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Pleated pleather! (wow that's a mouthful!) It's lined with a dark orangey faux suede.

I hope I'll never have to pleat pleather again. D:

The paint job. It looks more metallic in real life actually!

More armour. These ones are for the legs. The spikes are resin again, and have to be drastically shaped at the bottom (with a dremel. SO MUCH DUST) so that they fit on the curve of the armour.

- Shoulder bits are covered with faux suede.

- Most of the hand guard (?) is just thick EVA foam shaped with heat and dremelling. The more fragile bits are worbla-covered. The spikes are cast using resin.

- The two silver dangly bits are made of resin with aluminium filler powder. I first sculpted it using clay, then made a silicone mould. Then I cast 4 copies, glued them back to back to make 2 of these things.

The tiny horns above the eyebrows have to be made smaller than how they are in the game, otherwise the visor physically won't work. The visor is secured by magnets once it's raised.

I carved a horn out of expanding foam, then put masking tape on it to help me create a pattern, which is then used to make the horns.

The whole thing is made of EVA and worbla.

"I need to make some lace-up knickers" are words I've never thought I'd say in my life.

I did have to buy buttons though.

(The pockets are so fake.)

Costume is made almost entirely out of fabrics left over from other projects. Even the white bits here are left over bias binding and cotton!

Took me a whole afternoon to work out and make this damn thing. Wait the front panel is shorter? Really? And there are splits? WHERE ARE THE DAMN SPLITS. WHY IS THERE THE BLACK THING ALONG ONE SPLIT (which is also on the underside) BUT NOT ON THE OTHER BUT A BLACK THING ON THE PANEL INSTEAD (but not on the underside?!?!) WTF IS GOING ON. WHY IS THIS DIFFERENT IN EVERY REFERENCE HELP.

The red is darker in real life.

Made mostly out of waxed cotton, with a yellowish cotton lining like the reference. Gonna attach the hoodie bits later. I have to make up the collar area since it's always covered by the hood in the pictures.

Various parts, painted. I used a mix of payne's grey and silver acrylic rather than black because I think black's too harsh. These were then sprayed with a matt varnish.

Made almost entirely out of foam, plus a small bit of worbla. Needs painting and a glove to go underneath.

Not quite finished, but almost there.

There are discrepancies between official art, cutscene footage and in-game models for all parts of the costume, including the sword. I'm just picking what I like best/is most physically possible.

Made mostly out of foam, plus a bit of worbla.

For the long ribbon that goes from the end of the sword.

What should I call this thing...?

Made out of foam. There's a strip of pleather on the underside to give it some strength. Fastens with velcro.

This was sculpted out of oil-based clay, then a mould made out of silicone. Cast with resin (top pic), and then painted (bottom pic).

Annoyingly the contact lenses don't show up very well.

I forgot to take progress pics of the dress and stuff, oops.

Who thought this was a good idea. ._.

Fortunately, the character design does show straps and those straps actually work!

Because there are wings on the knees...............

Heavier than I'd like, really. The lower leg pieces help keep them up, though.

Made out of worbla with screws in the back. There are holes punched in the leather straps so that these buttons can go through and then fasten things together.

Needed more flicks at the back!

The lining of the cape is actually from my old Soldier Blue (Toward the Terra) costume.

I learned that lopsided capes are Very. Annoying.

Used worbla because I have all the worbla scraps in the world.

When you put it all together, it looks like this.

Buckle is store bought and then customised. Same for the belt.

It'd be faux suede one side and fur on the other.

Yurick's got 2 sashes in his waist. Both were handpainted because 1) I'm too stingy to pay for new fabric when I can use leftovers at home and 2) I can get a more accurate pattern that way.

Fear the Vouis Luitton.

Made it, chucked it into the washing machine to fray the edges. Ended up with huuuge tassels (and a clogged washing machine which had to be cleaned out....). Trimmed the excess fraying since the last photo, now it looks fine!

Veg tan leather, hand dyed. The studs are just glued on.

I forgot to update this journal, oops.

Worbla + foam for this one.

Weathering, followed by acrylic varnish, and it's done.

This beast is quite weighty and definitely not con safe!

A basic paint job using acrylics. Now the dirt/weathering is being airbrushed on.

I think I like it better when it was just solid, flat black. XD;

Assembly. The black is just gesso.

Made the crest of the sword using clay. Then casted 2 copies out of resin.

More sword progress. This part is made of worbla and foam.

Every sword needs pork pies for ears.

That dangly ball thing. This was "CAT'S EYE LIKE CRYSTAL SPHERE BALL 40MM" from eBay and cost me all of 6USD, from China. It even arrived with its own little wooden stand, it's so cute! Might buy all the other colours and line them up in front of the telly...

It's now surrounded by polymorph and a bracer buckle for the "belt" to thread through.

Made of fake leather. There's a hoop on the back for the belt to go through. Just started shading them, the one on the left is done, hopefully it's made a difference.

So far, left to right:

1. Paper template
2. Base built using mounting board, foam board, foam and wood
4. Carve expanding foam. Turns out my foam application technique needs refining, because there are lots of gaps
5. Apply papier mache, then sand
6. Apply gesso (the black stuff). Now waiting for it to dry, and then sand again

Made entirely out of worbla. It's painted now but I haven't taken a photo. Still needs a bit of black leather at the back where it laces up.

This was so annoying to make, mostly because of the dark purple fabric. I'm never using that fabric again!

The back, so far. I discovered that the top fits, but the legs don't. It turns out the original pattern relies a lot more on the stretch in the legs than it does in the top half! I'll need to add an extra panel in the legs so that I can fit in this. XD;

I put some wadding and 6mm plastazote under the black area because in the anime it looks like that area is thicker and stiffer, as if there's armour somewhere.

It kind of looks like a jet pack somehow?!

