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I've been having trouble finding the right kind of tartan for Aria so decided to look into getting it printed. I'm currently looking for a printer that isn't super expensive so if you know one please let me know! I did however finish the basic pattern, once I'm set on a printer I will change the colours to match their samples to make sure the colour comes out how I envisage it

Today I made the light up petticoat of my dreams. It's something I've wanted to do for ages but again always assumed it was really hard. But today I did it. I'm so happy with it, I'll wear it for a lot of different costumes but the main one I was making it for was Aria, so that I can shine as brightly as she does!

If you'd like to see a more in-depth look into how I made it there is a ig story highlight on my page @nachtangel on ig.

So I've spent a couple hours on this so far, I have the skirt almost complete (i've learnt to leave waistbands until closer to when I'm going to wear them as I always make them too big or too small...) and I have started with the top! Hoping to get the top to a wearable level tomorrow so that I can start on the fun bit, the details!

I've finalised the fabrics I'm using for this costume, so excited to work with the sequin fabric again, it made such a difference to how my Shiny Trinity costume came out. I've also been doing a lot of research regarding the wings, which I am planning on making too, I made a size guide this evening and am pretty happy with that, now to just finalise what and how I'm making them.
I'm working on my other colour version of Shiny Trinity at the moment but will be going full steam ahead with 2nd Anni once I'm back from my holiday next week.

Hoping to debut this at Hibana con!

Due to some set backs with the skirt and just a general lack of motivation I won't get this done for Hyper Japan, maybe Oct expo if I decide to go

I completed the microphone stand today. Having looked at many many many many pictures and frames from the MV I realised that they actually don't have a microphone in the stands (thankfully the one I brought was only £2 and can be used for something else I'm sure). I also found that they are wrapped in ribbon! Not wanting to make this cost too much I used one of the pipes from Kneesocks' scythe, cut it down to size, painted it pink (with added glitter!) and then wrapped around a small piece of dark pink shiny fabric I had from the Kimono I made for Panty (PSG cosplays coming in handy here) added a bit of red ribbon at the top and finally a small hair flower I got off ebay for £1. Really simple but looks pretty damn good and will make posing a lot easier. I may give it a base to it can stand on its own, but it's not top priority.
Actually super happy with this ^^

Decided to make some progress on this skirt once the extra newspaper fabric arrived. I pinned it all together to see what combination I wanted and to see how many I needed and then spent the rest of the day dyeing the fabric (you don't want to see my hands right now) hoping to put it together tomorrow once it's all dry, though I'm not going to complete it until closer as I want to work my ass off (literally) before HJ, 1 cause I want to lose weight and 2 cause the jacket for this is a little tight too and I'd like it to fit better.
I also painted the base colour on the microphone, I'll be making it a lot prettier soon ^^

Expo is over, payday came and then all my materials arrived! I've got everything for the skirt (though I've just brought extra newspaper material) and have been working on the jacket. You can't see due to my mannequin being black but I have changed the shape of the jacket and collar. I've added velcro on one of the shoulders for the shoulder pad thingys to connect too (next one to be added tomorrow) and have completed one of the pocket flaps. Both arms also have the cord added around the cuff, I'm waiting to buy buttons (The ones I wanted have gone from ebay sobs) to then add the little cuff detail thingys which I still dont know their name. By tomorrow I should have added the second shoulder pad and finished the other pocket flap too as well as have some progress on the microphone stand 8D

Finally got some pictures of this costume. It's this song that really got me into SNSD (Which if you saw my room you'd know how much of a big deal that was) and even if no one recognised me I'm happy that I did it. Have a bonus photo of me in pain from the epic heels XD

I think I'd like to upgrade this cosplay in the future. Make it so that I have the double top thing going like they do and maybe even do a dance cover in it.

Nails are complete, I'm super happy with them, the stars are so cute! I've been working on the button strips and have done the back one, and almost all of the cuff ones. I've found an old jacket that I haven't worn in years so I'm using it as my base. Once my black thread arrives I'll add the cord detail to the cuffs as pictured and add one of the shoulder pads. Once I've brought more studs I can finish the 2nd one as well as work on the pocket flaps.
I don't want to start making the front panel just yet as the jacket is a bit snug, but I've been losing a lot of inches recently (though I had to stop working out so I dont get too small for sugar rush before expo XD) so I'll fit into it soon. I've also found some old boots that I can add the tassel trim to as well!

As I really wanted to do something on this cosplay I started a fake set of nails last night, same with the Sugar Rush ones. I've ordered some little stick on stars to go on the coloured ones so they'll be finsihed soon. I also continued working on the button detail (I really dont know what to call them) a combination of fray check and fabric glue seems to be working with the ribbon (my attempt to sew it on went terribly wrong) All they need is the buttons adding (still need to be ordered) but otherwise going well. 2 out of 14 complete!

I started working on this while I couldn't work on Sugar Rush and have almost completely the shoulder detail. Since this photo was taken I've added ribbon around the top and have started the other one (though I ran out of studs so its only half done). I also started on the jacket sleeve detail, the three um things (i dont know the technical name for them) with buttons on, as they seem to have a slight sparkle I covered black fabric with that sparkly netting and then will add the ribbon. I'm having trouble with the ribbon as it looks a little messy folded or cut into pieces. I may buy a cord instead and see how that works orz. I've got all the things I need in my ebay basket (more trim and material and dyes for the skirt) however its coming to about £50 so I'll probably have to wait till payday before I can get more done.

