bit like Twi's 'crown thingy' (element of harmony)
AKA It will be gold, with a pink star decal, and aqua sparklies on it (see pic)

Had a go at styling it today, though I need to do more work to it before I am happy XD
I assure you it is navy blue, it just looks black in the photo for no raisen! Oh, and I took this photo in a mirror, so it looks the wrond way around!

Finished the corset today. I like the corset itself, I'm pretty proud of it. I'm just not sure if I'm happy with how it looks ON me XD
It does wonders for my posture though, no slouching for me!

The picture is terrible, I apologise profusely.

I forgot how much I hate sewing onto shoes MY HANDS HURT AND MY FINGERS ARE RIPPED TO SHREDS :C
However, I am happy with what I've achieved so far c:

Corset pretty much done, I just need to put the boning in and hem the top. Will probably go with plastic this time as it's easier to cut than steel/metal.
Skirt is all done
Top is well underway~

Is done, skirt is hemmed, top is sort-of fitted (am going to rely on a cute waistbelt)
Now for the wig... so do I restlye my Dawn wig to save money, or do I get another navy blue wig...

Quickly shoved together a belt during my breaks from revision today. It still needs eyelets, but I'll do those when I finish my Popuri corset
I made it from the same material I used to cover the hairband and what I will cover the boots in~

My wig arrived today, will post pictures when I've styled it! It's such a beautiful shade of green ^^
Also bought a hairband, though I may cover it in whatever fabric I cover the boots in as it doenst show up against the wig as much as I would like...

EDIT The wig is now styled, I covered the hairband and took a photo. Credit to mum for saving the disaster I made. Also ignore my makeupless face and my terrified expression... the flash on the camera made me jump >.<

Had an epic shoot with Beth yesterday, so expect much picture spam!
Happier with the wig, now I've trimmed the front part

I forgot quite HOW tangled the wig got at Manchester (no pun intended), but with the help of my bemused flatmates, I've managed to get it looking presentable once more. It's going to stay in a plait forevermore so I shall buy some flower clips tomorrow to spruce it up a bit :)

Found a ribbed green polo neck jumper in primark yesterday ^^
It's not as ribby as Saria's but it's the best I'm gonna find in my budget

I finally got round to styling the wig. The bunches are nowhere near high enough so I may redo it, but the back would probably look even worse than it already does (there are big gaps where you can see the wig cap >.< I have a dark brown wig cap now to make it look a little better but still...)

Oh and check out my awesome pink glasses. The are awesome and pink.

Delayed journal is delayed.
But I finished the embroidery! The school emblem looks a bit crap but I've never embroidered anything like it before so I don't think I did too badly.
Have a crappy photo of the collar and emblem, with the camera strap in the way

MadameLapin sent everyone the result of the Eva shoot and I'm so happy with the results! So much gratitude and respect for her <3 And for the rest of the group as they all looked fabulous!

Sadly the Asuka clips didnt arrive in time. They arrived this morning instead. How useful XD

After about 7.5 hours total, I have embroidered all of the stitching detail on the shirt. Front and back.
The sleeves cocked up a little but I've tried fixing them to little/no vast improvement so I may just leave it.

I caved and bought a simple back top for editing.
I've been sewing white dotted lines for the past 3 hours and I still have loads to do!
Will be doing the collar and School badge another day I think

It's almost done! Just have to adjust and hem the skirt, and fit the top.
Pretty proud of this since I was winging it most of the way (pattern instructions can go away)

Got a really cute pattern today and just HAD to start making this. I want to get some star shaped buttons to put down the front...

