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I started seriously cosplaying only just over a year ago, but am quickly becoming hooked :D
I have a LOT of ideas :)
My favourite cosplay I've ever done has to be Celty from Durarara!! :D

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Ordered my wig...will need a bit of styling but nothing too major :D

bought a pink nurse's dress from ebay, need to shorten it a lot (it goes down to my ankles XD)

Bought some jeans, but they are more of a mustard colour than orange. I'll get pics up soon

I bit through the plastercine mould I made...XD

Next time = use more ^^;

planned out how to make my teeth! :D
and I've been debating today whether or not to wear green contacts

going to try and make vectors out of tape XD
The helmet is in very early stages of progress

I was hoping my dad would have some old glasses that I could use, but he said he'd thrown them all out :(

going to have me a go at making a paper 'template' version of the helmet today...going to aim for the full-head one rather than just half like in the promo picture ^^

May have managed to rope my partner in crime into cosplaying Nana :D

Already have glasses/glasses chain and gloves ^^

I'm really excited about getting this started :D
We have a Gretchen, Spinelli and TJ

Was looking online for wigs last night

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