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I had this costume planned for a while. It's only a wig and a roll of orange fabric so far but I'm looking forward to starting making her. Hopefully soon.

A very simple project for a friend's wedding. I took apart an old Alice costume that was in my storage and used it as a pattern that was drafted onto some Duchess Satin. The apron was from the original costume.


Sheik was a real delight to put together even if a lot of handsewing was done! The hip, shoulders and arm armour were leatherette with bias tape hand-sewn onto them. I created the 'chainmail' out of blue fishnet and the waist/garter was drafted using old fabric and slowly patterened by eye and transferred onto some gorgous suedette and used a seam ripper to thread the string through! There is no function to the front bit, it just goes over my head because im lazy af. I originally used Peachskin to make the chest bindings but they are not worth the discomfort so made a white tube top out of spandex instead and sewn in some folds that worked out much nicer. The poncho was made by cutting a panel of Scuba that was painted using a cross between freezer paper for the red and freehand painting for the blue. The scarf and the rest of the poncho was made of Peachskin to make it floaty and easy to distress. The mask is a quick one made of Scuba. Hat was cotton just lying about. The leggies were also suedette but were very last minuite so they are the one thing id like to remake.

Really pleased with this costume! The petticoat is quite the monster! 5 layers of tulle and finished with a lovely satin bias. The dress is a simple skater dress that is patterned myself and transferred to pink Scuba.

The jellyfish are made of polystyrene balls and some leftover white Scuba. They each are decorated in rhinestones and for fun they each are decorated in different colourful designs.

I bought some super thick faux fur for the leg warmers and shawl. The shawl is lined with polyester and the leg warmers are lined with Scuba. The shoes are a nice pair from under my bed.

I rarely buy costumes but decided to treat myself for once. The costume is from Miccostumes and although I love the bodysuit I feel I can do better with the accessories, which are ongoing right now. The belt is 2 layers of Eva foam covered in pink Scuba. The buckle is made from eva, worbla and the buttons from the original belt that came with the costume.

I started the wristlets tonight. They are 2 150mm polystyrene balls that are sliced and sanded. Work tbc.

The boots by far are taking the longest. I drafted my own pattern on eva foam and the seams are holtglued together. I applied foam clay and gesso to hopefully strengthen the boots and PVA glue is regularly being applied at the moment. I added strips of Worbla on the toe covers to make them point forward. Hopefully they'll be ready to be dressed in Scuba by tomorrow. They'll need padding on the inside to make them more walkable.

Worn for Rocky Horror picture show 2021. Shorts are made of denim and appliqued with metallic spandex with some details painted. Waistcoat was self-patterned and made using rainbow sequin fabric and black metallic wetlook spandex for comfort. Wig from Coscraft.

The costume is finally complete after months of just sitting around.

The dress is Spandex and didnt use a pattern. The collar has a little interfacing. The belt and earring is pearly worbla that is painted gold. Wig is a gift and it goes down to my knees xD Already getting caught in everything.

The ribbon is to help guide me cut the fabric ^^

After shelfing this for a while I actually really wanted to get this costume done and decided to make some improvements on the dress.

The collar was uncomfortably thick and I hated the velcro on the back if the neck, as well as the misalignment with the boob window so got my seam ripper out and removed the collar. I played around with the shape and thickness. It's just pinned now so hopefully the dress will be 100% done tomorrow.

Experimented with wefts :) Base is Alex in Chestnut brown with Milkmaid blond and Platinum blond wefts.

This wig is going to be really heavy when im done with this. Just need to add more to the sides and carry on sharpie-ing the top ^^

I had the base shorts for some time...but yeah, I was lazy until today x'D I partially took them apart so I could add the white Scuba and then resewn them. They are super comfy!

Thats all the sewing done! I do have the shoes but they are pretty tight so on the search for some better ones ^^

No proper photos exist yet and just decided to try it on for fun :) Minus the shoes and gloves.

ok its been a while since I made an update on this costume. For starters, it is still in progress and have been slowly adding to it over time :) I THINK I have all the supplies to get this done and she and Princess Tutu are on the top of the work list as I have a lot more free time thanks to current events. I pushed her back from Hibana due to personal reasons, and it was meant to be for MCM Birmingham this weekend. The gloves and bootcovers are patterned and needs restitching with matching thread. The wig is being redone completly as there were issues with the dyes and had made a big mess of it. The bodysuit is a dress with a white panel on the front. The belt and tail have been almost done for a while and I really like how the appique turned out :D

Since taking this photo I also added a second layer of lace :)

Formed of 3 x 1 1/2 tulle circle skirts and is trimmed to be even.

