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All finished, here’s a lil sneak peak before I left for RTX. I put the cloak & belt on when I got there haha

I bought the base wig from CosplaySky & then just trimmed the fringe & straightened the longer bits. This was only my 2nd time of cutting a wig & my first side fringe. It could have gone better but for a first attempt it wasn’t too bad haha. I have to rely on hairspray & clips when it’s on but that’s okay.

My lenses are from Honeycolor (Geo Beauty Grey) but I sadly lost one on the day T_T my eyes are weird & sometimes lenses just pop out on their own. I’ve ordered some different ones for when I rewear.

Nothing too exciting & not the best photo but wanted to include it. I made the base from a long strip of 5mm craft foam & then sewed together a sort of sleeve for it from some black leatherette then sewed up the ends. It does up in the back with some Velcro. Simple but effective. The pouch, Rose emblem & bullets are all fixed on with glue & split pins.

Pouch/box thing...made out of a box covered in craft foam which I then just sealed & painted. Not sure if it’s a bit too big...I’ll see how I feel after RTX & replace it if needbe.

Bullets good to go as well! Just need to attach them to the belt~

All laced up & ready to go! Added the ruffle trim as well which is just some red chiffon gathered by hand. Used tape in the inside of the boots to hold it, cosplay secrets right there lol

Really pleased with how these turned out =) I just hope the paint doesn’t chip off but it’s an easy fix if it does.

Rose emblem for the belt, it was quite tricky to do so enlisted my dads help. Used a download of her emblem as a stencil & sprayed it onto some craft foam & did a second one for all of the pieces. I sealed everything with a few layers of mod podge before it was all painted & glued together. It’s not perfect up close (we used pins to secure the pieces which is why they have holes) but it looks great in photos.

Forgot to take a photo after priming but they were primed with some grey primer first then used a metallic silver.

My dad made this cool stand for them as they were flying all over the place when trying to paint them initially XD it’s some cardboard with nails drilled in!

After painting with the Angelus paint ive sprayed a few light layers of red Plastidip. I’m hoping this will help prevent the paint from chipping but we shall see XD

Getting there! The bodice needs to be taken in/have some darts added which is why I’m holding it. Other than that I just need to sew the sleeves & hem the skirt portion! Pretty pleased with how this has come together =)

Due to time I've opted to buy a corset belt & simply switched the lacing for red ribbon. I'll make my own in future when I have more time!

Boots progress so far. I bought the boots off eBay & will be changing the laces for some red ones. I'm using some angelus 'walk on red' bottom coat currently. It's looking okay but I'm not sure it's going to properly adhere since I didn't realise until I'd bought it that it's not recommended for rubber soles. So my plan is to use it for now and then get some plastidip to go over it. Hopefully it'll work...

Made my own pattern for the circle skirt which has since all been cut out...I actually accidently managed to cut out two skirts...oops! But other than that it went well.

Bodice has also all been cut & sewn & is currently tacked to the skirt. I'll upload some more progress shots once it's sewn properly. I've also cut the sleeves but I first need to make and attach the trim before sewing them.

Just a quick shot of my petticoat! (excuse the pjs)
I might make my own in future but I really love it! It's so soft! Purchased from Its from the Banned Apparel line (20'' walkabout petticoat)

Patterns & fabric for the dress & cloak. For the dress I'm using the bodice pattern from Simplicity 3723 & chosen to use a stretch cotton sateen. Using another pattern I have for the bell sleeves & making a circle skirt for the bottom half.

For the cloak I'm using Simplicity 5794 & using a two-way stretch ponte knit jersey. The crosses are just some pendant/charms I found.
And bullets for her belt before being painted! I got these off a costume bullet belt.

Everything was bought on good old eBay

Added the little cherry blossom petals to the heels

I bought some pretty Japanese clog shoes from Taobao but sadly they only came in a cream/beige colour. So my dad sanded them down to remove the varnish & re-painted using acrylic paints. I'd prefer them to be a more magenta colour but i couldn't find any in Hobbycraft so went with a darkish red instead. Hoping it won't matter too much!

Made by my Dad using Sculpey clay =) This was prior to baking/varnishing

Made the flower clip today following a kanzashi flower tutorial i found on youtube. I made each petal myself from organza ribbon. Its a little messy & kinda wish i'd gotten a darker orange ribbon but pretty proud for a first attempt. I'm now waiting on some bead caps to arrive so i can finish the dangles & then i'll attach the leaves & clip to the back.

Obi is just pinned on atm & skirts need hemming, but just to give a general idea! I'm going to shorten the obi width slightly & will be adding green lace on top of the ribbon.

I'm also going to be adding horsehair braid to the skirts so they'll have a bit of poof! Also decided to re-make the underskirt from some green lining rather than the chiffon here...its proving too much of a bitch to sew!

Just need to sew up the side & bottom seams & attach to the top!

Top finished, thanks to my mum as i was sick all week with the flu =(

Finally made a start on the skirt & kimono top. I'm using a combination of Mcall's 7270 kimono pattern for the top, sleeves & obi & simplicty pattern 1093 for the skirts (although its pretty much just a circle skirt pattern xD)
I'm really happy with the fabrics iv'e chosen considering its been a real pain trying to find pale pink brocade anywhere!
So far iv'e lined the top & sleeves with some pretty lilac chiffon & used normal lining for the skirt since you don't see the underneath. My green chiffon also arrived today so can make the underskirt. I think once the top & skirt are sewn up i'll make a start on the obi! I tried and failed to make her obi charms dad's going to take over that instead coz i suck.

Nibbler plush & my soon to be painted ray gun which was a lucky find on eBay!

Just ordered a bunch of stuff: white stockings, striped stockings, striped fabric for the sash, cotton for the headdress, false eyelashes with beads, tissue paper to stabilise the chiffon and a nice frilly parasol.

Also ordered a pattern for the bodice, i already have one I could use so got another just to see and it was only cheap. Just need to get my duchess satin, feathers and beads now.

Once my tissue paper comes i'm going to get on with making all the roses since they will take the most time out of everything AND then make a start on the headdress.

Ordered from RedStar cosplay on eBay (same place I got my snk jacket) as i couldn't be bothered to make one XD
Colour isn't perfect but it'll do~

Bought this underskirt off of eBay to save me having to make one. I'm going to make a circle skirt to go over the top of this and then make the bodice separate but once together with the belt it should look like a dress...hopefully.

This was just quickly put on out of the bag, needs a good iron but i think it will give the skirt a good shape and thankfully i don't think it looks too bad on me.

Decided on this wig from moemall, i'd prefer it to be more purple but i trust this seller. Will probably need thinning out a bit but hopefully it'll be alright.

Made a chiffon rose to see how it would look, safe to say i haven't missed using a glue gun at all. I think it turned out well for a first attempt although i made the base slightly too small so it looks a little condensed.

For anyone that's interested I used this tutorial:

Bias added. This is the dress complete before Japan Expo, minus the bias along the bottom edge which was added after this photo.