I found some adorable purple tartan which I shall use for the pinafore and matching headbow.
I bought a whole lot so I'll probably have loads left...... I may cosplay Ema Skye or convince a friend to xD

Ceeb'd taking it out the bag

Got a zip and stuff for this today, and proceeded to complete the skirt.
I'm so proud of it, I've finally got the hang of pleating (with a lot of help from mum)
It's a bit short for my liking so I shall make a pair of legging shorts to go underneath. I'm also wearing it over jeans here so the fit is a bit funny

My boots arrived on Saturday morning and they are BEAUTIFUL ;.; They're skinnyfit or whatever so they're a bit snug on my legs, but they'll give once they're broken in.
Wig also arrived but I havent dared try styling yet

Finished the dress last night but was feling too lazy to get a picture.
So I provide my obligatory crappy mirror shot 8D
Am so proud of the collar IT STANDS UP with some persuaion 8D

Wig arrived today and it is LOVELY! It looks brown until you get in in sunlight, and then it has all these reddish tints in it <3
The skirt is almost done! Finally got the hang of pleating after a patient lesson from mum XD Just hemming and ironing the pleats to go!
Will upload pictures after Ayacon/when things are finished~

I have no idea if it is, I havent tried using it o.o
Also ignore the carboard, it was halping support the megaphone stand uring painting.
It just needs a coat of clear paint to be uberfinito 8D

Because Gokaiger and Harry Potter are completely related B)


All done, arrived yesterday XD Thank you again to Ino for putting me onto these!

They're really comfy, so I'm going to enjoy wearing this costume (footwise anyway XD)

Worked on this a lot today. Hemmed the bottom of it, and am halfway through sewing all the channels. Tomorrow I will hammer eyelets and cut the steel boning :)

Have been ordered, with many thanks to Ino for linking me to a really nice and cheap pair!
FOund my squeezy tube of white fabric paint, ready to edit them when they arrive XD
Still not sure on how to do the shirt... may have a look at patterns next time I go to the fabric shop~

Just ordered a wig. So it's not as ORANGE as Lynne's hair, but I love the colour of this so much XD
It'll need cutting a fair amount as its 80cm long. As for styling? ....*weeps*

Gave the megaphone another coat of paint today: it's looking good IMHO ^^
Finally bought a base shirt today and started editing it. This should be done within the next few days ^^ Well, depending on how long the megaphone takes anyway~

Finally finished everything today!
I managed to get some cheap silver rings so the gloves stay on (I painted the insides with nail polish to stop me going green XD)

First Aya costume done 8D

Not sure what to do about the shirt as I can't find one I want to use as a base, OR find a pattern I like/can use...
Also I'm ditching the hat badge. I like the hat without it and I keep failing at making this damn badge so I'm going to leave it for now. The socks will now be tights, as I dont like wearing overknee socks that much xD
Spraypainting the megaphone seems to be going okay, but it's a slow slow process

The bow is 5o% done, I started on the overshirt and armwarmers today.
Don't have much left to do c:

Made the necktie and started working on the skirt.
Trying to find some shoes but no look finding any for less than £15. I may have a look at school shoes as I do have tiny feet (My Alice shoes are kids shoes...)

Today I remade the badge (I broke the last one somehow) though I'm not happy with it. I may try again tomorrow....
I made a necktie, and the thing that goes around the shirt (sewing more triangles D: NO MORE NO MOREEEEEEEEEEEE) and added some gold braiding to match the hat.
Just have to make/find a shirt and finish painting the megaphone (all the yellow is done!)

Still needs the badge but is otherwise done 8D

Is done
Got more Lilac fabric for the rest of the costume today~

I found this today and just HAD to have it for Saria's playsuit. I really love the leaf pattern on it, and it was cheap!

I decided to do the dots on the skirt pattern after all.
Handsewing 130+ small dots... never again


The skirts are done, mum sorted out the sleeves for me (so grateful ;.; Gotta work on mah sleeve skillz)
Not sure if I'm still wearing this for Manchester, but will definately be taking this to Fushicon and maybe Aya!

But other than the wig, EVERYTHING IS DONE 8D So grateful to mum for helping construct the sleeves, and help me with putting the skirts together (needed more then 2 hands XD).
Will do the dots on the pattern this week, seeing as Eilonwy is p much done now (not sure if I'm still wearing that to Manchester though)

With Rapunzel nearly done, I figured I should do some more on this.
Put the red on the top and the pink on the skirt, and remade the sleeves. I tried attatching the sleeves to the top, but I SUCK AT GATHERING AND ATTACHING GATHERED SLEEVES. Tomorrow I may have to get madre to help me (she's used the same pattern before)