I'm pretty sure Jeremiah's left side is entirely wrapped in reddish bandages and the "panel" in his left side is really a cut out in his suit to show said bandages (which match the ones going down his arm and around his fingers). But I wasn't going to do that because 1) any hole in the suit will mean distorted shapes every time I move, 2) wrapping red bandages around myself before putting on the suit? You're kidding. XD

So I sewed a panel of the bandages instead and used it to make a really tight sleeve. Also cut a hole in the suit and then sewed the panel on from underneath. I'll put the gold trim around it later on.

This is based on a KwikSew pattern, although the fabric I'm using is way less stretchy than the pattern requires so I made some allowances for that.

Gloves are not hard to make but they take a lot of patience, which I usually have enough to do about one gusset before having to go away and recharge for a few days...

Didn't have the right gold fabric so I had to paint my own to make for the applique and bias binding.

This is unlined because I'm lazy.

Trousers have been made using the same material. Not shown here because they can't that exciting. XD;

Made two of these in different sizes, put one on top of the other, sew together, and voila!

Then I went and stuffed the finished product into a bag which messed up the pleats, so I'll put a finished photo here when I can be bothered to get the ironing board out and sort it out first. XD;


(I incorporated a bit of ribbon in the collar so that this ties together in the middle. Also forgot to mention the gold straps I made to go around the fluffy "bobbles" along the bottom edge.)

I supposed it should be a cloak not a cape, but anyway! One big piece of wadding, ready to be rolled up and inserted into the collar area!

(Also, I had one more photo of the progress of the shorts but it's disappeared. Ah well. But the shorts are done, slits and frilly black edge and everything!)

Do not underestimate the power of split pins.


So pornographic-looking. XD It's okay, they'll be covered in armour.

Fancy braid left over from Zidane cosplay a long time ago, rolled up and glued together. One side is stitched onto the jacket, the other side fastens with hook and eye.

Elaine wears her wedding ring in her left ear as an earring.

It took a long long time to find the right gem but finally I found big acrylic diamonds for £2.80/pair. All I need to do is add a bit of wire and polymorph, then paint the polymorph gold, and voila!

This will look better after I iron it a bit. I hope.

Added lining, then started adding the white edge.

The reason behind making this cosplay is definitely not so that I get the excuse to buy and use this fabric. Really.


The greaves, as shown, are going to be wider than my leg. In an ideal world these would have hinges and open up etc etc, but because I'm making them as tubes, they need to be big enough for my foot (and the boot!) to fit through.
Also, because they're going to move with the knee piece, they're going to go up and down my shins a bit, so they have to be bigger to make sure they can move rather than self destruct.

I was going to buy some gloves but it turned out stretchy gloves (fingerless or not) in dark blue are really really hard to find! My only purchase option was sellers from China and with just one month to Aya I didn't want to risk, so I bought some 4-way stretch fabric and made my own.

They turned out to be much, much easier to make than I thought. The colour should be the same as the dress but I couldn't find the same colour, so these are a slightly brighter blue. Ah well.

Just like the other bit of armour, the boots change from picture to picture as well. I'm picking whatever is going to work best construction-wise.

(Shanoa's armour is soooo much more sensible than Sigmund's, it's such a relief. The greaves can be connected to the kneecap (?) with a moving hinge! MOVING HINGE! /o/)

The base boots are proving to be a huge problem. They need to be up to mid-thigh, and so far the affordable boots I can find are only just not high enough at the thigh. =/

Buckles from eBay and leather straps left over from previous costumes.

The gesso worked! *massive sigh of relief* I painted them using the same acrylic as the breastplate.

The one on the left has two layers of acrylic varnish sprays, the one on the right hasn't got any yet, this is just to show the difference. I think overall they might need three or four layers to be shiny enough.

A bit of painting, gluing etc later... ta da!

This isn't finished yet. I still need to paint all the joint to make them look seamless, and make the whole thing glossy. In the end I painted it with just acrylic, so I'm going to use acrylic varnish.

(btw, test result of car wax over acrylic: it doesn't work. The car wax reactivates acrylic so I ended up wiping the paint off when I tried to wax it!)

I drafted the breastplate design on paper then cut it out on 1mm thick EVA craft foam.

Did things in the wrong order. Forgot that the edge of these things are gold and should've been painted/sprayed before I glued them on. So I sprayed painted them anyway, which means the middle parts, which are supposed to be brown, got gold spray on them. I though, eh whatever, it'll get covered by acrylic anyway...


Acrylic can't cover the gold paint, it kind of just separates like an oil spill. I tried covering it with layers of PVA first but it still didn't work, so I've finally resorted to gesso. If I still can't paint over this then I'll have to remake these things. =/

Crappy photo!

Gone fabric shopping and found something much more suitable for the dress, so I remade it. Luckily the dress consists of just a front piece, a back piece and two straps at the top. But it still felt like too much work!

It's worth it though - not that you can tell from this photo but the fabric is /gorgeous/ and it's light and drapes so well. I've no idea what it is, it was £10 for 2.5m of it from the remnants pile.

For the gloves, because they seem very fitted, I think I'll need something spandex-y and this fabric sadly won't do. To save trouble I might buy a pair rather than make them myself.

This was made using EVA foam, heated and then pulled over a mannequin. It took quite a while to get the right shape.

I draped some old bedding over the mannequin and pinned and chopped until I got a pattern, then I used that the cut on the fabric.

The end result is this.

The orange crepe is really really nice. The blue duchess satin is gorgeous too, though I wish I could've found something much less heavy so that it flows better. But I couldn't find anything the right colour (well I found some, but it was silk crepe @ £26/m) so duchess satin it is. At least it looks pretty.

Thinking about it now, should I have gone for the right fabric in a shade that's slightly different from the source? I don't know. For Shanoa I suppose both the colour AND the flow are important. ._.

Not happy with the lower hem, so I'll make some changes later on.

This is the rapier I'm planning on making. Wanted to make the lance initially but that might be a bit beyond my current skill levels and would end up looking tacky...