It's all done, every last detail. No pictures until the day but I'm super happy with it.
For the Icing I ended up using fray check as hemming went terribly wrong, glued on the gems, the bows were sewn on. Then I added poppers for the straps and added the yellow bow at the front and the big one at the back (this droopes quite a bit so I might have to go back to it) and DONE!
edit: added a sneak peek cause I couldnt resist (and yes I abused the Line camera app for this xD)

The skirt is finally done. It's not perfect, I had a major cock up and had to add an extra section, but any major imperfections shall be covered with the icing. I've started the icing however I don't think I'll update with pictures until after expo. It's so close now I want the complete outfit to be a surprise. Well as much as it can be when you know exactly what I'm making

Cut the wig and I'm happy with it, it could be better but its at a point where its good enough that I don't want to do anything more to it in case I ruin it! The fact it was a curly wig is actually really helpful as the ends are slightly curling up nicely at the back. I'll start work on the skirt again soon as it's only 20 days till expo!

My 2nd wig arrived today and the colour is much much better (though the photo doesn't show it off at all orz) I had hoped that I would be able to cut the ringlet curls off and save them for another wig however they started too high up so I ended brushing them out and straightening them. (sad face for having to ruin a lovely wig) I'll be cutting it over the weekend so fingers crossed that won't go terribly. I also got a head band for the bows to go on ^^

So my contacts arrived and I'm not happy at all really. They don't make my eyes brown in the slightest, though they do make my eyes bigger. I have no money to buy anymore though (these were pricey enough tbh) so I'll be going with these.
Also this is the original wig I brought for it and was the wrong colour, fingers crossed the 2nd wig will be okay...

Progress for Sugar Rush is now on hold as I can't work on the skirt until nearer the time. I've come to a lovely but rather annoying predicament of that I'm losing weight and am already 3 inches smaller then what I've pinned the skirt to.
I'll go back to making the skirt and icing 2 weeks before expo to avoid any last minute alterations to the skirt.

All done, hopefully they won't be horribly uncomfortable on the day! Just waiting for my white thread to arrive so I can sew the skirt together and then get working on the icing.

As every time I look at the skirt I glare at it I decided to work on somthing else, so I started on making a set of nails to wear with the outfit! Just a start, but I thought I'd show a little pic anyway ^^

So I've been working on this skirt every night for the past few days (it feels like forever tbh) and it's just not going well. Today I made the 'case' pleats at the bottom, thinking the weight might help but as you can see from the picture it's really wonky. I'm not really sure what to do with it, as I think its the petticoat. I'm going to play with it a little more and then sew all this together (everything is pinned atm) and maybe it'll look nice, if not hopefully the icing will cover it. Though I don't have high hopes.

Finally got around to the collar, had a little trouble getting it nicely rounded but I think I did okay. Also added the lace to the sleeves. No puff sleeves unfortunately but I don't have more of this fabric to attempt (fail) them.
Now all I have is the skirt to go! Hoping to get this finished this week.

I had some more motivation today so I made the bow and straps. In the picture I've just placed them over the shirt to show what it will look like, the straps will be attached to the icing once thats done, and I will then add the white lace panel (its just resting there for show) then too. Quite happy, also wanted to show the little mint bow for the hair, just need a scrap of yellow for the other one.

After a little delay due to general lack of motivation I've finally done some more!
I found a shirt I owned that would work for Yuko which I am so happy about because I honestly didn't think I'd be able to make one and I couldn't find any mint fabric dye.
So I've added the lace and cute buttons, I also added a heart one at the top to hide my poppers (it didn't have buttons right up to the collar) I just need to add some lace to the sleeves, which arent very puffy but I don't mind too much, and then of course add the collar which I'll make separately.

So the cuffs are done, I added the larger lace and found it looked terrible so this will have to do~ Held together by a popper beneath the buttons (which show on both sides) but I may add little darts later to make them stay on better.
Most likely going to start on the skirt next week, my Mayu found a great simple tutorial for how to do the bubble skirt so, if all goes to plan it should be super simple and quick!
I'm hoping to buy, dye and customise a blouse however that will have to wait until I have a little more cash orz (and once I've figured out how to dye something mint......)
So progress has slowed a little but it'll pick up soon ^^

More progress on Yuko!
I made the big pink hair bow today (a lot puffier then it is in the picture) the two cuffs (buttons in the post) and started on the little bows for the icing (of which I then found I could buy premade and saved me the hassle and not good with bows orz) also included a picture of the adorable cupcake and ice cream buttons because they are adorable!
Having made these cuffs Ive decided the lace isn't big enough so I've order thicker lace to go behind. I've also brought her wig, which will need heavy cutting and styling because the only one I could find in a colour I was happy with is curly (of course).
Also I've almost finished the petticoat, I played around with it more and am much happier with the shape.
Fabric is all brought for the skirt so I should be starting that this week too.
Yay progress

As I don't have long under May Expo I wanted to get started on this ASAP.
I've ordered a few pieces yesterday (all the lace, jewels and ribbon for the icing detail and some adorable little cake and ice cream buttons for the top) and then last night while discussing the cosplay with my Mayu had a moment of inspiration.
Years ago I brought a three hooped petticoat which has been awkwardly sat in my room gathering dust so I thought I'd make use of it!
I made the bottom hoop and the top hoop smaller and left the middle one about the same size it was. It needs a bit of tweaking at the back but otherwise I'm pretty damn happy with it. This was one of the parts I was worried about doing so I'm feeling super pumped for the rest of the cosplay!

She's done! I added ribbon around the edges of her cloak and finished the back of the skirt today, it could be neater but I'm so proud of this and can't wait to wear her Friday night of Kita~ (even if I am going to freeze to death OTL)

Everything apart from the Top is done now. I lost my base top (we've looked all over the house it's just GONE) so I've just bought a new one and hopefully I can get it painted by next week for Kita. o.o

I made the cape today, it's very rough but I'm quite happy with it as it's all hand sewn, the fluff makes up for any less nice bits else where ^^

Gloves arrived, glasses arrived, tie sorted, Guns painted and belt to be painted (Green ones were ridiculously expensive so I got a white one to paint ^^)
My V-138 is sorting out my headphones for me, I think there was talk of glowing? <3
Once the belt is painted I'm done!

So steps forward first!
Tights arrived so that sorted.
New mask arrived after I lost the other one and I've done the first coat of paint already.
Fabric for thick stripes strings arrived.