I found some lace to make the top layer prettier but it was a bit too thick so I sectioned it in half. Now it's the perfect width :)

I had some eyelets, and PVC fabric left over from Fox last year which is perfect for her belt strap. Really simple and relaxing to make :)

I went back to it to add more details and to neaten the edges. Ordered some better shorts and got some boots.

It is currently pinned until I can have access to my sewing machine and it is made of the equivalent to 2 circle skirts. I used some spare fabric to make a very rough mock up to get an idea for how much fabric I will need. I folded the main fabric and pinned some string and a pen to the top centre point to make a perfect semi circle. Due to needed fabric for other parts of the costume and wanting more poof I also patterned a half skirt and 2 quarter skirts. In my previous costume I just sewn some long rectangles and i think I had done a sucky knife pleat. This skirt is designed to drape x'D Already much happier.

You know these 'Draw this again' or 'Draw again after 10 years' challenges you see everywhere? I thought I'd do a 10 years later sewing challenge to see how far I came as a cosplayer.

I have to push Volpina back due to health reasons so I have plenty of Spandex for the bodice and a year ago my local store had white tulle on sale so I just stored it away ready. I began making some circle skirts out of it for some poof for the main skirt. They are baste stitched for now until my sewing room gets cleaned up as it's being used for storage for house renovations. Should be back in use soon but the stress of being behind with Costober did push me to do some patterning in the living room and my bedroom.

Last time I used anti-static polyester lining and cheap satin for the skirt, bow and trim. This time I am using luscious Crepe back Duchess Satin :p Makes me wanna redo Ranka Lee with that sort of thing.

Today I printed the asterisks on her shirt and transferred the design onto freezer paper and had a lot of fun painting it :)

The headphones have been painted.

I have no self control when I have Worbla and scissors in front of me XD Masks are so easy to make!!!!! The necklace has been ordered too.

I have been thinking back about what I would like to improve on for Pomex :)

A new wig-I dont mind losing a bit of accuracy as I think Ill feel better with fuller bangs.

New boots-I was suffering from a foot injury and had to discard the original red boots due to this. I want something comfier.

Side belts-Not a task you will wanna do at 5am XD

Again, 5am isnt a good time for this xD

Gonna so something so the seams wont appear through the fabric. Might look into just sewing all the visible white into the costume and removing anything that wont be seen.

I always liked her White Mage coat so its just a nice little extra to wear in the cooler months :)

I looked through my stash and found some white jersey and some black stretch fabric so thats the shorts and crop top settled.

I just done a round on ebay and ordered some fabric paint, socks, headphones, glasses and freezer paper.

A size bigger for extra cushie cush ^^ I might end up wearing it as normal wear someday ^^

Gonna leave this as in-progress until I am satisfied but I really enjoyed wearing this. Sadly when I got as far as I did it was 6am and had a train to catch in a few hours so I just left it there. For my next wear I will need to; add the white applique to the shoulders, redo the wrist cuffs, add the hoops and gold buttons and reshape the sleeves. I am super proud of everything else :)

Ive been very busy lately so when I finally got around to doing the suit I had to do most of it in a single sitting *sobs* There are things id very much like to improve on but it will do for now

I dont have the time or funds for the katana so for a laugh and a change of pace I have a paper fan :'D very lazy prop.

Just a quickie from fabric from my stash.

Today was a mad sewing day and I started on the wig as a change of pace too :) The suit was a challenge as I had never made a full jumpsuit out of PVC before and I had to keep making changes throughout and there was the whole comfort vs flattering argument in my head all day >.> I even had to add a panel between my thighs just so I can sit down and that alone took ages and a lot of panicking. The base is about done but could do with a few tweaks and resewing in some areas to make the seams stronger. A lot went wrong all day but I got back up on my feet with a few coffee breaks and the suit is practically wearable now, but it will need all the white details and the sleeves could do with a tidy up. I'll call it a night before it gets to my head and I stress myself even more :'D

Tail is all put together too woohoo!!!! Mad sewing day tomorrow >.>

Had a long day at work yesterday so focused mostly on most of the non fabricy aspects of the costume :) remade the tail top as the last one looked sad but very happy with this one, even if its a bit too thick. Bias is hot glued to the tail.