I've got a few ideas on how to do it, but it's all pretty experimental so I'll post about it only if it's successful. XD

It'd be great if I make it look like it's lacquered or shiny like... a car, for example, but things like enamel paints would just crack as soon as the foam bends, right? So I'm thinking... wax? Car wax maybe? Floor wax? Not sure if those are actually waxes or if they're just called waxes though, need to investigate. There is something called acrylic wax as well but that seems to be US-only. It doesn't seem to give a high-gloss result anyway.

So I'm looking at things along the lines of:
- sealant sprays
- car wax
- acrylic nail polish type stuff but in large quantities
- acrylic floor wax

Will probably need to do a few tests.

Looking closely at the art available, it turns out that the design is not consistent throughout. Which isn't unusual, this happens with almost every costume I've made... I just need to make some decisions as to which design to follow.

The "hip shields", for example, sometimes they are more elongated than others. Sometimes they have two connections at the very top, sometimes one. Also, depending on which picture you're looking at, there may or may not be a connection piece between the top and the middle piece. The top piece might also be a different shape completely.

I might got for the double connection option since that seems to be more common in the artwork.

The back design is felt and white fabric paint, satin stitched onto the cape. The cape is lined with red cotton which was bought for something else I ended up not making. The gold edge is leftover stuff from my Sigmund cosplay.

Satin stitching designs is very, very annoying. =_=

...This is turning out to be one big recycling project. I wish every cosplay can be like this, then I won't have such a large pile of leftover fabrics...

Leftovers again! This time it's red cotton velvet from one of Storme's old cosplay, and velvety white ribbon from my David cosplay (I bought 2 rolls of the stuff in Hong Kong because it was really cheap. XD)

I'm making this out of leftover fabric from my Flynn cosplay last year because I really like the texture of it. This is going to be dyed green, and then I'll cut slit into it and add the blue panels. I bought discounted dupion silk for this.

I've already made the lining using leftover stuff from my Zidane cosplay. The theory is that after I added the blue panels, I'll line it, and add wadding or whatever between the lining and the shorts to puff them up. I hope it'll work...

The hat was made using 0.5m of Fosshape ( I cut and sewed pieces of it together until it was about the right size for my head, allowing a bit more room for shrinkage because fosshape shrinks as it hardens.

To harden the black area I wrapped a salad bowl in towels and then put the hat on it and used a hot iron. I only partially hardened it because it wouldn't be very nice to wear if it was rock solid. Also that meant I could sew some wig clips into it and secure it to my hair (which was hidden under a mesh wig cap).

For the purple area I used a heatgun, though a hairdryer should've worked too.

The hat was painted using acrylic paint. I found that mixing a bit of latex in the paint made it go on better.

So, writing about this retrospectively...

I pinned a strip of tulle around the neck of my sewing mannequin, and started arranging the feathers on it, gluing the feathers to the tulle (being careful not to glue them to the mannequin) until it looked like Yzma's neckwear.

Then I took the strip of tulle + feathers off the mannequin, put another strip of tulle on top so that the feathers are sandwiched inbetween, and sewed the layers together. I did add more glue too.

After that it was just a case of putting black fabric over that, and some fastening in the front.

First time wearing this costume. I did a makeup test at home first, and found that I made the scars too thick - needed thinning out a lot more at the edges so that there wasn't a huge "step" between latex and skin after I glued them on. I did what I could to fix that. The end result was okay, they were still messy around the edges. It would've been fine if I was going for a "realistic" effect actually, but Black Jack's scars are supposed to be very clean-cut and artificial looking. XD;

I think the outcome was good for a first attempt at casting latex prosthetics, but I'm going to make some new scars for the next time I wear this.

So yeah, to make it a bit smoother looking I went and touched up the scars on photoshop a little.

Oh yeah also - Snazaroo's spirit gum is kind of crap. I had to buy it last minute though so it was whatever the local art supplies shop had! I've got some pros-aide coming my way so next time this will be better. :)

This is made from one black and one white Ash wig ( cut up and then sewn together. The front is being thinned with a razor and then set with hairspray.

Better photos of this when I'm done with it. :)

I followed instructions from a book to do this.

Sculpted scars out of modelling clay, poured plaster over it, let cure, remove clay, put latex in new mould, let cure, voila!

I have a suit jacket but that was too feminine, so I got one from a charity shop. It's still a women's style (men ones are all too big for me) but it doesn't go in at the waist so much. All I've done is add a third button to it so that it closes further up. Again, less feminine.

This was made using a really soft, almost luxurious felted wool I have at home. 8D It took a day or so. I actually didn't have enough of the fabric so the front facings are two pieces each, rather than one long piece since I have to connect sections together to get the length. XD;

The collar doesn't stand up as tall as Black Jack's. Oh well. That might improve after I add shoulderpads.

I might topstitch the collar and the front, right now it's a bit puffy and ironing doesn't do much to the wool.

[ETA] I just realised I forgot to understitch the facing. That'd be why it's all weird. And now I can't do it unless I pick apart a lot of work...


That is all.

Wrapping the bandages doesn't take much time, it's the sewing them down that takes a while!

YouTube taught me how to bandage around the hips. XD

1. Consider thickness. Too many layers of foam are hard to rivet, and may come apart even when glued due to movement.

2. Glue is good, but rivets/press studs are amazing.

3. Rub n' Buff is great in metallic colours like silver and gold, but useless in most other colours. Use acrylic instead.

4. Remember to seal the Rub n' Buff afterwards or it'll rub off on everything.

5. For foam sealing, PVA + water dries 1000x slower than Mod Podge but gives a smoother result. But you can wet sand Mod Podge anyway so it doesn't really matter.

