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no pic this time, too busy rushing around trying to do a million things at once

making the final touches today:
-added an extra panel into the back of the bodice, now is slightly loose, will be unnoticable when laced up. problem solved, will have to tell whoever not to lace me up too tight. NEED TO: ADD STRAPS
-cut to ridiculous length and doublehemmed to stop it fraying everywhere: the red buttcape thing. will be practising tying it into a way that hangs just right and doesn't unravel throughout the night, probably
-cut a strip of more brown fabric, hemmed it, to act as the belt. stitched velcro to either end to keep it shut, and another piece on top so...
-... when i seal up the back of the buckle thing i can superglue velcro to it so it can just stick on, no nonsense
-velcro glued onto neckpiece and armband. will paint the inside piece of necklace gold in a little bit bc it sticks up otherwise and is a distracting colour green
-cut velcro to size, need to superglue to back of crown (SO MUCH VELCRO)
-attach the thumbs nicely to the gloves. will do when watching HP7 with housemate later.


also bought some more eyeshadow today and another liquid liner which i'll be practising with before i get there as well so i can get the ~perfect~ makeup for her. not sure which lipstick to wear: darker or lighter red???????

bracer COMPLETE \o/

it's been sitting waiting for the final touches for about a week now but i wasn't around to get it done before now. i'm sitting with a (very short) checklist of the things i still have to do for the costume and i'm forcing myself to do them today and tomorrow because they're the only days i really have left to do finishing touches before expo - and i want to be creative, i still want to be doing stuff, even though it feels super hard to work on stuff right now. small steps.

the bracer's final condition is as follows:
-foam cut to size after clingfilm-wrap method around the arm
-sealed the main body with glue
-added later the spear-like insignia with superglue (and regular pva to hold down the edges)
-painted it all with gold, about three coats
-sealed it up again with two coats of glue
-used a pin, a bobby-pin and a knitting needle to punch holes in the edges where the eyelets were then applied
-used a shoelace as the lace to tie it altogether.

when it's tied tight enough i'm sure it'll stay in place, and it shouldn't be a big deal getting people to retighten it if necessary. first piece of craft foam armour EVER finished wow i've come a long way in 9 years

(please excuse my naff pyjamas)

retrieved from nana's, don't care that they're inaccurate, i wasn't about tospend more money on more shoes that i wouldn't wear often. i remember i got a huge blister in the middle of my feet from the last time i wore these so here's hoping i don't cripple myself before my holiday

(originally black leather shoes from amazon; i painted them red with leather dye/paint in like 2011 and then stuck more of that everpresent gold fabric to them with double-sided stickytape. HOW it hasn't peeled off yet is beyond me but i am not complaining)

felt a bit shitty so i decided to try on the wig to see how much i'd need to trim off the bangs, which is going to be a colossal task considering my wig stand isn't in my house ho hum i guess i'll just have to pin it back a bit

looks ok i guess, hopefully it'll look even better with makeup on (haha still need to figure that out hahaha kill me) but it's p heavy and with my total lack of hair now i reckon it'll be annoyiing getting it to stay in place

also bc i apparently lost my wig cap i'm resorting to ankle-high tights in place and while they're doing an ok job they're actually pretty tight and somewhat uncomfortable so i'm gonna need to stretch those out a bit or st

i'm so fucking annoyed i spent a long time today trying really hard not to fuck up the gold bits because it's a fabric that looks ugly when it's puckered and naturally i fucked it up a little bit but then i tried it on and it felt tighter than normal and then when i took it off i realised that part of the front seams has totally ripped out???? ugh

so TECHNICALLY it's finished but it's not really and now i have to try and figure out whether i'm gonna remake it (which won't take too long but will be a complete pain in the ass trying to rip out all this gold stuff and put it onto the new one b/c i'm not doing it from scratch again lmao i don't have the time) or to try and find some kind of zipper or hook or w/e and see if i can do something about that but i'm not. sure. whether it's possible. i guess i could also rip part of the back bits open and install another small panel bc it's under the ribbon so it won't be very visible??? but ugh honestly i am so annoyed at multiple parts of this costume and also other external things going on that this costume and expo itself is not looking fun for me rn ugh ugh uGH

fixed up all six pieces of leg armour. they look... actually pretty shoddy, but i'm not remaking them. they do need some touchups before expo, but that'll be one of the last things i do.

each piece (shin, knee, thigh) has a piece of foam inside it to give it shape. the gold's on the front, and there's brown in the back. they're held up by elastic, and i'll find a pair of brown socks from somewhere to wear underneath. maybe. if i don't forget. i need to see if i can tighten the elastic on a couple of pieces and then also get some hem-glueing bondaweb type stuff to fix up the awfully shoddy hemlines they have, but if i can't, i'm not too bothered.

