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Had and interest in cosplay for a very long time, but since i didnt know anyone who shared my interests, i didnt really find out about conventions. i just decided one day that i would finally go to a convention, i would finally make some costumes and take that first step into becoming a cosplayer.

I finally went to my first convention (Amecon 2010) and i was so happy that people really liked my costumes. I can't wait to try something a bit more ambitious in the future.

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added faff and bling can save things. this is my lesson.

Used filler to smooth out the heel. Added raised bits with worbla. Added straps with ribbon and pleather.

Wanted to embroider these but ran out of time. Then I screwed up when I painted it as well

All finished. Cape made from a modified circle skirt for extra volume and swish. Cape swish is very important

Fully painted. I just needed to adjust the finger parts so they actually fit over my glove

Progress dump. Started with the arm first. Made from worbla and foam. Flower also made from foam with worbla details. Shoes ere originally wedges so I dremeled away the heel.

This was a wierd thing to pattern and sew, especially to get all the beads dangling in a sort of uniform manner. not keen on it but whatever, it do.

this was the jacket almost done, i just had to slap some sleeves on it and iron the lapels down. shoes were a PAIN, i used epoxy glue so they would hold onto the base shoe, so i had two days of just holding a shoe. the broach was made from super sculpey, first time id ever used it and it was really easy to work with!

i forgot to get a shot after i finished it, but this was almost done. i have no idea how many beads it was in the end, but i used over 70 metres of thread. sob

my sparkling cock is taking form, just need to finish this tail so i can actually make my jacket and start on sleeve beading

i regret deciding to do a massive phoenix on the back,where nobody will see it anyway. its taking so long. sob

started with the beading on the jacket because thats going to be the only time consuming thing, and i can get it done at work! wheyy. i thought i best start with the back so when i get round to the stuff people will see it will look less shit.

Finished my Evoker, made from scratch with foam and worbla, now just got to prime and paint it.

this isnt even on the front of the costume, why did i have to spend so much time on this crap. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
i had to handsew all this in as well, because i already had to sew the lower short bit together so i knew how big the open panel would be -___-

for when one pair of shorts isnt enough. kinda glad though because it meant i didnt need to line the top shorts to stop them sticking to my legs in the heat. these were easy to do, i had the help of the boyfriend to hot glue blue strips to my legs though as im not a contortionist

damn these are fiiiiine. i got lazy and painted them. i wanted to alter them properly but i didnt really have the time. so lazy mode > accuracy this time. i will re-do them in future.

rest painted, just giving it a try on here. bit tighter then i would have liked, also a tad too long, so im going to be a tin man on one arm. at least its my left arm.

my favourite bit, worbla was primed in the usual pain in the arse manner which involves lots of sanding. black basecoat was applied. then i sponged some nice creation of green and gold paint. because reference never match with each other. yeah.

because having a hand guard makes perfect sense when you have a naked chest. also worbla

i made chainmail because i noticed there is a tiny bit under the gauntlet. i regretted this choice later. i will probably regret it more at the con when my arm will be a steady source of sweat.

i dont know how people make worbla look nice, you must be wizards, i just manage to burn myself and make a mess. gaunlet progress. oh how i wish i could go back to this instead of sewing pleather. those were good days

i had to sew in all of those lines, and i was being anal about them standing out enough so i backed the sewn bits with wadding. i sometimes fear for my sanity. the hood was a pain in the ass, and it looked fine when i patterned it. then i sewed it on and it went horrible wrong. hopefully nobody will notice. unless you have read this journal entry. then. balls.

this for me is the thing that i always see done badly on tidus costumes. after all the effort it took to get something half decent i dont blame people for not bothering. still not exactly how i wanted it, but it has shape and i can move in it. made from upholstery foam and some thick lycra, and the rage of a thousand suns

i do have the replica necklace anyway, but the chain is too thin and i wanted it to match with the chain im using in the rest of the costume. the symbol is made from polymorph. which is my arch nemesis. ive used it for jace and this and im still not sold on it.

haha oops. i thought i had. here have a crappy glove. i think im getting better at gloves at least though

so excited that i did a quick make up test today, seeing if stuff i already own could work.

done and done with belts and stuff.

one is finished and the other bit still needs the white bits stuck on it. i ran out of foam so i couldnt get the pauldron done as well :I

all done with flex foil, which id never used before. worked great on the flat bits and saved me a load of time, but it was incredibly awkward to do on the hood, especially as i dont have an ironing board....so i kinda had to use the edge of a table.

