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Jerkin collar sits slightly far back and could be reseated.
Trousers tend to slip when sweaty - either adjust waistband or make with slightly lighter fabric. They also lose some of the weathering so best to start with a lighter base and use less weathering to counter this.

Foam and leatherette combo, sewn to the point the foam was inserted then treated like armour pieces due to density of foam.

Rings and bracelets were resin cast.
Some beads were resin cast.
Earrings were bought and painted.
Ear cuffs were bought.

Belts are black suedette with buckram inner and diamond detail stitched on. Small buckles are bought, large is Worbla and foam. Pouches are asymmetrical, fully lined, with pop stud compartments.

Completely handmade from foam and leatherette, with foam inners handstitched, and batting in top part. Leather clips and straps secure them to feet. Painted grey with leather paint.

All lace detail was designed and machine embroidered by me with a washaway stabiliser. I used a parchment thread to vary the colour. On the collar there's a single layer, on the shirt, two layers.

Shirt is double layered but unlined cotton, with patterned lining at its own collar and also cuffs. It follows a pirate shirt pattern but with less sleeve fullness and other changes to neckline, etc.

Collar was designed then broken down into individual parts to insert the homemade piping, and all lined with the inner cuff fabric. Collar is separate from the shirt.

Basic weathered grey leatherette trousers with fly and button detail, unlined except at waistband, fly and pockets. Pattern detail is quilted on with batting underlay and applique stitched around.

The base jerkin measurements follow the Bara system, as referenced in Gnogy's 'Modern Maker vol.2'. They take into account height, waist, hips and chest, and have different tapes for each.

The jerkin is built from deep blue leathercloth, with a green suedette overlay for the back. The jerkin os lined, but due to the thick layers and unusual angles this was topstitched in.

The armhole/neckline section is quilted, with a base satin and a range of threads and applique stitches.

All embroidery was drafted and patterned, and digitised by me before being machine stitched. Pieces were embroidered onto satin, cut round and appliqued onto the jerkin with a blending thread. My theory for using satin was that because it frays it spreads slightly (like an old tattoo) - which gives the embroidery a more settled look. I handstitched around the embroidery pieces in dark blue to make them pop from the fabric too.

Collar was handstitched in.

The back does up with elasticated string through the corset style rings.

Wig was wefted with both brown and blonde wefts, sewn in - with more brown towards the base and more blonde at the top to create a more natural look. The base wig was an Aria Blonde lacefront from Arda.

Once I'd cut and styled it, I trimmed back the hairline slightly to give it a more male pattern look and ran a drybrush over everything to create more stark highlights. Balthier doesn't have prominent styling or specific spikes so a little hairspray sealed the look.

For the sideburns, I ventlated some brown wig hair into wig lace as separate pieces. These are attached to the face with wig glue.

I thought I'd work my way up from the feet, so here we go!

Interfaced canvas comprising two parts - the shoe covers and the leg parts, which are attached with poppers. Decoration is appliqued in shiny satin. The shoe part has been stuffed slightly to give it more accurate shape.

Coat is fully interfaced, lined, and finished with bias trim (made from the same duchess satin used for applique). Trousers are also lined.

Floaty bit is wired and coated to keep shape.

Fully lined, interfaced and wired at the edges. <3

There is a lot of applique on this costume! I opted for contrasting satins (duchess to shiny), with a small and fairly wide decorative zigzag stitch. I felt this accentuated the shapes and colours of the fabrics better in this case. The brocade used for the collar and cuffs is all pattern matched too. :)

I initially purchased two wigs with the intention of using wefts from one to lengthen the other slightly (the base length was good but was about six inches off) and add a little volume. I created a long weft using one wig and stitched it into the back of the second. After plaiting the length, I stubbed the end and attached an additional short weft, which was covered using a square of satin and bands. I neatened up the area where the extra weft was visible by hot gluing additional hair over it and trimming to length. The rest was achieved with hairspray and basic styling.

Eyebrows were achieved by ventilating leftover wig hair onto wig lace and spraying to shape.

All the applique! Hat is taking shape nicely!