Minus all the little dots though, as I want to get Eilonwy done, and the dots aren't THAT important.
Mum has kindly taken over the sleeves for me as they looked shit when I did them and got really upset/frustrated about it. I made the componants, she’s putting them together to make it look gooood

Will have a go at styling the wig tomorrow *scared*

Also spent a few hours doing minor edits/fixes, such as the sleeves and lace panel

Abouuut 1/4 done with the skirt pattern, but need more stuff

So very close now!
-a little more ribbon for the sleeves
-take in the corset to make it fit better
-skirt pattern (I HAVE A PLAN NOW)
-wig styling

The skirt is pretty much done (did the petticoat today), I just have to do the patterns >.<
I may do the sleeves tomorrow instead and worry about the skirt another day (i.e RUN AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY)

More progress!
My wig arrived last week (I was away), and I've been itching to get working on this again after going to Disneyland XD Will be wig styling sometime in the next few days
Sooo I've started putting ribbon all around the edge of the skirt, to get the most labourious bit out of the way~

I found some awesome snaggletooth fabric today, at less than £2 a metre, so I snapped it up 8D

S-Lawliet is kindly lending me her black wig :) I may wave it a little to give it more floof depending on my time.
Also ordered a Mobirates morpher. It's a little smaller than the DX Bandai ones, but I have tiny hands so it doesn't matter. Can't wait for it to arrive!

The bodice is all done, except for the 6 pink buttons, which I will get on Monday. All the lace and ribbon took forever!
Made patterns for the puff sleeves and the skirt, will make them tomorrow probably
Bought a new lightweight frying pan and my wig yesterday.


The belts, hat and skirt are all done, though I need to repaint the hat badge. A megaphone has been bought, and I may have a shirt to edit.

Saw an amazing wig in a friend's shop today I JUST COULDNT PASS UP THE CHANCE
It's butt length, and so so red. It also has a nice fringe for styling.
The photo is poor >.<


I'm also incredibly hyper from too many smores but yaaaaaaaaay

EDIT: 2/6 IT ARRIVED AND I'M SO HAPPY WITH IT I wore it all day c:

While shopping yesterday, I cam across this rather Ahim-y dress for not too expensive AND 20% student discount
While it's not completely accurate, it's better than my current skill level, and my gokaiger obsessed friend (coincidently the group's Marvellous) thinks it's accurate enough :)

Took a hammer to it today to put in all 22 eyelets (yes I am that sad that I counted how many eyelets there are on her corset...) It was oddly satisfying.
All the pieces are tacked together now, and the pink bits of the seeves made (though one sleeve has gone missing)

Now excuse me, I'm watching the Little Mermaid :')

Started this today, and it's going well so far! Need to pick up a white zip at some point though for the front. Really like the fabric, even though it's not quite the right colour.

Because of the Eilonwy Disaster (;.;), I had to buy more fabric today. They didnt have the exact shade I wanted, so I decided to go with a lighter shade of blue, like in the concept art and promotional sprites. Gonna start making this once I have my assignments out the way (the coat was just me randomly on ebay while procrastinating) 8D

Gaaaah reuploading >.<
Anywhoo finished the dress today~ Am happy with it
In picture am wearing it over normal clothes, so it doesnt fit quite right XD

Started on the dress today, all the seams done and the hem pinned. This went much better than the Eilonwy top I made today~

Started on the top today. Made two as the first one screwed up epically (wrong size, managed to put a hole in it, spilt juice on it >.<). The second one is much better now c: Just got to do the hem and the red

Decided to put this into 'in progress', as I started making the belt today, and bought an awesome hat (which has been referred to as a Hard Gay hat and a Full Monty hat... this is going well :/)

Found a really nice one for £3 today woop woop!

After weeks of searching, finally came across this yellow trenchcoat on ebay for not too expensive!
EDIT 20/4 The coat arrived this morning, and it's wonderful! It's really light and comfortable. Only issue is that it's a bit long on the arms which dosnt matter as the sleeves are turned up anyway XD Woohoo! (Thank you devil_tigger for ordering it for me, I'll get your headphones done soon!)

