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'Do what you want to do, make who you want to make, for Cosplay is a passion that can surpass all others - and make it last!'

'Never forget that cosplay is about fun, so if you are not having fun, you are not doing it right!'

The main reason I Cosplay is to express my love for certain characters, I have always had a passion for crafts and Cosplay seems to roll in my love for Anime, Manga and Gaming into a whole new world of creativity. Cosplay is a passion of mine where I can express my love for these characters and show others how I feel about them.

I have been Cosplaying for many years and I have made outfits from Games such as RPG’s and also Anime/Manga.

In addition I have made my own creations such as a Human Girl Cheshire Cat as well as making outfits from Television programmes such as Torchwood and Doctor Who.

I also have a few articles here and there with cosplay tips, for example MYM Mags have published some of my work in 2012 and I was in the GemuCon con book in 2013. I also like to draw and some of my works have been featured in con books such as Kitacon 2014.

I have had my make-up tips featured in MyM Magazine (Issue 4 page 45) and also foot wear tips.

Some of my proud moments / highlights so far have been:

-Photographed by some super talented people, which has allowed me to start my own Cosplay photo album to show others
-Been part of a Cosplay groups (making new friends along the way)
-Taking part in the London MCM Expo Masquerades (various) - Vampire Rinoa, Pascal.
-Taking part in the Kitacon masquerades - Fina from Skies of Arcadia 2012, Rose from Tales of Zesteria 2016.
-Taking part in the GemuCon masquerade - Pascal from Tales of Graces f 2013.
-Taking part in the KupoCon masquerade - Freya Crescent from Final Fantasy IX 2017.
-Finishing my Aurora Child of Light Cosplay in 7 days back in 2014!
-Entering Gemu's got talent in 2013 and singing my heart out as FFVII Aeris.
-Entering Kita's got talent in 2014 and dancing as Magnet Luka (Vocaloid) with Miku (Jess)!
-Entering CMV at Kitacon 2016 for it to be highly praised - credit to Dom for editing.
-Becoming a cosplay guest for the first time at the Norwich Gaming Festival in 2015 (and running a masquerade) and being a guest again in 2016! Also running Manga Norfolk prior to this at The Forum in Norwich.
-2017 Guest of Reynard City at Nor-Con!

One of my first happiest achievements in cosplay was getting recognition and praise from others as well as appearing in:
Neo Magazine's Cosplay Corner as Rinoa Heartilly.
Neo Magazine 'Cosplay Stars' as Fina from Skies of Arcadia with a long bio.

I am also very fortunate to run a cosplay group AniMedia East along side with my friends. www.animediaeast.webs.com designed to make more buddies with similar interests.

I am very fortunate to have a great teacher in my mum who used to be a dress maker, I thank her every day for the encouragement and support she gives and a great husband who puts up with me!

I'm also very lucky to have some great friends who share my passion and also encourage me to keep doing what I do, because the stress does make me want to put the thread down!

I hope nothing can stop me from making Cosplay and I would encourage anyone out there to have a go regardless of skill.

Always feel free to PM me if you need help or just want to chat!

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I've got all the fabric! Just waiting for the right moment to make everything!

Earing was made with bought feather and bead

Me as Bulba (left) and Brittany Lorick as Bellossom Gijinka (right) at Kitacon 2017

A commission I have always wanted for evening wear at a con! I have it ready for Kitacon Quest 2017 but I just need to adjust it all first....

Surprise! I'm currently making a Wonder Vixen cosplay for Reynard City :D I'm their special guest at NORCON and couldn't be more thrilled! I'll add more progress here and update on Twitter (@RayeRayeChan) - But Patreon's of RC will see them first ;) In the meantime, please do check out the Reynard City website for more news

Ann's outfit itself is being commissioned along with the wig to save me time to work on other projects ;) if everything comes together I will be wearing it for Kitacon 2017!

So my wig arrived last month and I've just got around to styling it! XD I'm also working on the dress and I have socks too!

First new costume of 2017 is a go go!

So I finished Life is Strange and really felt for Max - so I decided to cosplay as her! :D should take too long to pull together ;)

I have finally sorted through a few bits so I can now reveal shots from my photoshoot for Rose from Tales of Zestiria! This were taken at Kitacon 2016 in Birmingham. One of my favourite shots in a meadow of daffodils by the woods <3 More to come as I sort through them

Just finished my Rose cosplay! XD Cutting it fine but I'm super pleased with it! Just need to pack tonight and then off to Kitacon with Matt tomorrow :D X Totoro Girl Friday, Rose (Tales of Zestiria) Sat & Sunday ;)

I've not had time to update my progress here xD so I will need to back fill, most of the pics are on FB on RayeRaye Cosplay though!

Pink fabric made into oval good and sewn to grey hood - attached to jacket by hand sewing ;)

A simple mustard pashmina cut, knotted and sewn :)

Ordered my white jeans today (cheap shop ones are terrible quality, so I've ordered a nicer pair on a online site) ;)

Also had my mustard colour pashmina arrive yesterday, and last night I finished the dagger first stage construction, so onto duct tape, paper mache, smoothing, painting etc...

The sewing got put to one side due to work commitments, but I'll be doing more this weekend and hopefully will finish constructing the dress this week!

The jacket needs the grey fabric added and buttons, attach the pink (hood) and finally i need to work on the other bits (tassels).

Lastly, trying to find boots to edit has been rather difficult :/ so will see.

If I don't finish for Kitacon 2016 I'm fine with that, I'd rather have a good build than a rushed one - and she will be ready for May MCM Comic Con 2016.

Daggers progress for Rose :)(one dagger layer so far)

Jacket base is finished! Ready for all other additions :)

Spent a couple of hours sorting the dress making patterns for the jacket and dress!

Purchased all my fabric for the jacket, hoodie and dress his weekend!

The wig took about an hour to style as the fringe is a little complex for Akame - because of the sides mainly!

Patterned metal buttons sewn onto pouch

Simple red wine tie, knotted, with a metal button sewn on

This took a while to do! I had to make the collar from scratch, and machine sew. There is also interfacing inside to made it stiff (after ironing) Had to turn it inside out and hand sew the rest. Then I had to pin it to the neckline of the dress and finally I had to hand sew the collar on to keep it in place.

Next will be adding stripes and doing a permanent sew.

Belt cover made from scratch - machine sewn, turned inside out and threaded over a leather belt (won't see the ends as this will be covered under the belt pouch.

Belt cover made out of the same red wine fabric :) it will be sewn as one piece and threaded over a leather belt

100% self made :) - fabric is wine red it's just had to tell in the light!

It has three sections and a flap and will hook over the belt

As you can see I machined most of it but it requires hand sewing the remainder

100% self made :) - fabric is wine red it's just had to tell in the light!

It has three sections and a flap and will hook over the belt

So I started Akame about a week ago xD been tied up putting the outfit together to post progress so will try and get some pics up soon! I'm wearing her this Saturday! 21/11/15

Main things I have done:
- Wine red belt cover - made
- Wine red side pouch skirt cover - made
- White collar on black dress

Things I have bought
- Black dress
- Black gloves
- Black socks
- Black wig
- Wine red tie
- White fabric
- Wine red fabric
- 3 Metal Buttons

Things still to do 17/11/15
- Finish machining collar on dress
- Put stripes on the collar
- Add button to tie
- Add buttons to side pouch
- Style wig
- If time take up the black dress

Things to do for Kitacon 2016
- Make Sword
- Make Sword holder
- Make Arm Guards

This was a pretty easy costume to chuck together! I had Panty's wig already and also: Hakufu's skirt, Orihimes shirt and school shoes :) the green tie I bought on eBay and the badge I made with simple craft felt, and safety pins! Oh and I finished painting backlace too :3

It's a great costume for hot summer days!

So I finished painting the dress, creating the broach (now gold), scarf sewing and finally wig styling! Will add photos when I can :)

Okay! So my first wig order never arrived! But I got a replacent just in time, finished styling it tonight so this project is complete! I'll wear it Friday night at Kitacon :)

Back photo - hooks for attaching to the scarf :)

Ready for gold painting!

Baked in the oven at 110C in the oven for 30 mins :)

Cosplay progress! Finished moulding the scarf tie for Romani :) just needs baking/painting/varnishing. I also finished painting the base of the dress! Hurray!

Kitacon Cosplay! Painting progress! Front is done! So just the back, sleeves to paint, scarf to sew and broach to make +wig to style!

Success, I've figured out that I can use clay to make bowsers broach scarf tie :) I have yellow clay that I can paint over after baking so I just need to make it now!

The dress has been cut up a bit now (sleeves / neck) and I have also cut out a template for the dress pattern

Base dress arrived and I have an undergarment now too :) so what needs to be done is cut and see the sleeves, then paint the blue detail. Next is edit the scarf width and length, then make the bowser broach.

Lastly, style the wig :)

Panty's dress arrived! It's shockingly good :)

My wig and scarf arrived! :D Getting excited now :) may start the bowser broach soon...

And it begins! I have a perfect little red dress coming and I have already received my gold bangles! Also ordered is the wig and some red earrings ;)

Bits and bobs on way! A dress to alter, wig, ears, scarf - good start!

My cute dress and petticoat arrived for my own candy version of sonico! ^^ I shall add other sonico versions seperately :)

Hopefully will be wearing Yuna again on Saturday of Birmingham MCM Comic Con :D

So far my corset has arrived along with the wig and headphones! I need to style the fringe, source a skirt, jacket, and also make the Hige Tiger top! Necklace too if I want to!

I adore Sonico so I just have to Cosplay her xD not sure which version yet but I have the wig and headphones on way!

I love the film so decided to make a cute human girl version by modding a ball dress with fleece material, make some ears and add my tiara!

Worn at Manga Norfolk in Norwich January 2015 as the debut

Worn again at AniMedia East meet February 2015

To be worn at the March MCM Comic Con ^^

So thought I would add some info! This is wear my Kaname costumes will go, so the beach wear I have already done this year, I am now looking at the uniform and how to put it all together!

So I finished on time and had such an enjoyable MCM Comic Con on the Sunday :D

First photos I have are from Jaclyn Po (they are amazing!!!) for MCM Buzz - super happy so will be adding these as and when :)

Big thanks to the Square Enix fan group where I made some new friends and had a brilliant shoot ^^ so much laughter!

I may wear Yuna for the upcoming Distant Worlds concert - we shall see!

Rod 19 - all painting done! Just varnishing now - so one more pic to come

Bow and obi need some additional velcro.
Sleeves have been edited to fit nice
Skirt needs minor detail left to do to improve it
White top needs stitching to black underneath to hold it in correct place
Need to finish the blue detail on rod head, the pole painting and hit - varnish, then add the bell!