they'll probably be the pieces that let the costume down, but i've stopped caringggggggggggggg

adjusted the pattern a little more and tried a first colour run. i'm really happy with it! i think the colours are absolutely stellar (i'm always wary about buying fabric online, but thankfully haven't gone wrong yet), though the yellow's a little thin. gonna remake it at some point most likely, this was just another test (i've got more than enough left over to try a couple more times) so i'll likely trim the armpieces a little further (i don't want to have gross sweat patches all over this nice bodice, sobs about bodily functions forever) and line it appropriately. once THAT'S done i'll be able to think about the final touches: seethrough straps (should be arriving in post v soon), the gold trim around the front, and the gold/laceup detail on the back. also hemming. must not forget to hem lest there be thread everywhere (i have turned into madame thread-cleavage again, this is what costumes do to me auuugh)


foam pattern cut out, waiting for the glue to dry in the centre seam before i seal and paint it all up.

the pattern for the bodice arrived, so i'm doing that today. pictured is the second mockup- much better than the previous, i'm glad i decded to say what the hey and go for an actual pattern rather than my own shitty one. i adjusted the front side panels a little so they'd go UP rather than stay flat across - this seems to have worked, but they don't come up enough as opposed to the side. will need to draw on it a bit and adjust pattern accordingly. also seem to be falling out the front of it a bit, so will be glad adjustments and also the invisi-straps that should be coming soon.

will do: adjust pattern so it comes ACROSS rather than UP, then adjust front panel so it's not such a prominent cleavage point.

it still rumples a bit in the back, but i'm less concerned about that now then i was before. nbd, nbd. YEAH PROGRESS

first coat of paint on the armband and necklace! apparently i did seal these enough, i am the happy. (more will go on tomorrow once it dries and i've got some bronze that i might use for shading purposes if i can figure out how to make it look good? idk. will probably also seal them up again and find out a way of attaching a jewel to the front at a much later date.)

have also superglued detail onto the bracer, but whether it sticks or not is a different matter. may or may not have to buy another sheet of foam at some point and remake it, but we'll see.

same as the necklace: two pieces of foam wedged together with pva glue and then coated liberally. will be superglueing velcro to either end to keep it on.

again, was super worried that simple pva glue wasn't going to be strong enough to hold everything together, but it's done the job surprisingly well. the detail was cut out and stuck on top rather than individual pieces stuck altogether, just waiting on the third (and then fourth maybe) coat of glue to dry so i can get to painting it. once it's done i'll be superglueing velcro to either end so i can easily get it off because wow let me tell you it's kind of hard to move my head/neck with this on, i think i made it too thick. at least it'll do wonder for my posture??????

(things i learned doing this: felt tip on foam can and will smear all over your hand while you're drawing things out and make you freak out if you've used red bc you'll think you've come out in a rash)


i had some wine coloured leggings that i never wear- perfect for pyrrha after checking colour palettes and the like. i cut the legs off and i'll be using what's left as shorts once they're hemmed - i know she wears a skirt but i wouldn't be comfortable with it riding up etc - and transforming the legs into abominations of gloves. they look.. okay... i guess (the second one i did is naturally better and of COURSE i have no leftover material to try again) but i am having so much trouble with the thumbs you don't even want to know. i'm having to handstitch them bc doing it on the machine is too fiddly, but even though i'm sewing them the wrong way around and stuff thread keeps showing on the outside and it is pissing me WAY the fuck off, so i'm leaving finishing those until absolutely last so i don't end up throwing a hissy and hating making the rest of the costume. pictured: the thumbless monsters.

WIG ARRIVED WOOP WOOP thank the gods for kyouko sakura wigs, idk what i'd have done if this wasn't such a popular colour and hairstyle. |D my wig caps and wig head are currently at my grandmother's, who's on holiday at the moment, so i'll have to pick those up (along with the boots for terra- not the same but idgaf) in a couple weeks, so i didn't try the wig proper on, i just wanted to see how long the ponytail would be.

again using the clingfilm and tape method, i drew an outline of my measurements and tried to transfer it to paper as a pattern that i drew up as a mock, pictured. there were problems- not least of them being that i'd NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE (this entire costume is an exercise in patience and trying new things i s2g), so there was weird bunched material in the back, i didn't know if the bodice flaps at the front would stay put, etc. at least it fit???

i'm keeping the mock as a reminder of my patience etc but i decided to buy an official pattern (New Look 6242) that i'm going to alter slightly to fit my means later. it would be nice if it shipped sometime soon. i have brown material, yellow material and gold (left over from L4U Miki, i've been hanging onto that stuff for like half a lifetime wow) that i can use for the trim and the ACTUAL material; i've also ordered invisible bra straps that i'll attach to the front so it stays up. i'm too busty to want to even entertain the idea of a problem, wow.

weird white streaks????????????????????????????