The mock up is going well :) got a few bits of alterations and taking in to do but I am very happy with how this is going. This fabric has a completely different texture and stretch than my final version so its kinda baggy in some areas and would rather worry about that later on for the peace of mind ^^

I have used some old fabric to make a start on pattern. Its going well and I also ordered some more pvc for the shoulders. A loop ringed zipper arrived today. The mask is covered with worbla and in the process in finding out how to smooth it better.

I am having a lot of fun with this so far. My fiance let me borrow one of his masks from his collection that was simmilar to a kitsune mask (its more cat shape) so I wrapped it in clingfilm to protect it and made a masking tape base to work from. I used foil to stuff the curves and rolled some into little sausages to extend the ears and nose part and wrapped them with even more tape. When I was happy with the shape I covered it with another layer of cling film before applying paper mache. I havent used this stuff since I was little so I had a lot of fun preparing and working with it. There are 2 layers so far but when it dries im gonna finalise the shape before adding many more layers :)

It took like 20 mins just to get the tape off -.-

I am having a lot of fun with this! Its a pretty long task but its going a bit faster than I thought. The colour is turning exactly how I wanted! Gonna wait for it to dry before carrying on as there is more fabric than there is space availible lol

Im still waiting for the paints so I arranged the masking tape onto the sash to make the stripes even. Even after all my complaining with Ladybug I am caught up in the perpetual paint malarkey again x'D

I wasnt having much luck with getting some samples and found some fabric near my workplace that would have visually be perfect but would be too thick and warm to wear for my liking so I had bit the bullet and gone for PVC. Its a little thinner and glossier than what I would have liked but I worked with it in the past and had fun with it. I have some fabric in the closet that I plan to use as a mock up. HOPEFULLY Ill have some more in white that could be salvaged as what I brought today took a big dent to my account ^^; The wig arrived the other day and will need styling and the boots are being broken into quite well. Not the comfiest but will do ^^ In between my own work I had to make some shorts for my Partner's Haru. Brought some fabric paint on ebay for the sash. I will be using Jaquard's in Navy blue as that brand worked a treat when I painted the spots on Ladybug and lasted so well ^^

I had to take a break yesterday to finish cleaning my sewing room and somehow had a hour or so to spare to begin making the sash this afternoon.

I found some thick cotton yesterday and cut them into long rectangles. I sewn them together in pairs and folded them down before finalising them. I may actually make the belt one piece crossed rather than two crossed over. I just had enough time and paint left over to practice a method to paint the stripes.

Arrived while I was at work today so it was a nice surprise when I arrived home.

They could do with some slight loosening up but ill blast them with a hair dryer to set them in a little. They even came in with a little bag so they will be so easy to pack for cons.

Lily in Midnight Blue from Coscraft <3 I love their Lily wigs so I am mega excited for it to come!

I left the top unsealed as I will need to make the gold topper and sash and it would give me easy access if I need to alter the shape.

Faux fur from ebay. Turns out I did indeed have enough stuffing so thats a bonus.

Red tape is baste stitched so I can see how it would look.

At the moment I am currently gathering materials and have a few samples for then jumpsuit ordered. I really like the look of pleather but I am gonna see what else is gonna work. Due to the bagginess and seam alignments I am gonna consider making a mock up before diving in. I have a rough blueprint in my head.

For the mask I have been considering either Paper clay or Worbla and EVA foam. Thankfully either way I have the supplies ready in my craft room but gonna look into more tutorials and see from there.

The fur for the tail arrived today and it would be a nice little thing to get be to dive into this project :) Might be running low on stuffing as I used a lot of it for my fiance's Zidane tail last July.

I have some boots that are on the way but to be honest that is the part I am dreading the most XD I just really hate boot shopping and got a size bigger just in case.

Been worn at the masq (crazy things happened! :D) and looking at it there are a few things I wanna improve on for next time xD Done a litteral allnighter on this so could do with some polishing :D such a fun and crazy day <3

Apart from some very slight paint touch ups and the wig arriving this is about done :3

I am a little nervous about the spray not being strong enough on the day as this is my very first time doing this sort of thing but here we go :D

I have spend a few hours winging the suit. I DID make one previously but as I was about to add the final details I noticed the seams were ripping the fabric so I had to remake the entire thing. I used Spandex this time and I gotta admit it doe look better. I still need to cut a bit more below the bust, hem everything, add the eyelets and string, then add the belts. I also have been thinking of sewing the shirt into the sleeves as they keep falling down and the suit should anchor them. I fell into a slump due to my last attempt but I am very happy with this so far. sadly I suffered from a bit of a foot injury a few weeks ago and the boots (pictured) causes a bit of pain so I might only wear them for short shoots.