Wig cut and styled with manga putty and spray

Wig cut and styled with manga putty and spray

Wig cut and styled with manga putty and spray

Rod 17 progress - other blue detail

Rod progress 4 - drawn by hand and measured

Plan on working on my staff very soon!

This is a full photo of my pal Charlotte dressed in the WW ball gown :)

So pleased to have finished! Finished sewing the edge an painting the stars on the dress xD

The stars could do with another coat but I need it to be dry for packing so it will do as it is :)

Overall I'm really pleased with how it's all turned out!

Working on a trail of stars for the dress - very hard as it's chiffon material! So many many layers of paint. This is panel one of three :) took an hour to do so two more then should have finished all the painting for this costume!

Everything arrived! Testing apart from false eyelashes :)

Just need to adjust fringe, do my shoes, sew leaves on my dress!

Hand painting on the corset is all done! It took me 2 to 3 hours to do!

Next is stars painting on the blue dress. A little bit of sewing - then done.

Finally a wig trim!

Woohoo some of my makeup has arrived all ready! I've got the following coming specially for her:

Green glitter
Green shine eyeshadow
Green eye pencil
Red lipgloss long lasting
Big false eye lashes

For my shoes I have two olive green roses for decoration - I might paint some vines on them. Simple black sandles but super comfy for dancing til 2am!

Then I have a necklace and earrings to come - so add leaves to my dress and trimming my wig fringe are the last things to do.

Wig number one came for Yuna just testing it out to decide whether the colour and length is right as photo taking makes it look different xD this colour is more liked to the concept art af some cgi

A second wig is coming next week which is a more full brown - I would need to cut that!

Corset painting progress :) arcrylic gold mixer on fabric - hand painting!

Commissioned the outfit today - I'm sad I can't make this one all by myself due to time constraints but needs must! Hopefully it will arrive by October! I will be wearing it with Lulu and Rikku!

As usual I start with the wig! It will only need slight amending :)

Stunning photo of my Mistress 9 taken by Tes Lord at Hyper Japan Sunday July 2014! My hair even attacked her! XD (well it got caught on her top after we hugged!) Mistress 9 is loved yay!

HJ was awesome I will defo go again!

So it took me until the early hours to finish sewing Mistress 9's top! There was tonnes of hand sewing around arm holes, collar facing and inside facing. Then I pressed it with an iron so it's nice and flat!

The bead detail was mirrored by hand, pinned and then hand sewn at the joining points :)

Just cut down the fringe on the wig and spiked it slightly for a good effect.

Overall, I'm rather happy with this one, it was a lot of hours of sewing but the hand work looks quite good!

Wearing her finally this Sunday at Hyper Japan as her debut :)

The top is now together - however I had to completely alter the pattern I used and added tonnes of darts to fit it snug! The waist down has been a pain because the peplum type pointy triangles around the hips had to be machined into another flat part of fabric - as trying to sew it as it was meant it buckled due to the lose shape >< so was up most of the night fixing this - luckily I had my mum at hand to help me fix it all! She is as always my tutor!

The zip is now in too - all that is left is hand sewing around the arm holes and back and bust inside, tiding up the facing inside and cut around the triangle peplum bits, turn them inside out - then it should be ready!

Lastly I need to add the pearly type round loop details around the bust and arms. And sort out my wig fringe.. I'm wearing it Sunday at Hyper Japan... I WILL FINISH XD

Okay so I will admit that the top has been a nightmare! XD

Long story short I had to make up the collar and guess the slits - add iron on interfacing as well and then add it to the top itself.

Finished my hand made earrings for Mistress 9! :D it's fun to learn a new craft! Never made earrings before!

Got lots of crafty things to make Mistress 9's earrings and top detail. Not long til Hyper Japan!

Edited a halter neck top pattern and added a long wide waist I edit for the spiky peplum type spikes at the hip. Thanks go out to my mum who's helped me alter the pattern! It's all cut out now.

Next Wednesday will be sewing it all together - adding the collar and zip and making the jaggered spike bits at the hip.

I need to get the beads for the dress detail and earrings.

Okay so a summary of progress!

Wig acquired - need to trim and add Ivy
Hand jewels ordered
Dress is ready for ivy to be added
More ivy on way

Need to buy some moss for base of dress

Make up test to do too!

My friend in the dress :) I just need to cut down the base blue dress - all the other alterations will be listed in this journal as and when things happen!

Bought earrings and silver bracelets today!

Fabric shopping tomorrow for gold fabric for corset!

Perfect wig goes down to my thighs - made the end into a 9 for this picture xD

Okay so my dress is perfect and to keep it all secret and keep suspense I will post little bits as I get through my alterations xx

Corset arrived and it's the perfect shade of red - it will need the gold detailing added :3

My Ivy arrived today and it's long enough to wrap right round me :)

I still need more Ivy for accessories and my hair etc but thought best to get one piece first to check the quality and appearance ^^

Will need more for the bottom too!

Wig arrived and it's superb! Just need to edit the fringe and the length slightly ^^

Progress made!

Got a stunning wig coming, dress to edit, Ivy, and I have great ideas for all the extra!

Gown is ordered and corset for editing as well as looking into the extras too! Wig is also on way.

Skirt arrived and it is perfect!! Working out the top now and looking for plastic white beads :3

So me and my friend were having a random natter about going to a Cosplay ball together and if we did what would we do!

I've always wanted to do Poison Ivy and my friend loves Wonder Woman. So after much excitement and the decision to go this September, I will be making both my own Ivy ball gown and my friends WW one!

For the Aya ball in September 2014!

So me and my friend were having a random natter about going to a Cosplay ball together and if we did what would we do!

I've always wanted to do Poison Ivy and my friend loves Wonder Woman. So after much excitement and the decision to go this September, I will be making both my own Ivy ball gown and my friends WW one!

So watch this space for new progress!

The new Sailor Moon anime is due to be screened July 2014. Because of this my passion for the anime has been brought back to the surface and with it, my desire to cosplay Mistress 9.

She has always been my favourite enemy in the series (next to galaxia of course!) so I really want to do this now!

The dress is simple, the hair less so - because I intend to wear this at July's Hyper Japan event, I need to get to work! I also plan on having a full photoshoot for her as she deserve's your attention XD

So watch this space ;) I found a dress on ebay (well over £100) so this is what I am budgeting on all the bits to make the outfit from scratch (note I am not commissioning this one! Had a bad experience with Luka this year so staying away from sellers for a while).

Anyhoo the pic here is a reference of what I hope to achieve (hopefully even better)

So the first thing I need to do is take the hood off the body suit and then work out what materials I need to make the markings/gloves etc

I had so much fun at MCM Comic Con on Sunday! :D Managed to get some lovely photos (I will upload nice ones as I get to them)

I do plan on making the wings and sword for a woodland photoshoot a some point ;) x

Thank you everyone who recognised my character, made compliments and took my photo :)

Okay so I managed to get the first version of Aurora complete! Yay!!! Wearing for MCM Comic Con tomorrow (Sunday) - sword and wings will be made for another time.

All the dress painting took all day and the wig fringe just needed styling - I am very pleased with it!

And currently fan girling over the fact the writer and the lead developer for the game just favoured a picture of my cosplay on twitter!!!


Artwork red wine wig decided to arrive today! So it's a dash to finish the dress or 'awakened' Aurora (before wings and sword)

I will add wings and sword when I have more time but expo is tomorrow!

So I pinned the trim of the dress and two trims around the sleeves (centre of the sleeve ribbon to be fabric painted)
Took all night but the ribbon is all on so it's ready to paint!

There are markings to paint near the base and the sleeves need filling in as well as the neckline

So I pinned the trim of the dress and two trims around the sleeves (centre of the sleeve ribbon to be fabric painted)

Gloves arrived and they are perfect!

Still waiting on my wig (dammit) and working on the dress

Finished with paint and detailing :)

Using poly filler to smooth things down :)

So the crown is made from using a round corrugated card box - cutting it to fit my head, then marking out the points evenly then cutting them out - here's picture 2
It's ready for paper mâché then painting now!

So the sleeves have been cut to size, I need to add two trims of gold ribbon and paint in between those with gold and add light detail. The hem of the dress will have a large gold ribbon too.

So the crown is made from using a round corrugated card box - cutting it to fit my head, then marking out the points evenly then cutting them out - here's picture 1 :)

So my gloves arrived but they are not quite right so I have ordered some more as a replacement. The wig has yet to arrive so without this its not 100% whether I will cosplay as Aurora at the upcoming MCM Comic Con in London on the Sunday. Regardless I will be working on the outfit itself this weekend and hope to have it completed. I will also be working on the crown.

The sword and wings I may be leaving for a later date when I have more time!

Bought cream long gloves off amazon now! :3

Good news is the bodysuit fits ok xD may need altering on size slightly in some places that are too big!

So it's ready to make all the alterations and marking additions which I will use fabric for with glue and sewing :3

Love how my legs look in it!

Found the skater dress I want to alter :)

Next is gloves, building crown and sword

Officially started this project! I have purchased the wig which I hope will come fairly quickly – perhaps mid May. The crown will be simple to do I just need to pick up the materials from Hobbycraft. The dress itself I will need to work out and the wings I am currently looking into as well.

The game comes out next week and I am super excited!

Bodysuit arrived safely! Just need to plan the markings now...

After repeated dreams about this cosplay, I have decided to get on and doooooo it!

I have acquired a silver based body suit!!

No idea when to do this cosplay for, I'm just gana take my time with it and make sure it turns out epic!

Skirt shortened so apart from fixing the bow this is all done!

Found this skirt to edit for under £10! So a lot less than the fabric (£14) to make it :)

So I've already got a china dress so I've decided to become the cheeky Hakufu at Kitacon during one evening!

Wig styling took approx an hour, the fringe took the most time to later it to a point right ^^

I have also cut the front back a bit to frame the face and also the long front curls have been shortened in a layering effect so it's more natural.

I just need to wash the dress and try it all on! Otherwise this party outfit is finished ;)

Wig styling took approx an hour, the fringe took the most time to later it to a point right ^^

I have also cut the front back a bit to frame the face and also the long front curls have been shortened in a layering effect so it's more natural.

I re-attached the bows today on the dress with fresh pins so they are firmly staying put now!

So after much amending this Cosplay is now finished! As I just need to put shoes with it and take a full photo :3

Dress is now complete! Bows attached by pins! Just the wig to style now!