Made a base hat, bought shiny red gems and some really nice fabric for an overshirt/waistcoat thing the other day. Remembered I have lilac fabric left from Tiffany for the dress so this will be a pretty cheap cosplay!

Bought a really yellow hoodie today: it was the only one I could find! Its so bright it BURNS

Eyes and mouth pieces all pinned on, ready to be sewn c:

I have 4 days left to finish this. I'm panicking a LOT, so I'm wasting time with journals xD
I have to finish the petticoats, make straps for the apron and make a purple bow for the hat. It doesn't seem like much, but it's enough to get me worried!

I have given up on the shoes entirely XD

I finished this today *happy dance*
The waistband/bow thing took forever ;.; It's not perfect but it doesnt look awful so it's fine XD

Finally! I thought I'd never see the end of attaching the white pattern!
Started work on the Obi/bow today, and because tomorrows lectures are cancelled, I may have this completed! Iwouldntcountonitthough

It arrived!
So I tried it on, with the star barrette I made ages ago c:
Photo is blurry, and the wig is brighter than this

Shall upload pictures of it tomorrow or Saturday~

Finished the bodice today, after several hours of trying to work out how to attach the collar (pattern instuctions make no sense).
Also did a little more work on the hat c:

IT ARRIVED! Seriously want expecting it for another week at least but it's hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
And it's GORGEOUS <3 I am so so happy with it
I will hate it after Kita though, when it's all matted...

Huge progress on this today!
Hat base done
All pieces for the dress cut out
The bodice 60% complete

The fabric sheds a suprisingly large amount. There is red on me :/

I mentioned ages ago that I found the wig i wanted
I found a better one! Its so beautiful and blue ;.;
Thank you so much devil_trigger for buying this for me!!!!!!

Finally got round to ordering my wig
Its a gorgeous colour, and I can use it for other costumes so money well spent ^^
EDIT: It's on its way! Got dispatched the day after I ordered it so all being well, should be here in 2 weeks or less

The Cardiff Tea Party Society are finally holding an AiW themed social! And as the committee have been assigned characters, I shotgunned Alice because I have this in progress. So yeah, this has been majorly bumped up the To-do list...
Skirt is well underway, just gotta hem it and attach it to the top
The collar is done, all I had to do was take it from an old shirt~

Gaaaah image fail so have to rewrite this journal >.<
By the power of sofa foam and chopsticks, I have a basic hammer!
All that needs doing is covering it and adding some happy c:

Started making this today c: The base is all done, just need to finish sewing the handle together.
Made from huge pieces of sofa foam, its at least twice as big as my head XD

Ehh got all preoccupied with other costumes, namely Selphie (WIG :/), but continued progress on this today by starting the lace underskirt. It's all sewn, just needs to be attached to the dress somehow.

Planning on getting this done for Saturday for a cosplay cafe, though I wont have my shoes (left them at home like a fail)

To remove the temptation of buying this for other costumes, I bought some black ballet pump type shoes for this today c:

Started making this today. Cut out all the pieces from leftover dress fabric and from my awesome lining.
The lining shimmers in purple and green (I wanted to be ;space-y;), and no doubt it;ll get ruined by my phone/purse/whatever I keep in my bag XD

EDIT 24/1/2011
The purse is now finished! I decided to make it in my revision breaks.

Are made c: enough said

EDIT When I first made this journal, I had only made the arm warmers, and not put the lace on them. This has now been done c:

Tried making a start on the wig~ Never tried properly styling wigs before so this is very daunting XD

Half of the wig is styled~ I have to do this in halves because I seem to have a skin allergy to hairspray. The hairspray seems to work pretty well so I'm sticking with it.

Having scoured the internet for hours for a reference for Misha's back, I reached the cnclusion that her headdress is actually a hat. And so i made a pillar box hat today from scrap dress fabric and some craft foam from something else. Yay for using leftovers!
Please excuse my derpy face in the photo

Other than a few things here and there, the black bit of the dress is done c:
Its so comfy c: AND I had enough fabric left to make stuff for another costume!

started making the dress today~ have to use a different fabric than I wanted though (boo) as the one I want was out of stock and not going to be reordered for a while.
seems to be going well so far c:

Started making the dress today. I still need to hem it, make the underskirt and put in the straps and decorations.
Also made the sash to go around my waist c: I love the fabric (Its part of what I bought for Kes)

Other than finishing the dress, I just have to make the arm thingimajigs. Cant believe how quick this one is going!

