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I started cosplay in Oct 2007 but I was interested since 2006 because of inspirational cosplayers. My first cosplay was from Naruto (First made however was Azure Kite) and one of my happiest moments was 2008 with a KHR group.

I enjoy meeting new people but I do have a bad memory and can get overcome with shyness. For that I apoligise :x

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The wig is roughly styled. Given the limit of equipment I have for wig cutting I am happy. Though I did cut too much off the front. Ah well I'll make it work.

I used a thin toothed comb, some cheap hair spray and thread cutters. ..cause I'm stuck in uni :D

Just need to cut it and keep it tangle free. How the heck do I keep it tangle free D8>

Ordered white gloves and they're perfect, the black gloves on top make it look better. I've got contacts and make-up ready. I'm just waiting for the wig.

And putting the damn dress together D:


I've stitched ad over-locked the skirt bit ad cut out the pattern blocks. Need to gather the skirt, tack the red boob pieces to calico, stitch together, unpick then stitch in concealed zip, buy and add binding, dye gloves, stitch white arm warmers then buy and style wig 8D

Oh snap! A PLAN!

I forgot to put to here that when I grabbed everything and tried it on, the jacket I had in mind is too bright and long! Otherwise it's perfect OTL Shall fix this as soon as other plans are done~

I have the base of the costume (tbh I've had it for almost a year now), goggles and plans with the prop. Hoping to actually get started on the 'backpack' ...

Got a chunk of red material for the dress and shall be starting that as soon as I know what I'm doing for the top half od the dress..

I have a simple pair here I need to dye, and I have some left over white fabric for the sleeves!

Pretty much everything is hemmed. I made a piece of the costume shorter and redid the hem. Just need to paint the hood, stitch it to the top layer, make and add shoulder pieces to the main top, finish painting the leggings, top layer and hood. ..and attach the bottom pieces to the under shirt.

I decided to keep the short shirt as it is.. which means everyone can see my butt 8'3 I can already hear a certain someone yelling 'Silly Novice!' at me~

Every piece is stitched and painted. Still need to hem some bits and have tried on everything.. the hood might need to be altered but I'm debating weather to remake the shirt and shoulder piece or not... both are already painted and hemmed but the shoulder piece is too big while the shirt is too small.

Ended up asking for help. I pulled on the leggings while assistance places masking tape over the leggings and painted the stripes. There are a few unwanted marks so I'll be buying white fabric paint tomorrow ^^ Also: When I pulled the leggings off some of the paint stuck on my skin so I now have stripey legs! 8D

I know I'm terrible .u.

Found some black material that will be used like a mask and some decent boots (Not perfect but good enough) and started to paint the leggings. ..and fucked up already. D: They're currently stretched over a piece of cardboard (I say stretched but these are loose over the material) with messed up stripes. I'm also aiming to get this all done alone since I'm fed up of always needing help. :/ And if I'm always like that I'll be fucked in uni.. bleh.


blouse is set. Wig is styled. Got socks and shoes. fucked up waistcoat (YAHAR I HAZ A SPARE) and ordered blazer. Since I seriously dont have time to finish making this. After making the hat (which I'm doing now) I'm ordering the materials for the trousers which is cake to make *knocks wood*

and on the way here. So far I have the tie, cotton binding, buttons, trousers and a blouse. Still waiting for blazer and wig. And need to order blazer and find trousers for LT3.

When the blazer arrives I'm stitching the binding around the hem, pockets and collor. and replacing the black buttons with gold.

When wig arrived it shouldn't need much styling but I'll need to make sure it mirrirs LT3's wig.

Btw... LT3 found nerf guns the other day 8D I did consider a bit getting them..

is required to leave the room :D

Seriously I've done whatever I could to make up for whatever time I have left till expo D: So I'm not very appy with the jacket but I'm glad it's almost finished.. Only 3 full days left and I still have the gloves and the rest of the boots to do!! XAX

Ugh I hate how slow and crap this is right now.. Straps finally done and pinned in. But thanks to the machine the fabric is folded everywhere D: and knowing I need help to work out where and how to pin the straps into the darting (especially since I've done the worst binding ever and do feel light headed. I must bind to make the top fit 8D)

Had to wash wig since the style was falling out and I dont know what to think of it right now. I think I shall take this binding off and let my organs shift back in place .U.;

but lots and lots of rage. orz

Stitched the zipper last week, which broke. Then bought a new one and stitched in twice (machine is still rejecting lovely fabric D; ) Lost 2 buckles so bought new ones. Keep on losing straps. )8 stitched the elactic onto the boot covers too short so I need to stretch that xD

I will make at least one accurate cosplay even if it kills me.

Top is stitched together, 4 out of 5 buckles are stitched.. still need to make the straps and punch eylets in them.. then stitch onto top (by darting..) then stitch zip already pinned on then hem!

Boot covers.. fail. OTL. I have all the materials needed for them but I'm currently having trouble getting the shape >8( Peh. I shall fix it and add the 4 straps on each boot and concealed zip once the top is done 8D

Jacket needs to be started.. but not until mentioned items are finished :D just need the red fabric for this..

Gloves need starting too.. but it's the same as above xept will be hunting for a certain material too..

The necktie is already made. ..As is the necklace :) Waiting for the wig.

Got wig.. adding volume to it.. but I need to buy a particular something to continue the wig.. and I can't spend money until I moved ._.;;

Got the boots.. Already have the tie, blouse and wig.. Now I just need to save up for the pvc.. >D

YYAAAYYY!! xD They're not perfect but they'll do for now <3
I can't wait to get the blazer abd wig <333

I tried out the wig proberly with other peices and it looks okay! :D I feel pretty good in it ^w^

I got the wig today! xD

However its not what I exoected.. I'm worried it won't look like the characters hair when I'm done -.-;

The wig needs a bit more cutting but otherwise it's done! :D The hat and clips are currently being tused to flatten those annoying layers..

I've decided to learn abit about hair cutting and styling! >D To cut the wig which my sister Kitkat0110 used cosplaying Kyoko :) If I do it right it'll be perfect!

Since my camera is dead (And I can't find my phone right now) I can't show you but I'm very happy with some of the random stuff I painted on the jumpsuit :D

I've painted:

- 'Bovino' across the top of my back
- Kanji for 'Stupid Cow' on the butt xD
- A really funky logo/symbol I noticed in the full jumpsuit image. It's an 'X' with flames around it 8D

And soon I'll paint the Thunder gaurdian logo :3 and anything else that might be good..

...I can show you the 'X' thing though xDDD

The back! :3 Why am I wearing red and white clothing? becuse I'm lazy and this is a test shot ^w^

Looks like I can only upload 1 pic per journal.. WELL THEN >:3

He has different coloured horns in every picture I see!! Lambos too picky!

Anyway I wanted to mention somewhere that I've finally painted the horns (Yellow) and tomorrow I'll glue them to the head band... Then Lambo will be able to look cool *Brick'd*

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