Okay so progress made but still not finished - trying to make the top half overlap onto the skirt to hide the waist band has been.. well effort!! Thanks to my mumsies amazing skills luckily this cosplay will be done by next Friday - the top back half needs sewing together and a zip adding, there is also now lining in the top to weigh it down so it doesn't flip up! This has been quite complex to fix the existing costume ><

Apart from that I am getting some ankle boots this weekend and need to style my Luka wig.

I found red tartan fabric!!! Fabric warehouse - Its £5 a metre - sadly it was out of stock but once its back in I will grab some and get to work on the skirt ;)

So I had a dream the other night about making this, so been looking at body suits XD

I have looked at various body suits and I do now feel my best bet is to buy a white one and dye it because none of the blues match....

I could have it glove less because looking at the detail Shiva's hands appear glove like as they flick at the elbow!

Luka Magnet Vocaloid Cosplay - progress! Extended top half - needs stitching and a zip added later

I'm thrilled that my senpai/teacher of all things dressmaking aka my mum is gana help me deconstruct the top and we will extend it - it's actually a very small size 14 after measuring - the back needs widening - from the under bust the top needs extending with the satin. The back will need the white and lace detail added - which I have materials from previous cosplays. As currently got Velcro to close the too at the back (not a very good addition as the top has lace on it!) I will be removing this and adding a 10' zip - then when the top is finished and fits we will attach it to the skirt - luckily the extra material only cost £5.

When that's all done I just have the wig to style!

Hmmm so can't seem to find any suitable skirt to buy so seems like I will have to make it after all!

Cosplay arrived and I won't lie I'm disapointed.
Not an easy fix - it's supposed to be a dress - it's in two pieces - a dress is never in two pieces.... The top is way too small it's not an 18 at all - the fact that it's not joined means I have to extend the top or make a brand new one because the skirt is supposed to sit on the hips - not my waist - so watch out for fixing times!

Okay so the dress arrived with a massive watermark down the front of it >_< so I need to try and clean this over the weekend....

Okay so here is the finished over jumper (full progress can be found on my Hakufu Sonsaku Cosplay), the sleeves and polo neck were removed and a v-neck added.

I left enough material round the edges to fold over for hand sewing so its not an obvious stitch.

All hand sewn! Ready to wear and fits perfectly ;)

So here is the jumper I need to work on - It's actually yellow - next post will be the finished jumper

All hand sewn! Ready to wear and fits perfectly ;) - not sure whether to dye this!

Skirt, bow and shirt to do as I already have the gloves, wig, socks and shoes!

All pinned ready for hand sewing! The pins at the front are where I need to cut in the v-neck…

Cut the sleeves and polo neck and added the v-neck…. I left enough material round the edges to fold over for hand sewing so its not an obvious stitch.

Okay so here is the jumper before work begins, the sleeves and polo neck need removing and a v-neck adding…..

So I found an over jumper! But I need to cut it up re-style it and dye it orange xD

The dress arrived! I'm glad to have it with covered shoulders as personally on my frame it looks nicer ^^ just need to sort my wig out really as I have tights and shoes I can wear and gloves - kinda doing my variation to suit my body haha!

So I decided to make the over jumper for Orihimes school outfit for Kitacon 2014 - as it's winter! So will add progress here as it's an additional part of the uniform rather than a completely new one!

So I ordered the china dress which should come before Kita so I just need to style my wig really and add the accessories ^^ I know its not the exact design but as I'm wearing for parties its not too much of a problem to me!

So it took months but I'm finally getting through my photos and found three I really liked from Ayacon 2013 when I did Lust on the Friday with red lips ;)


Found these leggings and had to buy them! They are perfect for Luka!

So this was my first secret cosplay - and it went down so well! So many people were excited to see my Tardis girl first hand and ask how I went about it! I managed to finish this in a week XD

As it was a secret cosplay I hadn't uploaded progress shots - these are on now! Along with a description on how to make the panels - top hat etc ^^

Everything got stitched on after a couple of attempts xD

All stitched on finally to fit to my curves ^^'

Simple white fabric, pinned and stitched - text hand written ^^

Simple windows, while fabric, black fabric pen, pinned and stitched!

I decided to make a too hat for the Tadis light xD fabric painted blue and white windows hehe - turned out well!

First addition to create the Tardis dress was the 'Police Box' band :) got the bits from hobbycraft and the writing I hand painted with fabric paint ^^

Ok so I started getting the design together in December but as I kept it a secret here is the progress ^^ first this is the base dress it cost £15 ^^

Cosplay ordered now! Just need to wait for it to arrive in March :)

Purchased my wig today should be here by the end of January :)

Finding it hard to locate a wig... found this colour hmmmm

Ok, so far I have been looking for wigs and a dress commission. Found the dress, just need to measure myself again. Should get this ordered soon....

Just ordered some nice lace gloves ;)

Struggling to find a decent wig at the moment but I will continue the battle!

Had a blast at the London Expo - so much love for MKR and Princess Emeraude and so many great photoshoots to look through and choose from!

Thanks to Emma Diamond photography, Paul Jacques, Pouncy, Joshua Potter, Nert, Foxy, Glitch and MCM for taken pictures alone with so many other photographers over Saturday and Sunday.

And lastly thank you to my Zagato - SlimDefinition.

Finished the coronet, finalised the armour and dress attachments so all finished!

Did a test run and reinforced some attachments :)

May to a complete test run if there is time before expo...

Guess work! As I can't find any detailed pictures! Will need a couple more layers!

Ribbon sewn on the drape now! And on the top end I have made some ribbon loops so I can attach this to me with some ringlets. All that's left on the drape is some minor painted detail at the point and its finished.

The coronet is drying - so just need I varnish this and attach a droplet to this and the armour.

The dress itself needs a couple of while loops to put my gold chain through (which I bought today) and I got some gold beaded for under arm loop detail - these need attaching to the armour.

Once that's all done I'm finished and I have an entire weekend next weekend to work on everything!

Now turned outside in - used a pin to pull the points out - now it's ready for gold ribbon!

This end needs to be left open - only sewn up once the ribbon is on - so next we then it outside in...

While my coronet dries here is the drape progress.

1 - drape sewn so seen as inside out - made from a red wool felt scarf

Coronet painting in full now - just needs a droplet adding and then varnishig and it's done!!

Gana sew my drape now!

Gold paint first layer on coronet done! (Note the gold does match the breast plate it's just the dim lighting that makes it discoloured)

Grouted over the rough paper mâché parts - in progress of sanding and almost finished - then paint!

I have had this planned forever XD but to celebrate the TOS games coming to download in 2014 - I am hoping to do this **Friday of Kitacon 2014**

The dress is finally finished!! All I need to do now is...

Add attachments for chains to loop through to dress
Add attachments to armour (glued ribbon, lobster clasps, chain)
Paint back of armour white
Machine red drape
Add ribbon to red drape
Grout coronet, paint coronet and varnish

3 weeks to go....

All done, commissioned by SlimDefinition :) and I did her drapes for her ^^ yay duo help

Coronet progress! Paper mâché done, next will be grout to smooth it then painting ;)

Dress progress 26/9 - just the sleeves to finish then the attachments :)

I started paper mache last night but it got late so I went to bed XD

Tonight I'm working on the dress again, the main dress should be finished with just the sleeves to sort out.

4 weeks until I'm in London for MCM Comic Con.... OH GAWD XD

Coronet is now ducktaped ready for paperture mâché tomorrow night :)

Although it looks quite evil in black right now xD

Started the coronet today and done the base so far - hope to add the ducktape tomorrow before paper mache ^^

Progress is going well (horray!) the dress is taking longer than expected as to make it flow right I have had to gather the dress at the waist - the dress is just off the floor at the front but slightly grazing the floor at the back for a train effect. I may add some weights in a couple of places at the base as well as adding a more rugged hem underneath so the dress itself doesn't wear away too badly.
The sleeves need more interfacing as a metre isn't enough for both of them >< and I want them poofy! To do the interfacing in the sleeve needs to be sewn down with elastic at the cuff. So it bunches into a princess sleeve.

The armour plate is being made by SlimDefinition and is going well - just a few more tweaks and it will be ready for me to take home at the start of October - then I will add the chain attachments so it sits on top of my chest.

Lastly, I have not started the coronet yet - but I hope to do this very soon ^^

Pink cuffs made! Folded and stitched and moved up like arm bands - rolling up cardigan sleeves and will make a little stitch to attach them!

So that's the final part of this costume done! Ready our Saturday 21/9 AniMedia East cosplay meet ;) I'm gana need good weather with my short skirt and low top! XD

Pendant Necklace arrived and its beautiful!! So very pleased with it :D
Just got to make pink cuffs tomorrow night then I'm finished XD

Buttons sewn on cardigan now - just to cuffs to do and necklace to arrive

White top arrived today!! Just need to roll up sleeves and add pink cuffs and pink buttons to cardigan - waiting for the necklace to arrive!

Cardigan and skirt ^^ fits great! Waiting on my white top so this is just to give me a good idea! Knee socks just for fun! ;)

Iron on interfacing arrived today! I ordered it thursday night! For the shoulder's to make them poofy and bunched up ^^ will de seeing the dress this week so it will be done soon - so I will do the shoulders next week.

I may start the coronet this weekend as it will take time to make from scratch.

Post arrived today! I now have my buttons, cardigan and bracelet ^^

Cuff pink fabric arrived! So I hope to have these made this weekend - other stuff is on its way ;)

Just bought some interfacing to sort out the shoulder poofing! 99p a metre oh yeah :D eBay ftw!

Loads of progress made tonight, dress extended, just needs sewing! :D

Also worked on Zagato's drapes for SlimDefinition!

Massive progress made! Skirt arrived and its gorgeous! Today I ordered a jumper, white top, buttons, pink fabric and a lovely necklace! So all I need to find is a suitable belt ;)

I've had my eye on this version of Orihime for some time now! I'm going to put it together for cosplay picnics as its a casual outfi ;)

So far I've purchased a beautiful skirt off eBay as I just couldn't find the right fabric to make the RaRa skirt.

I'm still looking for other bits! White top, black long sleeve over shirt and belt (and pink cuffs to black shirt)

With much thanks to my mum for helping me and working into the night the dress is now complete!!

I adore the base trim I found for under £5 for a metre - the ribbon is a simple inch wide ivory ribbon :)

Ayacon next week!! Lets waltz to the moon!

Just the ribbon detail to be added to the top and the net at the bottom then it's all done!

All fits perfectly and the wig too - just need to fix up the fringe at the con - and find me some shoes this week!

New wig!! Need to shorten the front curls and lift the fringe - got a new wig as I didn't want to take my other Aeris wig apart...