Commissioned by CrystalNeko!! I cut the pieces out, she patterned and sewed it all. Its made from a medium weight cotton. Altered the design slightly so its more flattering on me as i'm unfortunately nowhere near as skinny as Ranka is haha

Just need to add the blue, sew on the gems and make her scarf which i'll be doing myself.

Made a start on the dress today! Massive thank you to street-angel for making me a pattern as i'd have been lost without it!! Need to sew the side seams, add a zip and sew on the sleeves still. Then will just be a case of hemming and sewing on the bias binding.

It probably won't look as nice on me as it does on my mannequin though =(

Bought from anime wig (zing-vogue) on eBay~

These are probably going to kill me but least my legs will look good haha
Bought on eBay.

Bought my fabric today with the exception of my bias binding & lace trim, need to confer with the girls again on that one. Using a medium weight cotton, decided on red rather than red/pink as I think it suits Meiko a lot more and easyier to match to my shoes & stockings!!

The amazing street-angel has also kindly made me a pattern for both the dress and the hat based off of her own Love Ward dress!! Once it arrives i will be straight to work!!

Found my red stockings that I originally used for Da Qiao which is great & ordered my stethoscope. Just need to order my shoes & the trim.

Decided on these, they are the GEO Bella Brown circle lenses.
Bought from Candylens.

Made the sleeves today using an old butterick pattern I had lying around, just made them slightly wider and my mum hand-sewed them on to the t-shirt for me. Literally just need to hem the cape and sew some fasteners in the back of the belt. Alyx is almost finished with the lekku as well. I'm really pleased with how this has turned out!!

Added some red trim to the straps and cut the neckline. Still all pinned for the time being so ignore it looking a bit rough here!

Just simple sewing left to do aside from making the flared sleeves and cutting the tabard. I'm hoping to have this all done by the end of the week...hopefully!!

Cut and added the textured panels to the front and back and added the butt-cape. I'm using my nightingale top underneath to save me making/buying another as i probably won't be wearing it again for a while.

Everything is just pinned atm ready to be sewn. Then just need to make and add some flare sleeves, cut the tabard to a point and make the front a bit more low-cut. The butt-cape will also need to be shortened but i'll probably do that last.

Finally got around to ordering some Green contacts. These are the Geo Tri Colour lenses in Green, ordered them from

Decided to get a new wig as the base wig we used before wasn't too good to work with, was much thicker on top and very thin at the bottom. So hoping this will look better and frame my face a bit more.

Ordered the 'Wild Fire' contacts from
Thanks to Kristen for the recommendation!

Also made this while at Alyx's. All made from the same jersey as the belt. I'll be wearing a black top underneath this with flared sleeves and also going to make a long butt-cape too. Will be wearing the leggings and boots seen here. Going to shorten the tabard as well and cut it into a point...possibly add a pop of red somewhere too!! Again major help to Alyx for the help!!

Also started work on what i'll be wearing. Made the waist belt from some stretch ponte jersey and added some leatherette for texture. The tied sash is just a length of textured fabric tied round the belt. Thanks to Alyx for helping me make this!! I just need to sew some fasteners in the back.

Started work on the Lekku!! Alyx had already made the base from upholstery foam when I got to hers so we set to work on applying the layers of latex. She also started a 3rd layer of latex mixed with red paint which i neglected to take a photo of but its looking amazing so far. Super excited!!

Bought all my fabric, face paint & materials for the Lekku. Going to stay at Alyx's on Monday for a few days so hoping to get a good start on things then. All I have left to get is contact lenses which i'll get when i'm paid next hopefully. Progress soon!!

Painted with grey primer first then painted again using 'Hycote volkswagen' spray paint in 'Tornado Red'

All sanded and ready for painting. The handle has a small piece of doweling through it which connects to the blade, it also has a few screws for support.

Almost finished! Just needs another coat of fabric paint on the 'crown' on the back and then all I have left is to sew the black ribbon down the sleeves for the stripe. I made paper templates for the front and my dad made the one for the back, traced around it with a tailor's pencil then filled it all in with white fabric paint. Each part has had around 3-4 coats with ironing in between to fix the colour.

Scissor blade is almost finished too, its all been attached together as well as being primed and had a fair few layers of red paint. Will see what it's like in the morning but all being well all it should need now is a clear coat to seal the paint. Exciteeeed~

Better late than dad started work on my scissor blade today...hopefully i'll have it in time for Kita but we'll see.
Its all cut out of MDF, ready to be glued and sanded~

Managed to find a good template for Ryuko's scissor blade (credit to Kerse101 on dA)
So I simply scaled it, printed and joined them together. As usual my dad will be helping me make this so hopefully it will turn out well!

Varsity jacket arrived and is super comfortable. Made templates for the front which i'll just need to make into stencils somehow and then is just a case of painting them on. Also have some grosgrain for the black stripe down the sleeves which i'll be hand-sewing on.

Picture on the right is just to give you a general idea of how everything is going to look. Obviously not the skirt or shirt i'll be using XD

Base Jacket bought, i'll be adding the designs myself using fabric paint.

Base wig ordered, love the colour and pretty cheap plus its also in the UK which is a bonus.
The lovely SachikoYumi will be styling it for me as LOL me style wigs..nope~

Ordered these, my first ever pair of circle lenses. Ive worn regular contacts before so hoping i should be alright with them.
Mostly got them so I can actually see as they are to my prescription as well as hopefully looking pretty!

[Bought from]

Here we have the bodice (pinned together) and the underskirt. Just to give an idea how it will look. The bodice was constructed from a bought pattern I already owned..though there was a lot of modifying. The underskirt was also made following a bought pattern. Also this photo was taken under bad lighting and with flash so...the fabric does look a lot nicer than this!!

The final skirt is pretty much finished now, the bodice just needs to be sewn together and the sleeves added. Will upload a photo when I can!!

Wig bought from wiwigs on eBay, will be curling it hopefully by doing braids and then using hot water to set them. Hoping the fringe is long enough to just be pinned back...I couldn't justify spending so much on a lace front wig ><

Decided to have the jacket commissioned as it means less hassle for me...i really want a stress-free expo this time around!!
SachikoYumi bought the same one too so I know I can trust the seller. Just hope it fits me!!

Bought from redstar cosplay on eBay =)

Ordered these off eBay, same ones that CrystalNeko got for her Sasha =)

So here is the fabric that I've ordered for the bodice. Its so beautiful, its 100% Silk Brocade so hopefully it will look good!! Only downside is its coming from India but the seller assures me it should arrive within 2 weeks so fingers crossed.

Epic thanks to hollysocks for finding this for me!!

Really wanted the ebony arrows but went with the daedric ones...though the feathers are black not brown lol. Made from a garden cane, spray painted black. The arrow head is made from craft foam & the feathers were glued on with hot glue. Twisted thread covers the visible glue.

I should hopefully have a small quiver with some more arrows as well.

Almost finished now! Just need to add the 'string' and touch up some of the paint.
Really pleased with this!! Again credit to my amazing Dad =)

These are the detailed pieces for my bow. Made from craft foam, sealed with PVA and painted silver.
Credit to my Dad =)

Template for belt (its since been cut out, this is just to show what it will look like!)
The 'buckle' is made from EVA foam =)

Painted the bow using black spray paint =)

Just to show how the mask will look. I have since covered the base mask in leatherette with the detailing on top so the material won't show. Please ignore my face xD

I bought the base mask on eBay and used craft foam for the detailing.