Step backs

Wig arrived and it's horrible. OTL I'm running low on funds though so it may 'have to do' butIreallyhateitT_T
The fabric that arrived for the thick striped strings is faded on the back and freys really easily so I'm going to have to kinda hem them together, which is going to take longer then I wanted as my machine hates me with a burning passion.

I'm buying the paint for her top tomorrow so hopefully that will go well once I start it.

Working on the skirt again, front is almost done now to try and figure out how to pin stuff to my back without breaking my arms and poking myself several times with pins. OTL

Been working on Sunny, she won’t be finished today, I’ve just ordered some Black lace and black chiffon for the skirt. The black netting even when layered just isn’t covering me, it’s still pretty see through sooo I shall layer them in between the layers.

I’ve pinned most of the black bit at the front on and have sewn a few pieces on, I’m having trouble with the back though, I just can’t bend that way to pin it on my back/bum so I don’t really know what to do with that as it needs to be on me both so I know where they are going and also because the unitard base stretches.

I need a dress makers dummy but if I can’t even afford a Kpop CD I doubt I’ll be able to afford one.

So I found I really fail at cutting wigs XD
But with pins it should be okay.
Here's it pinned back, without the pins it sticks out loads even with hairspray.
The back is terrible too but i'll keep the hood up XD
Main thing is the fringe looks nice <3

Suddenly realised I'd need a wig for this, as much as I'd like to have that hair I don't at the moment, was looking through my mass of blonde wigs and found my original Panty wig I got that I spent stupid money on and was then really horrible. So I've started to restyle it and since this photo have taken off the long part of the hair, I'm hoping to finish cutting and styling it tomorrow if not some time next week.
Note - this wig head is much smaller then my head, on me the fringe isn't /that/ long ^^

(I'll stop with the lyric titles soon. maybe.)
Added more sparkle, when I get back from music bank I’m going to finish the sparkly bits and then add more netting on the right shoulder as its just not bamf enough and add some more around the bottom. Lace will go on the back with netting sticking up around the shoulders to again add bamf~ then top half is done ^^

So worked on the top for most of the evening as well as starting the skirt, this is just the bit right at the top over the white section, it looked slightly sparkly in the photo where she is sitting so I added some of the gems~

Not a brilliant photo as my arms are short XD but this is the top part almost done, only pinned so for, and when I sew I may add more. I added bits of lace in-between the sticky out bits too which made it look a lot better, once this is all sewn on the gems will cover most of the lace you can see :)
This photo doesn’t show how beautiful it looks, that looks messy but if the photo was a little less close you’d be able to see the shape it’s making ^^;

Everything's arrived (amazingly fast might I add) So I'll be starting work on this tomorrow if not Monday, I've got all of next week off work so I'll probably be working on it most days (bar Wed and Thur's when I'll be seeing Sunny perform Live in Paris~) So expect some progress photo's soooon

As I got a different member poster with my CD I bought Sunny's seperately, it arrived today and I realised there is more detail then I thought, there's a lot of lace detail on the top so I've bought some white lace to cover the main part of the top which will then have the gems and built up sticky outy bits (technical term of course) on it.
I also bought a cheap feather boa that I will trim to go around the hood.
I'm really excited to start on this and I can't wait for everything to arrive!

They arrived and despite being knee length they are actually the same length as my entire leg (Yay for short people~) Haven't got the purple tights yet but I just wanted to show you what they looked like ^^
Also second pair of laces for boots arrived so those are now finished. Once the top arrives I'm going to start doing tests for the paint.
Strings are almost done, I need to buy fabric for the thicket striped ones and I can't afford that at the moment so I'm waiting till next month for that. I'll also buy the wig next month too.
Other then that though the cosplay is going really well~

Bought a Unitard for the base, then my stomach and bum are nice and covered (Y)

Just bought the red chiffon and material for top and skirt, all came to £10, should arrive fairly quickly.
Looking around for the fluffy trim, I did find some but it just wasn't fluffy enough. I'm now looking at some stick on gems, I'm hoping to get silver, black and pearl coloured gems to stick all over the top.
I hoping to get a sleeveless top to use as a base because otherwise I wouldn't really know where to start.
Okay just bought all my gems for £5 =D

Thinly striped strings done, going to hopefully get material for thick ones in the next week if so. Need to sew the turn up bit on the shorts, bad possibly discoloured them too as they aren’t as light as hers. Also boots on~ still need the laces for the other boot ^^

Started off work on the strings on CL's shorts, got the thin stripped ones done, just need to shorten them a bit and properly attach them to the shorts (once the shorts have been distressed ect.) and then I'm going to work on the thicker stripped ones, I'm going to try and use the same fabric and somehow make the stripes bigger (I have a metre of this stuff and I barely used 15cm's of it with the first set of strings T_T)
So hopefully you'll see more progress with them soon if my plan goes well XD

Boots arrived as did a set of laces, however having just one lace in the shoes just didn't look enough so I tied the laces together for extra length then bowed them twice at the end so that they didn’t drag/trip me up and to get more of the MORE feel.
Quite happy with it, come payday I'll buy another set for the other boot ^^
I've also bought the mask and some fabric to start the strings so as soon as it arrives I'll be making them and adding them to the shorts, as well as distresing the shorts a bit more :)

Boots arrived today and I've found some laces that should be perfect for them so I'm going to buy two sets of those soon (2 so that there is masses of laces on the boots like hers)
I've done lots of research and have found most of the materials I need for the strings, a wig and tights. My Dara has found UV paint that we can use too.
I've taken a pair of old jeans and cut them into shorts, they need distressing a bit more but they should do.
Once payday comes I'll have more updates as I'm completely broke right now XD
But progress is progress!

