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Got into cosplay because my friend told me I was coming with her to MCM doing an InuYasha cosplay with her. I ended up going as Sango minus the wig as I was a poor student >_<

That was in 2006 and since then I've been going to MCM every year, cosplaying at all of them because it's damned good fun :D

Since 2009 I've been doing commissions for people making lots of different bits from props to full costumes which has been lots of fun and has helped me learn even more about costume making ^_^

I'm open for commissions at the moment, if anyone wants stuff made just let me know what you want and I'll let you know if it's possible and roughly how much it'll be :)

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I commissioned the gems off someone as I had previously just used some left over foam from the wings last time as I ran out of time. I plan to stick these onto the skirt and will hopefully look snazzy :) I'm also in the process of repainting the skirt and adding on some 3D paint around the edges of the design to help it stand out.

I'm rewearing this for May Expo so I'm just re-doing a few aspects of it so it looks a bit fresher! This'll mainly mean me repainting the wings, remaking the arm bracers, and possibly making a new bra as well. I've commissioned a lovely lady in Poland to make the resin gems for her skirt which I'll just stick on once they arrive :) Hopefully it won't be cold!! :D

I have actualy been doing stuff. Just not as much as before XD
sword is nearly done, just needs more paper maché and then paint! sorting out the belt tonight, need to chop down the chain so it's the right size and then spray paint it and attach it to the buckle. Then onto the wings *_* I need to go to homebase and have a spending spree there to get the poles and the glue as there's only 1 glue I'll use for this and I'm not going to spend £8 in robert dyas on it =-=

Went to paperchase today to get my paints n stoof for this costume :) My discount makes this task infinately would have cost about £30 otherwise!! JUST ON PAINTS *-* might end up getting some rub and buff type stuff which they have for £5.50 a pop but will see how plain silver spray paint works out for the sword and cuffs. Bought the zentai off the webz yesterday :) got a custom one so it doesn't have the hood, hands or feets!
I plan to get started on all the foam work next week :) foam, also a bargain, under £4 for nearly 4M of the stuff :3 MAN I LOVE 99P STORE SOMETIMES. Dem camping mats XD

I've started on this...kinda XD I ordered 5 different fabric samples for the skirt base fabric :) I plan to dip dye the skirt anyway but need the right colour to start off with. Plan to dip dye in a plum purple kinda shade so it's darker at the bottom than the top!

Essentially finished my wings. All I need to do now is spray paint on the red, and attach them properly to my bra straps! repainting the cuffs and start painting the gold bits on skirt soon too >=< So many little details but at least the bulk of it is done now! XD *cho excited!*

Seriously. I could have got a much cheaper bra with the plastic straps included for like £3 if I didn't have such an awkward fricken bra size ¬¬ *mini rage*

On the plus side, I started on the wings this morning. The shape is holding well but the aluminium wire isn't holding the wings up and keep drooping so I've decided that I'll have to thread the bra strap through a gap in the wire to hold it in place. oh the complications. It couldn't just stay in one place could it. I decided to use the foam as a base instead of felt to keep costs and weight down. If it doesnt seem to work I'll buy the felt and do it that way but I thought I'd try this first seeing as I have like 10mtrs of the underlay foam :3

I've decided that all the layers of the skirt apart form the hoop and the base are going to be tucked in to avoid any extra zippers, poppers etc. It's easier for me to make that way as I FAIL at fasteners and it makes it alot easier for me to put it all on and take it all off. all the bits apart from teh top layer will be pinned into place to prevent it from escaping!!

Skirt still needs hemming cos i'm cho lazy XD It's totally gonna end up being a night before expo thing...
Ears will be ordered today :)
Still need to find a bra....
Foam for wings arrived yesterday :3

using the boots from my Fasha costume as i wont be using them for her again >< reused some pale pink fabric i used to make a Botan Kimono in a commission, and used a fabric pattern which i've managed to alter for near enough everything i've ever made (best pattern easy to convert for everything XD).

