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Cosplay groups I'd like to do:
* 2000AD/Judge Dredd
* Monster High
* Monkey/Saiyuki (1970s TV version)
* Oban Star Racers

I used to go to anime conventions in the early 1990s, back when Ayacon had single digit masquerade entries! I went to all the workshops on cosplay, and researched costumes, but my skills were not up to it. I stopped going to cons when my interest in anime (and fandom) waned.

In 2010 my girlfriend and her mates introduced my to Axis Powers Hetalia, and when I was good and hooked they told me they were all going to cosplay from the show. When they pestered me into joining them, I jokingly suggested going as Belarus. They thought this was awesome and supported me all the way.

As a result I finally learned how to use my sewing machine, and with assistance from my GF and my mum, I made the costume in my gallery.

These days I'm mainly focusing on Western characters. Particularly interesting crossplays, and amusingly cheesy characters. Although I don't have any cosplays actively in progress right now

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I hate scalloped edges! I spent most of the day cutting and hemming the bottom edge of the middle two dress layers!

Three layers of the skirt are now done, ready to be sewed together and the waist elasticated. After that it will be time to sort out the top-most bandeau layer, and fake the open belly star.

I may end up making the gemstone from acetate sheeting, cut and folded.

I've currently got a very rough template for the dress (made from old duvets covers!) and my wig and wefts for the curls have arrived!

Next steps, buy the fabric, make the gem, and make the curls!

Costume is complete except for the boots. Which refuse to play ball. I'm gonna wear the costume with regular heels anyway, and work on the boots at a later date. The ideas were sound. The materials and my skills were not.

At the moment I'm torn between overalls and a onesie for the space suit. Needs to be kinda baggy. Maybe with a tabard/harness for the faded logo to go on. And definitely plastic 2 litre cola bottle air tanks.

Helmet will probably be paper mache. With a literal faceplate ;)

The layered skirt is finished with a slight modification. The underskirt is now opaque satin rather than tulle as even four layers of tulle in two colours would leave my knickers on show! Not very Spectra-like! :o

Ruffled satin added to front of top! One hurdle down!

I think I've got everything for the dress (I'm cheating a little by making a skirt, and modifying a cami-top). After that it will be looking at the boots (I have a plan) and the accessories.

I now have my fabric for appliqueing the circles on her top, a pair of sunglasses to paint the rims of, my brown hort wig, and templates for the horns and ears.

Next steps:
Get some brown leggings
Buy the felt for the horns/ears
Make the horns/ears and attach to a hair band
Paint the glasses frames
Cut out and applique the circles.
Practice makeup

Apart from nearly losing the hat in the river thanks to a strong gust of wind, this was a really fun costume to wear. And it seemed pretty popular with photographers too. The waistline needs adjusting, and the belt needs a tody up, but this will probably get worn again

Executive decision time. I will not be wearing a purple lace-trimmed choker. It's incredibly unflattering with my proportions, and makes me looks even fatter than I am. I don;t care if it means my costume is inaccurate, so :P

I can't get this rifle looking even so-so. And with the weather turning, getting out in the garden to spray paint is looking less likely as the expo get closer.

Fortunately I;ve had a cunning idea! I'm going to make a Yordle Snap-Trap. I've already made a cardboard mock-up to test out. Now it's time to make a more sturdy, planned-out, version.

The wig has been styled by my wonderful girlfriend, and all that is left is attaching the bows to suitible clips.

Just spent an entire day sorting out the hem of the circle skirt, and the fake petticoat peeking out. So fiddly. So much fabric!

I've made a template for the skirt from an old duvet cover and tried it on with my Belarus petticoat. It looks really long despite only just covering my crotch! But the official artwork has Barbie-doll proportions anyway. I failed to find ruffles, so looks like I'm buying some ribbon and getting RSI.

Next step - getting a bra I can turn into the top half of the dress.

Doing prep work on the skirt at the moment. I think I've got the measurements, but until I make my newspaper practice template tonight we won't know for sure!

Although a lot of cosplayers wear knee boots for Caitlyn, upon closer inspection it seems like the original artwork has her in button-up gaiters. Those will be significantly less hassle to make. :D

Everything is now done. The only thing left is to try it all on at once and get some snaps.

If I can find or make a white beaded glasses chain, that will be added. But this is complete for now. :)

New shoes are great. Went with these ones - - instead of the massive heeles ones. They look great with the knee socks, and are much easier to walk in ;)

Just a few little jobs left now! Mostly its finishing the Sufferer necklace (made from shiny silver card).

What I really need now is a full test with makeup and all.

New blue lippy has been acquired. Haven't had a chance to do a new test though *fingers crossed*
And new wig and shoes have been ordered. Now comes the waiting game. (And the obsessively checking the order status!)

I think I can do this with three circular peices of fabric. One for the head, one worn like a poncho, and one like a skirt. Plus anime eyes, and two tufts for the hair. Some simple gloves and a toy gun painted like Back-lace will complete it.

OMG! What am I doing? Posting a picture of what I really look like (kinda) under all that makeup, wig and shapewear? I must be crazy! :D

Contact lenses are not for me! So on the day I'll be switching between my real glasses, and my white frames.