Heres all my accessories, waistcoat is in the post and I bought the shirt and jeans from primark today~

I've got pretty much everything now, I just need a new shirt as mine have all gone missing >.< and I'm going to get some black jeans to wear for him (I'll get nice trousers at a later date they are gonna be too cold for the christmas meet XD) I've just ordered a nice waistcoat so I don't have to borrow my friends any more and the bag and belt arrived, as well as sunglasses, his scarf and bow tie~
I really can't wait to cosplay him ^_^

Kyouko is coming back again for HyperJapanSpring with my lovely Magical girls Kusthegreat and Elle-Ectricity, going to be remaking a few bits, and possibly try to make (orbuyT_T) some boots for her. The wig will be restyled a lot better then the first time (It came unstyled in the bag before Aya >.<) and I've already got a new skirt. I'm hoping to taking in the dress so it's more fitted around the top. I will also remake my staff!

Tsuki is going to be finished sooner then Kita, me and my lovely Roppi have been RPing them so much on Twitter that we decided that they needed to be finished in time for a meet up we and our friends are having near christmas as a kind of in between con thing, I've got his Bowtie and have just bought the scarf too, I've found a bag I want and will be picking up some new trousers and waistcoat for him (finally!)
Some progress pictures may be coming up before hand but if not expect some Roppi/Tsuki shots from London~

Being Kneesocks was oh so fun, I was a little self conscious cosplaying her, especially when I saw Sushimonster as her (And those amazing Twins as S&K)but I still had so much fun. I am planning on wearing her again with my Scanty (ElleEctricity) at Amecon. Having worn her at Expo there are some parts I want to remake, I plan on making the ribbon a lot more structured, styling the wig more, possibly making a better horn and making new scythes.
A BIG thank you to my lovely Chuck who looked after me through the day, holding my stuff, touching up my make-up and walking nice and slow when my foot started bleeding from the amount of blisters I had (Surprisingly not from the shoes I wore as Kneesocks but ones from the day before)

Kneesocks will be made better then ever by Ame!

I didn't forget about her promise!
This is going to be a complete budget cosplay, my laptop broke so all of my money this month has gone towards a new computer so I won't be getting a new wig or contacts for Shiemi unfortunatly, maybe I will if I wear her again.
I've got the skirt ready to be dyed and some fabric to make her bow with, I'll be buying the shirt and some tights and then she's done, I hope this goes well, I wanted to spend more time and money on her but alas life has gotten in the way once again.

So so close!
I have two things to do and then I'm done!
I've added the larger studs (buttons) to the top and skirt and have made the horse shoe type thing for the skirt too. All that needs doing with them now is adding the ribbon that joins them, I need help with this so that won't get done until I visit my friend later this month.
Second I need to paint my scythe blades and connect them to the poles.
They are ready for painting and I've shortened the poles to expo standerds so this should get done whenever I buy the paint!
I'm so excited to cosplay Kneesocks it's unreal <3

Almost done!
Bought the zentai today and the large studs for her top and skirt, once they arrive I just need to add the ribbon joining the top and skirt and paint the scythe blades!!

My Spikes finally arrived!
The choker part of the top is now done and both bracelets are finished!
All I need to do now is make the Scythes (In Progress) and add the ribbon, horseshoe thingy and the large studs to the top and skirt Oh and I need to buy the Zentai!

This is the base shape for the Scythe blades, next step is papermacheing the entire thing to make it nice and stiff and strong, and give it a nice finish, then it's onto painting them and attaching them to the poles!

Test shot for makeup, wig and horn~

The wig still needs styling but at least I know I can cover the elastic for the horn which is good.

Had to use my Lilith contacts as my eyes completely rejected my Kneesocks ones OTL

But they look okay I guess.


Anyway, another top half test shot! This time with Horn, choker and 1st bracelet~
Still waiting on my spikes to add to the bracelets and Chocker and still trying to figure out how to do the big studs on her top

Got so much done today *proud*

Left to do:

- Add ribbon to top/skirt

- Add all the studs!

- Make Scythes

- Get Zentai

Not much left to do!

Kneesocks bracelet all pinned together, this was really tricky to put together and I’m surprised I didn’t prick myself. Still needs the spikes (Which are yet to arrive) and then some velcro so I can get it on and off and then it’s done!

Onto the next one~

I made the horn today, I'm hoping the elastic will be hidden my the wig (I'll have it going behind my head not under my chin) My studs still haven't arrived but I'm just about to start making the bracelets and possibly adding the ribbon to the top and skirt :)

Top half of Kneesocks cosplay as of today~

Still lots to do, the top needs its stud detail and straps as well as the neck thing. It also needs a more secure way of joining at the back as I bent down and it just popped off O.O

May have to just sew it together and fight my way into it XD

Armbands need poppers/velcro so that they stay on my arms, also need to start on the bracelet thingys but the studs haven’t arrived for that yet.

All in all I’ve made loads of progress today, quite happy with myself!

To do!

- Make bracelets

- Add straps and choker to top

- Add stud detail to top and skirt

- Add ribbon detail that joins the top & skirt

- Make the scythe heads

- Get Zentai

- Make Horn! (I keep forgetting I need this >.<)

Worked on the skirt today, it's pretty much done, it just needs the studs and horseshoe type thing, I'm really happy with how its come out so far though!
The glasses arrived as well, they only just fit me /bighead but they look okay.
Still waiting for the wig and studs to arrive, will be buying the zentai as soon as I have the funds too and I'm going to start working on the Scythes this weekend~
Too excited for this <3

As I love Shizuo I couldn't not cosplay him again, I'm hoping to cosplay the male version of him this time at the MCM Expo Oct'11. I have most stuff already (I even found some sunglasses for him finally!) and my sign just needs a little fixing.
I've decided to not just do his normal self though but instead how he is at the end of Ep24 of the anime where he is all battered and bloody and bandaged.
My lovelyyy Izaya/Hibiya/Roppi ect. is going to be my Izaya and she may even be ep24 Izaya with his black eye!