6. Using coloured rather than white foam allows you to easily see when your PVA/Mod Podge has dried.

7. A good pair of leather puncher is well worth the investment.

8. But it also helps if you have very strong hands because punching leather is really hard work.

9. Heat gun is far superior to hairdryer.

10. Planning + patience > everything.

28 bits of foam to be added to gloves.

In the end I bought a pair of brown gloves at a market for £2, and have added massive cuffs to them using the same unsplit leather as the outfit, plus the strange pink ribbon. It works quite well, better than if I made my own gloves I think.

Finally, assembly! /o/

It's fastened using belt and buckles since the art shows belt and buckles (although in the art those seem to only be decorative, and the armour doesn't seem to have a way of fastening!) It's a bit fiddly...

The amount of work gone into make a pair of these shoulder thing was just RIDICULOUS. OTZ

This is how it looks so far. I decided to make it so that the entire back piece detaches (with heavy duty velcro) so that it's actually wearable. I haven't started the said back piece yet. :D;;;

I'm quite overwhelmed by how much I still need to do and other things I need to spend time on (urgh, this thing called "life", hate it when it gets in the way of cosplay! XD). Too many committments, too little time. =_=

Things I've finished since last update:
- Flaps (in front of crotch and bum)
- Armour pieces (exclude gauntlets and boots)

Things I'm working on:
- Assembling the armour (glue, rivets, belts and more paint...)
- Adding upturned cuffs to the outfit
- Gauntlets

Things I need to do:
- Belt
- Boots
- Wig style
- Head... decoration thing
- Sword (might not have it in time for Minami...)

Things I hope will eventually happen:
- Shield

Photos later maybe!

With the lighting effects on the pictures, it's really hard to decide what shade of what colour Sigmund's trousers are.

Might get a cheap pair from eBay or make my own. See what fabric I can find...

The things I do for the pretty. orz

(This foam is so stiff it's blunting my knives.)

This foam is pretty stiff and tiring to cut. I'm really not looking forward to cutting out all those swirly patterny bits.


This means if I made it the proportions it's supposed to be, there is no way for me to get in and out of it. I'll have to incorporate openings somehow. This will involve changing the design, but I'll try make it as inconspicuous as possible, and if I can't, make it look as logical as possible, like a real cuirass.

For a given value of "real", anyway. XD

Oops, made it too small. Gotta start again...

(Unlike regular patterns, the glove pattern has no guidance on what they mean by small/medium/large. It shows where to lengthen/shorten fingers, but doesn't say what the standard size they've given suits what finger lengths. I thought since my hands are small and fingers short, I'd shorten it a bit... turns out I didn't need to do that.)

I've done a lot of the arm armour now, and need to wait for things to dry/materials to arrive through the post before I can put all the pieces together, but let's not waste time!

I've always wanted to try to make my own gloves, so here we go! They are based on the Butterick B5370 pattern.

If these turn out good I'll use them for the costume. If not, I'll need to do some glove shopping.

I used a dremel with a sanding attachment to make the edges of the foam armour nice, and also create the sharp design details.

That's my hand covered in foam dust from sanding. THIS IS WHY SAFETY EQUIPMENT IS IMPORTANT. My goggles and mask were covered in it as well but most of it fell off when I pulled them off my face. And that's just from tidying up the edges of one forearm piece. Imagine what'd happen if I breathed this in or it got into my eyes.

So if anyone's following this journal and thinking about trying the same techniques - GET SOME SAFETY EQUIPMENT. They're annoying, but they're IMPORTANT.

Next was to seal the foam so that it can be painted. This foam is much closer to regular craft foam rather than plastazote, so I didn't need latex, in fact the good old PVA+water should do. But I decided to try to use Mod Podge.

Love the result, mostly because Mod Podge dries very quickly, I don't need to wait a day between each coat, just 15 minutes or even less. I could paint one piece, move on to the other, and by the time I finish that one the first piece can be recoated.

My technique got a bit better after the first few coats, but where I didn't paint fast enough in the beginning, it dried textured. I'm sure that's useful in some cases but this armour needs to be smooth, so I wet-sanded it. In the photo, one side has been sanded.

Weirdly, I read that Mod Podge dries tacky, but this hasn't happened. Not that I'm complaining!

The outfit had more of its suede painted, and the patterns on the collar also got painted on with gold fabric paint. More gold edges were added, along with a zipper and hook & eye. It's more or less finished now. I'd rather not use zipper since it doesn't fit the style of everything else, but looking at how it fastens together (you can see a bit of it where the chest armour doesn't cover), zipper is the best solution.

Moving on to the armour. I guess the photo is self explanatory!

Painting the lower part with brown edge enamel for leather. It's usually used for the edges of belts after you've cut and smoothed it down. I bought a small bottle for the little belts that are everywhere on the armour, and decided to try to use it for the swirly designs. It turned out pretty easy to use, like quick-drying paint.

Top pic is work in progress. I asked Storme to help me take a photo for the records. :) And lower pic is how it looks like in one corner now. I dry-brushed around the design for some shading, to help create a look of depth. In the art it looks like the design is slightly raised, and this is the best I can do with paint. XD;

Some close up details of the outfit so far. :)

Top-left: the hem. See what I mean by the gold stretching and twisting. I couldn't get it perfectly flat. =/

Top-right: where the orange fabric joins the brown, there's a pointy detail. It's not finished yet, I need to find a button to put on it, then hand-stitch that little area down.

Lower-left: around the groin area, the brown actually ends before it meets the main top bit. What a weird design...

Lower-right: lining and facing. The lining is mostly machined apart from where it meets the front left and right panels, where it's done by hand. This is mainly because I'm too lazy to hand stitch all of it XD (plus machine is neater) but there needs to be a gap for me to turn the whole thing back the right side out, so that's where I finished it by hand.

The very bottom piece is real unsplit suede from a shop at Goldhawk Road. It's pretty thick and heavy, luckily my scissors and sewing machine seem to be able to cope with it.

I added all the necessary trimmings before attaching it to the outfit itself.

