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I started to cosplay in 2005, and I've grown into this hobbby over the years. I enjoy cosplay because of the building-the-costume aspect, which is like half the hobby, the other half, the social part is even more awesome, as you get to know new people, share ideas and sometimes even help people out.
My proudest moment was when I first finished my first costume, and stepped out on the con with it, and got asked for pics! ^_^
My greatest achievement so far is walking with a heavy headpiece while on stilts... yup!

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Okay, so... his armour, there are babies on them! BABY ANGELS! Cherubs... They're scary, and kinda annoyingly hard to do. But I got bits of his chest armour down~! HUZZAH! Can't wait to get this all finished, as it's, together with the leatherwork, the hardest part of the costume!

So yeah, I'm almost finished getting all my supplies for this mean man. I've ordered my beard, mustache and wig. I got two leather/skins for the leather pieces, and got the fabric for both this extra flaps, and pants, bought WONDERFUL manly boots.

I'm still pondering on the cape though, it's shiny, and got this satin feel, but I absolutely hate, disgust and revolt the idea of working with satin, as I find it cheap looking and horrible to work with. So instead I'm looking for a replacement, less shiny, heavier on the feel, and I can't help returning to silk. But, as I already spend quite an amount of money on this guy, I don't want to add 6 meters of 30 euros a meter fabric on the list. (Because frankly, even I can't justify 180 euros... for a cape!)
I've always like Suedine/ fake suede leather, but it might not be bright enough for the cape, but as I said, it does have a nice feel to it...
Well we'll see how it goes, right?

No image, as all I could show you is rolled up skins, some fabrics and emails showing I bought tools, beards and the likes, XD

Right so,

EVEN if you have a hood on, make-up is essential!
I applied special make-up to look manlier (shading on the cheekbones etc etc to get a broader face, and other make-up helping to pass as a male)
I applied derma wax and make-up to make it look like I have a scar, and... first thing that was asked by the first friend I walked in to.. "Oh my god, what happened?" (she sadly didn't knew the character ^_^)

I darkened the area around my eyes as well, to pass as a male, but it either disappeared under the hood (LOLOL Under tah hoooood) or it helped getting it darker! XD

So yeah, a little explenation about the make-up!

I nearly finished the dress!

I only need to iron the big skirt, hem the bottom, and tighten the elastic at the waist (since, I've seemed to have dropped some pounds) and it's done!
Right, ok, plus I need the wig and other crinoline, I'll receive those on the convention. My petticoat and crinoline is just to small! XD
Ah and ofcourse there's the necklace, but that's easy! ^_^

Looking forward to wearing this, even if it makes me a giant blob of doom!

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