Crop jacket finished and cloak in progress. This would have been so much quicker if i didnt have to line everything on this damn costume >:I
Hood is also complete with the white symbols as well, but ill get a picture of that another time.

possibly the worst bit of sewing ive done in a while. trying to embroider on leatherette is a pain in the ass

built up from a base shoe using craft foam and fabric, and interfacing, and a lot of time and hot glue....

crop jacket and skirt panel things in progress

armour done, just the other one to completely finish now (ive been putting it off)

now with added real fabric. just pinned at the moment. just the belt things that i patterned. since the rest of the fabric is tiny areas i can just slap fabric on it. and also most of this will be covered by the over top. and i still have to do the wider belts.....urgh

patterning, because i gave the top slight curves so it doesnt look like a sack on me. unfortunatly this meant patterning the belt things was a pain in the ass.

i didnt really find any fabric that went well together :( but im just going to go with it.

should have maybe cleaned the mirror before i took any pictures. oh well.

took me most of today to style it but hey ho. hopefully it looks ok.

basic cutting done and its time to add some volume to the top :D

wheyyy now for styling and cutting :I

shoddy picture again because no natural lighting, just about 3/4 of the crown left to do then i can style. colours are off because of the reason above, ill take proper pictures in natural light when ive styled it.

ive been doing some of this on and off for a couple of days, hard work because its several colours blended. this isnt a great picture either but oh well.

i got a very light blonde because im going to add my own roots to it

not really happy with how the wig looks but im cheap and i dont care, ive bought far too many blonde wigs already so ill make do.

i made moulds, i still need to get some resin though. but damn carving stuff was a pain, and i still have to re-make the larger emblem because i screwed up and snapped it :I

fin. i might add in some roots later but it will do for now, the sides also need a bit more styling too.

i guess this is my first dedicated attempt at gloves and it turning out...ok. got the armour to stick on still and the other one to finish but i think it looks alright.

most of the costume done, need to do his jacket thing and i need to get some shoes and make the leg thing.

i literally just started this like a couple of hours ago because i had nothing better to do and i had an urge to make some baggy harem pants

i think it speaks volumes about me that id wear this jumper normally

straps are done and need attatching, also need to sew on the faux pockets (im lazy) and make the little pouch thing.

finished! made with hot glue (lol) and glass cabachons. its not entirely accurate but its the best i could do without resin casting (which i dont have time to do right now).

yeah ive had this done for a while but only just took a picture, still gotta make the bag and the straps for the front of the jacket are being done right now, then i just have jonny's jacket to finish too :(

started and finished the pantaloons this evening, simple enough. should add more poof to the skirt and protect my dignity at the same time. got my gloves, i ajusted them so they arent so massive. sanded my bow a bit more, and added the twigs at the end, then ive filled in the gaps with airdry clay. also painted my gems for the bow and soul gem.

my bed is modelling my lovely costume

everything went wrong and i had to sew this at like 5am the day before i wore it (with help from Nomes and Yuka) so im going to have to remake quite a lot :I

ignore my scribbles, although it makes it hard to see the glue gun lines haha. i had to make the pattern up and i screwed up making it look nice.

mod podged stuff. only got the chestplate to finish and prime now. THANK GOD

aka how to look like Quasimodo in one easy step.
ive fixed the front slightly since this as Yuka made me paranoid about it

this whole outfit is dumb. this armour would more then likely end up injuring the wearer rather then protecting it. like srsly Oswald hunny, just no.

3/7 circle skirts here. with a layer of tulle between. the top layer hasnt had the ruffles pinned or sewn on yet.

majority of the leg pieces here, few bits missing, like the knee spikes and stuff because i need to pattern those on top of other pieces.

yeah leg stuff is in progress. and there is a lot of stuff.

not keen on the bracers though, might remake them

dayum Oswald you do wear some fine stuff, seriously. i cant wait to look like a clown in these.

which is good, because thats kinda what im aiming for.

yep easiest bit on the costume done....

i lied. i dont like hot glue at all. after fenris i was like nope, no more details in hot glue. and yet here i am.

i had to kinda...improvise with the pattern on these.