To be warn Friday of Oct Expo'11

I had some trouble finding contacts, I wanted some that were green and yellow but the only nice ones I found didn't actually look that great in person so I went for these instead :) I think they work pretty well ^^

2 updates in one day~
I got paid a day early so I've just bought a bunch of stuff for Kneesocks, I bought some more studs to continue with her accessories and some glasses for her. I also bought a zentai for another cosplay and if it's good enough I'll buy the same but in red, I also went a head and bought a new wig, the colour looks like a good match and it's got a thick ponytail so it -should- be okay.
Photo's when it all arrives ^^

So after the hectic weekend that was Aya I'm back and ready to get working on Expo, I started with Kneesock's skirt, I've got the basic shape here ready to be hemmed and sewn together, I'm going to be making her little horseshoe type thing out of airdry clay as it's nice and light as well as possibly her little studs on the skirt as the ones I used for the armbands are too small.
I get paid tomorrow so I'll be buying everything else I need for this cosplay then, so expect lots of updates soon~

Just on the final stretch, all I've got to do is finish painting the spear and adding the ribbon to the top. The boot covers didn't work at all and looked so bad so I'll just be wearing plain black boots.

Finally taking a break from Kyouko and started working on Delic, added the pink buttons to the blazer and started on the headphones, they've just had their first coat of paint, 2nd to come soon, also touching up Psyche's shoes to use for Delic.
Once the 2nd coat is done on the headphones I'll be attaching them to hair clips to then attach to the wig one the day~

Kyouko Frills done! She just needs the ribbon detail and a latch and then the overcoatdressthing is done!

Skirt is done!
Still waiting for the fabric glue to arrive so I can attach the ribbon to the undertop.
Currently adding frills to the overcoatdress, once the frills are done all it needs is a hook and eye at the neck and the ribbon to be added.
Having trouble with the boot covers I don't like them at all but these will have to do as I can't buy any more of the fabric.
Spear will be made next week =D

Wig is styled!
Skirt is done!
Overcoatdress is currently being dyed ready to be hemmed and have the frilly bit and ribbon added!
Boot covers are almost ready for velcro and then white detail!
Undertop is waiting for fabric glue to have the ribbon!
Spear is waiting for a spear head!
Socks were already done!
Sleeve things were also already done!
Contacts. . .are too expensive for my poor self OTL

I have made loads of progress today, tomorrow I'm hoping to hem the overdresscoatthing and start adding the frills and as soon as my fabric glue arrives to ribbon will be added to both that and the undertop, I'm going to continue working on the boot covers right now while the skirt that I ended up having to paint (damn you 100% Polyester) drys.
Then I just need to at least make the spear head and she's done!

Photo - Overcoatdress thing basic shape before dying

Only a small update as I'm working on Ayacon cosplay's at the moment, I really want to get started on Kneesocks but they must come first. I found these gorgeous shoes in New Look and just had to get them. They aren't as high as I had hoped but I couldn't walk in the other higher ones I wanted OTL So these are the one's I'm going to be using as I can actually walk in them XD
Once Ayacon has gone by I'll be buying the Zentai and continuing with her accessories.

As I type this Delic's shirt is being dyed pink, I couldn't find a reasonably priced pink shirt so I ended up getting a cheap white one from primark and dying it. I don't know if I'm going to add the stripes although I do have the fabric paint if I choose to do so~
The rest of his outfit is pretty much done except for the buttons on the blazer which I'll be changing soon and then I need to start working on the headphones.
I'm running out of time though and Kyouko is going to be my priority for Aya so Delic may just get to wear Psyches headphones :)

I am very very short on cash but really want to get Kyouko done for Aya so I'm being resourceful!
I bought bunch of fabric when I wanted to make Sakura from Naruto's cloak thing, I pinned it all together but never ended up making it so I'm going to be dyeing that fabric and using for Kyouko's over coat instead as I have yet to buy the fabric for that. I'm just about to start on her under shirt with scrap peices of black fabric and a plain tank top and there's a skirt in post ready to be dyed pink. I had a lot of trouble making the skirt and in the end bailed and bought a white one. I may in the future make one but right now I don't have the time to.

Bought the jewellery today, just got some pieces in the sale at Primark, I bought this skull ring, thinking "oh that looks kinda rock - ish" to find out when I get home and look at the ref she actually has a skull ring! So result =D
Getting the top soon and then this is done!

With less then a week before HyperJapan Rin is complete! There are bits I'd like to change (that coat OTL) but I'm pretty happy with it, the corset looks alright with it and I can't wait to scar and bandage up and be a psycho all day with my Len!

Apologies for spam just now I wanted to get all the progress in journals ^^
Also heres a look at the flowers that will be in my hair as I hadn't posted a photo yet :)

Been getting stressed by HJ and Ayacon cosplays so I decided to work on something else and here we are. Ive started on something simple, her armbands. I already had the PVC from my Mr Taxi cosplay and the studs from my RunDevilRun Cosplay. Ive only made one so far and I havent added the velcro or however I decide to attach them as my arm size may change before October.
I just took a strip of black pvc, hemmed it and added the studs. Its only pinned on at the moment just to show.
Im hoping to enter this into the Masquerade so expect lots of progress photos ^^

Edit - I have now made both armbands, ready to have the velcro/popper nearer October.

I'm hoping to use the skirt I'm making for Kyouko for Shiemi as well, I started making it last night and should have it finished fairly soon. I've also been looking for some contacts, I do actually have green eyes (well a blueygreen I swear they were blue when I was younger!) but I'd love to just make them Pop, so far these are the best I've found.

These are the contact's I'm hoping to get, the colour match is as best as I can get, but I think they'll do the job just fine :)

I've run out of money so wont be able to buy any more fabric before HyperJapan, and I've got this black corset do you guys think it looks alright? I don't really know what else to do I don't even have the money to dye any fabric OTL
The dress is unfinished which is why its a bit messy

I started working on the boot covers this weekend and lets just say Im glad I bought so much material, I messed up a little but I should have the basic red part done soon. The skirt I started today, I will hopefully have it finished tonight or tomorrow.
I off to go buy the material for Stockings swords and the spear head for Kyouko in a moment so hopefully some progress on both of those will be made this week!