Another new sword! This time I'm playing with a balsa wood/cartridge paper combo based on a suggestion from Mighty Odango. I'm loving how it looks so far, although there's still a lot of sanding to do! :D

Just doing a few amendments and just generally neatening bits up to get the costume competition-ready. I was hoping to try for Eurocosplay in a couple of weeks but sadly it seems I'm on the waiting list and given we're now so close to the event I don't hold out much hope of getting in! Nonetheless I fully intend to compete in my first competition with this cosplay at some point this year. :)

Attached photo is of remodelled feet. As you can probably see, they're much more substantial now. I've made them from a double layer of Wonderflex. The toes are styrene, as they were before. Oooh, and I've embossed text where the foot plate will meet the front of the leg, which I finally got around to doing! I still need to add that detailing to some of the other plates, which is requiring additional repainting and other excitement. :)

*tighten leather jaw strap
*Bring the 'crotch' plates up slightly and extend them to the back
*Restitch sleeve components if time
*Find some better leather adhesive for attaching resistors to corset

New spine
New thigh plates
Elevate toes to prevent damage

To do:
New shoulder plates

Planned if time:
Add text detailing to armour
Redo lower leg plates in Worbla for extra stability

One of the things I've never been happy with is how I made Raiden's thighs. They've never felt like they fit the level of detail of the remainder of the costume. So - I'm remaking them in preparation for an event on Friday. Before Kita I'd also like to remake the spine and shoulders, but we'll see how much time I have! Thigh progress photo attached. :)

Everything's pretty much done now! I just need to secure a few bits better as during the shoot with Ace on Friday a few pieces didn't survive much in the way of movement! However, I'm really happy with how the photos have come out. Going to need to get someone to help tie the corset next time though as I didn't tighten it at all really so it was quite loose, particularly around the top! Still, I liked how everything worked together, even if it wasn't as stable as I'd have liked! That will be sorted in time for Minamicon!

Something I've been meaning to do for a while is test out some contact lenses that I haven't been able to find much information on - at least in terms of use with blue eyes. My aim with this cosplay is to give Aigis' eyes a more unnatural look, and I've been wondering how to do that for a while. If you look at the concept art, her irises look large with a distinctive dark ring around them. I use corrective contact lenses so my options are a little more limited, but I've been considering trying FreshLook Illuminate for a while. These lenses are meant for darker coloured eyes and consist simply of a dark ring which blends slightly towards the centre of the eye. When researching the lenses, I thought they looked really striking on brown eyes. I couldn't find anything about them being used on blue eyes though (totally understandable, of course - they're not really made to accentuate lighter coloured eyes). Anyway, long story short! I really like the effect, now to test them for comfort for a few hours - hopefully all right given the measurements are fine for the shape of my eyes! What I really like about them is that that they don't hide the natural colour of my eyes, but they do change their look enough to make them look slightly unnatural. I consider that Aigis is a reasonably accurate rendition of a human being, but that elements give her away (not least the armour plating, but that aside!). Therefore I wanted her eyes to reflect that because they are something that separates her look from the other characters in the game.

OK, this bit is a pain but it's coming along well. For the small gold detailing on Aigis' sides I'm using rows of resistors. These will be sealed and trimmed down before attaching to the main corset and neck plates. You'll probably notice that some have been painted - I wanted to give some a more worn/burnt out look. I like making my armour more battle damaged, and I think it's consistent with the character when you meet her in the game. :)

I need to start working on the legs and feet this week. The front panels for the feet are complete, but I want to get some Worbla to the shoes to distort their look. I also need to finish sewing the arms and finalise the positioning of the upper arms before I make the whole thing look a bit more worn and then - the end is in sight! :)

I'm not a big fan of sewing, mainly because I'm not particularly skilled at it (obviously I love seeing things that have been stitched, that's different!), so when I decided to embark on the mammoth task of finishing the neckpiece today (something that really shouldn't have taken me this long to finish!) I didn't anticipate coming up with a far easier way than the method I had planned.

