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I've been cosplaying since 2012, having stumbled across the notion (and the fact that cons Were A Thing) via the Homestuck fandom, which is where most of my earliest cosplays were from (that and Persona 4!). For a few years, I was happy to mostly buy stuff with the odd prop-making here and there but in 2016, I decided I wanted to start making more of my own stuff.

Currently, I have a mixture of bought cosplay and self-made - I'm still not the fastest in making my own stuff, and it's nice to have some newer stuff to tide me over in the meantime. I'm hoping that by 2018 the balance will be shifting more but we'll have to see!

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So it's taken long enough (partly for a few missed sewing classes, partly for week two of making the skirt being mostly the same as week one) but this week I finally finished the skirt for Mitsuru! It's not 100% accurate because I didn't notice the front pleats until it was too late to put them in but I'm happy enough with how it's turned out.

I've also been working on the patterning for the shirt, with the help of my sewing teacher - I haven't cut out the fabric yet but I'm all set to do that in the new year. Fingers crossed I can get her done in time for Minami!

Kiyo's outfit and wig both arrived yesterday and tonight I finally got to do a quick test! I need to trim the wig and work on make-up but I'm quite pleased with it all so far!

It's been about a week since I settled on Mitsuru as my main focus project for right now. I picked her as the outfit is mostly straightforward, but with some challenges (notably the pleats on the shirt). My aim is to have her wearable by November MCM even if I don't have the armband and evoker ready.

I already have basically all of the fabric I need and on Monday at sewing class I cut out and made a good start on the skirt. Even with some tricky bits ahead I'm hoping to have that done fairly quickly so I can focus on the other elements. I also picked up the wig today and I have a pattern for the evoker mostly cut out so I can try and start on that soon as well.

All done! I'll probably also have my Shinra pin on the day to make the FF connection clearer and hopefully I can get some photos that will pick up the details better (black on black on black's a tricky one!) but I'm pretty pleased with how it's all come together and looking forward to wearing her for the Kita ball.

I don't have a full costest done yet but here's a shot with the jacket and shirt at least.

I now have almost everything I need for this - though I will definitely have to make my own at some point (skirt especially) because the quality isn't great. Still, it'll do for now.

I have also ordered the white and green shoes but until they come I can just use the usual black ones I have so that's okay.

A couple of weeks to go before Minami and the end is somewhat in sight! I still need to decide between wigs but the shirt's done and the skirt is underway, just needs the zip seam sewn, hem done and then the pleats and then waistband. Failing that I do have a back-up skirt for Minami but let's see what happens!

It's taken a while and weeks' worth of lessons, but the top is about half way done! Needs sleeves and a hem but then that's it, then I need to do the tie and the skirt. Should be on track for Minamicon so long as I keep motivated.

Five weeks from the last test, and I'm a good chunk of the way there. I still need to make the armour and trim the wig properly but I now have the sleeves, gloves, top and earrings done. The armour I'm hoping to start probably weekend after next, once the big work event on the horizon is over and I can focus on it more. If I get something done before then, great, but I still have a little bit to go before Amecon so I should be good!

This is what I have so far - still in the very early stages, but that's mostly because I've been working on the skirt for the past few weeks. Which, yes, is probably a while for a skirt but considering it's only the second garment I've made entirely from scratch, it's gone pretty well! Top is the next sewing project, and I'll be working on the rest in the meantime, picking up once MCM is over!

Over the last month or so, I've been working on the one thing that's been missing so far from Cissnei's get-up: her trusty weapon, Rekka. I generally find it easier to pose when I have a prop to work with so I hope to get some really neat shots during London MCM.

(I'm also planning to take angel wings with me for the personal shoot I have booked, because her conversation with Zack about wings is one of my favourites of all the FF games I know and I want to make winged!Cissnei a thing)

So, I was looking at the pictures again, trying to work out how to do the hair, when it occurred to me that the two side bits are actually a different colour to her hair colour. Which means if I can find two matching fascinators, I can use those rather than trying to faff with wigs (at least more than I'll have to for the braid)

Score a little more progress!

Finally got the dress today - it's not an exact match to the one from the cover but it's the closest I could find. I *may* try to add the leaf design to it and to the gloves when they arrive but we'll see.

Just need to sort the wig now and decide on shoes. Wig could prove tricky but hopefully I will find something.