Just another update on my bow!

My dad sanded most of the foam down using my trusty dremel. It actually gave a pretty cool effect but would have been way too annoying to paint and add the rest of the detailing. So its since had a couple of layers of paper mache so we have a smoother surface to work on. I need to coat it with some PVA just so the paper won't show through the paint but other than that its now ready for painting =)

Progressssss =)

The base is made from a light weight pine wood and its been covered with some EVA foam. Most of the foam will be sanded down and going to use paper mache on top to shape it. Credit of course to my Father =)

Made from Craft foam covered in the leatherette I will be using. Need to paint the edges!
Credit to my Dad

Using in game references as well as Beebichu's amazing Nightingale costume progress, made all the templates for the armour from white card, taped together on my mannequin (Yes i finally have one!)

Not pictured here but have also made templates for the pauldrons, bracers and boot armour. I may need to make the skirt pieces slightly longer in the front. My dad's also altered the skirt pieces in the side so they will be shorter than what they're meant to be...reason being I have big hips -_- meaning if i have anything too long it will just stick out and look awful.

Decided to make it all out of leatherette instead of just craft foam but I may still back everything with foam to give it more shape. Hopefully the fabric will arrive tomorrow! Credit for all the templates to my awesome Dad =)

So its really happening!
Credit to my amazing Dad as usual, I really don't know why he doesn't just do prop commissions!

Based off of Volpin's blueprints, its made of around 6 layers of EVA foam with a thin metal core. Held together with contact adhesive.

Here is the dress basically finished, just need to sew the bands on the sleeves and finish & attach the bow to the back. I won't have the skull on the bow though as again due to time i haven't been able to. But i'm hoping it won't really matter.

The 'blood' is red glass paint which was applied using a small paint brush, wasn't sure if it would work but it came out really well!

Made out of black craft foam and glued onto the pockets with fabric glue =)
Thanks to my Dad for making these!

I know it looks nothing like the Vorpal Blade but I simply ran out of time to do anything great with it. Managed to cut the knife down as it was HUGE so its the perfect length detailing or a proper handle. But its better than having no weapon at all so it will do for now until I get around to doing it properly.

Made from Fimo clay and spray painted silver with some silver ribbon to tie it with =)

Dress so far, its just pinned together for the time being but just to show i'm making some progress ^^' The top part needs to be taken in quite a bit but the skirt part is pretty much good to go. Just not sure on the length yet as i'll need to see how high my boots come which i'm still waiting on.

Tomorrow i'll get on with sewing what I can, sort out the sleeves, neck-line and hopefully get the zip in so I can get on with the apron. Still got a fair bit to do but i'm fairly optimistic about getting it done!

Pieces all cut out ready to be sewn. I'm using Simplicity Pattern 4136 (Wizard of Oz costume set) which is the same pattern I used for my Little Sister dress. Had to alter the skirt part though as the pattern says to use 6 panels which is WAY too much so using 2 instead and also converted it to A-Line so it will hopefully be a bit more flattering on me.

So my original plan of using pre-made templates failed miserably. They ended up being way too small even after trying to scale them again. So i'm now making everything as I go with a LOAD of help from my Dad, literally come to my rescue!

So far I have majority of the front constructed, just need to add a bit more to the middle section and then will need to make the belt part.

Back torso is also going well, I have the main piece done and also the side bits that connect it all together, just need to adjust the sizing a bit more.

Also decided I WILL have the M-8 Avenger as my main weapon =) My dad is pretty set on helping me make it so hopefully it will get done.

Again due to money & time Ive bought a plastic Halloween knife to mod for my Vorpal Blade. I'm going to try to paint on the design and add the blood but being plastic I'm not sure if it will work or not. But I'd rather have some form of knife than none at all so it will do for now =) Just hope it gets here in time!

These are the boots I have ordered. Due to money & time i'll keep them as they are for now without the buckles. I may need to cut them down a bit at the top as they may be a bit too long, even though they are listed as knee-high. Other than that I think they will look good =)

Fabric i'm using:
-Polycotton Drill in Royal Blue for the Dress
-White Polycotton for the Apron & Bow
-Lace Trim for the bottom of the dress
-Interfacing for the Bow

Using Simplicity 'Wizard of Oz' Dorothy costume pattern as a base.

Finally started work on this! All of the front pieces are now cut out with the exception of the collar and 'belt' (I need to work on templates for these)

My dad bought me a hot knife which is really useful to have when working with foam so cutting out all the pieces was fairly simple. They just need sanding here and there.

The breastplate I have right now is just a test piece so will hopefully look a lot better when its finished. Next up for the front will be moulding it all to me and then i'll start on the detailing. Before that though i'm going to start work on the back torso and cutting out all the other pieces!

Ordered 3 fabric samples for the dress (from FabricUK): Poly Cotton, Poly Cotton Drill & Twill all in Royal Blue.

Once those arrive i'll be able to see which will work best and get to ordering, the colour should be fine for all 3 however.

Also been looking into suitable wigs, found a couple, two of which are from UK based sellers which is always good.

First lot of foam ordered. Like most Mass Effect cosplayers i'm using EVA foam for my armor. I may buy some plain black foam for the parts that aren't patterned but will see.

Once it arrives i'll start work on the front and back torso =)

Quick update! I have the templates ready for the front torso. I'm now looking into which EVA foam to get. So should hopefully see some actual progress on this soon!

The templates have been provided by & with credit to Julian Beek on the 405th forums:
And thanks to Sweeturk for helping to measure me and for scaling everything!

Everything is now complete!! Well I need to sew over some velcro on my straps but my mum's offered to do that for me while I pack for Expo =)

I am soooo nervous about wearing this, haven't gotten this nervous for a cosplay in a long time >< I just hope I do her justice and that nothing breaks on me ^^'

So will see you all at expo!!

Haven't bothered to update this as haven't really had the time but I may add some entries at a later date if anyone wants to know how anything was made =)

So i'm very almost finished! Got a lot done over the past weekend thanks to Sweeturk who came down to help me out. Weathered all the armor, finished painting my gauntlet, made & painted the armor for the boots, made the top & cape, cut my fur for the chest piece & have glued everything to my belt with the exception of the fur. My dad also finished my staff and made straps for most of the armor.

So all I have left to do is:
-Glue the fur to the back of my belt
-Attach straps to my armor (shoulder spike & one leg of armor)
-Sew silver clasps onto the top
-Secure fur to my chest piece

I have until Thursday afternoon to finish everything so should be fine =)

Also decided I'm going to use a wig rather than my own hair, I know my hair is short enough but its a different style to default Hawke's and just think it will be less hassle on the day. I'm using my black one I originally used for my Lenalee cosplay, my mum's hairdresser has kindly cut it for me as well so it sits better, just needs a bit of hairspray to keep the fringe in place.

Getting really nervous for expo now!