I bought a wig on ebay, it's not the best but it's all i could get on short notice. Defo needs a good amount of styling and I'll be following a tutorial on making it into a ponytail.

hopefully this all goes to plan. Shall be a busy week!! 5 DAYS TO GO :D

i know this is really sad, but I've never sewn in a zip before. And yes, it is a bit of a mess (the stitching ><) but the zip itself works perfectly and it doesn't really matter if it IS a mess as it's all gonna be covered up by another 2/3 layers of fabric anyway so HUZZAH. Yeah.

in other news, still trying to find some gold faux leather stuff, it's proving pretty impossible, trying to work out what else i can use instead as i can't seem to find any which is <£10 p/m which is realllly OP for standard Faux Leatehr stuff, having bought some before, usually for like £4-£6 p/m i dont really wanna play the extra O_O

anywho, pictors!

Fabric arrived a few days ago, the taffeta is lovely, not quite as thick as i had hoped but it's still great and drapes really well. Both the red and the cream bits are made of taffeta. I bought some pattern paper to use as i hadn't made a skirt before. Essentially just pinned the paper to the hoop skirt and just cut them to size leaving extra room at the bottom for gathering the fabric :) was actually alot easier than i thought it would be XD and i still have about 3/4 of a metre leftover which is always a plus! When i saw how bit each pattern piece was I had a mini flail as I totally thought it wouldnt be big enough XD Will probs sew the gathered bits into place tomorrow on my day off then I can post a pic of it *hopefully!!*

ordering my fabric today hopefully ^_^ I decided upon taffeta because of it's prettyness when it's draped :) so hopefully it'll look nice ^_^ I'm using it for the red and the cream/white bits. Still not entirely sure about what to use for the gold :s my first thought was faux leather, but it's kinda pricey and it might be a bit heavy :s I need to think!

Hoopskirt ftw ^^ very pleased with it, although storing it will be fun :P wheee! Need to tidy my sewing room so I can get started properly. I've bought some suade which I may use for this if I have enough or that it looks alright, if not then I'll get some velvet XD woop!

Bought the wig and hoop skirt today :) Took AGES finding the right wig for her, they either had too much 'bang' or were wavy or curly or something. Well annoying!!
My plan with the skirt is to pop it on my dummy stand and make a pattern for the rest of the skirt from there ^-^ quite a mission but hopeuflly it'll be worth it :D
Watched a number of tutorials on wings so hopefully i'm set...the only thing i'm not sure on is the harness as i need to make it from clear plastic straps and she has nothing on her shoulders :( oh Morgana...y u make my life harder than it should be DX however, if all does go to plan, I'll be wearing it to oct expo masquerade for the first time O_O *flails*

Currently stirring my dye to make my fabric look awesome. Started out with very soft white cotton with red stripes and it's curently dying to make it orange and red! looks good so far and it's only been in the bucket for about 10 mins! Looks much more orange than the pic suggests! Such a perfectionist ¬¬

First lot of dye was applied to the wig and washed out. I used the Acrylic Ink method for doing this. It's covered the wig really well apart from some of the roots at the back of the wig which are a little paler so these will be re-dyed so they match the rest and don't look wierd when it's all spiked!

I love Zagi and his manic amusement. Been re-playing the game again and came across him in the colisseum and have decided to make his sexy Blastia arm at some point! EVERYONE WILL BE JEALOUS OF HIS NEW ARM!! :D

Starting to put together a research list on e-to-the-bay for this costume. Mainly finding the right fabrics and stuff *wishes she had a better fabric shop nearer her house DX *
At the moment I'm looking at a terracotta cotton drill for the majority of it, lots of interfacing and some paler drill or nice faux suade or something for the edges. The armour will probably be craft foam but will need ALOT of practice. Maybe this can be for October Expo if I'm not in Japan :D
Yayyy noone will know who I am XD

Painted my shoes yesterday, i don't think they look too bad although I'm not sure how to seal the paint incase it rains O.o it says on the bottle to rub it with a damp cloth but that'd make the red run into the white areas which I really don't want >.<

Received my wig this morning. Instead of being pale blue, it's dark/royal blue. I'm having immense luck regarding this at the moment :( So I'll have to pay to send it back and get a new one sent to me ¬¬ highly unimpressed...

lol. I've decided to shorten this mo fo. It just looks a bit odd...I might unpick the chest detail bit so it'll join the shoulder armour bits. Been analysing the reference pics and I really do want it to look like it >.< *flails at self perfectionist-ness*

Well this is now for JAF X3 I love my last minute planning!
My wig arrived today although it needs a super hair cut!!! I'm in the process of making the bolero, I have the harem suit, I just need to find some damned sandals O.o

