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I dove headfirst into cosplay at the beginning of 2007 after seeing an ad for the London MCM expo in NEO. And so, I dragged my moogle friend along (Emma :)),and ended up with Ichigo from Tokyo Mew Mew being my first cosplay (and I've since continued to have a thing for pink wigs... ). To be honest, every cosplay experience just gets better and better and I love meeting all you cosplayers out there!

Favourite cosplay to date? Hmm...toughie....I loved being Rita from Tales of Vesperia and also Luka. But to be honest, I enjoy it more and more everytime I cosplay!

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I've always wanted to cosplay a character with red, or gold eyes - I've done red, so now it is time for gold! I'm looking forward to wearing these and trying new makeup techniques to bring out the twinkle twinkle in them!

These are from Isczo - I really like their ranges :)

One of the things I love about Pascal is her hair!! After doing some long hair characters I'm really looking forward to wearing something that won't knot when you look at it.

I thought about a couple of different ways of doing her hair - either dying the ends, or some big ol' weftiy weft action. I went for wefty weft action!

I took a white wig and a red wig, and cut them in half(ish) before splicing them together. This shows you how it looked once it was sewn together, before and after it was flipped right side out. There's a lot more wefts to add here and there and styling, like cutting the white to reveal more of that gorgeous red underneath, but so far so good! <3

The painting of all her tattoos/ covering pieces was more time consuming then I thought. But it turned out well, even if I did burn through a few pots of black fabric paint (and to which I am really thankful that I have an awesome boyfriend who did a hobbycraft run for me!).

Originally the plan was to carve foam muscles to put on the bottom leotard, with a second leotard over that to hide it. However, this idea sucked for time purposes, ease purposes and didn't actually look that great. So I was desperate, and improvised with some foam fillets I had used for a previous cosplay project. They worked well and suited my frame much better and saved soooooooo much time! I literally managed to get these muscles in a morning lol.

Weirdly enough, these were everyone's favourite thing when I wore the costume. You funny people, you.

I had made one version of the belt when I was originally trying to do this for ayacon, but it was so flimsy, and I just did one solid colour of gold which looked odd and tacky and flaked off easily. In all, it sucked and I wasn't happy with it. But on the plus side, it gave me a little experience with worbla, and I learnt how easy it was to damage to worbla if you heat it too long (part of it was thinner and stretched and had heat bubble damage!).

So this time I have myself more than two days - I have myself a week lololol. I used the old belt which I had measured to myself as a template for the new one, cut out a base, then used it to create another paper template to create a second layer which had the 'gems' cut out. This second layer would provide more stability and help me with making the paintwork look more decent. I also added another layer at the back where the two halves joined, and where the front pieces curved upwards, so they didn't bounce so much! The pic is the result of all the finished worbla work :)

These were made when I was in pre-con rush mode. I originally wanted Adel done for Ayacon 2013, so a couple of days before we were due to set off I begun on these, having never worked with worbla at all. I seem to surpass myself in the cray stakes with each new cosplay lol.

They ended up not being too bad to make - I started with paper templates so I could get it to fit my own wrists, then I drew them onto the worbla and cut them out. You can see from the picture that I had a base template, and the template for the zig-zag design. Once cut out, I laid the zig-zag onto the base, and used a heat gun to glue them together. After it had stuck and cooled, I used a little more heat to create the curvature.

The next part was some careful paint work between the zig-zags, and some even more careful 3D painting around the sides and the zig-zag to make them stand out even more before the gold paint was added. I plan to add a few flat backed gemstones to these to give them that finishing touch, so they're not quite done yet!

I call this the sash of evil...but it's been really fun to work on!

I started off by placing the sash in dye, and taking a little out at a time to get the gradient effect. Once dry, I wasn't too happy with the bottom, which in reference pictures always looked like a more sinister red. So, I took to fabric painting again! (This seems to be my backup plan for most dye fails, doesn't it??)

Once I had made the red at the bottom more angry, I dirtied the very bottom hem up a little to go with the reference and to make the black blob flames seem more in place. I rather like how it turned out!

I finished these a while back now, but have only just got round to putting it up here!

I got some cheap gloves from eBay, and had two problems. First, they were massive, so I had to do some extreme resizing, and second, when I tried to dye a light purple them along with the leotards for Adel, I'm pretty sure they came out from the dye whiter than when they went in! So definitely not cotton gloves then lol.

So I had to resort to fabric painting these. Fabric painting is cool, but because these would stretch once I was wearing them, it meant that I had to wear them while painting them to avoid it cracking when stretched. Once the base purple was done, I layered darker shades on the finger tips before working it up to black on the very tips. I then hot glued long fake nails that I had pre-painted black with nail polish to get a very creepy and evil look.