50 metres done....50 more to go. this petticoat best be the most foofy thing on the planet or ill go on a rampage.

Felixize made some progress on my outfit, looks awesome so far. cant wait to see it done :D

pointless picture is pointless. but yeah boots. and i opted for leggings, so i dont die from the heat, as ill be wearing a curtain essentially.

Crown has been started. its very early stages atm. but i took a picture to show Lauren, so i though i may aswell upload it anyway. Boots and leggings have been bought. And Lauren is making the main outfit bit for me (the condition for me cosplaying this asshole), so i dont need to worry about it. I just have to make the accesories (which is the part i find fun anyway).

fit face too. finished. thank god. never doing a stupid ball outfit again

SO MANY PINS. yeah i ran out of lace halfway through. so i cant do much on it till that arrives. finished all the gay little bows and stuff though. and i started sewing on the bling to the crisscrossy bits.

complete now. wearing them with the boots im using.

urgh so much pinning has occurred with this monster. since this picture was taken i spent like an hour pinning on black bias and lace :(

Done. Hood needs doing still but im borrowing the horns and wig from Yuka, so until i get those i cant finish it. Ignore the bottom being wonky. I have to burn the crap out of it anyway.

ok jacket done, apart from the zip and hemming it. the hood is being a pain in my ass. mostly stays up but it drifts, and it drags my wig with it haha.
gunna remake the shorts tomorrow, should only take me about an hour. but yey the flame glows :3

one bit done...im gunna have to pull another 6am job. boots have been repainted, gloves still need doing. and the back pockets on the trousers...

here is how its looking atm. i had to forgo the paper maché, it somehow managed to fuck up. so i had to just go straight with paper clay. i didnt want to use paper clay because it would take me longer to get to the panting stage. but yeah, almost there now...and only 3 days left.

boomerang is paper machéd atm, back pockets have been added, need to fix the side poclkets on the trousers, repaint my shoes, and i need to make new gloves D:

ok its not sord. but progress anyway. done a bit more since. but im lazy with picture taking

ive finished a big bulk of the hood. its huge seriously. but it looks ok. just need to line the front and attach it to the jacket. along with making the ring on the end and the "flames". the jacket is still sleeveless (im lazy). but it looks ok

started looking into more references, especially for the emblems. i was deciding on a method so i can replicate a few of them (because for some reason he has them plastered all over his sleeves).

im aiming to get this finished (or mostly finished) before kitacon, so i can wear it then. but if i dont its no big deal.

not bad for a couple of hours work. also folds back and forth :)

the progress begins again to get this fixed up for Hyper Japan. also currently working on the boomerang too

ok shoes done.
i did some shorts and i fucked them up, they are a bit small. but they are finished? i dont know ill make some more when i get some more fabric.
jacket body is done, apart from the sleeves
i dont have enough stuffing for the hood so thats like semi done.

here my pile of shirts for the striderfest.

yeah heres one of the shoes, im working on the other one atm. quite pleased with how its turned out.

after a cock up with the fleece i ordered (im a derp) i finally have MOST of what i need for this. i decided to make a start on the shoes first. this costume is turning out half plushie i swear, im part fleece and stuffing.
upload a pic 2mw of what my shoes look like, i have finished one and im going to start the other one soon.

updated group pic felixize made to include me haha.

also its such a pain in the ass to find suitable glasses to make terezi's with. should be starting on this after xmas.

ordered pretty much everything ill need to make this, missing a few bits but i can get them at another point.

yes its been a while since i worked on this to be honest. i like painting but i have to be in the mood for it. anyway one pauldron is done. ran out of paint now though :/

made a mock up of the hood in about 10 mins, just to see if i can make it stand up. looks alright actually. so i know its not impossible :D
still dont know when to make this for though, just so hyped for the game

the zip and collar at the front are just pinned. cape is ready to be sewn. then im done to be honest.

i finally started the pattern for the jacket today. i love my mannequin. made it twenty times as fast :D
ive cut out the cape thing i just need to sew it. so annoying trying to get the lines of the cord running horizontal.
gunna sew stuff together tomorrow. almost finished :D :D

thank god. only been like a month in the making haha. im so lazy with sewing.
now the jacket. :<

the non-smoothness is irritating me beyond belief but oh well. im too lazy to sand everything off and start again. just the base coat.
seriously what straight male has purple on his armour.

