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Cosplay has recently become one of my faveourite hobbies, I have to admit. My first cosplay was as Misa last year at May Expo, which was basically a lolita and a blonde wig, but was really exciting as I'd been desperate to cosplay for over a year. But now I know what it's all about, I'm having fun trying to make the costumes myself and absoloutly love masquerade having now experienced expo main stage for the first time. I loved cosplaying as Luffy in May, my first proper cosplay in my eyes and am really excited about Mana and many others I have lined up :D

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About 90 percent done and will be ready for expo on sunday =D The only completely made from scratch item is the skirt this time round, but I've been out of cosplay for awhile since uni started and needed something more simple to get back into it =] Pictures will be uploaded after expo.

I have now made alot of progress with the purple base skirt, it is all pinned, the slit is made, I just need to sew it and add the black which is fairly straight forward. Pics will be added later.

There's still alot of sewing to be done but i've finally gotten around to making the sleeves, should hopefully have them cut and pinned by tonight. It wont be ready for tomorrow like i hoped but it seems to be going well so far XD

Still needs sleeves, but now I have started sewing it together and it has been pinned, it finally looks more like a kimono or at least something you can wear, rather than a shapeless bundle of fabric XD

So far I have cut out all of the material pieces out of this white lycra, by using a short yukata as a reference but editing it so it is full length with longer sleeves. Everything is cut out except for the sleeves, it just needs tidying up slightly and to be sewn together which I hope to o by tonight.

Had a shop around today and was able to find some beautiful velvet, purple green and black which matches the the colours I need really well. Also got hold of some deep purple material for the lining and some black satin for the bottom of the skirt. I was also able to find some see through black material for part of the top. Now I have the material I can finally start Zhen JI after wanting to cosplay her for ages :D I'm going to start with the base top/skirt once I'm able to sort my sewing machine out.

Finally finished more or less, had to pull an all nighter and finish wrist bands in the car on the way to expo to be ready on time. There's a few bits that need adding or changing, I'm really picky like that but will hopefully be finished for next event. Also used it for first expo masquerade in expert category. Mine and Zoro's props (Tanuki Otaku) stayed in place ALL day, and chose centre stage to fall off......typical.

This weekend I spent many hours sticking on the gold design to the black straps,and then sewing the black straps to the corners on the waist coat. I also sewed poppers on to the ends so i could get in and out, fish hooks = disaster :) I also made my gold buttons by cutting in half polystyrene balls and carefully sticking gold lycra over them with copydex and then gluing them in place beside the straps. This took forever! Also, the gold chains have been partially sewn in place, and the gold collar has been cut, painted and pinned. I'm getting there slowly :) (Picture update this week sometime)

This weekend I managed to get alot of the waistcoat detail done. The sides, straps and gold corners and buttons are now pretty much made, just needs sewing/sticking on.

Using blue jersey lycra and a pair of jeans, I got my measurements and cut out four different pieces of material, so I ended up with two front legs and two back legs. I sewed them together with an overlocker. I then handsewn white fur/fluff onto the bottoms which took hours, longer than anthing else because it was handsewn and I was being a perfectionist :) (Also Check out photos page as image didn't load again grr)

I bought a cheap straw hat from Primark, ripped off the black ribbon, coloured it all in with a yellow sharpie marker, and will be attaching a gold cord and red band.

I drew around a waistcoat to get a rough idea of shape and measurements and cut out a back and two front pieces out of red cotton, two black side pieces out of black cotton, and a collar, one side red, one side black. I have also cut out two red side piece, in which two black straps will be attached. Everything has been sewn together with either a sewing machine or an overlocker. Gold lycra was also sewn onto the edges. The Back has been cut shorter. There's still quite a bit left to do, but it's getting there :) (Umm Picture failed to load, see waistcoat part 1/2 in photos)

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