I just have to remember not to poke myself in the eye when wearing them (which has already happened a couple of times trying them on... T_T)

When I start my costumes I normally for some unknown reason start planning from the top, so the first thing I normally go hunting for is the wig.

But with Adel, the tippy top of her is not her wig, but actually her horns. And it had been such a long time since I had worked with one of my favourite cosplay materials, Hearty clay, that I launched straight into these.

Hearty clay dries super light, so these aren't heavy at all. I rolled it out, roughly shaped it (actually harder than I thought it would be!), propped it up in a way to allow for the bend in the horns to stay in place, and let it dry. There were a lot of pit holes and marks in the dried result, so some sanding was needed - you can see the difference between the non sanded result and the sanded result in the picture on the left.

After sanding and priming came the really fun part- painting! I love painting props and accessories. It took a few layers, but I'm pretty pleased with the result. I took a little artistic liberty with the tips and bottoms of them as the graphics in the game are fairly simple and I thought it made them a tiny bit more sinister.

So there are some scary(ish) things about this cosplay - mainly because they are things I have not tried before. I have naver made horns before, or dyed material, or worn face paint, or a hoop skirt, or made a muscle suit before!!

But I love the game and this character really doesn't get enough love from the cosplay community, so when my friend announced she was going to be cosplaying Rinoa, this was my immediate choice. Plus I've never been a baddie before and really wanna cosplay someone with red eyes (oh, so shallow!)

But what was easy were the earrings...took me longer to buy the beads then it did to make these (and it will probably be the only easy part of this cosplay!). I've taken a little artistic liberty as in the FMV they're a bit plainer than the beads I have selected. But if you were an all powerful sorceress, wouldn't you bling it up a bit?? So I pimped these out a smidge haha.

I started making my pillbox hat today - I found a really good tutorial for making them online which requires simply cereal boxes, a hot glue gun, old jeans and a chosen material. I've so far only made the top, but hopefully tomorrow I shall make the sides and start strengthening the cardboard with my denim :)

Of course, this isn't a simple pillbox hat (because apparantly my version of simple just isn't simple lol), so when I've made it, I will have two pieces of design to add onto it, and a big old bead and feather too. But atm my sewing desk no longer exists, so really I'm trying to work on the props as much as possible! Anything I don't need to sew!!

Well, without trying to give it away...I've made starts. I've started making the wefts out of wig no 2, which is a darker purple, which will be sewn into wig no 1 which is a bit too light and too flat in colour/volume for my liking. I have never wefted in my life, so I'm quite happy with how they've turned out so far! Just kinda scared of how the sewing will go down..

And I've made an ear! It needs to be coated in liquid latex and cut so it fits to my ear. And it needs a partner too, otherwise I will be lopsided, lol. Yup, elfy ears!

I had already started on Wander's shirt a while ago, but stopped when exams loomed and I realised that I could do neither Wander or my exams properly if I tried to do them at the same time, so sadly I had to put Wander down. But I've graduated now (wheey!) and Wander is back in my life (oh, such an adorable little giant murderer XD).

My first problem was actually finding the partially sewn shirt (it was hiding really well T_T) and sussing out the crappy sleeves, but the pic in the top left if what I eventually ended up with as a base. It is messy and wonky, but its okay! I'm letting myself be wonky and messy with this because there are different layers going over the top of the wonky bits, and also because Wander has that distinct oldy worldy, rough hand sewn look about him. I actually think this is one of the few characters where having a pristine costume actually doesn't do the character justice!

This afternoon I started sewing on the first on many brown layers that are decorative. Its quite difficult getting hold of good screen shots, and Wander has that annoying habit like most game characters of having colours that seem to change in every picture. A lot. Lol (i.e. not lol). I spent a good while just staring at screen shots, designs, and other cosplayers before deciding how I think it should go. But now this first layer is up, even though I know there is more to go, I'm feeling more like its heading in the right direction, and less towards the potato sack category.

Well, exams and uni are long gone, so I dug out my not so trusty sewing machine, and thought it was time that I got it looked at. Turns out, one tiny screw was stopping me, and after spending ages finding the right bobbin sizes (I say thank you to the lovely people here on the forums :D) I finally got cracking! My machine is alive! Although I am constantly scared that it will eat my material/blow up.

So this is just the base...the collar is slightly wonky but thats okay because I will be sewing a layer of black in the middle, and then the two strips of silver/black material to make a faux collar of sorts. Thus, it should become unwonky (I hope XD). I'm really looking forward to making the belt for this - because it means I can go slightly nuts with fabric paints ( And I will - Hobbycraft didn't quite know what hit it when I ramsacked them for paints...)

This costume will get its first outing at Kita!! I can't wait, it is such a cute outfit. I'm going to put extra effort into this Miku and pay close attention to hair and makeup- I've found some great tutorials, so hopefully I can capture her playful image a bit more accurately.