The gold isn't nice to work with at all. Pins leave marks, and it stretches and twists a bit under the sewing machine foot. I need to get one of those teflon feet I think...

Added the orange bit (which is strengthened with interfacing), then the whole thing is lined. I chose a cotton lining because it's nice to wear and every time I try acetate satin I make a right mess.

The collar can stand up really well. XD Note to self: this method of making collar might be useful for a future costume! The top itself is too long though, I'll need to chop off about 4 inches from the bottom.

In the picture on the right is how I'm working out how to make the lower half of the outfit: use calico and keep pinning until it looks right. Once that is ready I can add lining (which I've already prepared, which also needs to be 4 inches shorter from the bottom.)

I don't know what to call his orange clothes so from now on it'll be called "the outfit". :)

The fabric is faux suede. Considering the feel of the game, the material has to be natural rather than synthetic, and depending on which picture you look at, it can look like suede or leather or silk. o_o I settled on suede because it's easy to work with. Finding real suede in the right colour proved to be impossible, though, and even faux ones took forever to find. In the end I got my fabric from an unlikely source - Etsy. O_O It was shipped from India. It's soft and very lovely. The colour is closer to the official art than the game art, and that's fine with me.

The outfit is being made by combining and adjusting the pattern I'd used for Daryan Crescend and a pattern I used to make my sister's Christmas present. I decided to try to make this as nice as possible even though some details aren't going to be visible. So facings were added, interfacing was used, and it'll later be lined. The top pic shows the collar being pinned on, and the lower pic shows the facing (and interfacing) pinned and sewed on top of it. It was then turned inside and understitched. Normally I'd use iron-on interfacing, but I ran out so I used sew-on instead.

Please ignore the gold strip. I got that wrong and took it off (painstakingly with a stitch unpicker) later. Sigh. The gold should go around most of the outfit like bias binding. Lesson learned: when your reference source is mostly screencaps that aren't entirely clear, study ALL the screencaps very carefully rather than just stare at one of them.

I'm making the version of Yzma with a black dress, feathers around her neck and that weird head decoration.

Here is the dress so far. It took two nights, following a pattern. Her dress actually is far strappier than this, and also more hourglass in shape, so adjustments will be needed. I'll do what I can but I can't make myself be shaped like Yzma so there will be compromises. XD

Also, it doesn't look that way in the photo but the dress is quite long and pools around my feet a bit the way Yzma's does.

So... in-game blue/grey/black-ish shade vs. official art brownish-greenish shade. Which to pick?

(Orange suede on order. Picked out bits and pieces to buy. Foam also ordered. Starting soon!)

Excuse the use of my dressing gown tie, I haven't made the obi yet. :P

Not much to say about this... I followed a yukata pattern I found online and it didn't take too long. It seemed pretty authentic - at least in the way that there are no shoulder seams. The neckline had to be hand-hemmed, but the rest of it was just top-stitched. I need to take the sleeves up a bit more, but I'll wait until I have the gloves. A lot of Shishio's gloves are supposed to be visible, so having the gloves ready will let me see how much shorter the sleeves should be.

The material is sheet cotton. Yukatas are supposed to be cotton, and sheet cottons are really wide which helps a lot because of the no-shoulder-seams business meaning you need a really big piece of fabric.

The colour is a close enough shade I think. Actually I don't know what Shishio's colours should be in the manga version; Watsuki had it black in the manga panels and I don't remember seeing any coloured illustrations. The anime had it a brighter purple than this maybe? But to be frank I prefer the purple I've chosen. I'm not much of a fan of the colour choices in the anime in general. Plus this purple looks more evil. >D

Currently I'm:

- taking many screencaps and working out how many rivets, studs, buckles and belts I'll need. I have a sheet full of order numbers for these parts.

- looking for a supplier that sells tangerine/burnt orange/terracotta suede.

- planning to use medium density EVA rather than plastazote for most of the armour, for enhanced stiffness.

- wondering if I should bother with his shield or not. It'd be an extra item to carry when already in full armour...

Hopefully I can get some materials together so that I can start making this over Christmas holidays.

I decided to pull Dave out for the ball!

The brown vest has been remade so that it's more comfortable (the old one is quite restricting and also totally non-breathable), and the chest armour underneath the vest was also redone. Fixed various issues, and Storme commissioned someone to knit the gloves for me (the current ones are altered from ribbed socks and are rather uncomfortable around the fingers). Although those most likely won't arrive in time, I think I will wear Dave many more times in the future so the gloves are worth having. :)

And this time I will be accessorised with a proper Rush! See Storme's Rush here:

The jacket should look lighter in colour in daylight. The gold paint on the shirt isn't working so well, but the silver looks good in person so I'll cover all the gold bits with silver.

Storme said I should pad my trousers... XD;

Pink necklace from charity shop, now painted green.

I couldn't find a shirt that's remotely similar to Hansel's, so I bought a Hawaiian shirt and began putting gold and silver fabric paint on it to make it more... spechial~

Daryan is done!

Wearing this to Cosplay Fever Red book launch! See you there! >D

(Wow, abuse of the exclamation mark!)

Seeing that most of this cosplay is going to be bought stuff, I thought this is a good chance to learn some new things. So here we go, I sculpted the bridge of Owen Wilson's nose out of clay. XDDDD Planning to make a latex cast out of it. No idea if this is going to work or not!

But hey, at least when I'm asked to name something I've done that nobody else has, I can say "I've sculpted Owen Wilson's nose out of clay! :D"

Done! Done done done done!

Things that I haven't shown on here/mentioned in previous journal entries, in no particular order:
- chopped the belt buckle to half the size I first made it
- finished the other boot
- painted all of the armour
- added the tip to the hilt of the sword
- adjusted the tunic so that it won't asphyxiate me
- added buttonholes to cape, and buttons to tunic

Have a teaser pic. :D Debuting at Hyper Japan tomorrow!