Dress fabric all cut out now ^^ so I need to start piecing it together! 5 weeks til Ayacon!

I miss my Hitomi cosplay so I'm tempted to wear this at this coming weekends cosplay picnic for our group AniMedia East! :) it's gana be hoooooot!

Well the cosplay is pretty much ready for Ayacon - all I need to do is get those shoes (probably pumps) and try on the dress with the wig and do a make up test ;)

Commission armour breast plate progress by SlimDefinition :)

Okay so the lining is cut, I will be cutting the main fabric tonight and hopefully will add progress pictures sooooooon!

SlimDefinition is commissioning my breast plate :3 so much thanks for this, I'm doing a couple of fabric bits for her Zagato ;)

I started cutting out the lining last night, this weekend will be cutting the main fabric then starting to piece it together :D so more progress pictures very soon!

So I've decided what I need to do with this one is get a base black dress and paint on the detail and cut the slits and chest area - not sure when I'm going to do this yet though!

Compaired some fabric samples today and I have found the perfect one! Should be getting the fabric and lining I need very soon so I can start making the dress ;)

Got the perfect zip and thread now :) hopefully have some fabric in the next few days x

Dress pattern arrived! Now to get my bits....

Decided I'm gana drop some weight and wear Lust for Friday of Ayacon 2013, as I didn't wear her long at Kitacon 2012, so watch this space XD

Purchased my dress pattern today! So once that arrives I can check out how much fabric I am going to need and then get this sorted!

Our graces group was a complete success (even though we were missing one party member) I had so much fun and can't wait for Ayacon to do it again!

Decided to re-wear Rinoa's game version for the FF8 photogroup Friday of MCM London Expo May 2013! ;)

Wearing Pascal for the masquerade at GemuCon was loads of fun! Now I'm looking forward to the Tales of Graces f group at MCM Comic Con in London in May on the Saturday ^_^

Bow finished ^^ costume ready for the picnic now!

Just need to finish my bow this week then I'm ready for our AniMedia East cosplay meet this Saturday!

Due up unforeseen circumstances this costume is now planned for October MCM Comic Con

Arm bands painted silver so ready for GemuCon ^^

Wrist bands finished now! I made simple ones out of craft foam, cutting one strip then hot gluing a strip on top. Then I added Velcro and painted them silver (note picture is before they were painted silver) ^^

So this cosplay is ready for GemuCon!

I've now taken the skirt up, so along with the ribbon I have bought Orihime is now finished!

Wig tested - it needs 14 bobby pins!

Wig arrived! So all I need now is shoes!

My Aerith wig arrived! All I need to do now is take the dress in and make wrist bands :3

Got my boots for Aerith and I love them so much I'm wearing them daily xD

While the fur isn't on her boots I quite like the fur and buckles :3 it's cute!

My wig officially left China yesterday, so it should arrive within two weeks - only three weeks until Gemucon!

My wig should arrive soon! XD then I will try it all on, just need some shoes!

I've now sewn the skirt extension panels together and will add to the dress this week :3

My wig should be here in time - 10-25 working days by air mail from last week so I hope it gets here soon!

Gana need smaller buttons for the side and make a new orb as this one protrudes too much ^^ Will be making the coronet from scratch now

Got my emeraude drape ribbon but as they only had half i need 1.5 metres more

Skirt arrived! Under £9! Just need to shorten it!

Dress panels all cut out last night and ready to sew together and attach to the dress :3

Managed to find the perfect colour fabric to extend the dress at the weekend! I will start cutting out the panels this week and I may have time to start attaching it!

SlimDefinition is commissioning my breast plate :3 card, corrugated card, craft foam. Really appreciate her help with this so I will e helping her with a couple of her costumes, dress making wise ^^

I'm now determined to get this done for GemuCon ^^ I found a suitable dress and jacket

Bought the wig today :3 it's perfect so I can't wait for it to arrive ^^

Bought the wig today :3 it's perfect so I can't wait for it to arrive ^^

Getting fabric this weekend - I need 3 metres at 60 inches long this will make up three panels and will hit the floor :3

This is the hooped petticoat made up, which will go under the dress. I will be extending the dress from the chest downwards.

Gana need smaller buttons for the side and make a new orb as this one protrudes too much ^^

I need to extend the dress length, make it all poofy. Also bunch up the shoulders with shoulder pads. Make the coronet. SlimDefinition is commissioning my breast-plate.

Tried the dress on with the wig and scarf to see how its coming together ;3 i'm gana get fabric to add to the dress from the waist down so it hits the floor and edit the scarf as mentioned in my previous note ;3

Still looking for fabric and shoes!!! XD

The scarf came and its the perfect length! Just needs adjusting width wise and the hem adding. This will sit under the armour breast plate. After which I just have the shoulder padding to do and search for extra fabric to poof the dress. SlimDefinition is making the breastplate for me ;3

I think I've found a suitable top that I can edit and I should be able to buy a white skirt and edit that fairly easily :3

The dress arrived today and is perfect! Just randomly wearing my orange orihime\hakufu wig when I tried the dress on :3

My hair pins have been shipped! :D

And I found a suitable skirt for her :3 just looking for a suitable shirt now

Got this scarf today instead of buying extra fabric and having to sew the edges. As it's woolen it will have a little weight to it and will take a ribboned edge, Approx Dimensions: Length: 50" Width: 12" and its under £2.50! The length will be suitable as I'm 60" to the floor from my shoulders and the strip starts from the breast plate.

My dress arrived! It's awesome, will try it on and post pictures some time soon x

I decided I needed another easier costume to wear for parties and meets and I love Orihime! I've bought her hair pins off eBay under £6 and I had the wig already for my Hakufu, I just need to style it a little for Orihime!

So just the shirt, ribbon and skirt to make!

Got the perfect dress coming for £33.64! VERY HAPPY XD

Okay so I have decided to make this for summer, and get soaking wet XD

Okies so I am gana start work on my staff in the next couple of weeks - probably doing the original :3

Hoodie was bought from Insertcoin if anyone wants one ;) the rest of my hitomi is from the version without the hoodie :3

Gana get some fabric to extend the dress in the next couple of weeks and I have SlimDefinition making my breastplate :3

Okay! So I'm gana do this for Ayacon parties to wear with wall market Tifa and Cloud (Kara and Ben)

My wig arrived! It's gorgeous! Very pleased with it, just needs styling slightly ^_^ x

Just purchased a golden blonde wig really long cost just over £18 - off ebay

Just looking into the red sash - think i will need to choose in a fabric store as many online versions are the wrong material!

I bought my wig this week as a treat, going to start looking at making the dress now, I have a chinese dress pattern :D

Looking for a base long black china dress - not easy XD

Pascal is now all finished! Full pictures to follow soon, wearing her over the expo weekend!

I might re-do the gloves as I could do them better and I am making the staff for the new year!!!

Almost finished now, just got the belt detail to finish with the white and green buttons and some poppers, and a couple of poppers on the shorts, then all done! I want to have this finished tonight so I can pack for expo! :D Spent all night stuffing mini pockets!

Triangle made with card, corrugated card, duck tape, paper mâché, paint and varnish!

Working on the gloves during my lunch break at work xD

Loads of progress done today, more to do over the evening and next two days! Will post a list of to do in my journal tomorrow :)

Got loads done today but I've got more I do tomorrow!

Shorts now done, ready for poppers, ready for crumpled hem, straps all machined onto the waist now :3 Belt is also done and I have cut out my arm peices and white bits. Leggings are cut up, white detail added to belt, white bits cut out and side pockets machined up.... So left to do...

(Hand) **Add buttons to large pockets
(Hand) Add buttons to mini pockets
(Messy) Finish front button orb for belt
(Messy) Make triangle for back
Machine sew six mini pockets
(Hand) Hand sew side and back pockets to belt
(Hand) Hand sew mini pockets to strap
(Hand) Hand sew on side of front strap
(Hand) Add popper to other strap side
Machine Add detail to shorts (floaty) - One leg done
Machine white to top (cuffs)
Machine - white base for waist pockets
Machine black leggings
~IF TIME Add extra green to gloves and white hoop~

Side pockets now fully tacked and ready for the machine :3

Okay so I have 7 days until I venture to expo, so with this in mind (this weekend I will be sewing like a mad lady) Here is the list of things left to do! Finished the arm warmers and provisional gloves last night!

I also got all the mini pockets tacked ready for the machine ^^ doing the tacking for the big ones tonight!

(Hand) Hand tack 2 large pockets
(Hand) **Add buttons to large pockets
(Hand) Add buttons to mini pockets
(Hand) Tack purple belt together
(Messy) Finish front button orb for belt
(Messy) Make triangle for back
Machine sew six mini pockets
Machine sew 2 large pockets
Machine Make up belt
(Hand) Hand sew side and back pockets to belt
(Hand) Hand sew mini pockets to strap
(Hand) Hand sew on side of front strap
(Hand) Add popper to other strap side
(Hand) Add strap to shorts, and poppers
Machine Add detail to shorts (floaty)
Machine Cut out and add white to top (cuff)
**Machine - Cut round white base for waist pockets,
Add white fabric before adding buttons
Machine Cut out and add white to purple belt front
Machine Cut up black leggings
~IF TIME Add extra green to gloves and white hoop~

Looks alot but its split out in stages so its roughly just over a days work!

Got me four belt buckle straps for 50p each, sewn onto the boots, one is finished! Hope to get the second one done tonight then they are done ^^

Going to buy the last bits and pieces to work on the rest of the costume today :D

This is going very well, the mini pockets are seperate and are going to take a long time ^_^

Spent approx 6 hours on Pascal today, with the shorts, belt, straps coming together.

Started working on the pockets, making them up by hand then machining them. Cudos to my mum for her awesome pocket wisdom! This weekend I will be buying the last few bits I need then it will be full steam ahead to finish!

Wig is almost done, just trimming the fringe now. Bought the rest of my buttons and getting purple fabric for the belt ;) going to work on shorts and staps this week.

Did a lot more work in the wig tonight, it's going we'll so far, need to get some rubbing alcohol to stop it from rubbing off.

Worked on the wig a bit more last night, apply colour let it dry, wipe a bit and repeat! Need more Ruby Letraset pens now!! The wig wig looks epic with the ruby red. More painting to happen tomorrow night.

Been testing out some wig dying, think I have the right colour now, just need to get the right pens!

Ordered some chiffon scarfs last night. Hopefully these will work well for her!

Second coat done on the boots :3 Looking good!