The wig will also get a makeover too- I kind of (i.e. totally did) wear it straight from the package last time at Aya, and it rocked, but I think it can be better. Last time the fringe kept falling all over the place, and on a couple of occassions revealed my hairline where I just kept sweeping it out of my eyes. So thinning and shaping is in order :) And a massive detangling operation is order for those ponytails....the tangles ...OHTHETANGLES - I tell you...

I thought I would give his bow and arrow a try...partially becuase I think it would look cool, and partially because I thought it would be a good experiment and I can hopefully use it for other props! This is what it first looked like when it was all freshly sprayed. It hasn't expanded that much, and it seems to have dried well after a few hours sitting outside :)

Now all I have to do is spray the other side and then get cutting and sanding it down, because it is meant to look a lot more sleek (and it has to be a lot more sleek if I have any hope of carrying it on a train up to Kita...

The japanese release of the game is taunting me...I just want to get cracking, but I have lots of uni work *searches for the world's smallest violin*

So instead I've been allowing myself to prep for it! These are what I have in terms of material (except for some organza that is hiding somewhere). The two black ones are going to be used for the bodysuit - the matt leatherette one will be the main bulk of it, but its inpractical - so thats where the stretchy swimsuit type material comes in, and I have planned for that to make up for the lack of stretch in the leatherette. Otherwise I can see myself getting stuck in this before its even finished!! (This has happened I've decided to learn a lesson...)

The feather are for, well, the feath drape/skirt. I contacted a german cosplayer who made something very similar for a cosplay of the Eternal Sonta character Viola - which looked amazing! And she told me about make a wire frame to hang all the feathers on (with the aid of the organza). So hence an array of different sized feathers. I think this might be my favourite bit (well, it is at the moment- maybe not when my hands are covered in hot glue and feathers are everywhere)

The colourful purples are samples I set off for. The top one is leatherette, the bottom too suedettes. I can't choose.... T_T

This is my current dilemma...why is it, for every character design, they seem to change colour in reference pics? I might start a petition against this. Let me decide what colour to use first...

I never realised how much planning would go into this one... but at least there is no deadline for it, so there won't be a mad rush of paiting and finishing armour. I have chosen to use EVA foam for the whole thing, as I've seen some amazing things been crafted through this. I've got some pewter rub n' buff, although I am very far off the stage where I can use that.

I went on a magical trip to Goldhawk road, and nearly fainted with joy overload at the crazy number of fabric shops and the crazy amount of fabrics they offered. The material selection process will probably go up later when I can get to the material in my room to take a photo (currently I would have to execute a highly dangerous espionage mission to avoid waking my sister). But the trip taught me two things:

1) GoldieNeko is an awesome haggler
2) I ought to think about how I am going to get in and out of the bodysuit, especially as I have PURPOSEFULLY chosen a non-stretch material (I was thinking accurate look-wise, rather than pratical cosplay wise. I may later regret this as I try and wriggle in and out of it)

My plan is to put in stretch panels on the back, for the straps and for the um, crotch. The rest will be all panels that I will make with the aid of duct tape, and muslin fabric so it is all form fitting. Well, thats the plan, lol! (Expect much failing of plans!)

Here is my wig try-out! I was a little worried as it looked a lot more grey than it did in it's original picture...but somehow I think that adds to it- what do you reckon? Its not too short either, which I was also worried about. Think I might have to trim it down actually.

But now I have a know what that means, right? This costume is officially IN PROGRESS! *Changes status*

I also have a bit of a collection of feathers going on. Probably my favourite part of the cosplay, though it probably won't be on the day when it may prevent me from sitting down, lol. No pain, no cosplay!!!

I haven't forgotten about this one at all - in fact, I've just bought a wig for it! The old one, kind of got overchopped - I went a bit too far with the fringe, and I'm not happy with it, and it's not quite the right colour....BUT I loved the colour of my luka one - and could quite easily imagine it cut into shape!

I've even been planning to remake the shield from scratch (and try not to cry at the hours of lost time on the original). Though I could save it...I might give saving it a go actually. I'm not sure though!

Hehe, okay, its not completely finished, but all that has to be done is 1) sew a few cm of the sleeve, 2) hot glue gun the control panel to the sleeve and 3)repaint a weensy bit of fabric paint that got stuck and peeled.

I would call that done!!!! No thursday/friday night rush, woop!!!! Its a record!!!

It has stunned me, but the top actually kind of came together without two much of a problem! So when I was cursing myself saying 'Next time I say a costume is simple- hit me", I should stayed stchum, as the lack of a sleeve/arm has actually been nice. And the zip wasn't too much of a problem - it was more difficult matching the colour up with the bias to be honest! ElegantAura did an awesome job sending it through her sewing machine without a zipper foot, so she may have stories that illustrate that it wasn't as easy as I thought it was.

