Started making costumes back in 1997, with my first costume being one of Dracula's brides. Went to university where i studied fashion design, although i made my final year collection a film costume collection and based my thesis on the connection between costume and fashion.
I love recreating costumes from film/ tv/ games and comics. Also enjoy wearing prosthetics and special effects makeup.

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As ive been posting ALOT of progress photos , if you want to see them, head over to my facebook page - littlemissmetamorphcosplay.

an example

Wore this at LFCC and as first wear went very well, though i now see the things i need to alter
Sleeves to loose, need tightening
Skirt needs stronger underpinnings - so will need panniers and bustle as front is flat so crinoline is no good.
Corset needs shortening and different lace hooks place. Rest of studs need applying.
New brooch needs to be made!

Dress with dyed silk and dyed green velvet.

SO made a start on getting bits for this.
Making the iconic coronation gown first.
Have the staff on order and bought fabric that i think will work really well.

Finally found the fabric i need. I found a silk fabric via Etsy that has a great pattern that will work really well. Ive included a pic of the fabric in the colour it will be. Sadly the seller didnt have enough in this colour, but had it in a lighter shade which i can dye.

Still searching for suitable bodice far cant find anything that even comes close to the colour and pattern.. tried one area of London ( Goldhawk rd) Cardiff shops and also a great shop in Swansea (Lee Mill) Had a friend look in Birmingham for me with no luck. Still have Brighton and other places in London to look (Central london and also Rems and Rolls in Holloway)Sadly did find AWESOME fabric online on Etsy but lady selling it had not enough i needed and no knowledge of the fabric makers.

Ive made the brooch from some left over wonderflex i had. So far it's primed ready for painting

Found some really cute bug findings that will be perfect to add to the skirt. I also got some cockerel feathers for the brooch and gunmetal studs for the corset.

Recently found a high res image of the altmer's head which also shows the neck piece and straps around her chest and they clearing show her costume is mostly olive green leather with darker panels (probably brown) Ive contacted the Artist who created her (as different artists created each of the main characters) in hopes i can be sent front and back renders of the character. If you dont ask, you never get! Only found 1 place that sells olive green stretch microsuede which will be perfect for some of the costume where as real leather and suede used for other areas (if i can afford it).
Ordering worbla too to do the armour parts of her costume.

Off to London this weekend to see if i can find suitable fabrics for this. Mainly looking for the patterned silk (or non silk which will be cheaper) and velvet.

these are the contacts i got for Liara which shows how they compare to her own eyes.
They are Dolly Eye lenses in blue

front of headdress showing crown part. this part will be attached with strong velcro so it can be removed for travelling

Headdress made from wonderflex and thick jersey. crown part at front also made from wonderflex

I am going to make this costume around a corset, as benezia's costume has very low cleavage. A cupped corset will give same effect but with safety of no wardrobe malfunction!Photo shows one of my corsets i'll probably use.

The finished costume. I added the belts and straps made from thick rubberised vinyl.The'buckles'are made from 6mm foam. They are all simply decorative and bear no stress.

these are the upper arm armour. These will be glued to the upper arms of the costume with contact glue. They are made from 6mm eva foam and thin fun foam.the studs are made by popping out discs with a hole punch

back of costume showing silver lycra piping on the 4 way stretch pvc.the lycra stretches with the pvc. A hidden zip sits down the center back.

Bust armour is made from heat moulded Wonderflex with various pvcs glued on top.a strip of grey matt pvc is glued and sewn under the wonderflex to simulate the part of the costume that is under the armour.
such a find the carbon fibre pvc. This is why my version of the costume is true red as i wanted the reds to match. the black part of the costume is sewn through the wonderflex using a leather needle and pliers lol

I glued some 4 way stretch matt red pvc to non stretch red pvc so as to create some raised profile in the panels. Then i glued those panels to the silver ( i sewd some of the silver down in places it would be hidden by the red on top.
I used contact glue for this
The leg straps are then glued and sewn under the silver panels.

Same technique as described with front armour. This is just to show i did the accurate back of the armour with the butt plate included Next will be gluing on the red panels to the armour.

the white here is thick pleather sewn onto the legs, then i glued carefully a layer of thin silver pvc onto the white. This made a smooth flat surface and raised appearance of thigh armour.

Work in progress on the catsuit. You can see the lower half of the 'coat' is actually a skirt attached to the catsuit. The upper half is permanently attached to the body with a zip up the back of the costume.