Nearly there now =)
Pretty much all the armor is constructed now, with the exception of the boots which i'm currently working on with my dad and the glove/gauntlet which I will start when my gloves arrive. Quick photo to show the chest piece, shoulder spike & arm pieces.

Most of it just needs painting & weathering now so HOPEFULLY it will all be done by next week! Had a bit of a problem with the belt last weekend so going to re-attempt it over the weekend. Once ive got the template right though it will just be a case of cutting it out and attaching the fur.

Quick update! Bought all my fur fabric now for the belt and shoulders/back.
Also bought some leather gloves earlier to save me the pain of making them myself. So will just be a case of cutting the fingers off one of them. Will be able to start my gauntlet when they arrive as well.

Just starting work on the knee guards now as well so may have them finished quicker.

Also hoping to start on the belt either today or tomorrow so hopefully by the time the fur arrives i'll just need to add that and it will be done bar the buckle.

Actually finished this a few weeks back but forgot to upload a photo.
This will be wrapped round my upper arm and sewn to either the top or the leather chaps.

Having never made chainmail before i'm pretty proud of it =)
Made myself from scratch, used around 900 jump rings in total maybe more!

Finally made a start on the armor. All of the armor is being made from sheets of PVC foam board, glued together with my hot glue gun and re-enforced with gaffer tape.

Credit for the armor construction goes to my dad since my attempt failed epically. I really cannot draw anything. I will however be gluing, painting and weathering =) So far I have both the shoulder spike and chest piece constructed, next to come will be the knee guards and leg pieces.

My Leatherette also came a few days ago for the belt along with my fur samples so belt progress will be on the way too =)

[Excuse the bad quality photo]
Seriously this may not look like much right now but I am so proud Ive even managed this! Making chainmail is a bitch!! Especially when working with 8mm rings ><

So far Ive only connected 5 rings to 5 rings, I will still obviously need to connect them all together but just to show progress finally!

Been a while since any progress has been made >< Unfortunately due to me having to reduce my hours at work, money has been a bit tight. Hence my lack of progress.

I have now ordered 10 sheets of PVC foam board though along with with a load of silver jump rings for the chain mail. So hopefully should see some progress on the armor over the next few weeks!

Decided on what fur i'll be using for the neck armor as well although still looking through samples for the fur on the belt and also still trying to find accurate leatherette but I have a few back ups, just won't be entirely accurate is all XD

Currently looking into all the things i'm going to need to get.
I have samples on the way of some faux fur fabric for the fur & also some nice looking 'aged brown' leatherette for the belts & under armour bits. Hopefully they will be what i'm looking for.

Also looking into getting a load of metal jump rings to make the chain mail with. My mum is going to bring me home a load of cardboard from work as well so i'll be able to use that to draft the patterns for the armor.

So hopefully have some proper progress soon!

Soo everything is pretty much done now! I just need to sew the red buttons onto my top and also sew a popper onto my shirt for the bow to attach to.

Finished both the shirt and top today also but forgot to take a photo.

The Katana is also now finished, the handle wrapping was a major major pain like I literally wanted to impale myself on the katana LOL so its not great but seeing as it was my first ever attempt and didn't really know what I was doing i'm just happy to have it finished.

Wig has also been cut although its needing a little styling but should be okay I hope.

So yesss pretty much done, I don't really know how this is going to look on me as the top was really difficult to get right due to my AWFUL body shape >.< so i'm feeling a bit meh about it atm but I think once I have it all on together I will feel a bit better.

So yess everything is now pretty much finished =) With the exception of the wings...I did really want to have them but ive just ran out of time and they probably wouldn't have looked very good had I tried.

Soooo i'll be making the wings properly for whenever I wear her again which will probably be October Expo =) And i'll hopefully have it backless then also.

I really hope I do her justice for now =)

Literally finished these about 10mins ago!
The claws are made from craft foam which were glued in the middle to make the shape, my mum then hand stiched them all onto the gloves while I was wearing them as there was no other easy way to attach them. Unfortunetly i'm out of time to paint them so they don't look as good as they could but i'm pretty pleased with them tbh =) And hopefully it won't show up too much.

I will paint them at a later date though [just to point out they are darker than in the photo, stupid flash on my camera >.<]

They don't look fantastic, for some reason the glue didn't dry very well so the paint went on a little patchy >.< but i'm hoping it won't notice too much once I have the wig on with it and HUGE BITCH SCYTHE XD Aside from that I think they look alright =) Its only noticeable up close really anyway

Yess its finished =)
Sorry I only have a photo of the blade and handle seperately but they do connect together lol Will just have to wait till expo to see its full size ;D But heres a photo of the finished blade =)

But i'm really happy with how its turned out and am pretty excited for expo now!!

Finished Skirt =)
This is the same skirt I wore for my Road cosplay, just sewed the red ribbon along the bottom. Think it came out pretty well, this skirt is a little on the short side though ^^'

These were a major pain! I forgot to take into account the fact that anything being sewed onto a pair of knee-high socks would look different when not actually being worn.

Sooo I had to push the socks onto this 'kitchen utentsils round pot thing...', pin the cotton tape in place and then hand stich it down. They aren't perfect but i'm pretty happy with them =) Also my shoes aren't that red! They are more of a dark brown, was just the combination of horrible lighing in my room and the flash of my camera XD

Sooo its now had I think 2 layers of silver spray paint, will give it some more tomorrow. My dad had the clever idea of using the plastic handle off of a kid's badminton racket we found in the shed lol So we glued the pieces round the wood and filled it with wood filler, then wrapped duck tape round to secure it in place.

It has since been painted black ready for the handle wrapping and have also made the round 'guard' part which just needs to be kept in place.

So pretty much all I have left to do is a few more layers of paint and the handle wrapping and it shall be finishedddd =)

My Horns so far =)
Made from Craft Foam and wire, glued together with my good old glue gun.

Ive sealed one side with pva glue, now need to do the other side and it will be ready for painting (I know they are already black but I want them to be a simular colour to my scythe) Then just need to attach to my headband and will be finished =)

Finished handle =)
After cutting the shape a bit more we added some poly-filler around the edges to make it more rounded but not too round as i'm pretty sure her scythe is meant to be made of bone. Also added some for texture around the middle of the handle. Then just spray-painted the whole thing black.

Also added some nuts & bolts to the top to make it more secure and have also added some for the blade to attach to.

I'm really pleased with how this has turned out! =)

More Scythe progress =) This is the basis of the handle. Its made from the same pine wood ive used for Chou'un's Katana.

My dad just sandwiched two peices together and cut the shape. Now needs to be sanded properly and painted but gives you the general idea. Am actually getting pretty excited for this now =)

Going to have the blade connect to the top of the handle with bolts so that I can carry the two peices seperately. So still got a bit of work to do but my dad seems positive it won't take long and ive still got another 3 days to finish it sooo yeahhhh =)

Finally ordered it! Before anyone says anything its in the UK (Plymouth to be precise ;D) I was originally going to buy a straight wig from Wonderland Wigs and curl it myself, but they are still waiting for it to come back in stock -_- which I why I hadn't already ordered it.