first time working with craft foam. used the clingfilm and tape method to outline a pattern directly onto my arm, then transferred the cutout to some foam and cut it out (as well as the minispear piece that will go directly on top, i'm hoping to stick it on with superglue). not pictured: copious amounts of pva glue coating (since i'd never done it before i didn't know what the mixture should have been - water with the glue? on its own??? i did two coats of heavily watered glue before i figured that it wasn't doing anything, and stuck with just using glue after that. i tried adding a couple of coats of white paint in between layers to see how it was settling, and ended up with weird streaky white bits all over it, probably because the paint was super shitty. waiting on other pieces to finish drying before i paint them all together.)

also heated over the cooker and moulded to my arm at a later time, though all the paint seems to have made it lose shape somewhat.

i've got eyelets and pliers that i'm gonna attach to it once it's been painted and stuff, that'll likely be one of the last things i do. because i can't find black ribbon anywhere, wtf.

i have so much red fabric left over from when i made terra, and its dimensions are long and wide enough to wrap around my hips and fall to the floor - i did it better this morning when i was still trying to figure out whether it would be worth buying all the stufff and couldn’t seem to replicate it - but i think it’ll serve. it'll need hemming and figuring out how to tie it so it doesn't fall apart or unravel on the day, but i don't really need to do anything to this.

SO. I preordered myself a Beato wig from Taobao (seller was FantasySheep) once I decided to make her crazy ass dress so I wouldn't chicken out of it and had something to prompt me to keep going with it, and it FINALLY ARRIVED (after like, two months of waiting. Ffffffuck EMS shipping from China up the bum) and I am SO happy with it. 8DDD

It's... actually really heavy for a wig. Surprisingly so. I kept thinking I was going to topple backwards wearing it, but thankfully, I didn't. It's a gorgeous colour - apparently really suits my skin tone - and although the bangs were impossible to see out from under when I tried it on first, one of my mother's friends was around, and she's a hairdresser, so she trimmed the bangs so I could see out of them. Thank crap.

The flower needs replacing with a much larger, gaudier one, but ah well, I suppose I can pick one of those up cheaply any other day of the week. :D

Okay so with what, two days left to go until expo I figured that it might be a good idea to tackle those damn sleeves again. They are now sewed onto the body of the shirt, but they're not fantastic - they just won't stand up by themselves and they look pretty weedy, to be honest. However, they have a lot of potential to poof out, so I think on the day I'm just gonna wad them up using leftover materials or something similar, 'cause that worked in balling them out when I tried them on earlier. After getting that done I have so little left to do, it's such a relief :D

Found the perfect pair of shoes today in Primark for £15, so I snapped 'em up. One size too big, but I can always stuff them.

Pretty much completely finished Fujin's shirt today. Put on the sleeves, collar and the six pocket-flaps, as well as ribbon on the shoulders and the hem. All that's left to do is put the zipper in (will do on Thursday) and put ribbon on the collar. |DD

Began work on Fujin - bought some cotton polyester in the right colour (it was the only fabric in the right colour! Grrrr, it's a little thin, so I might be coooold in October) for £1.99/m and reused the same pattern (with a little alteration) that I've now used for Refia and Franziska. I have the zip for it as well but ran out of time before I was able to sew the entire thing together, so as of right now the shirt has no sleeves or decorations etc.

AHAHAHA SKIRT IS FINISHED MOFOS. Granted, it didn't take me too long, but it's a victory nonetheless! Made from the same material as the jacket (they both need a wash. At least it was discount), it's got some give to it so I'll be able to move, thankfully. I think the only thing I'mma worry about with this is the slit in the back - never worn one of those skirts before, let alone a mini! - and if the popper comes undone, but it doesn't seem too likely. |D

Went back and since I'm not talking to my shirt fabric atm, decided to start work on the actual black jacket part. It's now completely made, asides from the ribbon and buttons that have yet to be put on (and of course, the poppers/whatever I'll use to use to attach it). Very happy with it; took a while to get the fit right, but I managed to sew in the sides and the darts a couple of times, and now it fits quite snugly against my waist. Which is good, considering how snugly Franny's jacket is.
Happy 8D
Wish my computer's bluetooth wasn't being prissy so I could upload a picture.

Right, so I bought the base fabric for this today, feels awesome~ got some discounted black stuff ('cause it was dusty and had a hole in it somewhere) which feels lovely - not too heavy, not too light, sort-of stretchy and not rough - and some really, really nice white cotton which feels sort of canvassy. These'll make up the shirt under the suit, and the jacket and skirt. Also got some interfacing to make the bow with; it's stiff enough to stand up by itself. Might go back and get some more for the cuffs, too. Finally bought some ribbon (like 3m of the stuff, it better be enough).

Also started altering pattern. Used a Butterick pattern for smart shirts (that I used for Refia before) and drew it out on scrapbook paper before altering the front - made the neckline plunge more and made the arrow-y bits - as well as changing the sleeve so the top (both cap and hem) will puff out. Looks like it'll all go well, too. Hoping to go back to mum's in a couple of days and finish drafting/altering patterns then and start sewing.

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