Not done yet. Still lacking the little bit at the top of the hilt. I'm quite annoyed at how clunky this ended up looking. But there's no choice - the blade is rather wide near the tip, so the sheath needs to be this wide. The sheath in the official art is turned slightly on its side, so maybe it is supposed to be this wide anyway, it's just not obvious in the art. It's either that or Flynn bends the laws of physics to fit a fat sword in a thin sheath.

But at least he doesn't pull a sword out from a dimensional crotch pocket like so many other games. XD

I carved the gold bits for the sword out of foam because I couldn't find anything that's the right size and shape. The sheath itself is entirely foam apart from the blue bit which is painted cardboard, and the brown bit under the gold area which is vinyl. There are strips of velcro at the top of the sheath and the underside of the belt, so that it can be removed - I don't want to bring the sword to the Cosplay Ball!

The hilt of the sword comes up really high to my chest. :( It's the right size but my torso is shorter than Flynn's. Actually my torso is slightly shorter than most people's and I have problems getting dresses that fit me right!

I glued the light pull to a wooden rod. The rod is sandwiched by the blade. Then I use epoxy putty to make sure everything join together, and help get the right handle shape, because the light pull isn't exactly the right shape. Then the sanding commenced, first with a dremel and then by hand. Urghhhh it's taking forever.

Before the putty went on, the sword was very very light because it's mostly just foam. With the putty it's now got a decent weight; at least it won't be blown away by the slightest gust of wind!

Foam again. In retrospect I should have looked for stiffer foam or other materials, this is way too soft. I can't even have the tip of the sword touch the floor because it'd just bend. Ah well. XD

In the end I bought a light/cistern pull for the handle.

The underside of the forearm armour is made of pringles tubes and more foam. :D

The boob-window is now closed!

On to the sword!

(Do ignore Flynn's outfit colours here; his in-game colours are slightly different to the official art colours which my costume are based on. And in the game his tunic has sleeves, too.)

The version of ToV I have is the Xbox one, meaning that I don't get to control Flynn much at all. There are very few chances for me to take a good look at his sword (oh man that sounds dirty)... these are the few reference pictures I managed to get. Guess I'll make the blade out of foam. The handle I'm hoping to find an object of similar shape and Blue-Peter it that way. I've already spent a few weeks searching though, and no luck so far. Bah. =/

Just being silly. XDDDDD Still unfinished of course.

I made this far too tight. Need help to put it on and off. Maybe it'll be better when I have the binder on.

Attaching the lining by hand took forever, but the cape is finally finished!

(After making the mistake with the bobbin thread colour, I tried using white top thread and blue bobbin thread on some leftover material - it turns out if I'd done that, bits of blue would show where the needle goes through. No idea if that's because of my sewing machine, the choice of fabric or my lack of skills, but it seems like I couldn't have used blue bobbin thread anyway!)

The blue fabric is wool, and the white is the same faux suede again. And it's not that I can sew things without pinning it together first - because the white design is quite narrow in places, pinning was hard, making it pucker up and not lie flat. So I glued it down first. XDDD

After doing most of the sewing (using the buttonhole stitch XD) I realised that I should have used a blue bobbin thread, because the cape lining won't reach right up to the edge so some of the white thread will show. D: FAIL! Guess I'll find a blue felt tip and colour it in...

What's left over of the blue wool will be used as the edge around the tunic. I couldn't find bias binding that wide, and decided it'd be cool to use the same fabric as the cape, just like how I used the same faux suede for the front of the tunic as well as the cape pattern. It should help tie the whole costume together more...?


Now I understand why Yuri doesn't want to be a knight; he already gets mistaken for a woman often enough. Flynn, on the other hand, might have a secret affinity for dresses? XD;;;; Or he's so manly he doesn't feel his masculinity threatened by the outfit.

(Because of the boob window, I'm putting the zipper on the back of the tunic rather than the front. I'll try to make it look like it's front opening when I put the dark blue edge on.)

Neatest bit of sewing I have ever done! Yay!

After failing to find white suede, I bought a rather nice white material which I think is a polyester/viscose mix, thinking that I'd use it for the white panel.

Then a few weeks later, Franklins started stocking faux white suede. Really good faux white suede. So I bought some, thinking that I'd just use whichever looks best against the blue.

As for the blue fabric, I bought some faux blue suede on ebay, but it never arrived so the seller refunded me the money. At this point I decided to take a risk and dye the polyester/viscose fabric with Dylon "bahama" machine dye. Although I'm going for the official art tunic, which is pale blue, in the game it's a darker blue/green. The polyester/viscose wasn't going to take the colour as well as cotton, so I figured if it took all the colour, I can say it's right for the game, and if it didn't, then it's right for the official art...

...and I ended up with the pale blue. :D

After all this, the ebay fabric turned up. XDDDD A month after I bought it! I paid the seller back. It's a really nice suede too, and the colour is more the "game" colour. But oh, whatever. I'm going with the pale blue. I'll save the darker one for something else.

I made up my own pattern by adopting a pattern from a previous cosplay (ball!David Nassau), basically just to find out where the waist needs to be, and the curve of the sleeve(-less) area. Using that, I made a toile with calico. Pinned the calico together, then adjusted that to get the size right. The final calico pieces have now become the pattern I'm using to cut out the fabric.

Hope this will work. I'm quite worried about Flynn's boob-window... er I mean chest opening...

Ta da!

The foam armour is glued on, and there's a belt attached to the back of the big piece, which goes around the back of the boot.

After trying the boots on and finding that I'd made the armour too high, I made some adjustments. But the overall look is unchanged.

Foam foam foam foam foam foam foam.

Glue glue glue glue glue glue glue!

I painted the armour pieces with latex and acrylic... and then decided the finish was just no good, so I proceeded to pull off those layers I'd painted. XD; Then, looking at it, I just figured it might be better to start again.