I dug through my pattern collection and found the perfect base pattern for the 'coat' part of the costume. Its an old New Look pattern 6673. Its a dress pattern, which means it will be tight fitting on the body,especially across the back on the shoulders like the 'coat' is on Liara.
I'll be re cutting it to remove most of the front section and because of the weird way the 'coat' pulls back below the waist, i'll be cutting away more near the skirt part.

Got my Contacts for Liara. They are the Doll Eye lenses in blue. They match her new shade which is darker than as they appeared in first game. Liara's pupils are also slightly bigger than normal human pupils so these match very well.

Looking at how the torso armour sits on Liara, its very flat to her body, like the thorax parts are attached directly to the suit underneath, Unlike say Shep's armour which sits onto on the bodysuit underneath and held on my straps.

Im wondering wether to attach them permanently to the bodysuit, so that if i bend forward or sit the armour plates wont buckle outwards. The bust armour is slightly thicker, but this wont have the problem of buckling as it will sit over my own bust and bra.

Course the other thing i'm thinking about is the fact the jacket part isnt loose over the body, its tight close to it. Looking at how i'd get in and out of the costume whilst maintaining the look of the costume. May figure in magnets or strong velcro to hold all parts of costume down flat.

Lucky i bought 2 pairs of these grey leggings as my first attempt didnt work as i planned. I found some very thin masking tape (the white papery kind) and stuck it onto my leggings whilst they were on my duct tape dummy.
Used some fabric stencil spray in black to then spray the stripes on.The reason i'm doing it this way is because the stripes spiral around the legs, which with the right fabric isn't really possible to do, as you'd have to cut on the bias and then the stretch might be too much and cause sagging. This way the leggings are cut on normal and should stay nice and tight all the time. Plus i get the stripes exactly where i want them.

problem i found was the masking tape didnt always stick as well as i thought it had and the paint bled underneath some areas. Typically those areas are not hidden by the armour! have some automotive plastic masking tape which says it sticks well to stop any bleeding of paint.

I do like the effect the stencil spray paint gives - a shiny raised texture to the matt flat jersey lycra of the leggings material.

The photos show the first attempt, just to show how the stripes sit.

Since there has only been 1 ref pic of the alt costume i thought id stick to the original version for now as i have WAY more reference and it has a completed rendering.

I now have AWESOME fabric for the costume. A white fake neoprene for the jacket part, plus some insanely gorgeous blue shimmery neoprene for the straps and detailing. They were both fabrics a shop in London had bought in from a warehouse sale and i got them for a steal compared to the big mainstream fabric shops in London down Berwick Street.
The textured fabric, not sure what to do there...if i can find a right type of fabric with the texture then ill use it for sure, but the texture is almost like the carbon fibre texture of Shepard's armour and i dont think i'll find that texture. So as back up found a cool video that showed how car art painters fake the carbon fibre look using spray stencils. Have fabric spray in grey and may try it out.

Found the perfect pair of footwear too. Zip front wedge platform hightop shoes in black. I can put the foot armour over the zip to conceal it and then the boot has the exact shape of Liara's footwear.

Since i am now doing the alt version, Liara coat is a shiny black PVC. I already have a suitable pvc coat that will work quite well, once recut to shape.

Bought myself a 'baby' compressor and airbrush kit for just under £70 Bargain!Also bought a Kett hydro proof aibrush ink tester kit which includes red,blue,yellow, white and black which will allow me to get many blue tones to Liara, and if i get on well with it, i can buy a standard size blue ink and still have plenty of the other colours to blend other tones. I also got myself a Grimas water activated palette and ben Nye Liquidset in case i do an event where i cant bring my compressor with me.

Thought i'd put here who made the incredible asari headpiece. I cannot take credit for the making of this, i only painted and wore it.
Micheal De Bruce is a fantastic and so talented costumer from New Zealand. She made a Samara costume and her headpiece was perfect. She is willing to make sets for people so you can contact her via
below is a photo of HER as Samara.(back shot as it shows the detail of her sculpt)

First part got. The dark grey leggings for the stripy leg parts. Next will be sticking strips of low tack masking tape down the leggings, so i can spray the stripes on with spray fabric dye. I have bought two pairs as there is also a section on her arms that have the stripy fabric too.

One of the most important parts of Elvira's costume is her....cleavage. Now im actually bigger than her, so i am getting a corset made to get the same effect. Having it custom made by Desert Orchid designs corsets.
As such , ive decided to put this costume back till October, which i also feel will have a better effect as its around halloween.

Due to when Babylon5 was made, the quality of the screengrabs are not that great so trying to see detail is very hard. Luckily when i sent out a call for help for ref pics a good friend on here Sephirayne came to my need and scanned some magazine pics in. I now have clear photos of Delenn's jewellery!
jewellery images posted in my photos

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