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okay progress progress woooooooo

i've started the stripes
I'm livin' on the edge
will post progress pictures soon
gonna cry

On re-wears, I will have wings. I had a last minute malfunction which resulted with me not having wings for this cosplay.

We have a coat! Ta-da! I never thought this cosplay would ever be near finished in time for expo, but we have a coat!

I still have to adjust the sleeves and hem parts though.

It's getting there! It'll be abit of a rush before expo, but I'm deteremined. The base is underway, just need some velcro for the orb and need to sew some more hooks onto it.

Also need to adapt the other foot on Yue's trousers.


Two weeks til expo. .
Time to inform on progress and how much I've procrastinated!

Well, we have wing frames. THIS IS GOOD. It means soon the wings will be complete, the wing frames were the difficult part. .They still need tweaking abit but I have frames!

I CAULKED the wig XD
Yes, My wig is super long. I hope that bloody thing stays on my head, the Yue wig is eating alot of my time as I've had to cut up one wig, sew a band, attatch it to another wig and spray the hell out of both of them. STILL SPRAYING.

I'm also re-adjusting the foot parts on my trousers, 'cos they were wrong. Will be having a mass sewing session with that and the other odd bits.

I have a base top too! wooooo. That's kind complex, Only 'cos I've got to fiddle with poppers,hooks and eyes.



Also,will be working on the coat when I get the chance. .arghhhh. So much to do. . . YUE,WHY U SO HARD?!

So yeh,I hope everyone understands why I'm like ARGHHHHH, PROCRASTINATEEE. NOW. XD

Well, I has sorted how I'm gonna do this.
I have le trousers and both wigs are ordered, DONE.

I have material which I can use on le trousters, but I'm gonna need a mass trip to hobbycraft/market for the coat/inner part of Yue's outfit.

Mainly, I have my planning/sorting done which ironically has ate away at alot of time. I always seem to think of the most awkward way in doing things.

Okay,so The coat is now re-dyed and closer to the color I wanted it to be. The first part of the bustle is pinned loosely, but it probably needs re-checking.

The bulk of this cosplay is finished and the hat is still in progress until I figure out how to make le material stay in place properly.

Well, I'm not as behind as I thought I'd be XD But I'm not as organized as I'd like to be with this either.

I currently have alot of material for this, But I'm having hell with the Jacket. It's been cut, it's now dyed and now the wrong colour so. . .now I'm either going to dye it again or sew over it, I'm still in a RAGE state at it rather than 'Lets make a decsion' point.

My little headress is slowly getting there, with a few burns to my hands. XD
I'm missing some flowers though,so I've had to re-start and maim my Oz hat. RIP Oz-u hat.

The rest of the outfit is here or ordered <3
Now it's just me who needs to be motivated and sort of make a peace treaty with the coat. . . .

(Signs of madness setting in when you have arguements with your own cosplay)

Well,I'm part way through sewing le coat. It's going okay, but references for Julius are a pain in the arse (Excuse my french) ~ So I've had to guess for some things, such as his hair.

Sometimes it's BLUE, sometimes its PURPLE.
On the manga cover it's purple,so I've choose a dark purple wig. (It was really difficult to choose though, cos the cosplays I've seen with blue wigs look really good! ~ >< ) ~

I have the material for the jacket as well,it's actually curtain material. But it was ideal for Julius <3 :3 *nod nod*


Aw, I love this cosplay <3

A few notes though, I DID have a cravat for Barry but it was maimed rather early on at Kitacon,so I don't have any decent pictures with it on sadly.

I also realised the stitching is rather messy on the cloak, it was my first properly sewn cloak (probably obvious) so please forgive me for lack of accuracy.

Okay,I thought I'd add this. - I did NOT make the coat,it was handmade by Squeakzilla's mum (obviously 'cos I stalk her so much XD 'maybe it'll go away if we give it something?' Oo. . .)

So,whilst I appreciate comments and such. Please visit her DA/CI and thank squeakzilla personally. ~ :3 THANKYOU EVERYONE! ~

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