The other day I managed finish the scarf. I decided to make it longer than planned so hopefully there will be some wonderfully dramatic photos taken at the con. It wraps around my body a few times and still drags on the floor. If there are any rumors about someone tripping over and breaking there neck at the con that may be me. Despite the thickness of the scarf the neckline on the bodysuit was too low for my liking so I decided to build in the mask into the neckline. The extra fabric is visually pretty similar to the original, but it has more stretch so I was still able to make the bodysuit neck entry. Just needs a clip on the back of my neck to keep the mask snug when it goes up :) Really chuffed I dont need a zipper! Ordered a new wig as I really didnt like the one I got from ebay so I decided to give a Dave wig a try from Coscraft.

Today I mad a start on the amour and got it cut and glued together. I used some half pearls leftover from my Opening card Sora Naegino cosplay for the bolts. For now I am leaving them to glue properly before using tacky glue later to seal it in preparation for spray painting. I brought some black velcro ready to attach the armour.

Used my old Ladybug belt and took all the pearls off and replaced them with Pearly Worbla coins. Earring is also made in the process but will need some gold spraypaint for the finish :)

The scarf fabric arrived yesterday and has already been prewashed but I realised today that despite my huge hoards of thread accumulated other the years I don't have any that is dark enough purple >.> Kinda annoyed as that was the plan today. The suit arrived today and I am quite happy with it considering it was the cheapest and due to be the quickest to arrive. It is a scoop neck with no zipper (thank god!!!! :O) but its loose on the shoulders and the neckline is lower than I wish so some minor alterations are needed. Thankfully these parts will be covered by the scarf and armor anyway so any cock ups should be hidden :D The legs are long so depending now I feel I might make it footed so shoes wont ruin the effects and get in the way of the leg armor :)

The bodysuit should arrive any day now. Just ordered a wig and some fabric for the scarf. Got 3 meters as I want it long and floaty without seams ^___^ Gonna use some Got2B freeze spray which would hopefully keep the wig's shape.

Gonna pop around town next week to get a hold of some EVA foam, eyeliner, gloves, spraypaint and shoes :) Exciting stuff.

Thankfully I dont have too many left to do ^^

Just need to resew the neck piece and add eyes and hooks and then its onto the accessories :D

I am currently finalising the bodysuit. I had to take it in in places as I didnt use a pattern. Next steps will be to remove stray threads, sew it again with a tighter stitch and then to sew the arms on. Then It will be ready for painting.

The wig is almost complete but waiting until payday to get some better hairspray. Some wefts are hotglued into polystyrene balls for added volume. For the red I had some scraps of pvc around and used some plastic corset boning for the parts sticking out.

Finally got a hold of some black paint so I could put the black spots on the earrings, mask and yoyo. I am waiting for the yoyo to dry so I can paint the other side before adding a final gloss to it.

The wig looks choppy now but will be tidied once the caulk dries on the cutoffs and the yoyo will need more coats of paint before varnishing.

I am in love with the shades they are in! Sadly the boots are pretty uncomfortable so Ill be bringing some comfier footwear for when Ill be walking long distances. May keep an eye out for something simmilar.

The bodysuit is taking shape fine. Got a lot of taking in to do so its better fitted. I have brought some eyelet pliers so the holes will clean, hopefully just as well as the practice pieces on scraps. Need to find the right kind of string for the lacing. I brought extra elastic for ladybug so I can use it as a placeholder if I dont get any soon. The gloves had to be reordered as they failed to arrive and without arguing with me I was given a straight refund 0-0

Perhaps one of the more stressful parts of the costume is finding the right crystal for the pendant. I didnt have too much luck on Ebay, but Amazon had a few I could choose from. I am pretty mathematically awkward so hopefully I didnt cock this up :'D Should be able to make the crown from the Worbla I have lying around ^^ Brought a second choker as my original seemed to have been eaten away by the mess in my sewing den x'D Also got a cheap barrette for the wig.

I have begun sourcing a few things in my house for a maybe if I have enough time to make the Mythril staff :D Progress has been really slow as I have also been working on Ladybug too x.x

I have spent a few days on and off making the yoyo and mask. The yoyo is covered in worbla and currently in the process of the final neatening before being painted xD The mask is worbla too and is looking good!

