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Found this jacket on Ebay for £60 that looks almost like Snow's in the pic's
So when i get it i will be modding it.

I went and got a lether jacket that looked like Leon's for Kita but a coupule of weeks a go a friand showed me on Ebay where i can get the jacket. sooooo i went ahead and go it ^_^


whit help from Berserk667 we have made the tmplats for the armor on his sholders, wrists and waist. will be makeing them out of carbord and paper-mecha.

went and picked up the sword and found out that the bloody thing was way heavyer than i thought it would be. may have to make it my self out of lighter stuff :/

got the sword commissioned so should be done in a few weeks (hopefully)

papered meshed the helmet and sanded it down all thats left to do is to paint.

Berserk667 help'ed me with the base of the helmet which took about 3 houers and all is left to do is to cover it with paper mesha and paint.

Bought this from Berserk667. just need to re-size this and re-paint it and its done.

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