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Ive been cosplaying from around 2013 and have been loving it ever since. I mainly cosplay from video games but sometimes cosplay characters from anime or comics.
My favourite video game series is the Legend of Zelda and i have cosplayed many characters from it and plan to cosplay so many more. Im also a huge fan of the Final Fantasy and Metroid series.

May London MCM Expo:
Saturday: Harley Quinn
Sunday: Toon Link

May London MCM Expo:
Friday: Princess Zelda
Saturday: Kyubey
Sinday: Princess Zelda

May London MCM Expo:
Friday: Sans (female)
Saturday: Black Mage
Sunday: Toon Zelda

May London MCM Expo
Friday: Mei (summer themed)
Saturday: Princess Peach
Sunday: Princess Zelda (Breath of the Wild)

NORCON - Sunday
Black Mage

October London MCM Expo
Princess Peach - Friday

May MCM Expo
Malon - Friday
Yuga - Saturday

October MCM Expo
Joker - Saturday
Dr Harleen Quinzell - Sunday

Disclaimer* My photos are for browsing and feedback, they can also be used for your own costume reference. Please do not use my photos for your personal benefit, do not submit them to groups/pages without my permission, do not sell them and do not claim they are your own.

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i am very happy with myself right now. just finished making a bomb bag for my prop bombs so this time i don't have to put holes in them to tie them to my belt. this turned out way better than i thought and its also got a lot of room, much more than i thought.

So this is from a good couple years ago but i never finished this cosplay and never posted progress photos so im doing so now in hopes i remember to pick this costume back up and finish it someday

Been working on remaking my prop bombs for my link cosplay, also working on a DIY video of how to make them.

Quick make up test for my Toriel cosplay.
I like how it turned out for being pretty quick and my first time working on it. Got a couple things i wanna try work on and some things i want to add but couldn't because i didn't have what i needed.
Not gonna be using the wig in this photo with the costume but its all i had to work with

Today after months of work i have finish my paintbrush for my Yuga
cosplay and i am so happy with how it turned out. I had alot of problems
when working on this but i was able to sort everything out and make this
i am so happy :D

I have almost finished Yuga's paintbrush and im so happy with how its looking. to finish i have just got to paint the top part and fill in some gaps

finished the belt for malon today.

I already got a wig for this costume but i found this one like the day that one turned up and it looked perfect. it turned up today and i love it

made the belt buckle for malon today gonna need fix it to the belt but at least its made now

earrings done
was not sure how they would turn out and was worried they would be really heavy
but they are pretty light. i may do a little more to them like add something to make
them shiny but apart from that they are all done!

spent most of today adding the yellow, blue and pink parts on and putting it all together, this is almost finished :D

been working alot on the paintbrush for my Yuga costume this is what i got done yesterday

Almost finished with the belt, just need to make the middle bit

It looked me about 3-4 hours but I finally finished making my hat! :D

Worked on the hat today and got the cone done. Tomorrow I plan on going out and finding fabric to cover the hat in

Woohoo got everything I need for this costume all I need to do now is test out different ideas for make up and style my wig. :D

Finally got around to making the mask for this (with the help of my mum as pinning it to my face would be a pain if not :P) I'm so happy with it, its just so hot with it on, what ever :P

May work on the hat tomorrow so that will be fun :D

Took me pretty much all day to do but I'm pretty much finished with my Black Mage staff. All I need to do now is smooth it out, add a little more to the poll and paint it. To make the curl al I used was some wire and a LOT of paper a glue.

Quick make up test for Zelda think it looks good.

Finally got paint and was able to paint the Armor, I think it looks really good I'm very happy with it

Hoodie and tights turned up today got the shirt the other day cant wait to get this finished :D

Centre part cut out, just need to glue it and I think I will be ready to paint.

Its 2:30am but I'm not tired so I made a start on the small armor Toon Zelda has on her chest, this is what I have so far.

Gloves for this cosplay turned up today, only took about 3 days do that's good. They fit perfectly and look really nice.

Started working on the necklace today, I don't know if I will just use this as an idea or will keep this as the final thing.

Woohoo time to start a new costume! Got the fabric to make the mask the other day and I'm going to start working on in and other stuff soon. :D

I know this post is late but i just wanted to say i had so much fun in this costume at the London MCM Expo this year. I went to the Zelda meet on the final day and had so much fun

I was finaly able to go out and get the stuff i needed to make the Materia to go on to Tifa's glove all i need to do now is stick them on. :D

started painting the mark on Kyubeys back on my jacket will posts photos when its finished

Other day finally got the jacket and skirt! Eeep this cosplay is almost done and is looking good.

Woohoo the boots for this costume turned up today! :D

Woohoo my wig turned up today this has me really looking forward to this cosplay now :D

So you may know i did order a wig for this costume some time ago but got sent the wrong one who i ordered a new one and the ears i will be using today, look forward to getting them. :D

I have wanted to make a shield for my cosplay for some time now but have not had the time. but finally i have started and this is what i have so far its not much and didnt really take me to long to do.

Got what I need to make the gem for Zelda's dress should be done later. ^_^

FINALLY! After looking all over the place for so long i found a skirt i can use for this cosplay.

Today i ordered teh wig im going to be using for the cosplay along with some earings i found that i can also use.

So i went out today with family and found the braces i was happy as i have been looking for some cheep ones for a long time now.

Tried out some ideas for the make up last night one with painting my face light purple and then painting on a lot of the marks form the mask on and another with normal make up still trying to put some of the marks on around the eyes.

At last the horns I ordered turned up today and now I can finally start doing more to this wig to make it look how I want it to

The wig for this cosplay turned up today all that's left to do now is to style it.

So I ordered my wig and horns for the cosplay, I cant wait for them to turn up so I can see how they look together. ^_^

Finally was able to finish my belt, im so happy with how it looks

Finally got the white shirt for the undershirt dyed light green. Now that's all done tine to finish the belt.

WooHoo! At last the ears for my Toon Link cosplay turned up, along with the spirit gum and spirit gum remover. :D

I have almost finished making the undershirt for my link cosplay, only the arms and belt left to do.

Got the final bits of fabric I need to finish making the rest of the cosplay. :D

Finaly, I finished the tunic. Really happy with how it looks, all I need to do now is make the undershirt and belt then im all done! :D

Just finished hand stitching around the neck of the tunic it took me only about 30min to do, looks very good as its pretty much my first time. ^_^ very happy with it.

Finaly I started making the tunic for my Link cosplay! :D

Finaly the wig for my Link cosplay showed up. it is really good and just what I wanted. All I need to wait for now is the ears that I ordered offline.

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