I found this one already styled a few days ago and for the same price too. With time running out I just decided to go for it. Ive not ordered from the seller before so am a little apprehensive but they seem like good guys and have good feedback etc. and are in this country sooo will hopefully be fine.

It may need cutting a little shorter but apart from that looks good I think. I know its not 100% accurate but I didn't want to mess around with trying to cut it etc. so will do for now =)

EDIT 24/05/11-
Wig arrived this morning =) Looks really good! Better than I was expecting anyway, only downside with it is it does look a bit shinyyy under with flash >.< but i'll just have to try and ignore that. It was either this wig or no wig and no wig would have meant no costume lol so it will dooo for now =)

Okayyy so finally some progress on this =)
The scythe blade has been cut from MDF, now ready for sanding. Will then be painted in black and silver. The handle will hopefully be constucted over the weekend and hopefully won't take too long *fingers crossed*

My dad is doing majority of the work on this for me as i'd epic fail had I even attempted to draw/cut/plan this thing out ^^' I will try and paint some of it at least. He seems to have it all under control though so fingers crossed it will be done in time. I'm still working on the claws and horns, they will also hopefully be finished this weekend. Wish me luck!

Just to show the Katana before it was painted =)
And the scabbard too, i'll be replacing the black ribbon with the left over yellow shoelaces providing I have any left over lol

Just bought these off eBay, I know they aren't accurate but they aren't a major part of the costume so i'm not really that bothered =) Grace used the same ones in red for her Kanu cosplay and I think hers looked really good as they are leather as well.

I may change them at a later date but will do for now =)

Ive also ordered some yellow shoelaces to use on the Katana handle (the diamond looking pattern)

Bought this a few days ago, i'll be wearing it underneath the waistcoat top.
Will just need to add the brown fabric bands to the sleeves =)

Also small update on the waistcoat, i did a very quick mock-up using some left over fabric, didn't take long at all although i will need to make a few adjustments. I'm waiting for the shirt to arrive before making the real one so that I know how it will look etc. [Don't want to end up wasting fabric ^^']

But it really won't take longer than an hour to make i'm sure! =)

Okay so I ended up buying another much nicer dress than the one I had already bought. Nothing was wrong with the first one but it was a little more fitted than I expected. The new one however is a lot more 'flowy' so its easyier to move in and has long sleeves =)

It looks okay on me..i guess ^^' I just need to make the white bows and attach them and will be done. I don't think i'll be making it backless as I haven't been able to find a suitable bra ¬¬ So I may try and still make the wings but just make it backless for another time...hopefully that would be okay ^^'

I now also have wood for the scythe, foam for the claws and pva glue so I can make the horns via the paper mache method. I'm not sure how good they will look but its the easyiest cheapest way I could think of and they won't be heavy either.

My dad seems to have everything planned out for the scythe, I know its like 2 weeks till expo now [so much for me being ready a week in advance!] But my dad is REALLY good when it comes to this sort of thing, he finished my ADAM needle and majority of Sweeturks Subject Delta costume in 3 days before october expo so I have faith in him!

I'll be working on the horns and claws over this weekend as well as ordering the wig. Its in the UK so should get here in a few days and i'll just need to curl it. SO hopefully come next weekend it will just be working on the scythe thats left. I am very lucky and grateful to have such a great dad to help me with this kind of thing. If it werent for him half of my costumes would probably never have been finished LOL

I'm pretty sure this will be finished in time, if its not i will be disapointed obviously but I'll just have to get over it. Though I am around 95% sure it will be =)

Ahhh I can't believe how annoying it has been to find the right colour fabric for Chou'un's top!! Ive literally looked in fabric shops and online, ordered about 4 samples and still nothing!

However today I got lucky =) Found some in a fabric store in Basingstoke that i'd forgotten was even there. It was a little pricey and still isn't 100& accurate but I really don't care anymore...just want it finished!

Ive just cut the pattern out so shall be making a mock-up tomorrow and hopefully start and finish the whole thing by monday.

Other than that I just need to sew the red tape onto my skirt and the same on my socks and order some gloves and white shirt. Wig arrived about a week after I ordered it! And my dad is working on the Katana for me so this will be done in time for expo =)

Just ordered this wig from COSPLAY WIG on eBay =)
It wasn't the one I was originally going to get, this one is much longer.
Unfortuently the shorter one won't be back in stock untill June -_-

But its still the same colour and style, just longer length =)
I decided to go for Silver White instead of grey as just think it will look a little nicer and her hair always looks more silvery to me anyway =)

Sweeturk's hairdressing cousin will be cutting/styling this for me since I have NO SKILL whatsoever at cutting wigs >.< I can just about straighten/curl them but thats about my limit ^^' It only really needs the fringe cutting though and possibly some of the I hate long wigs~

Have also ordered a couple fabric samples for her waist-coat top, its been very different trying to find it in the right colour. Hopefully one of the samples will be goooood

Just bought this dress-top on eBay, hopefully it will look okay on me =)
All i'll have to do to it will be to add the bows, possibly take it up a little, and cut the back out. The sleeves aren't quite long enough but i'm going to be using some long gloves I already have for her gauntlets/claws so hopefully this won't matter.

[I may or may not have the dress backless... I can't seem to find a cheap backless bra ^^' (and I don't feel comfortable in those 'self-adhesive' ones lol)]

Just a quick update!
I bought a pack of 5 peices of wood (plenty enough for the Katana) Now need to get my hands on a Coping Saw so I can actually cut the thing out! Then will obviously need primer, paint and gloss.

Ive also just ordered a plastic scabbard to use for the Katana, I was planning on making my own out of conduit but realised that all conduit has straight edges, meaning I wouldn't have been able to have a curve in the Katana shape. So i'm just going to modify this one and add the yellow ties. Once I have the scabbard i'll be able to get started on the Kanata itself, i'm going to use the scabbard as a general guide =)

Have also asked Sweeturk to ask his hairdressing cousin if he'll be able to help out with the wig so fingers crossed all will be well =) More progress comming soon!

Yeah i'm not gona lie...they aren't the prettyist of things haha but after searching through literally about 200 pages of shoes on ebay these are probably the closest I could find, so will do for now until I find nicer ones...least they look comfortable!

So ive bought a pattern for the top, my plan is to make it as a waistcoat with a shirt underneath. Hopefully will work out okay haha

Also bought some red cotton tape/ribbon for all the detailing, red buttons for the top and some red fabric to make the bow. I'm looking to find the right colour fabric for the top now but is proving a little difficult ^^'

I finally recieved my 1/8 scale figure of Dead Master today!! Took agesss to get here. I was a little worried when first looking at it as there are some differences between the figure and photos of the figure but for what it cost me I can't really complain and she still looks epic!