Not sure how I felt at first but after playing around with a hairdryer and cutting in some bangs I became much happier with this. Considered cutting it short at one point hence how it looks from the front xD

No bangs in any wig is never an option for me :'D Wish I waited for the Alexs to get back in stock but I made it work.

Ordered the gloves, boots and wig. I was gonna get a Alex in Natural Black but sadly it was sold out but when I looked at the references I felt that maybe a Kitt in that colour would probably be better suited! ^^ I am really looking forward to styling it!

Just ordered the fabric and the paints. I decided to spend extra on paints this time as when I used the Dylon brand they kept fading but now I am using Jacquards I am super excited to seeing how this would work!

I did not like how it was looking so I remade with better fabric. Oh my god its so comfy and so easy to work with! It is far more forgiving with seam ripper holes too!

I had some free time today and managed to do the sleeves. I will still need to attach them but I am quite likeing the effect. Played Rock Horror in the backgroud which kept distracting me a bit but gave me this oomph!

Small update but it arrived in the post today.

To achieve the ruffle effect on the chest I basically made an elasticated tubetop. The rest will be sewn around it.

I am super excited to start this!

Found some white strech fabric in my room and ordered some orange Scuba!

Best of all my boyfriend agreed to be Zidane!!! <3

I have spend all evening watching Miraculous cosplay videos and have been inspired to start buying my stuff. Awaiting the wig and base earrings, and got some eva yoga blocks that I will hopefully sand down into the yoyo.

Just a small update. Got some pink lipstick today :)

Finally made a start on this, even if its a very quick ebay buy :) she wears a leotard under her clothes in the anime which is really handy for me too to prevent the annoying seams and all the rolling up.

To celebrate (finally) getting the accom situation sorted I have ordered the wig and the main hat fabric. I have ordered a Ash in Gold from Coscraft and some red Scuba fabric from ebay.

I am really excited about making the hat. I am gonna to do my research about how to structure it. Can use the live action as a reference if push comes to shove. Gonna have to memorise how its done as I will need to replicate the pattern for my boyfriend :)

Just the back and some touch ups to do. And the boot toppers.

Trying it out before painting the bodysuit


Rustoleum in Strawflower. Really liking the colour!

Trimmed and butchered with hairspray.

The spandex is out of the dryer from the prerinse to get the excessive dye out. Now in ready for patterning!

First time making them!

I gave the Pearl Worbla that I had won the other week a try. Normally I thermoform realiativly flat pieces of Worbla but this time I rolled some strips so my hairdryer wasnt really enough to make them smooth. I used my kitchen oven instead. One they cooled I got a scrap of Eva foam and mounted them onto it. It will also double as support under my wig. The horns are small enough to go through the netting without and alterations.

I used acrylic paint bit they dried cracky so I ordered some spray paint.

I will be reusing my Hikaru wig. Still needs styling but I wanna get the horns done first.

The waistcoat is nearly done. The lining went a little wrong so I had to get my trusty little seam ripper to do its job. It looks much better now and the fur has been sewn on :) Just some very minor things and will be done.

Some Jade Spandex is on its way now. Im really looking forward to painting it!

I went into town today to get 1/2 meter of some light suedette and some burnt orange polyester. Faux fur was already owned.

I created a pattern using art paper and examined an old waistcoat to get an idea to how the pieces are shaped. I used some spare fabric for a mock up and cut it up to get a more accurate shape. That became my final pattern which I had transferred to the fabric and the lining.

I am still attaching them together but had to run off for a trip to the cinemas in the middle of it.

Added some more gold on the flower above the root

I think I am getting the hang of this!!!!

Still got lots to learn :) the needlework is screaming beginner at this sort of thing but I am having fun.

I have ran into an amazing tutorial that had shown me how to add highlights to a wig using eyeshadow. My Yuri wig is lovely, but the colour is a but flat so I took advantage. Its looking beautiful so far :)

Due to some personal reasons I had to hold back Yuri a little until my health improves.

The applique is going fine. A bit tedious as its one large continuous piece and got some left to do but ill get there.

I have been testing out some glues for the rhinestones. Yuuup I can not allow anyone to take the rhinestone queen title from me :p

I ran into a lot of problems on the run up to Kita so I will try to get her done soon. Constructivly she is almost done but there are lots of ways she could be improved/polished :) Plus progress is slow as its my first time doing sequin emboidery.

I tried her on for the first time and getting excited getting her done soon :)

The dye didnt work out so decided to try painting the gradient using water and a spnoge which seemed to have worked well.