In other news I've done a makeup test, and everything looks great except the lipstick. Time to go hunting again :(

Home-made glasses have been abandoned (may be recycled as Tuxedo Mask domino), and replaced by a pair of Poundland reading glasses with the lenses removed, and the frames sprayed white.

I'm having a contatc lens test this weekend.

After some test shots, I've decided I defintely need a new wig. The one I've got is fine for Vriska, but is way too long for Aranea.

And despite the new outfit in the comic, I'm sticking with her default, because it looks great :)

I solved my tentacle woes with wrap-ties. The foam-coated wires were just the right diameter and length to fit inside the lagging. And now I've covered them in lime green jersey, added a creepy eyeball on the end of one, and made a corrugated card frame to keep them in place in the backpack.

All that's left is to find some cutesy pulshie keyrings to atatch to the backpack zipper, and decide on hairgrips (if any)

The polythene pipe lag has been cut to length, and now the shaping process begins. I've cut notches into the tubes to allow it to bend at sharper angles, but my glue is insuffient for the job at hand. I may have to buy a better impact adhesive, and ignore the "do not use on polythene" instructions (in a very well ventilated area obviously!)

The costume is all sorted, and I already have a black wig, now I just need to make the tentacles!

Current plan is fabric-covered pipe lagging (that wierd grey plastic foam stuff) bursting out from the backpack.

Looks normal from the front, but from the back... Aiieeee! XD

I think the socks will look better under the knee rather than over.
Definitely going to wear the Scorpio symbol as a belt buckle rather than a chest design (if only because it will get lost in my massive falsies!
And I need some awesome shoes. My Terezie deck shoes won't cut it. Maybe these:

Progress begins with the breastpiece. First versions were newspaper to get the general shape. After a few false starts I've got a corrugated card shape that has been bent and shaped.

I think I need to cut a v-shaped vent/dart from the centre to get the front curve right, but the overall shape is pretty much there.

Next step: testing with jury-rigged straps, and then looking at craft foam.

So after a complete balls-up where the cellophant wouldn't fuse, the spray glue was useless, and the harness failed completely, I', on version two of the wings.

These are green cellophane and wire sandwiched between sticky-back film. And this time I've made them as a single piece, and attached them to a small harness (based on a plastic tub lid!). Detailling is going well, and the next step is to attach the shoulder straps with better placing, and cover the messy bits of the harness with black material.

Looks like seperates are a better idea than a jumpsuit. They seem out of fashion at the moment. Still trying to decide between loose wide-legged trousers and flares. I like the lines of a snug thigh and flares, but loose wide trousers would resemble a long skirt when at rest an is a bit more regal.

I've also made newspaper templates for my wings. Progress is moving slowly, but it's constant :)

The design of Chrysalis's carapace thingy is the part I'm having difficulty with right now. I had originally though of some sort of bodice or underbust corset. Apart from being beyond my sewing skills, I'm not sure its the best idea after all.

Looking at the screenshots again, it looks like it's held on by a sash. So maybe a wide sash belt with a bow/knot either on the hip or the back?

Or what about a hip scarf, like belly dancers wear?

Or a obi-style wide belt?

Time to do more drawing!

Still can't find a good base to start with for the dress. Although the recent trend for Peter Pan collars has got me looking again. Not sure I'm in the mood for Finster right now though, so might shelve this one for later.

Looking back on this, it was only really the wig I regret. Should have been shorter with more volume. However this wig has seen much use from me on the local goth/alternative clubbing scene, so it's not all bad :)

T-shirt is complete, and red shoes have been bought, but I've abandoned the idea of carrying Terezi's blind cane. Mainly because of the hassle of carrying it around, and the possible issues with the expo weapon rules.

Instead I've made a DOUBLE-HEADED TROLL CAEGAR coin (with one side defaced) that I can pose with.

I'm currently sculpting the horns from blocks of polystyrene (ceiling tiles cut up and stuck in stacks) using a hot wire and sandpaper

OK, so I've discovered I already own grey trousers and a grey shirt. This helps a lot. Wig has arrived from China and is with my GF who is styling the fringe.

I've generated but not printed the name badge. And the Derpymail patch will be tacked to the back of my shirt.

I now need to decide what to do about a cutie mark (if anything), and whether the cap needs a badge.

Body paint has been bought, allergy tested, and durability tested (Grimmas 103 Dark Grey)
Wig has been ordered
Libra symbol has been sized and test printed. I just need some dark transfer paper now.
Glasses are proving tricky (see my thread here!)

The robe is now finished, but I'm putting-off doing the stole as its going to be a lot of fiddly hemming.

I've finished the beard, although I might reinforced the edges to prevent stretching and ripping.

And I've found a suitable book to modify. It's a Clive Cussler novel :)
Next step is to cut out the centre, and maybe affix a small purse to the inside cover.

After a false start (hooray for seam-rippers!) I'm making good progress on the main part. The sleeves are now the right length and the cuffs are double-hemmed; the collar is the right size and also double hemmed; and the sleeves and front/back are attached (currently making a large X with the hole for my head at the centre).

Next step is to shorten the front/back to the right length (I always over estimate seam allowance) and double hem. Then I'll just have to sew up the side and sleeve seams.

After that is hemming the stole, and attaching the red ribbon for the crosses.

I also need to sew the elastic onto my beard. It's safety pinned at the moment.

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