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So...I love Kotori's Easter (idolized) dress and really wanted to try making it for Ame. I'd really like to do it justice, but unfortunately I am running out of time, and my skills just aren't up to par :( But, I'm still going to get a kick out of wearing this one! :D

So far, the skirt part has been cut out and ribbon has been attached (loads still to add though) and the top part/bodice is slowly *slowly* coming together. (I am a very slow hand stitcher ha ha!)

I hope I finish this outfit to an acceptable standard in time for the con this week! (Help!)

So, it's slow and steady progress for Ryuu... I'm pretty much buying or customising everything for this cosplay, so the real work is sourcing everything haha! Still have to fix up the shorts and make a shoe pattern. First though, I really want to try some wig styling since I'm not great at it, and as it's nearly pay day, I've bought one I've had my eye on! :D

Please forgive the title. So... I caved in and decided I'll do an outfit from Cute High! Ha ha! Love this show and the "Magical Boy/Prince" outfits. I bought the jacket and shorts handmade by someone on e-bay. As the shorts are huge I'll have to make some adjustments and add a belt, but the jacket is lovely. I haven't got an event in mind for Ryuu, but it's nice just to have something simple to work on... :)

These have been completed using MS Paint! Hopefully I can securely glue them to my suit...fingers crossed! :)

So my orange coveralls arrived yesterday, and I can finally start assembling Astronaut Nagi! It has been a nightmare sourcing the right size and type of suit at an affordable price. I won't lie, the one I've chosen does look a little cheap, but I'm happy overall :)

Now to make all the patches...

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