First time ombre painting and making earrings. The fabrics for the sashes are luuuuush~

Gotten bored of standard fabric dyes but a few months ago I have found a few turorials about making my own vegatable dyes.

Cut some beetroot, pop it into pan, throw a shit ton salt and vinegar and let it simmer in water for an hour.

Not sure how it is gonna turn out. Also gonna create an gradient for the first time.

Pushing to get the sleeves done very soon.

Heres the applique before I started sewing the sequins.

Got a few metres worth of Geogette fabrics for the sash and cape.

Cape is way more peach than intended so I am curious to see how it blends with the rest of the costume.

After literal months of procrastination the design of the applique is finalised, Just need to transfer it onto some Metallic Spandex :)

Made from lycra to prevent ripping.

Needs painting.

I have settled for sequins for the flowers on the dress and the sleeves.

Gotta neaten the sleeves and add a hidden zipper on the neckline/arm.

Brought more hackles for added volume on the neckline.

Please look at the details on my facebook page :)

A lot of procrastinating has happened in the past few weeks due to gaming marathons and having more hours at work but I have had some free time this afternoon and used this time to select how I would like to do the neckline.

Some people use faux fur, some use feathers, and I have seen some simply use the fabric used for the applique. I decided to go for the more dramatic look with the fethers. I wasn't sure whether I wanted pink to match the applique or go for more depth and have a rose pink/red mix. I brought a hackle each for these and once they arrive I can decide which looks better.

I have also ordered some black boots to go with this. Nice blocky heels so they can be worn for everyday life too.

During my procrastination I did manage to make the sleeves. I'll try to attach them onto the rest of the suit sometime this week and fingers crossed the applique will be started by next week.

Oh, and got some wefts too for the braids. I have some wig clips lying around so they can be removable for other projects.

Alot of trial and error went into this so far. It looks like a dress right now to make the applique from hell easier.

Im trying to work our where to put the zipper. The official notes says "hidden in the hidden neckline' so gonna work from there I think.

The mesh on the back is topped on flesh coloured Spandex for modestly to keep my underwear hidden.

Most of the materials are here.

I have done some tests on some small samples for the pink spandex using Dylon and Acrylics. Due to the nature of the surface of the fabric no matter what I do it seems to streak.

I have looked at other cosplayers and it seems even without the gradients it can still look gorgeous but I dont wanna give up on it yet :)

The wig is mostly styled. They didnt have any extensions left in the colour I need so I can just worry about the rest of it next month :)

Wig and most the fabrics already brought except the faux fur.

Gonna focus on the base suit and the applique/mesh this month ^^

Think I am gonna cry with how much I spent on Yuri in one sitting :'D

Went for the size bigger for the jacket to accommodate space for the hoodie but otherwise looking forward to getting everything.

I have done some fabric tests for the main fabric to see how everything behaves. I dont really like how the paint looks directly on it but the applique method looks like its working well.

Now I need to think what would be the best sort of fabrics to use, and I might consider using some of the applique as a base for the paintwork (and maybe some embroidry if im feeling adventurous) if needed.

Just gotta wait a week for payday. Can go onto Primark after work that day. Easy!

Found some nice jackets on ebay that I will buy and decided that I am gonna get a Lily wig from Coscraft in Milkmaid blonde and be making some clip-in wefts for his other costume.

The hardest part of getting this costume together will be the wait.

The wig is now restyled. I have looked at a few tutorials and been inspired to make it into a high ponytail. Looks much better now. I might consider reinstalling the pearls if they dont interfere with the rest of the hair accessories I will be making :D

I am too excited to wait to finish my other stuff off so I can do this alongside Terra. I have 2 conventions this summer so I can move some plans to July.

I feel that I am in the skill set where I can make this comfortably (bodysuits are definatly my thing these days, even my recent weight gain doesnt stop me from doing this).

The best thing would be to start by making a standard black zentai suit. What would make this tricky is that I may be using 3 different kinds of stretch fabrics, black spandex, some metallic magenta stretch found in a market near where I work (doesn't seem to have as much stretch as Id expect but it would work fine) and some costume mesh. I am gonna have to look into the best way to how to paint the gradients.

Looking at this I had to watch his routine and AMVs multiple times to figure out the flame formation. What make this part tricky is simply that no matter how often I look into it it looks seamless and I can imagine that ANY seams would make it look tacky and a mess. Because I have stubbornness issues and lack patience with math stuff I might start by making a pink tube dress and mark the best places to cut and also I can do all the gradients all lined up and pretty. Can make a cushion or some craft stuff with the leftovers.

