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I haven't updated this in god knows how many years but I'll try get through some backlog!
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So my shoes have arrived (sorry no picture yet ;3;) at first I was going to make them as a base and then the rest of the boot would be almost like a sock. But I haven't been very well and I don't know if I'll manage to actually get them done in time for Expo. So depending on how it looks when my tights arrive I'll just wear my new shoes with my tights, and make the boots for when I re-wear LSP as Japan Expo in july and possibly again for Amecon~

My new wig and paints came so I had a play around c:
I don't like myself in this wig D: It does nothing for my face shape ;____; I'm tempted to try and curl the one I used on monday just so I can have the fringe...

The lining of my LSP puff ball dress~
2-3 hours so far.

all the pieces were cut out in the lining material and calico then the lining mounted to the calico before being stitched together. Rigiline is used to bone the bodice and give it stucture.
The skirt is just a straight strip with a couple of pleats in the back to make it fit around the bum.

So I went to London to day with the wonderful Marisa and bought my fabric *____*
Because there's next to NO stretch in the material and I need to make the boot covers I ended up getting 3 zips, one for the actual dress and two for the boots xDD
I can not WAIT to now get started *___* Shame I've lost use of the sewing room for now as my mother is using it to make an Elizabethan dress~

I also bought my wig during the week!
So excited for it to arrive <3

omg @_@
So much left to do and so little time!
The Chemise is finished (YAY) and so is the bodice! It turned out better than expected :D
I've just finished sewing all the lines onto the skirt fabric. Used over 600m of thread @______________@

Also, my contact lenses arrived :D Good right??
They are I.Fairy! Nova series if anyone was wondering~ C:

So yesterday I went out with my darling Ciel to get the fabric! We could find exactly what we wanted but we found compromises. Although to save money I am now sewing hundreds of gold lines onto the plain brown fabric to get the pattern on the dress @___________________@ I'll try and count how many I do to share my torture ;D
I worked out that there will be 5 main steps to this outfit!
1) The Chemise. A white cotton bodice with lace frill attached to a hooped skirt.
2)Main dress piece. I will have a corseted under-bust attached to the skirt. This will all be in the brown fabric that I need to sew the lines onto to make the diamond shapes! The bodice comes down to a V from which the brown fabric will separate to show a white lace frill~ There will also be a pink frill along the bottom of the main skirt. But I might change that if I feel like it :'3
3) The Bustle. Never done one before so this is going to be fun! :D This will be made out of gorgeous tartan wool we found! Depending on how poofed it comes out with just the gathers etc. I might have to make pads make it bigger xD
4) The Jacket. This has to be out of the Brown cotton again but I don't have to do the lines this time! (YAY!) Except for the sleeves. (BOO!) It will be based on a riding Jacket and has a big bow on the back! I have to make it last so that I can shape the tail-y type bit at the back (can't remember what it's called) will sit nicely over the bustle with out crushing it~.
5) Accessories. This includes the hat, gloves, bows and ribbons, as well as the shoes! He shoes have an adorable curly heel which I am going to try and make :3

Phew! Writing all that just took so much out of me, I'll be a goner by the time I've finished! Wish me luck :3

P.S. I want to post a pic, but I currently have no means of getting the pictures off my phone and onto the PC! Such a pain D;

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