Started working on the bodice today, and my material combination seems to be working so far ^^

The bunny hairclips are completely done, ribbon and all 8D ...I finished them ages ago but yeah...
I made a start on the apron yesterday~ The main bit need hemming and ribbon attatching. I also need to make the straps >.<

Bought an awesome pattern for the skirt bit of the dress, so I can make it longer at the back without it looking funny c:

I bought a wig! Though my hair dryer is at uni right now so I can't style it properly :/ I'll try blitzing it with hairspray and see how it copes on the train journey XD

I finally found a thick white belt. with a round buckle
I literally just have to quickly remake the dress, and shazam this will finally be done

Started making the butterflies for the headphones today with craft foam and yellow acetate (spelling?)~ I also have some sparkly gems to make them pretty ^^ Just need some yellow pipecleaners now
Looking online, I may have just found some headphones for a base o.o Going to look on wednesday... fingers crossed!

EDIT my lovely sister went to HMV for me while I was at work and got me some headphones. The wings are all cut out and stuck together, I just have to paint the phones, and attach the wings and sparkles

EDIT2 (24th Dec) Headphones are done. I just have to decide whether to cut the cords or not c:

I made it today~ It's just a hoop of black velvet ribbon XD

Got my wig yesterday ^^ (its been at home for over a week :/) it's so lovely! I just have to style the fringe with the hairclips I bought today.
Also made my choker today, all I need is a yellow gem to finish it off~

I looked at headphones again today and realised the ones I was going to buy aren't right at all. How annoying! I thought they went over the head, but they go round behind, which isnt what I want at all. ALso the phones aren;t smooth so it would be hard to paint on the pattern. Boo!!

A pichu and a styler have been aquired (bought by Devil_Trigger but I'm paying him back!)

I really want to start working on this but other than making a ukulele, I'm going to practice self restraint til I've finished most of my in progress list XD

Decided to go with jersey cotton to make this. I find it easy to work with and its nice and soft c:
Also bought some lace for the underskirt.
Wig still hasnt arrived *hmfhmf* but it should do by next week.

I went on a bit of a mad shopping spree for fabric and I think I have everything I need now.
Purple duchess satin for the skirt
Couldn't find lilac broderie alglaid for the corset, so I bought lilac cotton and asome really nice embroidered sheer fabric instead. It will work (hoping)
Lots of white and pink lace, and pink ribbon
Pink and purple satin, and pink stretch for the sleeves

amongst other things. I think I'm ready. ALSO the disney store are apparantly now stocking Tangled merch... time to get a Pascal!
I may need a different frying pan though as mine is pretty big and heavy....

I bought my wig for this the other day ^^ Its really cute, and I can't wait til it arrives. I also have seen a perfect pair of headphones to customise and aren't too expensive c:

Possibly going shopping for fabric tomorrow, depending on how much I spend on Christmas presents~

Started buying fabric for this
So far I have.... Navy blue t-shirt fabric for the top, white fabric for the skirt and sleeves, pink chiffon for the overskirt, red fabric for detail and black velvet ribbon for her headband

I know which wig I'm buying (just need to buy it)
I have all the fabrics planned, as well as patterns

I made the star-shaped hairclip today c:

I havent done any more to this in ages :/ Over winter, I'm going to remake the dress as I dont lke how the one I'm currently making is turning out: the style doesnt suit and the colour isnt right

sorry for rewriting this journal~
The dress is complete, and I just have to buy a wig and style it. I have til february so I have pleanty of time.
The pockets look wonky but I assure you they arent lmao

So the dress is almost done c: Just got to make and attach the straps. Also locate where the kitten has taken the MX label to :/


Also finished the boots and halfway through the skirt (I got bored XD)

Yup it's true XD This costume is now finally complete ^^ However I need to get a poofier tutu to make the skirt flare a little more.