Really can't wait to wear this! This the pre-wonder webbed version - finished pics are up in the photo section.

This is the finished result of the boots- all laced up and ready for an expo day out! I had to get new laces, but that's nothing. I am really chuffed with the result of these... I am normally a looky-like cosplayer when it comes to shoes, rather than getting it just right, but these are pretty darn close to the actual design.

There was a teensy bit of trouble with the stockings/socks. I didn't want anything with lace at the top- because even though they are pretty, I think it would kind of ruin the look - Luka is already showing a fair bit of leg, and oomping up the sexy factor with lace would push it overboard! So I managed to find these, which aren't too sheeny shiny (there needs to be a bit, but not enough to set off my irrational hatred of da sheen!).

But the problem: they have no way of holding themselves up. So after two steps they had already slipped to just above my knees. Now, Rita's sock at least allowed me some walking before happily whizzing down to my knee, yet it was still a chore to have to yank it up for photos or even to generally walk around, so I was NOT having this! So Pez suggested sock glue- and it is one of the most amazing things next to spray shoe dye. It comes in a roll on form - no paint brushes for me, and i just roll a circle round my thigh, press the sock into the glue, and voila! It doesn't even hurt and aggravate my skin to wash off- which is a bonus as after a long expo day you don't really wanna be scrubbing at your skin for excessive amounts of time because 1) you're tired and 2) your mates will eat all of the chinese/pizza/insert generic takeaway.

All in all: Whoop!

Well, considering my slightly crazy (i.e very crazy) month deadline, I have been slacking on the journal front, so here is a collective one dedicated to little bits. In the pic you can see my earpieces for the headphones, all shiny and painted with acrylic, then mod podge'd over. I have since placed a bit of fimo (filmo?) into the blue hollow, mainly because hearty is so light and I felt I needed something to weigh it down just a little, because the headband is also made out of hearty. Not that I'm too worried that it will blow off into the Thames or anything as I will glue hair clips to the underside of the band, but I just thought it would give it some more substance. Or because I like to give myself more work, who knows!

The funny little squiggly thing which is a broch is to be pinned on- it was bought on ebay but no doubt I would have struggled and ended up shouting at it if I was left to try and create one. Though I have repainted it to suit the colour scheme - I have this irrational hatred of Luka cosplays that are a very sheeny shiny metallic gold- I'm an ochre gold girl through and through (because thats how my boots came out! Haha, kidding, I think it looks warmer, especially with my dark pink wig).

The stripes are arm bands that were the result of a very productive afternoon, and I am kind of in a little bit in love with them. Mainly because they have the three main colours of her outfit in it, so every time I look at it I can see the end result more clearly! There seems to be lots of little accesories like this, so I still have a bit to go :)

Shoes for cosplays normally scare me - but my good friend ElegantAura is a genius with them, and for a recent Tifa costume she used shoe dye. So looking into this I found some in spray form.


No problems with making sure I haven't over sprayed and got the colour too thick in one area, or too thin in another, no weird flaking, no crazy mess, no problem! (Except the weather, but I'm not counting that). All that is needed now is some black laces, which conveniently turned up whilst I was in mid-spray. Woop!

This is hearty. I love hearty, it is very light and simple to use. It is my new best friend in cosplay making, and it moulds/cuts/sands like a dream. And stupidly light - I'm actually going to attempt to weigh this down a little bit with fimo (filmo? I forget what it is called).

Anyhoo, this is what stage one of my headphones look like.

I have started where I always normally start with costumes: the wig. Not much to say about this except that it is so gorgeous, and such a rich pink and that it was actually one of the persuading factors for me to start working on a Luka cosplay. This needs a slight trim on the fringe front, and the trademark of the vocaloids of a pair of headphones (which I plan on making using hearty) and this part of the costume is essentially done.

On a slightly more crazy note: I have a deadline for this - no, not the October Expo, but October 3rd, mainly, Uni return day. I don't normally quite meet the expo deadline let alone nearly a month before. So yes, crazy :P

Haha, well, I've never had to fight for an iron before, but that is exactly what happended the Thrusday night preceding Aya. Three of us battling away to finish costumes! I technically finished this costume the morning of Aya, so I will post some better journal entries when I upload the pics. I have been keeping photographic evidence of the making of this costume, honest...

Aya was completely great - and I felt the insta-cute as soon as the cat ears were on. I think they're my favourite part of this costume - followed closely by the wig...which needs some serious de-frizzing now.