So I now have epic reference for everything =) I'm currenly looking into different tutorials and materials to use for the Scythe and Gauntlets as I would very much like to start work on them now I have lots of free-time, money could become an issue though so as ive said before i'm not promising anything right now. I would love to do her for May expo though >.<

*Just to show I am making progress lol*
What my dress looks like at the moment. All the peices of fabric are just pinned on atm which is why it looks a bit funny lol Need to also sew on the sleeves and cut & hem the bottom as its too long. Oh and hand-sew the big xD
Also need to add the black circles to the blue, black swirls to the top pink part, black stripes on the dark pink/red park and lines on the bottom pink park. Seems like a lot but ive got everything under control...I hope ^^'

The dress shape is not accurate to Sally's as well my original more accurate pattern just looked awful on me >.< So ive used a dress pattern that i'm more comfortable in, I'm hoping it won't matter too much ^^' Also I know some of the colours don't match but I just had to work with what I could find so yeah lol

Okay much needed update~
Dress is in progress =) I'm basing it off of reference pictures from the movie as well as my own interpritations (looks different in EVERY picture I find -_-)
I'm making the base dress first using a bought pattern then once ive got the dress shape how I want it i'm going to sew the various peices of fabric on top.
I hope it goes how I want it to ^^'

I have Boots! Saw these on ebay and thought they would look pretty good, great price too. I had to remove these silver clasp things they had on them but apart from that I love them xD I got some stripy black and white leg warmers as well instead of using socks as these are longer and fit better over the boots =)

Will hopefully be ordering the wig tonight as well. Still need to do the make-up test which i'm not looking forward to...not yet sure if i should go for a white look or more pale blue..we shall see. I'm hoping to use actual thread for the stitches on my face too~

Still very much a work in progress haha but getting there =)
Need to adjust the neckline, add the collar, adjust the sleeves & cut the length.

Obviously need to add the white part as well which i'm currently working on. Before anyone says anything I know the colour is off -_- It looks a lot better in person, lighting in my room also didn't help. The fabric i used was originally white and navy blue, I then dyed it using some dylon fabric dye in 'jeans blue' I thought the 'Navy blue' would make it too dark, but haven't got the time to re-dye so it will do for now. The fabric does have thin faded stripes but can only really be seen close-up. I had a really hard time with my fabric choice lol i'm hoping it won't look too bad. *See picture for close-up of fabric* Flash was on as well so is slightly darker than that ^^'

Ive just ordered this pattern from ebay for the dress (see picture) Had to order it on there as it doesn't seem to be available in the UK

As you can its not an exact match to the Little Sister's dress but I think its the closest i'm going to get without having to alter the pattern TOO much.
I'll have to make both the dress and sleeve length shorter, change the front so its not in two pieces (judging from the picture it will be a bodice/top and then dress over that) and add the white apron type peice to the front.

Once it gets here I'll start my hunt for fabric...i'm really undcided on that >_<
In the concept art it shows an actual fabric swatch which looks to be a lilac colour with faded stripes. In the other art work and in-game shots it looks more bluer...i'm not sure if its just because of the lack of lighting in the game
or not but I generally perfer it to be bluer so its more darker and creepyer ;) If anyone has any ideas please do let me know =)

Hopefully some time this week I shall be ordering the fuel nozzle for my ADAM syringe as well. Idealy i'd like to have an older style one to be more accurate but ive not had much luck finding one that isn't over £50 T_T I have found a much newer one, silver and made from alluminium. I think I could work with it but it probably won't look as good as the other type... But hopefully with some work it would look okay and my dad is willing to help as well =)

Also need to try and find some accuate looking contact-lenses. I really want some that make the whole eye yellow, not just the iris...I know they will probs be quite expensive though so not sure right now if i'll be able to have them or not...

I'm giving myself lots of time to work on this costume..well more time than normal (2-3weeks before the event ^^') As I really want to actually ENJOY working on a costume rather than rushing it and generally spazzzing out because of how little time I have etc.

More updates to come once I start work on it XD

I had a great time at the event itself and got a lot of nice comments from people on the costume so thanks for that =) Although I was very nervous about wearing this costume and didn't look that great in it, I think it was okay. I'd love to rewear her again once ive lost some weight >_< and possibly do other versions of her =)

I had quite a few photos taken with GraceyDarling as Jean Gray/Phoenix but as per usual only a few have been found lol To be honest I don't really like any of the photos ive seen >_< which is why I haven't as yet uploaded any of the full costume. Hopefully once ive lost a bit of weight i'll be able to re-wear her and get some decent ones up =)

I'll also re-do some parts: Add the white trim to the trench coat, more accurate gloves and boots, re-do the belts and re-do the wig (hopefully remove the extentions and dye the front of it to look more natural xD)

This will be going ahead! Even if i'm very scared >_<

Bodysuit arrived on tuesday, fits me fine and is supprisingly comfortable. I think it looks alright but i'm still slightly worried about how it looks on me (as per usual lol) But it doesn't look AS bad as i thought it would so hopefully won't be too bad. Also gona wear my magic body shaper underneath lool although it shows through the suit a bit..but I feel a little better in it~

The Wig. Well my intial plan of sewing the extentions to the wig mesh failed as the front of the wig (for some reason) has a skin-top, so if i'd sewn them, I would have had to have done it futher back and it would have just looked like white highlights. So GraceyDarling helped me and sewed 2 extentions together for each side and ive now sewn them on top of the wig, so they go over the hair. It doesn't look great but you get the general effect I think and i'm just hoping it won't notice too much ^^' I think should I cosplay her again which I probs will then i'll have a go at dying it but for now this will do.

My Dad managed to find a belt I could use for her main one (x buckle) The round buckle had an engraved design on it so my dad filled it with epoxy resin and then sanded it flat (love my dad xD) and hes also painted it red and varnished it for me as well. Just need to add the black 'X' symbol =)

Decided i'm just going to use some black boots I already own to save on money =)Oh and have put a slit up the middle on the back of the trench coat. Mine didn't
have one and I thought it would be easyier to move in as well. For some reason the guys that made the bodysuit made the gloves fingerless...I have no idea why but ive noticed in pictures hers look green with white fingertips so i'm going to borrow sweeturk's Earl gloves to wear underneath the green ones ;)

And thats about it ^^ I'm actually really quite nervous about wearing this...I just don't want to look stupid I guess as ive loved Rogue for a long time and my body-loathing never helps when it comes to cosplay ^^' But hopefully being alongside Grace as Jean Gray/Phoenix will cheer me up ^^

Just ordered some white hair extentions (although the colour says 'white gray blonde' o_O) but they look white in the picture so will hopefully be fine =)
They are about 20" in length and the wig is 21" so will look alright I think??
And ive got 8 of them in one lot XD

The basic idea is to remove the plastic clip at the top of each extention and then sew them to the wig mesh underneath the wig towards the front. Iv'e got 8 of them so i'll probably just use 4 of them (2 for each side) but if the hair is quite thin I may end up using them all. Hoping the lovely GraceyDarling will help me with this ;)

The wig is also being sent out tomorrow so will hopefully have the wig finished this weekend =) I'm now looking into finding an x-men buckle for her belt. I have found one on an american site but the colours are round the wrong way...and i'd have to pay express postage so...I may have to either leave it or possibly look into making one?? But we'll see =)

How I love cutting it fine >_< lool
So yes finally got to order the body-suit today, the reason iv'e left it so late is because i wasn't too sure weather to go ahead with this or not...and i'm still very apprehensive about it...but i'd rather take the risk and see how it looks than be misrable at LFCC because I didn't try lol

ANYWHO so body suit has been ordered from costumefactory2007 on ebay =) They are the same people that made a friend's Rogue costume and also Grace's Phoenix so everything should be fine. They have taken all what ive asked them to do as well as several reference images so fingers crossed it will all look good! It SHOULD get here a few days before the event lol I'm just hoping it looks okay on me...