left is new, right is old.
done with acrylics now, hopefully it shouldnt stick or come off like the spray paint did.

i got everything out of the box id had it in since ayacon. it wasnt a pretty sight haha. if it wasnt ruined before its pretty ruined now. the heat has warped all the armour. but its all simple to fix. gotta give the costume a bit of a wash to get the body paint off it too.
gunna repaint all the armour with acrylics this time as well. spray paint is now on my hate list.

still not as smooth as i would like (it only looks smooth because my phone makes everything blurry). it doesnt matter how much sanding i do it just isnt smooth >:[

but anyway ive moved on. done a basecoat of black first. do the real paintwork tommorrow i guess.

im aiming to get a couple of coats of mod podge on one of the pauldrons today. im desperate to see what they look like with paint on :<

then all thats left is the helmet.

ill pick the costume back up nearer to kita, i cant keep 4 sets of armour in my room for months

i am now covered in white dust :<
sanding is going ok though, but some of the paper clay is still wet so im gunna have to wait anyway to sand it properly.

finished one, needs varnishing though. doing the other currently. hoping i can replicate the paint job D:
pauldrons are currently drying from the clay at the moment.be ready for sanding tomorrow.
helmet is still looking like its being eaten by a judges wig.

well heres a shot of everything so far on my shiny new mannequin. my mannequin actually looks kinda mannish to be honest.
i need to start the jacket soon, yellow fabric must be obtained before though.

progress of the helmet. looks really crappy at the moment. but its looking more dragon like haha.
and progress of the pauldrons too, one is carved and masking taped. the other is ready for carving D: i hate carving.
not bad for a couple of days work though i reckon.

still working on the helmet, needs a lot of foaming D:
started work on the pauldrons too.
shoes have been primed. but they need sanding and painting.
then i think im done with progress for now. i dont want to make big armour pieces that im gunna have to have sitting around for months.

i just realised. how the hell am i going to attach the side pockets on o_0
the combats are almost done apart from belt loops and side pockets. im dreading starting on the jacket.
also i cant go to eurogamer because i am poor, so i think i may wear this for october expo. it would be way more comfy then fenris.

i started my shoes. they look fabulously camp haha. need to prime and paint them.
the helmet looks poo, so i didnt take a picture.

i have started with the helmet because i feel this is the most vital and hardest part to do. ive done a base with cardboard and craft foam, ive just slapped on a layer of expanding foam too. hopefully get some carving done later and it will begin to take shape so i can upload a picture. it kinda looks crap atm XD

i tried to dye the rib knit thingies for the bottom of hopes trousers and they ended up the totally wrong shade of green :( time to find an olive green hoody to steal the knitted things off.

tried it all on, apart from annoying sleeves i think it looks ok. looking forward to wearing it in two days :D just did the last finishing touches on my sword too. im not happy with it but it will have to do :/

so i figured instead of stressing out trying to get this done in 3 days, im just gunna pick it up again after the convention. i dont want to rush it and make it look poop.

so i bought a can of spray paint for my sword, when i got home and wanted to use it i find its already been opened and someone has snapped the cap off. SERIOUSLY who does this shit?!
so annoyed. so my sword isnt gunna have any form of painting done to it untill i can get a new can. oh and also i cant find the receipt so it looks like ill have to buy a new can. its just one thing after another

just have to tunic to finish, which wont take more then a few hours. then its the sword. yeeeeyyyyy
here have another crappy make up test picture. can see my nose better in this (thank you nose wax)

i love the fact that my fabric hasnt arrived,so im basically gunna have to make this entire costume in 3 days

I have tried a method ive been eyeing up for a while with this prop. I've followed what Kamui has done with her props, as you can see in her blog:
i like how its looking so far, although its taken a LOT of time and effort. im not sure about the weight of the sword yet either, cardboard is a lot lighter haha.
All i have done is the expanding foam, paper maché and i have started the paperclay layer. then comes sanding, priming and painting D: jesus.

for anyone who is wondering this is the tutorial i based my armour making on : http://www.entropyhouse.com/penwiper/costumes/helmsdeep.html

this is the spray paint i use as well to get that nice metal finish: http://www.diytools.co.uk/diy/Images/DB_Detail/_98037_195293.jpg

the rest is just time, patterning correctly and weathering techniques. i always finish up with a coat of varnish to make the armour slightly waterproof.