Keep an eye out for photos of me playing 'meowth baseball' and using some improvisational gumption to double my cat paws as baseball gloves XD

Another wiggy for the collection! This one is quite a bit different to ones I have had in the past (which, now that I think about it, have all been short ones). This is great, because it means I get to swish it around like an absolute idiot, but it does pose new, it is super heavy because of the clip on ponytails, two, the static!

But hey, I'm not complaining. The weight isn't bad at all once its been on your head for a few minutes, and I think it is sooo cute...I feel irresistable urges to tie ribbons round the ponytails and plait it...

Ooh, a bonus is: not much work!! A little trimming of the fringe area, some small hairspraying/gelling and that's about it. But as you know, Sam doesn't do simple, so I've ordered a separate ponytail and I will attempt to weft some extra volume into the ponytails. Attempt being the key word there- but I have a summer's worth of time!! Lots of time for messing up before getting it right!!

Yes,I really don't get on with pins...and there was a fair bit of yelping and squealing today because of said pins. I managed to hook the pad of my thumb onto on, because I am just that special.

But it is worth it, ne? I actually had someone (aka sister's friend) recognise it. I'm gonna take that as a good sign - and that was even before the dark pink started going on too! *Is far too pleased with herself*

So...I'm wondering whether I can make it in time for your bets people :P

But I'm rather pleased with my wig-cutting efforts!!! I think short wigs are becoming a habit now. I was rather lucky that Estelle hasn't got to much to do, so all that is left is to style the fringe and ta-da. But isn't is scary when you start chopping - and then all the bits you chopped of look like you've hacked most of the wig off? I had to continually stop and reassure myself I dadn't made it crazy short!

And in other news, with the handing in of two essays, I was feeling rather pleased and relaxed, and in preparation for next week's blitz on my costume, I decided to start pattern creating. So here is the very tiny bit at the just the whole of the coat to go! (I'm looking at those sleeves...and they're making me break into a cold sweat....expect much moaning/whinging next week about them!)

Apart from that....ARGHGHGHG KITA IS ONLY A COUPLE WEEKS AWAY. What on earth have I been doing???

The petals are all attached, wooo!!!! Took me about forever to finally getting round to shaping the back ones, but they're on and all hemmed apart from one petal. So I decided to pin some of the dark pink on the design. There isn't much time now - eeek... and that white coat of hers sure looks scary now!!

But...I have accidently-on-purpose made the petals quite flouncy. I don't know how I did that, but if anyone asks, it was on purpose, okay? XD I put it down to the magic of some serious interfacing. That heavy duty stuff was starting to bend my pins (which, I'm not particularly sad about, as when I sat down to a seminar today I noticed that my hands looked like they had been dragged through a thorny bush)

That reminds me, if you ever feel the urge to try on a costume thats all pinned together, and you're wearing pyjama shorts - don't. Just don't....

Attached: a photo showing the major petal explosion caused by mega interfacing. I'll pop another one of the pinned pink material on the main photo bit, but please ignore how it kind of needs an iron...I'm a bit bored of the iron at the moment *interfacing....*!

Well, here are the two front petals, and the top for Estelle's underdress! Funnily enough, the petals have caused me much grief - and there really isn't any reason why they should have! But it will teach me for having both the art concept and game concept besides me as references, which have slightly different shapes and different levels of foofy-ness.

I'm sticking to the interfacing plan - I may reintroduce my tutu after more interfacing, unless it still causes weird lumps to form in the petals. Though luckilly, the way it is sitting on my hips is making it flare out nicely anyway, so there may be no need for the tutu (except to prance around in generally, but that goes without saying...)

Sorry- I'm standing in such a weird pose! It is because I'm using poppers to attatch it all together, but as it still needs lots done to it before that stage, I just normally pin it to the mannequin. Unfortunately, I can't do this when trying it on, though the pins like to try and do this anyway, so lots of stabbing ensues! (Today's try on consisted of yelps of pain, scratches and a very loud ripping sound and a small scream from me- which is why this costume is lucky to have not been thrown on a bonfire!)

There has actually been some sewing progress *is quite shocked herself*. Firstly, I cut a rough petal shape, using one of my favourite tricks of making a paper template (paper templates are your friends people!). Which I've since pinned a hem to, and realised it needs a sharper point, and the shape to be slightly altered on one side of the each petal due to the funny joining of the front petals.

But hey....BOOTS! I'm not normally too fussed about shoes normally...but these are cosplay shoes so that makes a totally big difference! I love boots actually... my recent cosplay involves boots now that I think about it. Maybe I have a boot addiction.

But back to sewing...the underdress is taking shape :) it's only pinned together, mainly because it had to be pinned so much to take it down about 3 sizes because my pattern is super old and was randomly found in an old warehouse and only came in a size 16. So there was a few minutes of being stabbed by pins as I tried it on, and some sighing as I realised that my original plan of having the pink dress slip on and off like Rita won't work because of the chinese collar, and my head is too rotund to fit through it. So poppers to the rescue, because a zip would mean extra faff.