Many thanks to my mum who help A LOT with all the hemming and putting it all together, and for making the bloomers for me when I didnt feel well c:


Due to feeling utterly crud, I neglected working on this or anything for a week or so.
Am currently sewing the zip into the front of the dress as I typ this entry c:

Again, work was put off on this o.o but but I cut the dress shapes today! I'm going to start putting them together over the weekend.
Sadly my cat decided it wanted to claw the fabric to I had to spend a lot of time fixing the littlee pulled threads on the corduroy (which WAS going to be spent sewing dress panels ¬¬)

Thanks to being distracted by hat making, work on this was continuously put off. HOWEVER, all the detail for the top of the dress is done, though the bow needs attaching.
Also need to redo my skirt panel pattern as the cat clawed it to pieces :C

So I bought a shell charm for the dress zip 8D Imma start making this over the weekend 8D

Shirt and scarf done~ Going to start the skirt tomorrow, and possibly the boots if I get bored c:

Okay, because of travels and hats this has definately NOT been finished for the end of june XD
HOWEVER the bloomers are done, all the pieces of the dress are done. It just needs putting together and that is it c:

Started adding the details to the top of the dress. Need to buy some black ribbon and lace to fisnish up, then I'll make the skirt panels

Dug out my brown boots, and bought some yellow corduroy fabric today ^^
Still trying to find some good refernce though

I recieved my wig today, so I need to get styling~
Finished the barrettes today as well, and bought fabric for the tops yesterday ^^
Stil need pink for the skirt

I have actually got round to getting a wig! Now I just have to style it =/
only a belt to get and this will FINALLY be done ^^
Thank you everyone who has helped! Especially Luminescence!

For the last couple of evenings, I have been making my hat~ I'm really proud of it and I hope it will fit over my wig!
Wig has been bought, as have materials for styling.

Just before I went back to uni for the end of the semester, Madre found the perfect material for the bloomers~
Thus, I can probably finish this before the end of June!

i now have 2 halves of a dress, just have to put them together ^^

So I finally bought some fabric for the dress ^^
Oh and I bought some stuff to make a special pokeball, which is currently in progress, but i need to get some white craft foam or felt...

Woooo long time since i really did any work on this o_o
I bought some better fabric and have the jumper pretty much done

And i found a pretty much perfect wig 8D Now justto order it

I went shopping and failed to buy shoes o_o I did get the remaining fabric i need and some awesome socks though...it wasnt a complete fail ^^

Again, thanks to a lot of help and patience from madre, the top half of the dress is pretty much done ^^

I've been workin on this for a few das now and have completed the apron and headbow ^^
Thanks to a lot of help from madre, I also have the sleeves of the dress sorted as well, and have bought little bows for the shoes ^^

Going shopping tomorrow for shoes and more fabric 8D

Finally finished the hat, after much procrastination~ Pictures soon!

In retrospect, ballons, whilst being remarkably head-shaped, do not provide the most ideal things to put under a hat while you pin on cat ears...

Other than the fringe, the wig is done ^^

As modelled by my arm

I have only have the skirt and wig to finish!
The wig's a bit short, but I'll work with it ^^

Just finished the top 8D

The top is almost done! just have to put the white on it now ^^
gotta finish my skirt and wig too

I have like 10 days to finish this
I'm scared =/

I finished the boots the other day, and am now in the process of makin the dress
I may get a dress from New Look and edit it xD I'm lazy~ and my pattern is lost forever

I seem to have just stopped working on this >< The dress is all pinned, and I need to start on that cloak
..and buy a wig
Reckon I can finish in 12 days?

Hurrah, my wrist is better and so I can really get to work on this now~
The hat is now half covered in blue...though I have no idea how it's gonna turn out

Having bought almost everything i need, I've finally got to work properly on this costume.
I've begun to cover a top hat in blue silk, but I can't really continue until my arm is better (RSI sucks ><)

I bought a load of blue silk for the cape and hat. Oh, and i found a pair of flat white boots!

when i get paid next, i'll get a top hat and a black dress

...and some felt ^^

I have now got some purple fabric, two gold bracelts and a black polo neck jumper. I need to find the pattern i made for the purple bit of her dress...

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