The second picture shows the re-done ones. The piece on the right goes on the arm, the piece on the left goes on the boots. They aren't painted yet, the foam I used is grey that's all. They also need to be heated up and curled into shape.

These are also from Since boots from the places like Shoe Zone or PriceLess shoes are still some £20+, why not get riding boots that are bound to be hard-wearing for £17? Flynn does ride in the anime as well.

To save a quid or two I bought a child-size pair, but they turned out to be too tight for my calves. So a split was made down the back and eyelets punched. Since there aren't picture of what the boots look like from the back, I guess this is acceptable (and kind of cool. XD)

I kind of like the look of these. Too bad I'm going to be gluing armour onto them. Perhaps I should get another pair...

Lots of small, fiddly pieces of foam, sealed with glue, rub-n-buff'ed, then sealed with glue again.

The gloves came from They're leather, comfortable and come in different sizes, which is great because my hands are extra small. The best part, however, is the £5.99 price tag. XD

Wearing these I can do basic things like hold a drink, but won't be able to pull my wallet out to get money. Perfect excuse for people to buy me drinks at the Cosplay Ball. >D

I haven't been able to find good fabric for the light blue panels of the tunic, or for the cape, so I ordered some on eBay. Well nothing's arrived after almost 4 weeks, so I'm getting the seller to refund me.

The fabric search continues... in the meantime, I'm going to make a toile.

It looks like Flynn's cape is buttoned onto the tunic. I've spent a long time searching for good buttons, but most haberdashery shops just have slightly cheap-looking "military"-ish ones. Eventually I got these, at a market stall which sold various military memobrilia, for £1 each, which is about the same price as the not-so-good ones at a shop. :D The man who sold them to me said these were for general service in WWII. I'm not sure if that's true but they sure are pretty and suitable for Flynn's knight outfit!

Cleaning them was a time-consuming process. In the top picture, the ones near the front are uncleaned ones, the one near the brass polish bottle are the semi-cleaned ones. Then finally the bottom picture shows the cleaned ones. It took /hours/, literally. I think they can be cleaned further but my hands and fingers are rejecting the idea for now.

Hmmmmm, if they really were WWII buttons, my fingers could now be covered in not just brass polish, but also dead people... ah, the things I do for shiny-ness...

Things are briefly painted/gessoed, then glued together some more.

And it turns out I won't need straps to wear them, because they fit very well on my arms and shoulders! :D

Will paint some more after I've made the shoes as well.

Plastazote, mostly. Where there are layers of plastazote glued together in the arm tubes, I tapered/thinned out the edges (dremel ftw) so that when it's glued there isn't a huge "step".

For the pauldrons, I papier-mached a salad bowl three times, cut up the pieces and glued them together for the right shape...


(Cape - the fabrics I like don't have the right colour. I don't want anything swishy or satiny because his cape isn't like that. Can't use anything with a thick pile because of the design that needs to go on top. All fabric stuff I can find that's the right blue are acetate satin, crushed velvet, tarp and polycotton. Whyyyyyy. D:)

I just realised that I could also do cross straps, so each one loops over the side of my neck. It might be more stable this way.

Anyway. Straps. Yes. I think straps are the way to go.

Figuring out how to put the armour together, and how to keep it on.

Right now I'm thinking that each section of the arm armour can be attached to a long glove (velcro/glue, etc), but the sections themselves not connected. The armour itself might be easier to make this way, but I'm not sure about how well it can be attached to fabric, and when I move and the fabric stretches and twists, that might cause the armour pieces to come off.

Or, the sections are hinged together somehow. Somehow. I think I might go look up how real arm armour is jointed together and try to get some inspiration.

In either case, at the top of the armour I'm thinking of doing a strap that's like the front of a backpack, with a buckle and adjustable strap (see my amazing photoshop impression XD). The buckle can be hidden under the blue & white clothes. If I make this arrangement both in the front and back, it should help the armour stay on my shoulders and arms.

That's the theory anyway...

This was so ridiculously easy to do I feel almost guilty. XD I didn't even need to punch holes in the EVA foam before putting the eyelets through; the metal eyelets just cut through it.

Looking at it though, I guess it might have been better if I used (fake) leather instead. The overall look might be better. Maybe I'll do that and make another belt if I have time later.

The only problem right now is that the prongs are too flimsy, so when I put the belt on they don't sit very well. So I will either reinforce the current prongs by putting a bit of plastic card on the back, or replace them with metal strips or polymorph. Haven't decided which yet.

Wig test. This used to be the wig for my David Nassau cosplay. Although I wore that cosplay many times I only ever used the wig once because I got a haircut and decided to use my own hair. XD

Anyway, this was really simple to do, with a bit of trimming and some got2b hairspray - which is AMAZING and everyone should use it!

I need to tame the bulk behind my ear somehow. Probably bobby pins. As for the longer bits around my face, I intend to glue the hair to my face using eyelash glue, which I've done for Zidane before and worked rather well.

Flynn's buckle seems to be plain and gold. I was a bit worried that it'd just look tacky and bling. Trying to imagine how that buckle would look in real life and remembering how animators tend to simplify designs (think manga vs anime), I decided that I should add a bit of detail to the buckle.

The details are very simple because they only need to say "this buckle isn't just a massive clunky thing" rather than shout "hey these weren't on the official art!111!!" I based them on the design that's on his cape. They were done using crystal lacquer and then painted over.

The prongs are made of thin EVA foam because they can curl around the middle without creating too much bulk. These are now being lacquered so that they'll look 3D and shiny.

The plan is to make the outfit out of suedette, because I love using that material. It's easy to sew, clothes made out of it never look cheap, the fabric hangs really well and looks good on camera as well. The alternative is to make it out of good quality wool, which I haven't tried before. For the Cosplay Ball heavy wool might be too thick and hot though. So, the next mission is to find suedette in those colours, which is pretty difficult. Suede(tte) seems to only exist in shades of beige and brown, plus black and red if you're lucky. Bright white suedette often turns out to be sub-quality poly suede, but I want the stuff with the "waxed" back.