Hopefully there will be pictures soon of the dress, but as Laura said, it looks like a nurse's outfit at the moment, so not right now! >.<

Alas, the two maidens were bamboozled by materials...such glorious pinks surrounded Sam, and Laura was confuzzled by rich blues. It seemed that all was lost, but nay! All twas good, when Sam eventually chose strawberry cerise and Laura posed by a shop called Luigi.

So it was a productive day hehe! The first pic is of me blubbing over which pink to choose...and the second is a brilliant example of my rubbish timing...that pose wasn't intentional... I think I look too happy about finally choosing one of two pinks for Estelle's dress. But I'm rather chuffed with the shade!! I've gone for a cross between the game and original designs...but I guess the two pinks are closer to the bright game colours. The only thing that is missing is the gold/yellow for the swirly bits and lining.

To Brighton: I'm sorry...I really should warn when I plan to visit, shouldn't I?

On the shield the battle of warping v me, I'm winning :) maybe one or two more layers, then I can get sanding! this isn't going exactly as I planned...
Plan: paper clay over the shield, let it dry, then sand down and voila, one shield with some weight (but not a lot) and ready to paint and foam up. (That is my 'Here's one I made earlier', rose-tinted plan)

Reality: The papier mache has actually started to warp, quite badly too. Which means I'm having to apply more layers of paper clay, which is time consuming as it takes so gosh darn long to dry, and try to rectify the warping as I go along by propping the shield up with plastic pots so th right bits curve and the right bits bend etc. I think my hairdryer will cry the next time I get it out to use again.

Another problem all this warping has caused is for some of the layers of papier mache to start peeling and un-stick themselves, so I've invited my old friends the clothes pegs into the fray with another friend I fetched from the cupboard of lotions and potions (aka, the cupboard of enamel paints and glues), UHU glue.

I WILL BEAT THE PAPIER MACHE! This is like Rita's goggles, all over again....

It is starting to even out...slowly....and I'm sure once I've sanded it down and reinforced the back with some sort of structure, it will be pretty good. It was already quite solid after the first layer, if a little crumbly round the edges.

But hey, it's fabric shopping tomorrow :D And this time I will remember to bring my own bag, to avoid the tradition of the bag snapping in the middle of a crowd and me looking like a dork.

I was so happy to get this today, as well as a pattern which I can use for both Estelle's coat and her under-dress thingy. Well, I was until I realised that I had spaghetti sauce on my chin when I opened the door to the postie haha!

So it is unstyled at the moment, I just decided to upload a pic because I'm such a geek when it comes to wigs. I'm wearing the fringe funny to hide a spot hahah, and I'm not sure why I look drunk..perhaps I was giddy with joy that it had arrived? Anyways, I'm planning to straighten it...if it doesn't work I will bring out the hairdryer again, hahah, seemed to work with Rita! That will force/persuade it to straighten, then its a simple case of cutting the fringe the right length and thats it. Its rather simple this time round, so there shouldn't be any journal updates going "I HAD TO RESTART...AGAIN!"

I just thought...I'll have to paint my eyebrows pink so they don't look insanely dark...I'm very tempted to do it and see if people notice if they're pink when I'm not wearing the wig. I'm wondering whether I could be trusted with snazeroo in the morning too...I'm bad enough with standard cosplay make up, let alone a bright colour! God help my con/expo friends who will probably hear at some point ' meh!"

Shield! It's currently a little bit flimsy, but there is about 3 days worth of paper mache there, so it was fairly resistant to me hauling it around the front room for a picture. I decided to give the pic a christmas vibe... are you feeling the christmas love? :)

I'm planning to use paperclay over the top to smooth out all the lumps and bumps, and then use some foam for the detailing, as everyone knows I love foam *thinks backs to larsa*

Though this time I will seal it instead of going with the tactic: "If I keep painting and painting lots of layers, eventurally the pores in the foam will be too full to absorb anymore paint!" - needless to say, it didn't work, and when I looked at Larsa's crest thing last week, the red pen I used to outline the shape is now visible underneath the several billion layers of paint.

In other news, when I showed my sister the shield, she replied "It looks like batman". Does that count as a fail?!

...but I got bored, so decided to sketch out an idea for a mini hoop skirt...only I got carried away. Be thankful that I didn&amp;amp;#039;t add a little comic of Flynn and Yuri on the side!

Anyhoo, I definately want her skirt/petals/flaps to be quite poofy and bouyant, so some sort of hoop frame will be needed. I was thinking that the supports for each petal would probably have to sit over the main cage when I sit down it can fan out instead of me having to sit diagonally and look like a nutter.