In short, I did it in two pieces - this prevents weird wrinkling/creasing in the fabric and allows for natural movement without being restrictive or irritating.

I'm extremely happy with the final result! Time to get the arms together and then I'll do a whole upper body test shot to ensure it all works as one. :)

I've almost finished with the painting and weathering process for the upper arms ('screw' detailing pictured). Now to stitch and glue it together! I need to add the black lycra to the base of the screw detailing, then from there the other bits should attach reasonably well. Hopefully. It sounds easier than it's going to be, I think! :)

I'm planning a couple of photoshoots this year with Raiden as he won't be appearing at many conventions with the exception of Kitacon. The first of these is with Ace and should happen in February at some point. Before then, I'd like to get a few repairs done. I'm pretty happy with how the costume looks now, so with a few repairs and minor adjustments it'll be ready to make an appearance again. :)

One of the most challenging things in the design process for Aigis was getting the neck detail to work. Ideally I wanted some sort of fabric that wouldn't wrinkle too much during movement, but with the shape, this would prove impossible. My latest decision has been to use a Worbla underlay at the front shaped to my neck/chin, with faux leather over the top. I've done a basic mock-up of this and will be trialling how it works over the next few days. My concern now, of course, is that it won't be breathable enough, so I'll have to find a way to work around that, depending on the success of the front plate.

I'm currently working on the armour for the shoulders, which is coming along well (picture of part of the upper arm included, more soon). As for the main body, I've gone for a basic lycra leotard for the base layer. It's my intention to wear a corset with this as I don't really like how the leotard will crease during movement, and also to accentuate the status of the character as non-human (I'm thinking that giving her a slightly unnatural shape might express her status as an android better).

Anyway, enough progress stuff for now. I'll be updating this reasonably often with more pictures and journal entries. :)

I've made a guide to how I created the jaw.


The holster needs neatening up at the edges, sealing, and painting, and the sword needs further painting and detailing. I'll also be adding a blue LED into the holster.

I'm currently making notes and assessing which materials are going to be best for this at the moment (and how much of them I'm going to need!). As per the description, I'll be working on Aegis' main design, so her base 'armoured' form. Progress pictures should start appearing in November, when I move from the planning stage into something a little more concrete as I'm still working on amendments to Raiden at the moment. :)

This is the middle layer between the morphsuit and chest plates. I wanted to redo this bit because the shirt didn't really feel substantial enough and I wasn't happy with how it looked in relation to the rest of the armour.

So this is the basic shape. It's a Worbla/craft foam mix, which provides it with shape and detailing. Once I have neatened up the edges and sealed it, I will paint and drybrush it for further detail. The clips at the back will go underneath the backplates and spine so should be hidden quite well. :)

I've tried a few things out with the remodel of the hands, and I've settled on a Worbla/gloves combination. The gloves are the original ones I used, but with the palms cut out. The Worbla's been shaped in such a way that it bends around the shape of the fingers over the gloves. This will then be attached to some gauze and to the gloves themselves, which provides adequate movement. I played around with the idea of attaching the component parts to one another but I think it would create a weak point where it became liable to breaking with movement.

The gauze is an important factor in this because it not only gives that extra layer of security but I'll also be colouring it, thus achieving the right contrast in materials and colour of Raiden's palms to the top of his hands.

Well, that's the plan anyway. I'm currently sealing the Worbla bits before I paint them, so should have more detailed pictures of how I did it uploaded here in the week. :)

Most repairs are complete now, and sword/holster progress is coming along well.

Feet remodelled for better detail and more robust toenails.
Front panels for lower legs are reinforced to prevent them bending against the base layer.
Visor is complete, I just need to make the plates for the neck to hold it at the sides.
Hand upgrades are in progress, but basically the same deal as with the feet.

I'll most likely add tiny detail if I have time (barcodes and such). If not, that will have to wait until the next time I do this cosplay! And I'm still planning on sorting out the other stuff that was in the previous entry, but all of this massively depends on how much time I allow myself between now and Expo! :)

Right, now that's all over, I need to start assessing what I need to change in time for Expo.