I'm going to make the belt buckle out of the 6mm plastazote. The belt itself will be EVA foam, which has a more "closed cell" structure than plastazote and has a rubbery feel. I've got massive rolls of it in 2mm thickness, and in white which means I don't need to do any painting! I've already tried putting eyelets through it and that works just fine. :)

As for the armour itself... I haven't actually decided yet, there will need to be some experiments. It's likely to be a combination of papier mache, plastazote and EVA foam. The key is to make sure it stays together, but I must be able to dance in it too (for a given value of dancing.........)

So I made both boot covers, put them on the shoes (2nd hand court shoes, £0.99 + £3.50 shipping on eBay) and proudly walked around in them. But then the girlfriend took a look and said,

"The covers are floppy at the top."


So I added red lining that's pre-stiffened with iron-on interfacing. Trying to make lining for something this irregularly-shaped was kind of hell. Anyway, I attached the lining and then sprayed some starch on for good measure. The covers are now drying on my door handles!

Started making them today, and got one done in one night! This was the first time I tried making shoe covers actually. Before this I always just bought dirt cheap shoes and literally painted/glued things straight onto them. Not too shabby, heh? Nothing's attached to the shoe at all so I can reuse them for something else.

ETA: well it's not really done done yet. Need to paint the front and make adjustments to make it fit better, etc. I'll be buying one of those adhesive anti-slip soles so that I won't tear the covers at the bottom.

Haven't had the time to work on this for quite a while. The top is more or less finished and here's how it looks!

Not that it's visible in the photo, but I messed up when putting the white edging along the hood - the one on Daryan looks big and fat, whereas mine looked like any regular edge (although I already used curtain blackouts rather than bias binding). So I took it off and tried again, this time allowing more fabric and actually stuffed it with toy stuffing. Then plastazote teeth were glued on. So now there is a big white edge complete with teeth!

The top probably took 2 days in total.

I've discovered that the material is so stiff I can't raise my arms when wearing this. XD

eBay sells absolutely everything.

"I <3 Nick Clegg" worn by me as Cameron.
"I <3 David Cameron" worn by Storme as Clegg.

"I agree with Nick", based on that famous first debate. Banner courtesy of Lib Dem website.

"I can't go on like this - gimme photoshop!" [airbrushed for change], based on Tory campaign poster. Made by me. See

"Vote one get one free" and "What a difference a Dave makes" also made by me. :D

.............I don't know what to say.

(Call 0800 316 7447 for your nearest d*ckhead????)

(Sorry I've just had a bit to drink.)

Pre-lining. Sewing the pieces together was so difficult because the material was completely unstretchy. Lost count of how many times I got poked by the needles that held the sleeves together as I sewed.

Pleather + card + pringles tubes. I don't want to cut another piece of card again for the rest of my lifeeeeeee.

These were pretty easy to make. I just hope the pendant won't break...

Family gave me a mannequin for Christmas!

Pinned sketching paper to it and trimmed until I got the pattern for Zidane's shoulder things.

And his pouch thing is vinyl + leatherette + craft foam + real leather cut out from things I don't want.

Jacket and cuffs in progress. The quilting took forever but it turned out pretty. :)

Cat is not part of the cosplay. :P

Mwahaha! This is looking better than I expected!

These go on the bottom of the shorts. They're made out of craft foam. Not sure how to attach them yet... and maybe I'll only attach them when I wear the whole thing, so that I can still fold the shorts and take them to places without worrying about things cracking, breaking, paint rubbing off etc... they're only foam and so are pretty flexible, but better be safe heh?

Actually started ages ago but forgot to write about it! This is the outfit so far, made out of faux suede and faux leather. Going to sew the leather shorts onto the suede ones, and when I wear it I think I'll somehow stuff them to make them look more balloony.

Uh, so the wig got stuck in the post strike, and I didn't have time to make the headset, but I went ahead and wore it to the Expo anyway. XD; Wasn't too bad, still got recognised. Space opera ftw?

75% done, and this is what it looks like so far. The interlocking bits on the barrels are currently drying on my dining table, waiting to be glued on. They turned out to be the most difficult part to do. Because of their interlocking-ness, and the fact that the Gae Bolg's barrel is not entirely straight (lol) but rather made up of a series of smaller barrels, some of which have slanted sides, those bits are all weird shapes rather than rectangular. The angles of them have to fit the Gae Bolg's main barrel exactly, and fit each other as well. orz Hopefully it'll all work out when I glue them on.

So, that blob at the top. What should I make it out of? A shower head? XD

I've never worked with metallic threads before - and never will again. The sewing machine hates it. Tried changing tension and various other things, but it just kept throwing hissy fits and the thread unravels and snares and snaps and catches on things etc. The needle snapped twice. The end results looks like I've been sewing blindfolded, or whilst drunk. As soon as I switched back to normal thread, I could hear the sewing machine's sigh of relief when I stepped on the foot pedal ('ah, cotton...' it says). Seriously, never again.

Also, what possessed me to use silvery material for the patterns on the jacket? It's ended up looking tacky. This is what I get for hurrying things and not planning it out properly. But I will get this done before next Monday, that's for sure.

Urgh, metallic-looking fabrics and threads. NEVER AGAIN.

...and I hate thee. D<

The basic barrel is almost done. All the cylinders are piled up like a Gae Bolg Totem Pole. XD Currently wondering how to do that weird blob thing. Maybe carve it out of foam block, since I need to get foam for the handle anyway?

First time wearing this! Things mostly went well, nothing fell off that couldn't be fixed. XD I've noticed things that could be improved and will definitely make those changes before I next wear it... maybe London Expo in October? Not sure yet. I'm hoping to find other Last Remnant cosplayers, so whenever anyone else also has a costume ready...

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