Please ignore my colouring skills...I got carried away, but not enough to be bothered to apply any real artistic skills! *My art teacher would be shaking his head in shame*

I remember when this looked like a red, baggy dinner lady dress! Look how much it has grown up! *sniffles!* A big thank you to Lauzie for making sure it ate it's vegetables and grew up perfectly!

And another big thank you to everyone who said hi at the expo or took a photo! I probably made a pants Rita because I smile way too much and ended up semi-bowing at everyone who took my photo (I was just so grateful!). Thanks goes to SarahSaiyan for being a fabulous Zagi and an awesome photographer!

Well, I'm so so close to finishing - just need to attach the goggles, the little red ribbons and a bit of elastic for the top of the sock. But it's 2 am and to be honest, I don't trust myself with a needle at this time!!

But here's a piccy of the sock which has been left out of the spotlight. It's because I hate cosplay socks (thanks larsa...)

But hey, if you see me at expo, give me a shout! Pics will be up soon and I hope everyone has a fun time at expo! I'm pretty sure it will be a good one - we saw a guy dressed as a banana in tescos....surely a good omen!

Heya, this is just a quick update. I'm mainly doing some fiddly little bits, like this morning I finished off making some funny little red taggy things for one of Rita's boots... they're very cute and took me all of 10 mins (bonus!).

Yesterday I tied the little red ribbons for her tunic...again, very cute (who would have ever thought Rita was cute?) and I've just been generally tidying up my pockets (I take it back Pez- pockets are hard work!)

I have been waging war with my goggles, using UHU glue as my sword. I think I'm winning.... but only because my friends the clothes pegs have stepped in to help.

Now really it's just painting the sock, fixing all the ribbon parts together and faffing around with my wiggy and goggles left to do!

Ooh, and look at the lovely fimo collar piece that Feather-to-Earth made for me! <3 Love! That girl has serious skills, as does Elegant Aura - thanks again so much!

Hmm, this wig is starting to drive me crazy. I think it's going along the right tracks! My poor hairdryer hates me now for making it work overtime - and covering it in a sticky grimy coating from the hair gel. For a girl who has messy hair, it sure is hard work to style! I'm so worried about travelling on the train with it - if you hear a reaaaally loud scream from the excel area on Friday, it may possibly be me wailing over my wig hahah.

The goggles arent done yet, but I felt like balancing them on wiggy, to get a feel for the look. I still need to figure out how to attach it... *brain-melt!* But I guess all this pent up rage will be good to vent out at the expo and say it is just good Rita role-playing!

You know you've got it when you have the following symptoms: you start freaking out that the expo is actually soon, you can't speak properly and you attempt to 'cosplay whisper' to your outfit in the hopes it might make itself.

In fact, I had cosplay fever so bad today that I ended up pretending to be Lauzie and having a conversation with her sewing machine. That thing doesn't like me, I swear!! Though I'm pretty sure there is potential in the whole cosplay whispering pockets actually listened to me when I asked it, very nicely, to please stick and stick now to my tunic/dress. Or maybe it was because I threatened it with maximum heatage on the iron...either way it did, and there is now a piccy up to celebrate the defeat of the pockets.

Also, I have sleeves now! Very poofy ones that I squee at every time I see them. But there is a small hitch: when they are attached to the tunic, I will look like an absolute dork (for dorkage please see the attached pic Lauzie sneakily obtained through her wit and cunning, and my inability to see where she was).

Next on the agenda : sock painting, and wig styling. Oh dear, I feel the fever. Thank god for catchy songs and the enticing promise of a chocobo conga in the expo queue and a bagel for lunch.... >.<

It's been a little while since I last posted, mainly because the fun world of law has once again taken over and is waging war with cosplay. But the good news is the tunic is done (Thanks soooo much Lauzie!) and sleeves are underway. Note to self: don't bend down while wearing the tunic >.<

I finally got round to starting the sock. Who knew a sock would be so darn hard? Whats the name for a phobia of socks? As soon as I started attempting it I had horrible flashblacks of my lame attempt of Larsa's boots *screams and waves hands dramatically*.

But! It seems to be going good, and wearing my pinned up sock actually made me feel kinda Rita-ish (i.e. totally badass and awesome). I've started my ribbon...and I'm pretty sure all I'm gonna do while I'm standing in the queue at expo is swing my arm around to make the ribbon whirl and swirl around in pretty shapes (simple things please simple minds!).

Bad news on the wig front...I had to restart. Aagin, lol. I tried it on and it sat so weird on my head. Maybe I just have an abnormally shaped head? Anway so I'm cheating a little and going against the sacred wig rule that thou shall not subject your synthetic wig to a hairdryer. Good news: the front bangs are lovely and straight (my hairdryer won the battle, so now they're doing as they're told!)