I also recieved my trench coat the other day ^^ Its really nice and was such a bargain lool Although I don't have the white she has round the collar I may add that another time.

Also about to order my wig =) (see picture) and then i'll need to order some white hair extentions to sew into it. Apart from that just leaves the belts and boots =) I really hope this all works out >_<

Well I got the wig 6 days after ordering =) and you can see what it looks like...i'm still not convinced I suit blonde lool but most people seem to think it looks good?? so thats the main thing I guess ^^

Iv'e decided to use the same pattern that was used on my bridesmaid dress for my Brothers wedding =) but just make it shorter and not have seams all the way down the front, as I really like that dress on me lol

Have ordered some cotton jersey for it, not sure if the colour is exact but I think it will look okayy. Have also ordered some gold mirror foil for the detail at the top of the dress and also for the belts, which i'm going to make out of craft foam and sew the gold over the top =) and probably attach with Velcro.

The sleeves i'll probably make using a pattern ive alreay got as a guideline...and the pattern i'm going to do using fabric paint =)

Also ordered some beads for her Necklace so can make that when they arrive ^^ Street-Angel has kindly offered to make her gems for me =) I was going to cast my own but due to time and not really having the spare money (resin is so expensive >_<) have taken her up on the offer =) I'll probably glue them onto the dress once I have them.

Still need to order some fabric for the cape-thing =/ but that won't take long to make so...and still need to find some shoes ¬¬ well I may use my bridemaid shoes as they are dyeable, not accuarate but due to time I may end up using them and find some accurate ones for another time.

I shall be starting the dress as soon as the fabric arrives and the same with the jewelrey =) Hopefully will all look look good in the end~

Have just ordered the wig from cosplaywig on ebay =) after a lot of debating and advice from friends I decided to go for the one with the lighter blue highlights as most people seemed to prefer that one to the other one I was looking at, this one also has a better styled fringe and iv'e seen it in person =)

Also went with the ems shipping so should get here within the next few weeks =)
I just hope it looks as nice on me ^^'

I finally got some fabric for her Shirt on Saturday =) I ended up getting some white polycotton..I originally wanted something that wasn't see-through but since we didn't have time to go all the way to the fabricland in Basingstoke I had to settle for my small local fabric shop, so didn't have much choice -_- But i'm hoping it will still look good =) Also got some red ribbon for the bow she wears.

On friday I also managed to find a white polystrine ball along with some Orange paint. Its had about 4 or 5 coats haha so just need to add Lero's face with a black marker then attach to the umbrella (I may also cut out some craft foam for the 'frilly bit' round Lero's head)

Today I started on the shirt itself, using the same shirt pattern I used for Da Qiao but altering it slighty. The pattern also comes with ruffles which is lucky as I need to make ruffles down the front =) The main body and sleeves are all sewn together now (I offically love my new sewing machine <3) I now just need to make the ruffles, ruffle and attach the collar, hem/trim the bottom and cut the edges up which i'll be doing tomorrow =)

The wig will be styled HOPEFULLY on the night before minamicon with Gracey and Sweet LOL fun times ahead ;)

Just bought some thigh-high stripy black and purple stockings off ebay =) The stripes are also wide ones so am hoping they will look good ^^ I opted for Stockings rather than socks as I wanted them to be thigh-high and also stay up haha

Iv'e also just bought a Pink umbrella also off ebay ^^ My friend Sian bought the same one for her Road cosplay so I know what it looks like. Its slightly darker in colour than in the anime but I don't think it will matter that much ^^' I'll also be getting a polystyrine ball from somewhere, paint it orange and add the face with a black marker pen for Lero ^^

Shall upload some pictures when they arrive~

Well progress has been quite slow on this >_< Mainly due to the fact that I was only able to afford fabric half way through last month and Only got the sewing machine back a few weeks ago >_< But its all going good ^-^

The white shirt is almost complete with the exception of the collar and need to sew on some fasteners.
The skirt now just needs a waistband and for the zip to be sewn in. Iv'e also decided I will but cutting and shaping the bottom to how she has hers as Its more accurate that way and I think will look better on me ^-^
Iv'e done all of the hanging peices, flowers etc. out of craft foam, they all just need to be painted and attached.

I decided for the fans to completly remake the paper part just from paper so it will hopefully be lighter and also easyier to paint. My dad will be doing most of the painting due to my fail art skills XD He started one today and I love them already!

My stockings also came a few days ago which is good ^^ Thier a little too red for my liking, I would have prefered them slightly darker but couldn't find any so they will have to do. Also bought some flowers for the headdress and now that I finally have paint will be able to finish it ^-^

I finally bought some chinese fabric for her vest top as well so shall be starting and finishing that over the next week. Then will just need to make her sash and side-skirt which won't take long at all. Then need to cover the shoes I have in fabric which is last on my to do list lol

I KNOW I KNOW Theres like 2 weeks till expo which is a very short time but I don't go to college and unfortunetly still no job so every day leading up to expo ^-^ IT WILL BE FINISHED IN TIME!! :D or i cry...

AH Finally some progress ^-^
Well I ordered some craft foam last week and started work on the flower blades during the week but only finished today as have had the downstairs part of our house upside-down due to decorating so has been difficult finding space >_<
So the flower blades for the fans are nearly complete, I just need to paint them and attach them to the fans ^_^ (Though I may cut some card to go behind them for extra support)

I also finally got to go fabric shopping last wednesday (due to having no money for the past few months this has all been pretty much on hold T_T) They didn't have everything I needed in stock but I managed to get a pattern for the shirt, 4 and a half meters of Chinese silky satin in 'Ivory' (for the shirt, sash and side-skirt), 1 meter of 'Gold Butterscotch' Organza (for the side-skirt) and a quarter of a meter of White Organza (for the veil on the headdress)

Iv'e also been looking for some shoes online and may have found some ^-^
I also ordered some purple tassles for the sash XD

Due to not having the sewing machine at the moment i haven't been able to start anything eles T_T But I should hopefully have it back by the end of next week~
Untill then I shall be finishing the flower blades, headdress and other bits on the fans ^-^

I found some fans on ebay a week back and managed to get them =)
They cost me £11.19 altogether including P+P and arrived today.

I may replace the paper-part with a lightweight fabric as they are a little heavy and im slightly worried that being made from paper thier more prone to tearing >_> but apart from that I love them! Thier bigger than i was expecting so may be a more accurate Da Qiao that I thought I would be!

After I decide weather or not to replace the paper-part I shall attempt to paint them (I say attempt as my dad will probably end up helping!)and also paint the handle and spokes in gold. I'm also going to make the gold 'flower-blades' and the bits that hang from the handles out of craft foam but still need to decide on how to attach them to the fans so that i'll still be able to close going to be quite difficult >_> but still XD

I shall post progress pictures once iv'e started painting them~

So I found some really nice boots on ebay the other day and managed to 'win' them and for a really good price too!