So, almost got everything I need save for shoes (which are ordered) and stockings, and the ID card if I decide to make one...then again I'm also tempted to just show up with a ladle instead xD

I know the top isn't wholly accurate but it was the best I could find in the time I've had to look - hopefully as we roll into autumn I can find something more accurate.

So, I'm looking at fans on eBay and I can't decide which one to go with. So far I've narrowed it down to the following: (There's also a pink variant for this one)

Any input would obviously be gratefully received. I'll keep looking in the meantime but sometimes second opinions help.

So, I have a few test images up. Things I've figured out from this test:

1) I will need to either get a longer-sleeved black shirt to go underneath my Terezi one or attempt to blend paint with gloves, because the gloves and sleeve end don't meet (or at least, they don't stay met)

2) I am rusty with Snazaroo! Also, having sniffles is a pain when you have face paint on, the end.

Also the quality's not great because apparently my webcamera just isn't. Will try and get some proper shots at some point too. Also try to find a program that allows for a time delay between click and image being taken, because Photobucket doesn't.

Still, first completed costume so there's something to be said for that I guess.

And Terezi is done! Test shots to come once I have time to get everything together (make-up, wig, etc) but I have everything I need now. Shoes I'm a little iffy on the shade but there's still time to find better ones and if I don't I'll still have something.

So, wig arrived. I think it's going to need more styling than I originally anticipated - if nothing else, the front bits are going to have to be trimmed if I want to be able to see.

This, obviously, is "casual Kyoya" xD

Still got a lot to do but I'm making progress on the needlewands - I actually have a (mostly) done pair but I'm making a second to see if they turn out better. They don't have the extra barbs from the image because I'm having trouble getting anything to work - if I ever figure it out, I can always make a third pair.

So, I now have everything except for the wig (on its way), the horns (ditto, or at least they've been ordered) and shoes. I also need to finish the cane, hence the three attempts at dragon heads in the picture xD Hopefully at least one of the three will be decent enough once painted.

The only other thing is what to do about my arms - I'm iffy about make-up, making arm-socks scares me because hnng sewing and there are some gloves that might work but with my arms they might also turn out to be a liability. Arms or gloves would work for multiple trolls, though, so I'll have to think on it.

But yes. At this rate she'll be my first one done!

More progress on the Terezi front! I taped up the cane yesterday and while it's not perfect it's also not bad I like to think. The top bit's a bit messy but since I still need to make and attach the dragon head I'm not too concerned about that.

Also found a way around the glasses issue thanks to some digging on homestuckcosplayhelp over on Tumblr so those should be on their way. Woohoo!

This just leaves: Jeans (did buy some yesterday but Primark can't label properly so I've actually bought a size bigger than I intended), shoes (should be easy enough to find), horns (ordering this week) and the wig which will probably be the trickiest bit but I'll hunt around and see what I can find. Everything else is in hand, woo!

...Now I just need somewhere to wear her xD

So, success on the Terezi front - I found something to make the cane from! I was browsing in Wilkinsons and found some rods for net curtains which will hopefully do the trick. I got some black and red tape to mock-up the basic design and I'm also going to try and make a dragon head - which should be interesting! I may end up buying a separate rod rather than doing a detachable head at this point, since the rods aren't too expensive (and are also reasonable for carrying around, since I went to Wilkinsons first and then spent another few hours nursing it while shopping).

Otherwise I think Terezi's the one I feel most in control of right now - the shirt's on its way, black jeans are relatively easy to find as are red Converse (which will be fine for everyday use too). The horns I'll be commissioning (from the approved seller) and I think I'll do the same for the glasses as I think they're a little beyond me at the moment. That just leaves the grey make-up to buy and the wig.

Oh and I tried finding chalk too. Apparently Crayola chalk has become like gold dust but I know WH Smiths sells it now so I'll pick some up in the week.

Yay progress!

Managed to get a pink t-shirt today - it might be a bit darker than it should be, thinking about it, but it's a starting point. Also bought knitting needles so at some point I'll break out the clay to try and make her wands since I think I have everything I need for those now.

I also need to check to see if I still have the long skirt I used to have or if I need to get a new one from somewhere. And find shoes from somewhere - I'm thinking buying white shoes and dying them might be my best bet here but we shall see.

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