£2! and they're not that uncomfortable for Primark shoes! Even if they are a size bigger than normal >.> *grumble grumble* I'll have to paint them red but at £2 I can hardly complain!! :D

Seriously. Orange?! WHYYYY!
I've made it, it looks alright, I'm not lining it because it's a cheap cosplay and I can't be bothered right now! Have plenty of time anyway so if I reeeally need to I can do it when I has more monies!
It looks like a luminous jacket road workers have to wear O.o It looks like the pic but it's like Bulmaaaa what were you thinking D: We all know your dress sense is better than this O.o
Next stop!
Shoes, socks and afro! Then to completion ^_^

cut and rolled more faux leather to stitch onto the stitch markers I did yesterday :) has worked rather well!! Did the front and back today, will leave the bottom and the collar bit until I've attached the Shoulder pieces. These will most likely be made from foam covered in the same AMAZINGLY SOFT gold suade type stuff :)

It looks much better now! I unpicked on side of the armour as I'm going to put a zip in instead ^_^

I got all my fabric a few days ago, very pleased that it was less than £10 ^_^ Super happy times!
I'm going to attempt to start this with my standard dress pattern I've used for other Bulma cosplays, although this one will be baggier!

I'm keeping myself busy to stop myself wishing I was at amecon instead :(

My daggers are dying D: Damn you modrock! it keeps cracking and the paint just chips off >.> I might have to invest in some spray paint and varnish or something...or remake them! We'll see how much time I have for it!

Seriously, I know October time I'll have like, no time at all to concentrate on making stuff due to my dissertation at uni and stuff >_< I bought the green jeans off ebay ages ago and have been hunting EVERYWHERE for a shirt so I wouldn't have to make one. Couldn't seem to find one so I bought a shirt pattern which looked complicated and some fabric and have been putting off since christmas doing it until this summer when I have more time. Still continued to look everywhere for a shirt of the right style to no avail. Went to Kingston yesterday, a new shop had opened called 'GIVe' and low and behold they had the shirt. It needs dying but it's basically perfect. And it was on sale. It's going to be my easiest cosplay like ever but I don't care XD It gives me the gift of time :P

I've been having a think, I MIGHT get this done for cosplay cruise! If all else fails I'l go as Rena but this is my current plan :3

I've started re-playing the game because it's awesome, and I love him so much X3 he's actually insane!!!

I got my wig today which should arrive in a weeks time, I ordered my fabric and started making my belts using the left over faux suade/leather fabric I had leftover from my Rena costume :) It's going ok so far, I haven't started sewing anything yet which I'm sure will bring some joyous problems but I'll face that when the time comes *tries to be optomistic*. It's been an expencive day, but hey, I get paid a week on monday *huzzah*

Since October expo I've been wanting to re-make this costume, the trousers are too pyjama-y and baggy, I want them to be tighter to look more accurate aaand I want to have some sort of cat looking feet although I have no idea how to acheive this! I might start a thread on the forum to enquire X3 Being Grimmkitty was lots of fun so I will redo this...just not sure when XD

Basically, I've altered what I'm doing slightly as I found this great blue jersey fabric for £1 a metre as it was on sale. SOOOO yeah, I had to buy it :P So this has made my outfit ALOT cheaper for me. I bought some textured faux leather to hang the cape off, the cape is made from red georgette which is lovely and floaty and around it is some standard gold ribbon which is stuck on using wonderweb :)

Still need to make her moon thing, find some boots and the top to go underneath the dress ^^

Fabric of win has arrived! I ordered hers and Bardock's at the same time so tecnically I have fabric for both of them now ^_^ I will be prepared this time!! Still need to buy a leotard before I can get the rest of the pink fabric for the knee pads so I can make sure it matches :)

Thought I'd try and make use of these journals on here for a change ^_^ I doubt anyone will read them, but it gives me something to do when I get bored XD

Bought my opaque tights on ebay today which therefore means I'm 100% going for this cosplay! I've also got the fabric for Bardock, some of which I'll be using for Fasha and also got some buff gold suade stuff I'll be using for her armour. I ordered the wig which will hopefully come in the next month or so as well.

I'm kinda wierd in the fact then when I decide to cosplay something I have to buy or arrange as much as it as possible, as quickly as possible...I don't know's really annoying really as I don't have a huge amount of money this month O.o

I'll probs follow QuantumDestinys tutorial for Bardock's wig, so that so be left until later :P

Over the next week or so

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