The wig arrived today!
I changed my mind with what to get again and in the end got a base wig with two ponytails as I thought it would be too thin if I just got one, so here it is, I'm really happy with the colour and I don't think styling it should be too hard, it's also not ridiculously long like some I saw.
Also not sure I mentioned this but I got the leatherette for her boot's so I'll be making the boot cover's soon!

The grey fingerless gloves I bought off ebay and I made the cuffs today at work out of cardboard, I just need to paint them or cover them in fabric and then they are done :)
Sorry for crappy photo!

It took 189 studs but it's done. (My fingers are dead)
I bought two waisted belts and cut one in half to make it long enough to go around my waist, I then added the studs to it and now it's done!

Complete! She's done, finally, she has no bow but I really don't know how to make them and the hair will cover that part anyway, 25hours of painting, cutting sewing and wig styling well spent, no one will know who I am but I don't care I'm so proud of this!

To be warn Friday at HyperJapan2011 see you there!

It's almost done!
I started sewing it together today and I only had ONE mishap!!
I'm so happy, I usually mess up every step of the way.
There's still a few things that need doing but this part is so close to being done.
Then I'll start working on the Obi~

After between 15-20hours of painting the flowers are finally done on the Kimono!
Once it's dry all I need to do is iron it and then start sewing it together and then start on the Obi.
I also need to finish styling the wig and then it's done.
To be warn Friday of HyperJapan~

Worked on the top today, added the studs on the sleeves and finally made the hood.
The shorts I originally bought that didnt fit now do (so happy bout that!!) so I dont need to buy another pair.
Just waiting for the studs to arrive to I can make the belt.
Need to practice the dance a bit more and then this cosplay is almost done

Instead of hold up's I'm having to wear tights as hold-ups never stay up. Used fake blood and just a pair of white tights.

This coat has given me so much stress. I need some more practice with sleeves especially. But it's done, and I'm content with it, it could be a lot better but I don't have the time or patience to work on it any more.
I also worked on the stockings today. I've gone with white tights instead of hold-up's as my thighs just look horrible with hold ups XD
I'm waiting for the blood to dry and then I'll take some photo's to see if it's work. If it hasn't I shall most likely buy some more and paint the blood on with fabric paint instead of fake blood. I would just put the blood on it on the day but my legs are rather stained now even after a shower and I don't really want to have blood stained legs as Stocking the next day XD
I also bought the bandages yesterday, I wont be covering my face as when I did a test it irritated my eyes too much and I don't like the thought of travelling through London only being able to see through one eye ^^;
Gun Done.
Coat Done.
Wig Done.
Tights almost done.
Bandages and Scar's done.
The only thing I need to do now is complete the dress which I have started.
I'm still contemplating buying some proper shoes for her but I don't know if I can afford them so I've got some black flipflops to use just in case.

Rin is well on her way to being complete!

Due to Ayacon's prop restrictions her spear will be half chain half normal, the normal part with the spear head will be 1m in length with the rest in it's broken up chain form.
So far I've got the pole which I bought today and the gold paint for the pole. I've just ordered the chain's online and will hopefully be getting the material I want to use for the Spear head fairly shortly.

As my HyperJapan cosplay's are stressing me out at the moment Im going to try and finish this. I'm buying the over top and base belt tomorrow and will add the studs to the top tomorrow night as well as the hood. I have just ordered some circular studs for the belt and will add them when they arrive. Once that is done RunDevilRun is finished apart from learning the dance perfectly~

Just bought a wig for this, will start styling when it arrives. It's different to the one I posted in an earlier journal, it's a better colour match and will hopefully flick the way I want it to. Will be buying the fabric very shortly and start working on it as soon as HyperJapan cosplay's are finished~

Made the gun today, may need another coat of paint when it's dry but otherwise done, made from an old cowboy water gun and a kitchen foil tube, actually really happy with this and it's simplicity

Worked on the coat again today, it's nearly done just needs hemming at the front and possibly altering the shape of the front panels as it's not hanging how I want it to. I'm going away this weekend so I will lose my time then to work on it but hopefully I'll get it done before I go and then once I get back I can begin work on the dress :) Once I've been paid I'll be buying bandages and the stockings as well as materials for the gun (what these materials are I have no idea OTL)

Started styling the front, quite happy with it so far.
I decided to go with her normal style as I can then wear it with some of her other outfits that I plan on doing without having to re-style it

New Panty Wig~

Needs a lot of styling and I’m thinking of mixing the wefts from my other wig in with this because the bottom bit is still kinda thin, but we’ll see, I’ll style it first though.

Started the painting today. Had to put all the white down first as red and yellow paint wasn't showing up so that slowed the progress down. Quite pleased so far especially with the flowers near the bottom, the colour of them is lovely. (although the photo manages to kill it)
I'm using Dylon fabric paint, so far time taken 2hrs.

I started the Kimono today, all the pieces are cut out ready to be sewn together, I'm just trying to decide when to paint it, now or after I've sewn them together.
Image - fabric I bought for the Kimono, Obi and Lining
Was actually really cheap too!

Started the coat today, should finish it in a few days, I've also got all the material I need for the dress so will hopefully be starting that soon. I'm looking in to getting some shoes for this although I'll have to wait till next payday.

To get around the 1m prop restriction at Ayacon I've decided to make her spear half normal straight form half chainy broken up form. I'll be buying all the fabric for her tomorrow and once I've got some progress done on my HyperJapan cosplay's I'll be working on Kyouko.