so i have decided to make this now as i will be entering the masquerade! got some wood today for the base, and i got some expanding foam. gunna make a start tomorrow.

i have also finished the chest armour, and finished making the tiny belts for the arms and the belt for the chest armour.

tunic is still causing me hassle. i have done the trim but im struggling with the horrible bits around the collar still, and making the sleeves sit correctly.

just burnt my entire palm. but the chest armour is ready for priming and painting now :D
also wig is done, still need more trim to finish off the tunic, then this costume is on its way to being done

finally finished both gauntlets, my second one is so much neater then my first one though but hopefully no-one will notice >_>

now just the rest of the costume to go and only...oooh 6 weeks. someone please come and work for me? i will pay you in laughter and merriment

well i did one boot, 2 weeks later and im still doing the other boot. finding it hard to motivate myself with cosplay since my friends arent making a move to do theirs. not long till ayacon now and im starting to worry i wont finish any of my costumes :/

the pattern making for this tunic has been a pain because i have no idea what is going on around the collar area >_> thanks bioware for making an outfit that makes no sense. well ive pretty much done the all the pieces, cant really sew it untill i get some bias tape and toggles and some embroidery thread though

finished gluing and such today for the hand :D and finished the arm piece too. seems to fit together ok, so tomorrow im starting the other gauntlet.
bought some 3d paint to add the details on as well.
i reckon once ive done both gauntlets im putting this on hold untill ive finished laharl. expo is slowly creeping up on me

i just did a shitty test with some make up and my ears on just to see if i can actually pull this off. i must say, i dont look very manly :<

today i just started making patterns and cutting stuff out for the gauntlets because i needed a break from working on Laharl
glutton for punishment, just finished a whole bunch of spraypainting and hot gluing, now im doing it all again !

bangles are done! i did paper mache them and then spray paint them then decided they looked like shit so i peeled the paper mache off >_>
so just finished weathering them after spray painting them now. i like them, they are all chunky and stuff :)

gunna re-do the gold bits on the boots because i want them to match the bangles.

they arrived this morning so i trimmed and attempted to get them to fit right (hard).
thats my ears, teeth and contacts sorted now. just started work on the man shirt.
its difficult. im attempting to do it without an airbrush because im cheap, and its hard work to blend. i also dont have a dressmakers mannequin so i had to mark the pecs and bellybutton on and hope its alright when i paint it flat D:
never again am i doing a naked chest male cosplay!

almost done with these. just gotta add some belt loops, a hook and eye and the white turn-up thingies.
would have finished these if it wasnt for the fact i got my body suit today and it was the wrong colour! it was like a pale yellow, not nude :<
made me wish id just bought the fabric cus i decided just to make a man-shirt instead of a full body suit.
ive managed to dye it with acrylic paints and water so its more peachy now. but i wasnt impressed
also the fangs i got were yellow!
i hate yellow :<
so im gunna have to sort them out too.

if the wig shows up and somehow its yellow i think im gunna explode

just ordered everything i need online and i got my fabric, just need to get started now ( and finish my other boot)
hopefully everything will arrive in time D:

what a pain in the bum to make one from scratch, its a bit iffy but it looks ok. now i have the horrible job of doing boot covers and gloves!
my wig arrived though and i spent about an hour putting rollers in it, so thats finished.

so not getting this done for the expo now due to lack of funds. i cant afford to buy any fabric or a wig etc. i will have to do this for the may expo i reckon. lucky my contacts last for a year :D

this is what happens when you go senile, you forget important things about an item of clothing. like trousers. they have pockets. and rikus trousers have obvious blue pockets, how could anyone miss those out


so now starts the painfull task of hemming, then hand sewing the pockets on because im forgetfull
this is my progress after two days of getting angry and stopping every 5 minutes lol
i think cosplay has seriously killed off my braincells

after this i was covered in silver hair, as well as my room haha.
but yeah. heres the pic of the wig before (ignore my greasy face). it was much longer then i expected.

took me hours to try and thin this beast out. but im quite happy with it overall. i styled it a bit after cutting to make it look a bit more fly-away

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