They arrived today in the post and I LOVE THEM! They fit perfectly and look really good i think ^^ Not 100% accurate as Lenalee's boots have a high-heel but i knew for a fact If i bought them with heels they would KILL my feet at expo which was why i opted for these XD They still have a heel tho even if it is only small but ah well XD

I'm going to be making the silver/gray discs that she had on either side of her boots (when she activates level 2 innocence) Im also going to add the black rings she has on the front of them and i want to try get some sort of neon green/blue coloured tape to put on them (I think in the picture its her innocence?) and then lastly do her knee pad things~ Shall update soon XD

YAY Its now offically all finished XD

I spent majority of yesterday finishing of bits of the jacket and sewing on the buttons and studs (oh what fun xD) & I have to say i'm very pleased with how its all turned out ^^

As for the Artemis I got a wooden curtain pole (Its nearly 6ft) from Wilkinsons on Tuesday and my dad has kindly spray-painted it silver and today using some thread, wrapped several pieces round to create the 'raised bits' Its not as good as it could be but thats purely because I don't have enough time now~ But I'm still happy with it ^^

Expo is now less than 48 hours away *squee!* ^^ and im so happy to have it all finished! Can't wait! Look out for me and my group on the sunday and also sunday's masquerade! XDD

Skirt is offically complete ^_^ & looks good...doesn't look that great on me due to my shape >_< BUT i'm trying to not let it get to me too much.

The jacket is comming along really nicely ^_^ I hemmed the bottom today as well as making the side-pleats and sewing them down. Also pinned the zip in place so just needs to be sewn down. Had to alter the front of the collar slightly but looks loads better now and also managed to sew on the cuffs ^_^ The ribbon is so far done on the collar and cuffs so basically need to finish all the ribbon.

I decided in the end to use 'wonder web' or hemming web to attach the ribbon and it looks really good I think =) After the ribbon I just need to spray-paint the buttons and sew them along with the studs. I'm also now making the tie/bow as I managed to get some dark red ribbon for it ^_^

Last thing I need to do is the Artemis...which all depends on if we are still doing the masquerade >_< I know its only a week to go now till expo but trust me it will be done by thursday XDD

Oh and the necklace also arrived a few days ago ^^

Skirt is now complete with the exception of the zip which I still need to get ^^ and then just needs to be ironed.

I also started work on the cuffs today~ after many hours of trying to pin the ribbon on I started to machine sew it on..however the machine doesnt seem to like it one bit >_< I then tried hand-sewing but it was still making the ribbon look really holey so im thinking now of getting some fabric glue.

I'd rather sew it because its more secure that way but I don't like it being so holey >_< I think its just where the ribbon is so thin~ So anywho gona go buy some fabric glue tomorrow hopefully and will then get right back onto the cuffs and then the jacket. I'm hoping as well if I use glue it should make it a lot quicker ^^

Got some converse style shoes ^^ Still debating on whether or not to alter them, if I do I need to get some black ribbon xD

Also an update on the wig~
It arrived the other day along with my Yuki wig, but im not really that happy with it T_T but Seph who I commissioned it from has kindly arranged to meet up with me the friday night before expo to fix/alter it for me at no extra cost ^^ so i'm hoping after a bit more work it will hopefully look better~ It is VERY brown which obviously I can't change but im hoping it won't matter too much...I would have prefered it a lot darker but ah well~ So hopefully come expo day will all be okayy ^^

Iv'e also bought some big black buttons to add to the skirt ^^

YAY Costume has arrived =) by FedEX ;) and iv'e just tried it all on and it all fits perfectly YAY XDD and is actually really good quality I think =) for the price I payed I mean and it was made and arrived very quickly so i would deffinetly recommend the place I got it from ( ^_^

Only thing's wrong with it is the white shirt is a little bit big/long so going to take it in a bit ^_^ and theres no pockets on the front of the skirt so I may try and possibly make some or maybe a bag of somesort but im not too bothered about that to be honest ^_^ Im just happy its here in time, fits me and was worth the money XDD

The wig is now finished and looks awesome! ^_^ I can't wait to recieve it and try it on =) Once it arrives I'll try it on and take some pictures but for now this one will do ^^

The skirt is now almost complete, I just need to iron down the pleats, add the waistband and zip and also cut it shorter I think. As for the jacket my nan found out that the pattern we are using has it made up of bits for some reason :S SO basically instead of the main body being all one piece its in several if that makes any sense LOL BUTT its still going good =) The top part (minus the collar) and sleeves are now done~ Not too sure if its still going to be lined also as for some reason again the pattern doesnt tell you how to line it :S Anywho ^^ Hopefully the jacket shall be finished over the next week so I can go buy some ribbon to finish it off ^^

Also found the almost perfect socks for a £1~ I say almost perfect, well thier perfect in the length (Thigh-high) and in the fact they don't seem to want to roll down my legs but thier not plain black and have this like 'pinstripe' look to them ¬¬ so im still not sure what I will be doing socks-wise :S

The wig is now also finished =) I still need to pay for the other half of what I owe tho so I don't actually have it yet but shall upload some pictures when I get it =) I'm slightly worried that it may be too brown tho ¬¬ but hopefully will look better in person and if it is too brown i'll just have to hope that it doesn't notice that much~

I decided on as the place to get the costume from ^_^ and ordered it last friday. Just had an email from FedEx today to say its 'in transit' so should be here by the weekend hopefully =) As for the shoes my mum's gona buy me some converse style ones and I shall then hopefully alter them to look more accurate =)I think also im just going to borrow Chris' tidus gloves as thier very simular instead of buying my own (Low on funds again LOL) Still need to make her earrings though~

YAY im so happy to have some boots for yuki!! ahhh
Well I saw these in Primark last Saturday in Basingstoke but they didn&#039;t have my size so I was really really annoyed but my mum took me to my more local Primark today and they had loads! XDD

I thought they looked a little bit chunky when I first tried them on but after trying them with some black socks and a random skirt lol they look loads better =) and such a steal for only £8!! Good old Primark =)

Went to Fabric land today after getting some help from my Nan ^_^
Bought fabric for both the jacket and skirt~
I couldn't find any twill so decided to go for some 'suiting' fabric in black. Also got some black silk lining and interfacing for the Jacket as well as a pattern for it

Shall hopefully be starting work on the skirt sometime this week XD

Okies so finally got around to getting to fabricland today & got my hands on some COTTON oh yes hardcore LOL was rather annoyed i had to buy the more expensive one >_> but HEY~ for the side-skirt an ruffles XD

SO i got 3 metres as not sure how much i'd need LOL & also 2 packets of hand-dye in a 'china blue' colour lol so i hope its like the right colour XD

Dying should be fun as i need to get it like 'gradient' not all over colour *eep* but shall see ^^

On a lighter note i got my dad to buy me a microphone real cheap on ebay SCORE! so when it comes shall remove the electrical stuff (somehow..) then paint, add green tape & sticks etc. should be FUN XD

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