I've just bought a new wig as this one just isn't good enough, thank you so much to the lovely SachikoYumi for recommending one for me <3
I've just bought all the fabric paint I should need and will be buying the fabric this week. I also got the flower for her hair today.
I'm currently looking into what shoes to get for her, I need some proper 'geisha' type shoes for Rin so I'm thinking of using them for Panty too however they do seem to be very expensive, so I may be wearing customised flip flops like I did for Ritsu.
Really looking forward to getting started on this cosplay and am hoping to wear it to both HyperJapan and then again in the evening at Ayacon~

I bought the wig a while ago, in the photo on ebay it was absolutely stunning and when it arrived I was so disappointed. It wasn't styled at all and I'm still having trouble getting it to look like the photo. The top is fine its the longer bit at the back that is bad, it's so thin and wont flick like hers so I'm trying to figure out what to do. I'm hoping to get some extensions or another wig the same colour and adding the wefts to it as I do like the top bit.
I also did the flick to the wrong side the first time I did it too OTL

Got some boots on eBay at a bargain price (£6!!) Hoping to get some pleather (I think it's called?) to cover these with for her boots.
Small update is small because I can't buy any fabric for this until after Expo!

I was originally going to get a wig with a ponytail however there just wasn't enough volume, so I'm buying this wig (which is conveniently half the price of the ponytail on I was going to buy) and then add volume and flicks and the like to it.
Going to look at fabric tomorrow (although I can't buy any of it yet OTL) and will probably start on her spear next week because I'm just really excited to get this started!

Had an epic photoshoot with my Ludwig(Casual) a few days ago so expect photo's in the next week or so ^^

It's only pinned here and needs some adjustments still (the back is like 10inches longer then the front because of where I drew the pattern on the fabric XD) and as you can see it doesn't cover the petticoat however, after having a huge hissy fit about it I've figured out how to fix that.

The Obi is also only held together by me. I'm tempted to remake this as even though I wanted it to be stiff and stand out, I don't like the foam any more, it makes me look even chunkier. So yeah, may be re-doing it.

I've never done anything like this before and didn't have a pattern to use so despite the petticoat malfunction I'm still pretty happy with it and will be fixing that bit soon~

First attempt at scaring for Rin Kagamine - Karakuri Burst

I used Mehron Ridgid Collodion with some makeup too.

I used about 3/4 layers and it seems to be quite good, I need to practice with the make-up/colouring end of it but I'm pretty happy with it.

At first it felt really funny but now I can't really feel it. At some point I'll practice the shoulder/collar bone scars but for now I'm quite proud of it~

Change of plans with Expo line up and Psyche will be taking Gum's place.
I've already got most things for him, I just need to put it all together ^_^
Had some trouble with the contacts, they catch on my eyelid so I'm having to send them back which is kinda annoying, but hopefully I'll have some better ones soon.
Expect progress pics of this soon :)

Currently dyeing the shorts and gloves (as well as my Len's) so expect completed photo's once they are dry!

Test shots for my wig, I used one of the ponytails as the bun. Just need the white bow and roses (which are in the post) and then thats finished. Super happy that I get to use these Red Contacts for more then just Xbox too

I've now got all the material I will need for this ^^
The store I get my fabric from had no nice Yellow fabric apart from a pretty shiny one so I've now bought all my fabric in the pretty shiny stuff so I shall be starting on it all once my petticoat arrives as I want to make it so it shows the bottom of it like with theirs :)
I've also already got the fur so I shouldn't have to buy anything else for this, super excited to start this ^^

Mere seconds after I posted the journal I found some studs <3

Bought these on ebay this morning, hopefully they'll be comfy, I can't really see the detail on their shoes but the studs on these match the ones on their sleeves so they should be all right. I'm getting some black material tomorrow to use for the hood as the sequin material on it's own is too see through I'm also getting some tops to use for the long sleeve one and the one underneath, I'm having trouble finding some studs to go on the arms but hopfully a little ebaying will help ^^

While not doing my work at college I bought some contacts for Psyche today, I decided to just go with plain pink ones as I couldn't find ones like the one that cosplayer had, but hey, the ones I got glow under UV!
I've also just bought a Chef coat to customise for Psyche, I did really want a coat, so that I could wear it out but I couldn't find one that was the right style, and chef whites are just perfect for it, so I should be working on this soon, even though I need to work on Xbox and Gum XD

So Ritsu is almost complete!
Drumsticks arrived today, all I need is the yellow headband and sort out her tie and then all done~
My zombie contact arrived today so I did another test, quite happy with it, I've got some fake blood but I haven't bothered using it this time but I will.
God I love this wig so much, expect some more Ritsu cosplays in the future, I've only sat in my room wearing her but it's already just fun being her so I can't wait to cosplay her. I've so far got 3 planned times for her. the zombie picnic in April, Saturday evening of MCM in May annd I'm wearing her to college for a presentation XD

So I'm, we're, so close to getting these done, once my Len has bought his shorts them with my shorts and both pairs of gloves need to be dyed and then the outfits are complete! I've just bought a megaphone and will be painting it as soon as it get's here and my Len is working on the flag too, so 1 out of 4 costumes for MCM is almost complete! (80 days to get the other 3 done o.O)

So this was just a little practice, I still don't wanna cut it, so I've litrally just wrapped it around me and shoved a waisted belt on XD
It'll be something like this, but with more security so that I don't suddenly go from Fem!America to Stripper!America XD

Boots arrived, which I looove, and I just bought a cowboy hat too >.>''
Going to work on the top this week, although I don't really wanna cut the flag up (it's so pretty <3) so I may just pin it to a corset I have, and just have it as a temporary top~

I've bought her Blazer, skirt and wig and they are all in the post T_T I hate waiting for post, it's great when it arrives but the wait is horrible (I'm waiting for like 15items to arrive) I bought a shirt but am not happy with it (It doesn't fit even though I've got one exactly the same that does, and it's cut to be slutty rather then to be worn with a tie), so I'm gonna buy a mans shirt this week and the ribbon for her tie, and then thats pretty much everything done.
As well as wearing her for the evening at expo I shall be going to a zombie picnic with my twin(who is going as Zombie!Kakuzu) so Ritsu is going to be zombiefied, so expect a few pictures of Zombie!Ritsu before normal Ritsu XD

I've pretty much bought everything for this off of eBay (L)
Boots have just arrived, Skirt and Wig are in the post and I've just paid for a jacket that ended 1min ago, I've been looking for ties but it looks like I'll have to buy one and then add the extra colours and almost all of them only have 2 stripes of colour when I need 4 (Red,Blue,Yellow and Green)
Anyway, once everything has arrived this cosplay is pretty much done!