The only things I plan to be are the shoes and the jacket. The jackets are cheap on ebay anyway and wont be worn in competitions. Might give me an excuse to do that casual verson as I can carry it in a bag so can changed when it gets hot and uncomfortable.

The wig will take a bit of brain power. I have no experience with Lace front wigs at all and I have no intention in dying my hair just for 1 day. I am thinking of using the hair from the flashbacks at the moment (plus the back of my neck gets prone to some very nasty rashes in the summer months so the coverage would help me a lot)

Its about done now :) Just some tiny tweaks but I dont wanna do anything until I get some ballet tights so I can make sure I get the adjustments right :/ Leotards are way harder than bodysuits as the legholes must be right X_X Think they are fine tho. I have redone a few seams today to make them look much nicer.

Next up will be the crop top. I have been looking through my wardrobe for an old shirt to pattern from an found the old top I have used for Race for Life a few years back. Doubt Ill be wearing it again so can take it apart if need be :P Its perfect apart from the sleeves, but im sure I can work it out :)

Also heres the complete new bandanna :D Its wider now so the clips will be well hidden

First bit of progress of the year!

I have restyled the wig and used the heat method this time, which had worked out much better. It looks neater, feels more sturdier and doesnt feel gooey either.

I am also redoing the bandanna and bow, This time I am using Poplin as it's softer and a more pleasant shade of yellow. The main intention is that the wefts show under my previous attempt so made them wider and more 90's animesque.

The leotard is at least 90% done. I can easily finish it tonight but it's the one part of the costume I dont wanna mess up so gonna wait til im more alert. The wristbands have arrived too.

The leotard is nearly done. The stress is sort of getting to me as I have gained a lot of weight lately. Slimming bodysuits and tights should help.

The clips are on the wefts and they are perfect for them. I noticed one of them was thicker than the other so l thinned down one of them and donated it on the other. scrap wig fibres were glued around the clips to disguise them and the remaining caulk As a result I will have to remake the bandanna to hide them all better. The yellow was just scraps found in my sewing box so it wasnt much. Gonna have to respray the curls as my sewing room is under maintenance and been distorted as a result.

Orange wristbands are on the way!

Nearly done. Need some gold paint so I can start the brooch for the middle.

Its coming together fine :) Still got some shaping up to do.

To pattern leotards I start by making some kind of bodycon dress. Just started with a crop top, followed by the pink panels then blue. Still got plenty of neatening up left to do.

I used the same method for Sailor Jupiter years ago.

Ordered some weft clips from CosCraft so they may be there in a day or so.

All the fabric for the leotard is here. Just need to get in the zone first.

May need to give the base wig and bandana a wash once the spraying is done -_- They are so icky!

My Akari wig is is mostly done. Just got to wait for the wefts to finish drying up and somehow attach them to my head. I plan to give them a firetruck ton of hairspray to stiffen them a little.

Bandana and bow are made from some cotton that has been lying around.

Think I had gone overkill cutting the sides but I think it looks so cute :D

I have some blue and black spandex for the leotard. My cat found the pink (that was left over from Asuka) and used it as a scratching toy >< git! I have a black zipper too and it should be started soon.

Ill be finishing this whenever this gets finished. Ideally I would like to get this done for LAGC but the mid year con (hopefully I can get Kitacon off) would be fine.

I found some lovely lace lying around for the bow but no matter what I done with it it looked like I have just popped it last minuite in my wig so I decided to bling it a little with rhinestones.

Last week I have done a but of a stock check for fabric paints I already owned and brought some more since. They are as pictured but since then I have brought 2 white (for the base coat as the velvet is pretty dark, more red, and some yellow and green that are designed for dark fabrics.

I have acquired some fabric for the leggings and Akari's shirt but it's too thin for my liking but it would do for the cape. I hope to read up and do the ombre dying at the start of the new year. I ordered some white spandex.

The fringe is cut a little bit. I wanna make it all pretty with beads.

Brought a reel of gold fringe trimming. Gonna buy the dyes and bead stuff in the new year as the costs of this is proper piling up and need money for xmas xD

Outersuit - CHECK!
Undersuit - CHECK!
Sailor collar - CHECK!
Leggings - CHECK!
Sleeves - CHECK!
Wig - CHECK!
Boots - ....fuck!