The painted soles look awesome, needs one more coat of acrylic paint then varnish :3 Then the belt straps adding

Painting the soles of Pascal's boots tonight, will need more coats of acrylic paint then varnish :3

The card came which I can use for her chest plate :)

Great progress made last night. All the pieces for the shorts were cut out using the pattern. Measured how long and wide the braces need to be as well. Need to put the shorts and braces together so I can work out how big to make the pockets :)

My shorts pattern arrived, now going to cut it out and start work on the shorts tomorrow ^^

Started painting my buttons green, looking very smart so far, need a few more coats yet ^^

Love my wig, need to dye it red in places though!

Okay so been very busy getting stuff together for Pascal, the wig arrived and I have now got:

Green leggings to turn into arm covers
Light blue bodysuit/top
6 small buttons and two large buttons to paint metallic green
3 metres of Tanned/camel fabric to make into shorts and suspender straps and pockets
Boots purhased from shoezone, they need the sole painting white and two belts added on each one
Shorts dressmaking pattern has been ordered
Green gloves have been ordered
Turquoise scarf has been ordered

So I need to get the purple fabric for the waist belt and part of the hip pockets, get some little belts for the boots and white paint. I also need to get red dye for the wig!

Good progress so far with purchases, just need to start work on things now ^^

After looking at numerous art, in game and animation pascal has a white wig with red tints. Just bought a white wig and I will dye the ends red.

Due to time constraints and work commitment this project is on hold until further notice

Just purchased a gold wired headband to edit from eBay :)

Bought the base dress from eBay today to edit :)

Started painting the detail on the front chest of the messenger today, it will need two coats but it does look really good so far!

Found a really nice dress that I can edit on eBay :) also a gold two prong headband

Found a really nice wig but still deciding whether to get a curly one or to get one thats mega long and curl it..... it think curly... hmmmm

My paint mixer arrived so I should be able to get cracking painting the bodysuit this weekend :)

Headpiece progress with random doodle 19-8-2012

Ok so the general slacking has finished an I'm now going to go full steam ahead!

I have bought some mixer paint to turn day to day acrylic into fabric paint ;) it should arrive this week so I can start painting the bodysuit next weekend.

Today I started the headpiece base making the right shape for the shadow beasts evil face >:D three layers of corrugated card so far. Still lots to do but it's a start! Progress pics will follow soon.

Got some ribbon and a flower for Yuki's choker so this cosplay is ready for Amecon!! :3 yeah!! XD

Worked on the gold top today for 5 and a half hours >< yes seems a long time, and it is! Basically machine sewing all the ribbon around the rim of the top, collar and arm holes then hand painting the front detail, took time but the finished result is awesome and will last a very long time :D

Roll on Amecon!!!

Just need to get the choker finished this weekend and cut down some white leggings and I am done :3

Wig is finished got my white alive band too.

Gold top ready for red detailing!

Skirt finished! Just the top to finish...

I got the white top and finished painting the detail around the edges today.

Also finished cutting the wig down! It new jeans too!

So I have everything sorted now :) roll on Amecon!!!

Wig arrived and just needs trimming!

The wig is looking epic due to styling by SlimDefinition ^_^

The blue under top arrived :) so all going well so far, need to get the china top finished next

Second bow is now attached :3 just adding straps to keep the dress up now ^^ massive thanks to my mum for helping me make this!

So just the choker to do

Got my belt and trainers now, just the top and jeans to go!!!

The dress is now 95% complete just one trail for the bow and choker to do. Pretty dress

Finally doing the in game version to wear in a fortnight and wear at Amecon 2012!

The dress is now almost finished, I will have to attach the top frills to my bra strap and I need to hem the dress plus add the bows :)

Still lots to do on the top but its coming together now :)

My gloves arrived today, they are just perfect!!!

Ordered my shoes for Hitomi, they just need editing slightly ;)

Leggings arrvied to make into thigh high socks :)

My alice band arrived today its the perfect pink and width ^_^

Did some aerobics tonight continuing my keep fit for Hitomi! The wig was despatched today! Can't wait til it comes, hope to order the gloves soon ^_^

The zentai suit is fantastic, just need to find the right paint now then start the mask!

Im planning to lose more weight so I can have this done for the Saturday night part at Amecon. I have bought the wig and found the gloves and alice band. So just the top, jeans, belt and shoes to go ^_^

Dress put together now, its coming together!

Using an old bed sheet to work out this dress! Got my fabric now will start this week ;)

The wig arrived today and it's the perfect colour it just needs styling!

I got some really nice red socks now which reach my calf :)

I bought a Zentai black bodysuit today, it will need markings added to it! Otherwise I need to start the headpiece and black stringy pieces! xD growl

Got this fab wig for £11, need to style when it arrives

Also ordered my red socks and i have the pattern for the top and skirt

Worked on the dress design last night, hope to get this put together soon!

New month new cosplay! Found a grey zentai suit in black I could use about £30, also want to start making the base for the head! I have also downloaded the shadow beast music from TP - epic!

New month new cosplay! Think I have found the perfect wig already!

I had lots of fun wearing Makina today at expo, even though no one recognised me or got one photo taken (except what was taken on my own camera). Cosplay is about loving the character at the end of the day and im very proud to have carried her off well.

There needs to be more Shikabane Hime love!

Everything is finsihed and ready for expo! I managed to complete everything in time :) Loving the wig!

Cutting all the blue strips to edit the top today and the front flap, will need to get some gold ribbon tomorrow for the front detail, and some red face paint for some cuts! Then it's just the wig to style ;)

The wig arrived this weekend and it's amazing! Quite a few edits to do so this cosplay can be finished potentially for May expo, that's the plan anyway! Hope to re-wear for Amecon too ^^

Okay so I had super fun wearing Yuki at Kitacon 2012.

I am now wearing her again tomorrow for my group's cosplay picnic (run by me and SlimDefinition www.animedia-east.co.uk)

Fingers crossed I can edit an existing uniform to turn it into Makina's :)

I will be making this dress from scratch.... Stay tuned XD

Finished the red markings on both the sleeves and gloves using two tubes of 3D red paint!

Looks really authentic painting them on by hand ;)

I'll be wearing Lust on Saturday morning of Kitacon, I won't be wearing her the afternoon or night time. I'm in the Saturday afternoon masquerade as Fina from Skies of Arcadia and I'm Hitomi from Dead or Alive on the Saturday night ^_^

Bring on Kitacon! Please come find me for photos, I'll be the almost 6ft curvy Lust XD

Got the broach painted and varnished with back safety pins today and yesterday - finished!

The shrug gold detail is all finished today both front and back! Had to find a page of the manga for the back emblem for Nina's shrug :D

I also painted the alice band so it matches everything :)

Nina is finished and ready for Kitacon IV!

I will be wearing her all day Friday (until the party) with the epic SlimDefinition as Fou-Lu and also Ryu and Cray! :D x

Made some fixes to Fina today so she is ready for Kitacon! :D

Working on Nina's broach today, just got to groat it paint it and varnish it then it's done.

Nina's shrug needs some detail adding with gold fabric paint then Nina will be ready for Kitacon!

Going to bring Hitomi to Kitacon IV to wear ad-hoc on Sunday in between Vampire Knight!

Finished the shrug tonight and edited the blue under top as it was too big. (thanks to my amazing mum for her assistance!)

The shrug was designed using an old pillow case first and following the concept art.

I have taken the batwing top in so it fits snugly and I'm keeping the sleeves unslitted.

Just the broach to finish this weekend and some gold detail on the shrug.

As an aded extra I'm making a faerie drop to use in skits!

The dress is finished!!!! *Jumps for joy*..... well except for the arm red markings :P I need to do that this weekend! Otherwise Lust is ready ;)

The front slit of the dress is perfect too! I may not do the arm slits as it ruins them being kept up >_< and they are supposed to be part of the dress, so I have put it together this way.

I have a template to make for the tattoo so I can draw around like a stencil, otherwise I have done a make-up test ^_^

Okay so while I have not been putting updates on progress I have done ALOT XD

The wings have been completely painted, the broach is in progress and so is the shrug. I am hoping to get the shrug base finished by this weekend so I can get the gold detail added and finish the broach off, then Nina is pretty much done!

^_^ not long til Kita!

The staff will be made for MCM London Expo in May 2012

Dress is coming together really well! Just need to sew it together and add the chest detail, I have 3D red paint to add the arm detail. Otherwise the dress is ready.

Also need to research a way of adding the tattoo...

The wings arrived and there friggin awesome! I need to get some pink paint now, my new blue top is so much better too!

I got a polystyrene ball to half and paint to use for the broach, and I got material for my shrug so it's just the shrug to make and she is ready for Kitacon! I will make the staff for expo in May.

Just finished painting the skirt so this cosplay is ready for Kitacon :)

I'm having issues getting the wig ponytails up so if I can't do it I'll have them down!

Purchased my wings for under £15 :) can't wait til they come at the end of next week! They are white so I need to paint them pink :)

Planned the dress design last night and hoping to get material this weekend :)

I felt like gothing the eyes up a bit... I do have big eyes afterall!

Looking into making the dress design tomorrow ^^

Just found out one of my pictures may be used for the Kitacon con book this year - yay!

Just got a new top for Nina, I wasn't happy with the shade compared to the boots, so I am getting a royal blue one, if its not right im paiting the boots!

Added lines to skirt (part 2) so once i get my fabric paint i can paint some of these in ^_^

Done my wig test ^_^ the flick is fun to do

I've now cut the wig to the right length ^^ it's soooo pretty! Just need to buy some knee socks now otherwise this costume is ready!

The skirt is now dyed pink. ^^ just drying it then will add the tartan markings, so only the wig left to style! X

Working on the skirt today :) dying it and drawing on the detail tomorrow ^^

I've now put a slit in the back of the boots do they fit, I think I'm going to have to paint them teal as they are the wrong blue compared to the top, trying to get a pattern for the shrug but may need to just have a go without one, then just the wings to get!

I should be getting a dress pattern this week, going for a tight gown type with attached sleeves, I'm also going to do a make up test ^^

My costume arrived and it's so amazing! Pics to follow ;)

Purchased the mini skirt today in white. It's a polyester cotton blend so I have bought some soft pink dye from Dylon to use. I also got a red fabric pen to do the detail :) once this is done just need to finish the wig!

I think I have found some good wings, but I will need to buy them on payday and paint them pink. Couldn't find a suitable shrug so I'll have to make that from scratch! Need to cut the back of the wellies too as they aren't stretching enough ><

Going to wear her for the masquerade at Kitacon with my lovely friend Mel aka SlimDefinition as Belleza

Finally found a skirt I can use, need to dye it and draw the lines on but it will do! So just need to do that then the wig!