Pictures soon, so watch this space!

You may be wondering why I put these up...these pockets have been the cause of many burns and 'Ah!'s during today's session of bondawebbing. I have probably set a life record for the most time spent with an iron today, as I ironed the material, twice, ironed on the bondaweb a million times until the red stuck to the yellow and ironed the hem of the smaller pocket's red back material (as I was being lazy and didn't want to fight the sewing machine).

But I'm so proud of them! And they're working pockets too *grins*

Cute, ne? <3

At Salon Sammykins, we use fuzzy curlers that cling to every single, itty bit of hair, causing a fluffy mess when taken out (which we do when I can be bothered- normally a week and a can of hairspray later).

Actually, I'm enjoying this bit. Tt reminds me of when I styled my Selphie wig. It did kind of go poofy earlier when I took the curlers out, but with a careful comb and reclipping it's still taking shape. The front bangs are staying in place quite solidly, so all I have to do is make sure Ed the breaker of cosplay props and goodies keeps away from it *shakes fist at the memory of her broken nun-chucks*

Fun fact kiddies: 80 slides, 11/12 hair rollers, 5 pins and 7 metal hair clippy/separting slide thingys, gobs of hair gel and 3/4 of a can of hairspray have currently been nommed up to this stage. Lets see if it eats the whole can!

I had a dream where my gloves weren't finished the time the expo rolled round, and I hid from everyone in cosplay shame. So here's proof that that isn't going to happen this time! Take that nightmare!

"How would that ever happen Sam? It only took a few stitches!" -Laura, on my ditziness.

She is still laughing at me now :D And please excuse the caramelldansen pose. I've listened to a lot of 'nyan nyan's this afternoon and it's kinda rubbed off on me. Nyan! <3

My sewing machine has decided to not cooperate. but on the good side of things my wig is taking shape. At least things are going okay with that! And Rita's sash isn't going too bad... just very, very slowly now that I have to invade lauzie's to steal- er I mean, borrow her sewing machine.

I'm very chuffed with how things are taking shape, especially the tunic part, which lauzie is doing a very good job with (because, quite frankly, I am useless when a pattern is even in the same room as me). I'm looking forward to taking the bazillion clips and the ten-ish curlers out of the wig though, until it all sticks to itself hahah.

though for now, I want to subject my sewing machine to a blah blah blah tidal wave spam session >.<

Cut out paper prototype with obligatory cups of tea (not both for me by the way..)

This is just a little paper prototype that I wanted to make before I went ahead and cut out the actual zig zag. I wanted to lay it over my sash, just to see the effect and decide yay or nay. There is so many ways a zig can zag... and how thick... so many cosplayers have taken diferent approaches to this!! But I have gone for a thicker look for it - and I think it looks okay! The thinner looks a little weird!

During this I was texting lauzie, who said "I love it, you are putting so much love into Rita" and it completely reminded me of the Yuri's love filled croquette skit.

"So eat them with care, okay?"

Okay kiddies, its always better to be safe then sorry, right? I think I was too safe when I bought my material, as Elegant Aura is showing us here.

At least I know I have tons spare if anything goes wrong, and maybe even enough for a sash if I have time to make it. But I really want to use any spare material to make some red bunny ears, to honour the bunny guild. Probably the best accesory to exist in a game!

This wasn't too bad to do - just a few coats of enamel spray over the original colour, making sure the paint doesn't run. I did have to scrape of a couple of layers when they built up slightly to form lumpy bit, but it was easy enough to do!

Now I'm having fun scraping off the spray that got over the lens, though it's all going to be covered anyway, hopefully with a red translucent plastic if I can find it. But the spray has given me a bit of a sore throat, even though I've been doing it in a ventilated area >.<

I was nicely surprised to have received my boots extra super faster than expected. Shame I Can't get them on extra super fast! They have no zip, so I have to pull/slip them on, but they must be reinforced round the heel because that's where my heel gets stuck! Funny though, once they're on, they a smidge too big by my toes hahah!!


But they're perfect when I finally get them on! It just takes half an hour to get them on and about half of my total energy to do so. Perhaps I shall just live in them during the expo, or perhaps I will have to get the a whole apartment's worth of people to play tug of war with me to get them off!

I finally got my wig, and its so utterly perfect, despite not being properly styled yet. I can't wait to larsa it up into cute little flicky bits. But all my kirby grips seem to have vanished...I think they remember the hard work I made them do during the creation of a selphie wig, and are hiding.

It looks just a tad too long there but hopefully with the styling it will be the right length, and I've realised I've placed the parting on the wrong side! But it looks like its on the right side in the reflection :P It's actually a full fringe which is easily persuadable, so not a problem, and then just spray it into place and voila! It might need a lot of spray for the back though!

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