Top of my list currently:
*Make a new sword (the one I made did OK, but it was an afterthought really, and I want to make something better now I actually have a bit of time again);
*Repairs (a few bits got damaged and need straightening out/repairing);
*Recolour/sew grey overlayer to give it a more fitted and muscle defined look;
*Redo front lower leg panels as I'm not really happy with how they move;
*Additional stitching of eyepatch to wig to prevent movement.

If there's time:
*Further definition on the hand and footpieces;
*Redo thigh plates.

Final few bits are pretty much there - just time for attaching the last few bits and then I need to focus on finishing up the accessories. I don't have time to finish the holster, unfortunately, but Sam's sword is almost complete, as is the cyborg spine.

Then I need to finish packing and work out how to transport everything! O_O

Finally close to finishing. Stuff that needs completing:
1/ paint kneepads
2/ work out how to attach neck plates
3/ seal and paint thigh plates
4/ add clips where required for neater fit/finish
5/ final weathering/sealing

Most of those should be done tomorrow, hopefully! :)

Still working on the muscle detailing for the body suit. It's a bit of a pain to work with but I'm getting there slowly.

Also trying to get the 'ears' to work. This is my fourth attempt and I'm trialling papier mache this time to stop them being too weighty.

It's OK. Most of the costume is done now and I'm pretty happy with it. And I still have time. No point in rushing. :)

Muscle fibre definition is today's task. Going with a foam/rope/hot glue/fabric combo, which should allow for a reasonable level of natural movement. Hopefully!

EDIT: No, that's not happening. Way too bulky and doesn't provide much freedom of movement. I'm trialling sketching directly onto the base layer now as it should stand out against the base muscle definition of the suit. Better already!

In other news, most of the pieces are now painted and weathered and just need attaching to the base layer or making into harnesses now. I should be in a position next weekend to construct the complete body before I start work on the holster - providing work progresses as planned on the weekday evenings. :)

Currently stressing over the bits that cover the ears. Whilst I've made something, attaching it to the wig is proving to be unsuccessful. Think I'm going to have to get something like safety ear things and work on them as a base. Need to find a pair I can sew to the wig once the central overhead bit is removed.

Also, one of the armour pieces has cracked slightly. Not the end of the world, and can be repaired or replaced, but pretty annoying as it's part of one of the more complete bits!

Oh well. No time to stress, back to work!

The base layer for this cosplay consists of a muscle Morphsuit, head removed, and dyed with a fabric dye that takes to synthetic materials. I tested it out on the head first, and found that it takes extremely quickly, so I reduced the time accordingly. It's taken to the muscle detail of the suit well. I'll be using a fabric pen later in the process to bring out detail in patches where the suit is showing under the armour if it requires it. I will also be adding hidden holes in the gloves so I can remove my hands easily during the day, for the sake of convenience.

The original bodysuit has a zip that goes all the way to the top of the head. When I removed the head from the bodysuit, I made sure that the zipper was still attached and carefully added a little hot glue to the top of the zip closure. This has kept it fastened pretty well.

The sutra is complete now. I did a fabric layer underneath and then double folded it over and fabric glued it to the edges. I've varnished it with a matt finish varnish to prevent accidents involving rain or drinks. It lies nicely on the shoulders... I think the wallpaper was a good idea in the end, it gives it the right kind of weight and consistency, I think, but we'll see how it works with the finished outfit!

I have finished making the central portion of the Maten Sutra. I decided to go with white wallpaper. The sutra's supposed to be paper (I think), and I would like it to have that kind of density (hopefully it won't rain!). The script I've written on it doesn't mean anything, it's really a collection of symbols that I made up as I went along, but it does the trick. I did have a good look at what was written in various official art, but it's mostly illegible sadly, so I've opted for this. with a dark green fabric overlay. I have yet to purchase the fabric, but I think that cotton or something a little heavier will do nicely. I'm still trying to work out how that's going to attach - I don't want it to end up with corners, but if I cut it as one long piece I run the risk of it not looking particularly neat. Hmmm. I'll buy the fabric first, I think, and then try a few things out.

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