My wig arrived this week and it's beautiful! Just need to cut it :) will add a photo soon

Tried to put the hair in pony tails this week, need something really strong to hold them up with now! I also found a brilliant skirt but its too small to use *curses*, but I will find one and get this ready for the Kitacon disco!

My wig arrived and it is beautiful! I just need to add a couple of front curls and its ready :) The dress i want to make from scratch with the gloves attached as it is in the anime ^_^ and to top it off im watching the original FMA series from the start to get her character right!

The top, boots and wig arrived. While the top colour and boots are not exactly alike they do compare quite well on camera together :) Just stretching out the boots a bit! I just need the wings and shrug now!

Purchased the uniform and a brand new wig, the uniform will be fully commissioned

I have purchased the wig and I have the boots, so its the dress, tights and gloves to sort out :D I also have the lipstick already

Okay so I have bought the wig, I have a top coming and the boots. I already have the headband and I need to check if the leggings I already have suit the top when it arrives :) progress going well so far, need to address the wings and shrug next

Just purchased a wig and found a base uniform that can be used to add detail/markings ^_^

Changing this to complete now as I am finishing the glove tonight - wearing tomorrow at our AniMedia East cosplay meet!

The top is now finished so one more glove to go and im ready for the debut tomorrow!

Okay so I'm planning on getting Cassa done for the January 2012 cosplay met that I'm running with my friend Mel for our group :)

I got new gloves on way as I didn't think the current ones are long enough.

Today I bought a new lipstick some eyeshadow and ribbon. I am also working on the belt and top so much to do over the next few days!

I will redo Cassa with the super long wig in the future! Hopefully with the lovely Jiro!

Anyway watch this space and wish me luck!

Heres a sneaky picture of the finished outfit :) You will have to find me wearing the whole outfit this Friday and Saturday!

Bring it on Expo ;D

Okay, so Expo is this coming weekend, therefore please come find me as Freya on FRIDAY and SATURDAY, as I would love any photo opportunities ^_^ I am also in the FF-Round-up - my spear will track me down if you have problems finding me in the crowds!

I managed to finish the painting and sewing last night so I am ready for expo!!!!

Almost there! REALLY NEED TO FINISH TONIGHT! Just the poppers to attach on the coat and paint the flag emblem!

The hat was made three times, first make a code shape, then a front facer which fits around the entire head. This attaches to the cone. The front is lined and has interfacing. The cone is stuffed slightly to get the bend. Then I cut out foam bat wings, painted silver and added to the hat by sewing. The eyes are sticky black foam.

Loads of progress done over this weekend :) the hat is made the spear is pretty much done. Just need to finish painting some pieces including the bat wings and attach everything including my straps. :) watch this space!

Made by dying hand made feet and claws sewing to brown socks overlapping fabric plimpsoles and painting the claws white :) they are stuffed too!

I am very proud of my coat ^_^ I have lots of detail bits to get done and I have not even had time for a make up test yet! *rushes*

Putting my fabric material image here as lots more pics expected soon!

Got a brand new wig for Deis for expo now ^_^ Its soooooo pretty ;D I am also going to try and get another bangle, if i have time, if not im ready for the Sunday of expo anyway!

I had to take my skirt in by almost 2 inches as it was too big!!! Wuuu! I have my wig so this is all ready for saturday night of expo next week! ^_^

Hat progress :) interfacing to be inserted into the front frame. Main hat to be stuffed and strapped on!

This is the fabric i decided on for the front flag piece :) just need to put it all together through the machine and add interfacing to the centre!

Coat detail pieces in progress, lengthy process but well worth it! Shiny buttons ;3 The neck scarf will need shortening! You can see the bits and pieces in progress here!

I have now go my fabric for the scarf and the front emblem drape as well as gold fabric paint and red rope for the cuffs - loads more progress pictures to follow once the spear head is finished.

Today I got a end piece for the spear as well as some red paint and more glue and hot glue sticks (as I used up my supplies last night!)

So this evening I have put papermache over the top, I'll need to use some grout to tidy some edges, then sand it, at that point its ready for painting!

After creating the base i duck taped all over the surface, next is the papermache... which i have also done this weekend

I am rewearing the outfit but it needs a good clean, got some special cleaning products today so the colours don't run. My new wig is on the way which is blue and shorter than previously so it wont keep getting caught this time!

The coat base..... is finally finished! OMG that feels good XD

Now I have this weekend to get loads of the spear done, I am fabric shopping tomorrow for the bits and peices to add to the coat too!

I finally feel like I am making great progress, perhaps a make up test is well earned tomorrow......

I've started to spearhead now which is going well :) building it up with card, corrugated card then foam, paper mache etc. Also the coat is 90% complete just the zip to add. I need to get to work on all the other bits once thats done!

Worked on the coat this weekend, re-cutting the collar as its not big enough, I am also starting the detail peices such as the front scarf as I have enough interfacing, also I am working out how to do the hat and toes! My mum has been so amazing showing me what I need to do with this, I hope one day I can be as good a dressmaker as her.

Uploading loads of pictures taken by CosplayPortrait so adding the ref pic here

Okay so I have the perfect pattern but I need to find the right fabric, any suggestions welcomed!

I think I will start Sheena once I have finished Freya Crescent FFIX and Cassa (Black Blood Brothers), then I will work on this and potentially start Shiva FFVIII.....

After a successful cosplay meet my wig is in desperate need of washing and restyling for Expo, I also need to wash my gloves and dress ><

I worked on my gunblade this week, there is still loads to do on this including the belt and wings. I need to work out what I am going to do about the wings so this is kind of on hold til I figure it out ><

Okay so I need to buy more mustard leggings to do the detail and the undersleeves, I also need another pair of brown ones just in case.

I also need to get down and work on my spear, scarfs and finish that coat!

The legs consists of brown and mustard leggings and brown socks. I just need to tweak the knees and add silver circles to the sides. I'm also wearing canvas plimpsoles which I can sew the toes into once I've started those :)

Now I'm working on the legs, I have brown and mustard leggings and brown Wellington boot socks. I just need to tweak the knees, add circles to the sides then get to work on the feet. I'm wearing canvas plimpsoles under the socks which I can sew the toes into :3

As promised I have uploaded some pictures of the coat progress now ^_^

I've now put the coat together apart from one sleeve. I think a hoop might be needed for the base. Pictures to follow!

The dress is finished, the corset is ready. I've finished the detail on the gloves and legs and I've finished styling the wig and making the horns! I also have a cigarette holder that I've painted gold! Just a make up test to do really. Lots of hard work but well worth it! Pictures to follow next week from my cosplay meet on Saturday!

The dress just needs hemming and the velcro added to the turtle neck.

I am currently working on the corset and leg peices, after that its just the wig to style.

The dress itself is almost done, just needs to be hemmed and have the turtle neck sewn :3 pictures to follow! This weekend I should receive my wig to style ^^ Also I am going to get the gold corset done.

I have now taken in the dress so after tomorrow night, when I finish altering it, it shall be finished ready for me to work on the gold corset and gold leg peices.

Didn't help that my machine was playing up tonight which took me an hour to fix!

Anyway... can't wait for my wig to arrive so I can style it and do a make up test!

The make up test went perfectly ^^

I may tweek the wig again as I need a longer quiff at the front, but at least I know it can be done!

Just the top to finish and the sleeves.

I got some new boots this weekend for Rinoa, I want to wear her again!!! Maybe at a cosplay ball or mini meet ^^

Cassa is coming along nicely. I have purchased a top and leggings to make into a catsuit type outfit. I need a nice long zip and tweek the sleeves then the outfit is pretty much there.

Due to funds being using on Freya Crescent and Deis I will be re-styling an existing black wig.

I am still working on the coat at the moment, the sleeves are taking time and the skirt piece needs adding to the bodice

I am currently making the dress from scratch using a halter neck pattern and adapting it to suit a turtle neck with a long dress and leg slits. As you can see from the picture the stage I am at is that I need to take the dress in by half an inch as I made it too big, then I need to finish off the edges of the neck and leg slits and add a zip. The dress will then be ready and I can start work on the gold pieces.

I have purchased a gold bracelet to use as a hair tie to give height.

I have purchased cream pumps and painted them gold.

Okay so I am going to make the dress from scratch.

I have bought the wig, 51 long to style.

I have purchased the gloves ^^

Leg slits here I come!!!

Due to other ongoing costumes I will be buying a black top and leggings and adjusting to a cat suit :)

My lipstick arrived this weekend :) Its very awesome!

I have been looking at catsuits and the cheapest I can find is £44.99 - So I might have to go with my top and leggings idea instead and add the zip down the front of the top!

Still undecided on the wig >_<

I worked on this for 2 and a half hours last night using some long flat card (50p a sheet) to sit in between the corrugated card pieces (gluing together) followed by cutting up a layer of craft foam for each side and gluing on top of the corrugated card. Then I have started duck taping what I have done so far. (pics to follow with more progress)

The next step is paper mache, followed by more craft foam, more duck tape, more paper mache then some poly filler. I hope to pick this up tonight ^^

I'm in Neo magazine again! XD page 58 letters section. Thanks so much to Freya Le Helloco for the lovely comments on SOA and my Fina cosplay! It's great to be appreciated and see that others love the game too!

I cut out the shape last night using the corrugated card, two pieces so far, next will be more card, foam, duck tape, paper mache, more layers etc etc.... may be here a while XD

My scarf has arrived and it is just PERFECT! ^_^ Very very pleased *uploads pic*

I just need to get a pole as I have had my corrugated card delivered today ^^

My corrugated card arrived today so I can start mapping out my gunblade ;)

I had a look at potential gun holder belts, but it looks like I will have to make from scratch as nothing seems suitable!

Just got my lipstick from ebay - £1.85 ;) bargain for a nice dark plumb colour!

The cutting is almost done XD *dances* I cut out all of the lining last night for the coat, so I just need to buy some extra interfacing - approx 2 and 1/2 metres now (due to needing some for the hat, sleeves and skirt).

I feel like I have been cutting forever, 5 metres of material, 5 metres of lining and what will be 5 metres of interfacing >_<

I am hoping this Friday I can look at putting the bits together, however to put the final coat together everything needs to be machine sewed and therefore I have to get the last parts of interfacing cut out ready.....

Other than that I feel like a make up test as a break! XD

Looking for lipstick today, cheapest price £3.29 online, will have a look at some local stores to see if i can find better :)

I have been sketching out some ideas on how to make the wings and belt today :) Last night I added some detail to the black top - lace! XD

So I have bought my scarf so far and I have the knee high boots and gloves, so I have been looking at wigs and I think I will have to put together most of the outfit due to the long zip down the middle ^^' Oh and I have fangs too!