Bought the wig just now, I had a lot of trouble finding one the right colour, all my usual ebayers I buy off had either too light or too dark wigs so I've ended up buying a pre-styled one, it was a bit more then I wanted to spend but at least I wont have to do much to it when it gets here and it's the perfect colour (in my opinion) so that's the wig done, I may buy the shirt tomorrow, I had a look in Primark today and their short sleeve shirts were more then x2 as much as a long sleeve one (Which makes absolutely no sense at all) so I may just buy another long sleeve and make it short and then I'll try and find a blazer.
I have some grey material that -may- do for the skirt however I don't know how well I'll do at making it but we'll see maybe I'll give it a go XD

So today I finally found the material for their hoods, I've looked in the fabric store every weekend trying to find the sequinned material but they never had it in black (they did have it in every other colour possible including lime green but no black -.-) until today! So I've got some and will hopefully start on the hood soon in between working on my May cosplays as well as Ritsu as I wanna get started on her XD

So I've got the waistcoat and I've bought a wig, I'm going for long hair this time as I just think it'll look better, and this is a genderbend so he has to be at least kinda girly I guess XD The only thing I need now is his shades, and possibly black gloves (the ones he gets from Celty) and maybe brown contacts. I'm also going to start working on the sign post now, I think I want to make a bent one rather then a perfect one as he usually completely destroys them, I'm not sure where I'm going to get the materials for it though as I lost my job which is where I got the long tubes from as we sold carpet there (as well as clothes) so yeah, may have to actually buy materials XD anyway progress is progress ^^

At the time it was for some reason impossible to find a waistcoat, I looked everywhere and couldn't find one, but now, they are popping up everywhere (I saw one today in Primark that is perfect), so I may be doing a redo of this in the future with a possibility of a large road sign and maybe a longer wig, but we'll see, I have plenty of other cosplays to work on first XD

I saw a photo of an amazing Psyche cosplay, but they weren't wearing plain pink contacts they were wearing ones like this (seepic) but pink, and it looked really good, so what do you guys think, just full pink or should I try and find some like the ones they had? - theres the photo, what do you guys think?

Just bought a belt will be adding triangles as soon as it arrives, all I need to do now is dye the shorts, buy gloves and make her bow :)

So I finally found some shorts that are the right style, they were kind of expensive and will need dying (as they are white) but they *should* be perfect as long as they fit (I've ordered them online so fingers crossed)
Also I've found some headphones I can use for this and I'm neatening up the ends of the sleeves right now, so all is going well.

So been working on it for about 4 hours today got the two yellow stripes on the arms done and the one on the collar. I'm super proud of the one on the collar as the sewing is really neat, I did this all by hand by the way XD
Working on the arm band, need to get some black paint to fill in the heart and stripes but they are drawn on and once that's done it'll be ready to attach to the arm. Also I've got the brace done, and I do have a tie although my Len (homesweethomicide13) has that as she got them buy one get one free. Umm all I gotta do is get the belt(and draw the triangles on it) the gloves and then the shorts, which will be the hardest thing, I think I'll be buying white shorts and then dyeing them yellow XD So yeah lots of progress, really happy with it all =D
Progress pictures to come soon!

Everything is done, I'm pretty happy with it all and am excited to wear it at the MCM, I'll be wearing her on Friday, so come say Hi if you see me! =D

So the dress is finally done, someone at work shortened it for me (knee length on everyone else is almost full length on me apparently o.o) The white fabric with lace can be taken off and is secured by velcro, it took me ages to sew the lace to it as I had to hand sew it, and although its still a little messy I'm really happy with it! Will be finishing the headphones tonight and then Miku is DONE! The gloves were bought of ebay for £2 :)

Headphones are almost done!
Need to cover the back of wings to neaten it up, then I'm going to add some wire that will then attach to the hat instead of having the big thick band that most headphones have, as in most of the references I've looked at of her she doesn't actually have a full headset they just magically cover her ears. Also it's easier for me XD

Photo doesn't do the paper justice, its so pretty and sparkly, I'm really happy with how this is going, need to sort out what headphones I'm going to use but that shouldn't be a problem :)
Just ordered the wig too, finally got some money to do so! Fingers crossed the colour matches the ponytails I have already, although if it doesn't I'm not buying another it will just have to do :)

Started work on Miku headphones :) Printed out the pattern then stuck it on some cardboard (Frosties cereal box :D still has the cereal in it actually XD Thank god for bags) and then cut around :) Hoping Dad has a knife I can borrow to cut out the middle bits :)

The dress arrived :D I haven't tried it on yet, as it looks reaalllly small XD but I'm hoping I'll fit in it by October :) Scrap that!! I tried it on!
OMG it actually fits! its so short but it fits!! :D So amazed XD
Need to buy some ribbon to go around the back as its just plain there, quite happy with it though :)

Shorts are done :D
Margaret at work shortened them for me :) So it is all done! With time to spare too :D Will be wearing her on Sunday of the MCM this weekend! <3

After running round Woking for hours I finally found a pair of shorts that are the right colour and bigger then size 8 -.- and I found them at the Kingsize Menswear shop I work at XD (meaning discount) Someone at work is curretnly shortening them for me as they were like trousers on me and I've got some little plimsolls shoes to wear with them. All that needs doing now is styling the wig (as I parted it the wrong way)

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