Okay so I have started looking for a new wig, think I have found one.... let me know what you think ^^ I got some corrugated card today so I can start work on the Gunblade! XD

Had a very productive day yesterday, all my interfacing has been cut out but I have run out of it so I need approx 2 metres more >_< I am going to attempt cutting out all of my lining tonight (there is approx 5-6 metres of material for this coat and hat!)

I have also now bought some corrugated card so I can start work on my spear, in the meantime I need to find an adjustable pole....

I have a green wig now but I need to work out how to put in bunches :O Still need the skirt too.

Going to work on the coat today :) Hopefully will get a fair bit done over the weekend!

I finally did it.... putting this in progress.... Well.... okay.... I have to make the wings.... get a new wig.... dye my duster... make a belt and gunblade... lets do this thing!!

The dress is finished! I also have a new necklace, a shiny bag, shoes and hair clip to wear with the wig :) Ready for this weekend!

The material I am using for the dress is very tricky to sew! I am almost finished with it though, thanks to my mums assistance! Pics to follow in the next few days :)

I have my lining and interfacing now, so I need to get the coat together. I am also going to start on the hat this weekend!

I have just purchased some dark brown leggings for under £5 and I will be getting my interfacing and lining for the coat this weekend ^^

Need to look into starting the staff soon....

I have cut the main fabric now, I just need to get some interfacing and lining for the sleeves, colar and bottom of the coat ^^

Thanks to the assistance of my mum i have now finished the template for the coat (using an old lilac sheet). I used two patterns, one a jacket pattern and two a tudor dress pattern (big puffy skirt which will be the stick out bottom of the coat). So I'm now ready to cut the real fabric. I still need some lining for the sleeves and bottom of the coat which i will use interfacing on to stick out. The collar will be made separate as will the hat :) let me know what you think!

I should be working on the coat this coming bank holiday ^_^

Its been months since the MCM Expo but I have just found out I am used in this months feature of the NEO Magazine! ^_^ I'm greatly honoured!

Please comment on my cosplay if you have seen me ^^

I finally finished this cosplay (yaaaaaayyy!) It took ages but I think the finished article is pretty impressive ^^ I may re-do Celsius with more markings on the gold pieces at future events :)

Almost finished, skirt is done, i need to finish the top, belt and final markings tonight! ^_^ Hopefully I will have it done ready to wear tomorrow!

I got my base the other day so I just need to work on this and then think about starting the main costume.

Okay so I have a few things left to do...

Finish skirt, stitch remaining velcro and sew button and button hole - attach ribon

Top - sew all together with newly purchased lining, add choker and edges

Markings on bodysuit - still all to do

Bracelets are done now and the choker is getting there..

Will I finish before this Saturday??? We shall see..........

I have in the last couple of days been working on Freya's nose, lots of face gluing involved with paper mace, duck tape etc etc this will no doubt take me a while - Freya will be made for October 2011 ^^

Just added a couple of new pictures today ^_^ I hope to re-wear Fina at some point in the near future!

Currently working on the pattern for the raincoat using an old bed sheet must upload a picture soon of my progress. Other than that I have been planning how to make the feet and I want to get started on the spear head but I need a pole first. Lots to do!

The skirt is now 80% complete and the top is now in progress :) the skirt has been made to wrap round and has been darted to fit my curves :) I'm very pleased with it so far all done today by myself (yay!) and the hemming is so straight!

I have paper mache'd the watch now so I just need to coat it with some polyfiller and the rest :)

I have started making the watch, I wanted to do some prop making ^_^ The base is craft foam, then building that up I use duck tape and then paper-mache! I need to then use polyfiller to smooth it out then the painting begins. I also need to fix a chain and the watch close straps.

A photo of my progress is on the photos tab.

I have almost finished the detail on the ribbon and the top and skirt are ready to sew. I have some new leggings to dye and i have started the cuffs :)

Finished the cosplay this evening after spending 5 hours on the hawk top and getting an Alice band yesterday :) So Hitomi is ready for anything ;) will have to add full pictures in due course!

I just need to get a pink Alice band today hopefully then paint the hawk on my newly purchased yellow top :)

I had a look at my wig in the light, it is the one i used for my Gwen Cooper cosplay and Rinoa - i think it will do as there is not a shade out there that i can find that fits Hitomi perfectly!

Just found some wellie boot brown socks on ebay so I have purchased them and will hope they are suitable!

My template for the coat is getting there, its made out of a bed sheet - will see about how to start making the coat soon... In the meantime I will be working on the detail bits such as the mask etc - I'm still searching for long brown socks!

At the moment i am getting the body suit, tights, and gloves dyed. There will be the skin for Celsius as she is a light China blue colour. Once it is all dry i will do the markings :) i also need to do a face paint and make up test with the wig and alice band so lots more pictures to follow!

I have the jeans and jacket so I just need to make the top :) I think my brown wig will do and i just need a pink alice band!

I now have the jeans and jumper sorted so I just need to get an alice band and some earings then I am done ^_^

I am still working on the ribbon - I need to get down and do alot of sewing this coming weekend and also dying!

The wig came today and it is absolutely amazing ^_^ pics now up x

I already have the shoes and knee socks for when i made Kanu. I now have the jacket for Ryofu so its just the skirt and wig i need ^_^

I have now found the perfect fabric for Freya Crescent! Yeeeeesss! ^_^ Very very pleased, its raincoat material as it has been proofed and its the perfect colour too! I have also started work on the mask for the nose (pics to follow)

As i could not get my skirt to dye i have now purchased some dark blue material to make the skirt from scratch. The material is the perfect colour and has a great texture which should fall nicely. All i need to do is make it up like a wrap around skirt then make the leg slit on the left side. I also now have everything to dye with the bodysuit (which counts as the skin) so lots of work to do!

My gloves arrived today so I can finally get to dying all the bits I need light blue (body suit, tights, gloves). Then I can paint on the dark blue markings!

I have started putting together the dress pattern I purchased now, which I am going to tweek into a raincoat! Going to look for materials again today!

I got some light blue ribbon today so I can start work on the detail with dark blue fabric paint :) I just need to make a cardboard version of template i made then I'm ready to start work on it! This ribbon goes onto the front of the skirt.

I have now purchased the wig ^_^ I still need to do pretty much everything else! Find a decent material for the coat is my top priority now!

Going to buy some material to make a skirt now as the other will not dye >_<

Also i got my gloves today, so once they arrive i can get dying the bodysuit stuff!

I now have my dress makers pattern based on a stick out dress which I can adapt to make the coat ^_^

I have been looking for material's and have asked for some samples, I really want to try and make this with waterproof material.

Also I now have some grey facepaint which I can use for my face where I won't have the 'nose mask' showing - such as the neck etc

It is still planned but I already have a school girl dress makers pattern for this one ;) So at least I have something ready!

The dye didn't work, I think its the material (which has no label!) so I will be buying some material and making the skirt from scratch (like I always end up doing >_<)

Had an attempt with some light blue felt to make the long ribbon detail on the skirt, but I think I will be happier if I get some long material rather than sewing each piece together!

Oh and I need to sort out some gloves before I can dye the bodysuit and tights...

I got a mask today to start looking at how to make Freya's face ^_^ its a start!

Okay so lots of progress to report!

Wig - arrived this weekend - very happy with it ^^ pictures now uploaded all prices are on my shopping list

Bodysuit - Also arrived this week, now tried on - fits like a glove! So i need to dye it a china blue and do the markings

Tights - Got this weekend - need to dye a china blue and do markings

Skirt - Still need to dye blue, cut left slit and add detail

Boots - All ready to wear, may add some loop detail

Halter top - In progress, i now have my own sewing machine and bought my material this weekend, i already have a halter pattern to work with (from making Fina - Skies of Arcadia) and i will then need to add gold detail

All other areas are still to do (lots on my to do list to complete!)

Looking for wigs, whilst looking very close at the game graphics Freya Crescent has white hair with a grey tint (see in game images and CGI) only on the bright concept art does she appear to have white hair. So I'm going for silver ;)

The amazing wig arrived today so i have added a picture from my phone please excuse lack of makeup heh :) will get more pics uploaded with make up and wig plus body suit!

My bodysuit arrived and fits really well ^_^ I will have to dye it as well as a pair of tights. I also need to work out if I can dye my skirt as if I can't then I will have to find something else to work with! My wig is on its way so as soon as that arrives I will test the face paint with it ^_^

Everything is ready now for this Saturday ^_^

Been looking everywhere and can't seem to find a high neck backless white halter top - Think I will have to make! Should be working on the skirt this Sunday!

I have now ordered my wig and body suit! ^_^

Go my brand new boots now! They only cost £5 ;) Also progress on the skirt is on hold until Sunday to re-try the dye - if it doesn't work i will need to sort out a new skirt

I made this for New Years eve 2010 ;)

Complete now i have put everything together ^^

Got the wig, just cleaning the gloves then neex to fix my tiara and clean up my shoes

I have today found the perfect base for a skirt! Just need to dye it, cut slits then add detail! Still its a good start XD Horray for charity shops! Pictures to follow once i have made a bit more progress with it :)

Had a play with the blue and silver body paint i think the light blue looks the best :)

This is for my improved version, all 'making of sailor suit' are in my old version ^^ this is purely on here due to my new wig and re-vamped tiara

I already have the Kimono so now my wig has come just need to try it all one take some pictures and this will be complete!

I have been to Hobbycraft today buying some blue and silver facepaint to play with ;) progress pics to follow! I still need to get everything sorted out....

I have been to Hobbycraft today buying some felt, some fabric paint and face paint! I have a light blue and silver facepaint to play with ;) progress pics to follow! I still need to get my fabric and body suit sorted out....

As i am making this for April i have made a start by looking for materials, boots and a wig :) I have also made a start by painting the headband a sky blue. It still needs a few coats though ;)

I have been looking at body suits, potential body paint and also having dreams of 'The Dreaded Wig' O_o

Defo going to make this for a London expo ;)

I have put songstress Yuna on as in progress now as I'm currently gathering the bits i need to make the microphone and I'm going to look for beads today :)

I have found the perfect wig for 2011 on ebay ^_^ its 28"

Early stages, done some sketches of bits of Rosettes outfit ^_^

Looked at getting a new wig today a 51 will cost over £20 so i may get a 31 ish instead.. I want to wear Sailor Mars for our next cosplay meet (AniMedia East) in the new year.

My Fina progress is going on well i only have the sleeves to finish so i should be done by Wednesday :)

Finished the pinwheel today and i have all my makeup and fangs too so all ready for expo! The straps on the pinwheel were the hardest part!

Last night i finally finished painting the dress! :) so just the sleeves to get finished!

Just finished veil and tiara ^_^ yay!

The sleeve cuffs are now painted gold! I have used over 6 pots of gold paint so far!

The dress is almost there too ^^

I will get the sleeves sewn up tomorrow - almost there!

I spent 12 hours painting yesterday ^_^ lovely pictures of the dress up now.

I have almost finished the back, just the middle to do then the dress is finished!

So currently i am stitching the veil onto the tiara, then later this week i need to make the sleeves.

Pin wheel progress going really well (i already have Rinoa's cosplay that i made previouily). Just the back and handle to finish.

I have face paint and have ordered my vampire fangs and extra body paint to become a vampire.

Oh and i already have the black wings ;)

I have been painting the dress all weekend, so far the front of the dress is completely finished ^_^ so just the back to do then the sleeves!

Ok lots of progress, will list ^_^

Cupil - finished!
Boot Covers - finished!
Tiara - finised!
Silver arm bands - finished!
Veil - 90% finished
Dress - need to paint
Sleeves - mock up a success - will make shortly

And i already have the gold face paint for the marking, so just the dress, sleeves and a bit of veil til i'm done ^^

I need to buy a new wig for Sailor Mars and i am itching to cosplay as her again ^_^ not enough photos from last time... Can't believe its been a whole year!

Last night i finished making the arms for Cupil, they just need sewing onto his body now :) He now has eyes so just a smile then he is finished!

I have also been working on my head piece and the dress is being fitted with velco and darts to keep from falling down.

I got white shoe polish for my boots to go over any scuffs and I am working on the veil with gold glitter ^_^

Lots more progress pictures to follow in the next few days as i push to get alot of the painting done

Ok i have been working on this, just slack in updating CI!! I have finished the dress, going to start painting next week, the arms need doing, boots finishing, and cupil finishing and just a bit of detail with the gold - then done!

My wig arrived ^_^ very pleased with it :) uploaded a photo now

I have tested the gold fabric paint on the main fabric this week, it works! Just need a big tub now :) Need to get some foam this week and spray paint to sort the gold peices on the ankles...

Just got my boots on ebay ^_^ only £8.20 - cant wait til they arrive

The dress now has the triangle chest area ready. I have decided to line the dress around the bodice and i have also got a second pair of white tights ^_^ I need to get on and work on Cupil while my mum takes my dress apart for me and lines it!

Just ordered my wig ^_^ I think its perfect for fina, a bit more pricy than others but i want to get this right ^_^

Massive progress yesterday - Cupil is coming to life and i have a full pinned dress for Fina (yay!)

The triangle needs cutting and i need to buy another pair of white legging style tights (which only cost 99p!)

I still need to sort out all the gold and jewelry but i have a cunning plan for the tiara to use two alice bands!

I mainly need to purchase the wig and boots, then i have most of the materials I will need.

Ok so last night I finished the base coat for the Tiara (need pc fixed to get pictures up on here!!) - Firstly I covered the alice band with gold fabric paint. Then I covered this with Gold acrylic paint - shiny shiny ^_^ Just need to get another piece to make it a full tiara then draw in the detailed lines.

I also started Cupil the plush toy, it is HARDER than I thought it would be >_< Need to work out how to make it a bit better - so far I have used cushion stuffing and make a round ball the size of my head, then I covered it and stitched it up using some lining. Now I put the silver over the stiched ball and try and stretch it around - however I keep getting folds and lines....

I will put some time aside tonight and look at some of my already made up plush toys and try to work something out... after I figure this out I can add Cupils tail, hands, eyes and mouth. I may need to cut out two circles and stitch them together then place around the ball to get the right effect for the body...

Wish me luck!

I got an alice band yesterday so I can use this to start making the tiara and veil :) I hope to look at the overall cutting out of the dress tonight :)

I got my material to make Cupil yesterday - all very exited, Rinoa is now done so Fina can start very soon!!

I finally finished the hand sewn wings today, it took a few hours but the end result is perfect ^_^ My costume is now ready for our cosplay meet this saturday at Thetford Forest, just need to do a pinwheel for October expo now - got there in the end, like a limit break!

I have started drawing the wing detail, to make it real pretty I am using white material, cutting it own and sewing on ^^ Almost there!!

I have my halter neck pattern at the ready and all my material so i will be cutting and sewing like crazy the next few weekends, im just about finished with Riona so once i have - its Fina time! :)

I have painted the earings blue and will give them a pearl simmer ^_^ I need to scout out some gold spray paint and start making the jewelry peices and .... as always... Find the shoes!

And buy the wig...

And make Cupil *dashes away to work on plans*

So this weekend I have done most of the rest of the costume with the help of my wonderful mum ^_^ So 85% complete (pinwheel and wing detail still to do)

The arm warmers are cut, sewn and fit perfectly

The arm band with tassels is sewn and ready (I used spare black material from my cut up leggings)

The skirt is finished and the buttons are on - but what a pain they were.... I just had to go for expensive heavy buttons with loads of detail.... which when sewn on hang lose.. so I filled the hollow backs of the metal buttons with material then stitched the material through the skirt and through the button hole - which now holds the 3 buttons nice and tight ^_^ (yay!)

I have styled the wig as the fringe needed some tlc so it looks like Rinoa's ^_^

The boots, wonderful awesome boots! The are heeled and laced, black, with a metallic zip - very cool and looks great with the outfit ^_^

So as soon as I have done the wing back detail I will be finished with the main outfit for the Thetford Forest AniMedia East meet ^_^ on 21st August 2010

The pinwheel will be made for the Expo in October 2010 ;)

I have mostly been painting my blue guns black.... almost there - Norwich here i come 24th July ^.^

Hmmm having problems getting the fabric paint to go on the veil O.o may need to find something stronger that will show up... or undercoat ... hmm

I have now sewn white ribbon to stop the material from stretching inside of the top half of the blue jumper, next i need to make the arm warmers with the same material. The skirt is almost there, i just need to sew up the hem and add the 3 buttons - i have elasticated it so its nice and tight ;)

After this i just need to get me some boots then do the wing detail on the back!

I got my leggings for this yesterday - £7 at H&M although they may need taking in a little on the legs as i could not get skin tight full length white leggings!

I have since took more pictures of my dragon spear but need to have a photo session of me as Kanu as hardly any pictures of me!!

Ok - rubbish on the journal entries i know.... but i got a biker jacket yesterday and so i have now completed gwen. I bought the boots from Shoe Zone and a red shirt from a charity shop - i have the gun to paint so im there!!


Just uploaded some pictures of the facepaint i got as well as the fabric paint and the random markings i made on some spare fabric. Also the little earings that cost £1 that i need to paint blue :)

Finally put some of my progress pictures on of the jumper, skirt and shorts :) let me know what you think!

Yay! Just got home to find my black wings have arrived :) awesome

Had a great day saturday, i have purchased ALL of the fabric for Fina's outfit.I also found the earings for her too for £1!!

The only other bits i need to buy is stuff for Cupil and the foam for the jewelry and arm bands. Still looking for white boots/shoes and i need to locate some white long leggings or thick white tights..

Oh and i have got my gold fabric paint too! Yay! More images to come - although i forget to take pictures of the stuff i bought becuase i have been making my Rinoa costume!

Got loads of this costume dont at the weekend - more detailed updates and pictures to follow :) hopefully this wednesday. The long jumper has been cut, the skirt is almost finished, i have finished the shorts and i have purchased my buttons for the skirt. So apart from finishing off the costume i just need to design the pinwheel and get me some boots!! :)

Today I have again been looking on ebay for boots - and yep.... still looking.

However I have just purchased the Gold Facepaint for £2.99 that I will need for Fina's markings (head, shoulders etc) so progress!

Off shopping tomorrow for materials so watch this space ;)

Ok so today I have basically checked all my materials over (total cost for materials for jumper, skirt and cotton - came to just over £24 from Anglian Fabrics)... The leggings I had have now been pinned ready to be cut into shorts, they also need taking in a little so they don’t fall down! >.< !

Up the city of Norwich tomorrow so I hope I can get the boots - the last accessory I need really - apart from making the pinwheel and short straps.

So wish me luck that I can find random army style boots in a size 8 at an affordable price!!

Oh and I will upload more progress pictures when i start making the main costume tomorrow (yay!)

This costume will be completed for our AniMedia East Cosplay Adventure and Picnic in Thetford Forest 21st August 2010 and also.... Sunday London Oct Expo..

Oh and I have just purchased black wings for the Sunday Expo - Vampire Rinoa wuu!!

Today i have mostly been looking through ebay for white boots - thanks to SlimDefinition i think i have a few contenders :) Although Fina has heals and the best ones i have found dont have any.... hmmmm.... oh and i just realised they are out of stock on a size out..... booooo!

Apart from that i have been doodling how to go about starting off the costume, i think i will look at making the jewelry pieces out of foam... so roll on saturday for my material purchasing - hope i can find a good pattern for the dress!

Its almost Saturday.... that means..... I can actuall start putting this together! YAY! ^.^ Also shop around for Fina materials hehe! October Expo will be here before i know it and i am so pleased to be making Rinoa for two events. Our AniMedia East Cosplay Adventure Picnic on 21st August in Thetford Forest AND Sunday of the October London MCM EXPO! Exciting times :) Must google black wings tooo......

Oh and i cant stop wearing the Rinoa necklace to work everyday hehehe!

Ok so i have EVERYTHING still to do ^.^ I need to get my materials on saturday, so far all i have done is looked online for wigs and i only really now noticed how short and smart Finas hair is O.O will have to use Manga hair putty for the job for sure ;) I plan on wearing this for the Saturday london october expo and Friday as i am off to there then!! I am doing Vampire Rinoa for Sunday.

At the moment the thing i cant wait for most to do is... the Veil!!

My shopping spree last Saturday was a success! I now have 2 and a half meteres of light blue material for the long jumper and over 1 metere for the skirt. I also have the cottons and the zip. So only the sewing, wings, boots, shorts, pinwheel to go - few!

This may well be one of the hardest cosplays for me yet.... although i want to finish watching kiddy grade before i attempt this,,,, maybe next year?

so i have a wig.. uh and black jeans haha! need to get alot of other stuff yet... i really need to find some cheap pvc clothes that look like leather.... hmmm

So far i have the rings, wig, a black top and a pair of leggings to make into shorts..... must do much more >.<

October 2008 MCM Expo in London - got a few pics taken of me too! ^.^

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