Break time then will need to pin and sew the leggings, outersuit and sailor collar to the undersuit. I have little itty bitty details but if they are not done by Saturday i can put them off until later on.

The bootcovers in particualr have been causing me stress so I have kept them til last to get back to them but as long as I get the rest done by the end of tonight it shouldnt be too hard as the majority of the costume will be done by then.

The gloves and wings are sewn together. They are a mix of lycra and wadding for the wrist cuffs.

I am already planning ahead for this :)

Considering I might have some pink lycra left I may end up doing the training outfit she wears in Antarctica. If I feel uneasy in the leotard I can just add the shorts from the biking episodes, which should be easy.

Im currently looking at the Alex wig in Chestnut Brown. Im really looking forward to the day I style it.

Just a tea break and a few minuites on the sewing machine before getting a the collar done ^^
Considering the lines and applique on it is PVC (and I think we all know its one of the most annoying banes of evil for any cosplayer) I think I have done oka

Had to take a break from this for a week as the stress got the best of me.

The PVC oversuit is nearly done. Just need the side details.

Pink undersuit is looking good too. Just need to install a zipper and merge the suits together. Not sure whether to velcro the front of the suit or just sew it using a zigzag stitch. At the moment the pattern on the sailor collar is being drafted. Ill finish it on my next dat off.

The wings are about done. Just need to sort the pink nodes.

Attempt 1 of the gloves were a bit of a fail but now I have more time I brought some cerise spandex so I can have pink hands ^^

Boots and leggings are still a work in progress. They will be the hardest to do so ill save that til last as there is only bits and bobs for the rest :)

Soooo in the past few days I have:

-Mostly completed shaping the oversuit and done most of the hemming. Mostly gotta do the pink details and zipper at this point.

-Completed the base structure of the boots. Details and layers need adding.

-Started the wings/sleeves/gloves. Wont take long.

-Waiting for more PVC to arrive so I can start the leggings.

Thats the start of the bootcovers :) The base is out of wadding for shape. This will now have to be taken apart as I will need to make the other and then cover it all in spandex for comfort (I work best on instinct rather than measuring and all that mathematical stuff) . There will be a few layers, with the top layers being in PVC

The oversuit is the priority right now. The rest of the costume was time consuming because I had to wait for results, however, this part is time consuming out of fear of screwing it up!

Being a plunge neck I have to put a lot of thought to ensure it contours with my curves well. Gonna hem the legs first, and then maybe the arms and probably hem the chest part last (the chest part is already cut out). I might sew the chest hems and armscyes to the undersuit itself. Normally I can fly through this stuff but being spandex and PVC this is way trickier than usual.

On the plus side, the wig is complete and it looks FANTASTIC!!!

Almost done, just needs some neatening, hemming and to fully install the zip.

Decided to make it footed for comfort and ease ^^

Results are in for dying Spandex, Attempt 2....


BIG SUCCESS!!! Exactly what I was going for. Onto the undersuit tomorrow!

Using a Alex wig in Milkshake pink from coscraft. The leftovers from styling so far are being bonded in chaulk for the ponytail extension. Gonna flip them when they dry.

The pink undersuit had been dyed Powder pink but will need another dye bath so the pink would show up in pictures.

I am currently patterning the oversuit. I used the same masking tape/cling film method I used for my Hikaru cosplay. Gonna make a mock-up shortly xD

Gonna need some magenta pvc and cotten, and eva foam when I get paid.

God help me...hope the weather cools.

My progress on my dress so far, comparing the mock up dress (which I plan to use as lining later) and the final fabric Ill me making it our of. I used a corset to help me place where the seams will be (the cling film and masking tape patterning method may be better for this kind of thing ^^;). I originally had another panel for each side of my body but due to the copious amounts of seam allowances on the rest of it there was no need. I had to remove a bit from the bust to ensure it contours well.

The only issue right now is that there will be some taking in around the hips as it feels a bit like a skater dress. In fact, it would work really well if I wanna cosplay Panty from PSG. I can live with that and will be an easy fix.

Done my research and decided that I wanna use crushed velvet.

I have some red cotton around so I can use that as a mock up for the base dress and once I get to the main one I can use it as lining.

After a year and a half of being apart I decided to put her back together for Summer LAGC :D

Not great as this is a last minute decision as Wind Pretear is being a nightmare and gonna finish her for Alcon instead -_-

It arrived this morning! It will need a lot of work and cutting but I like the colour a lot! Decided to go with the mint green as FF6 means a lot to me and she will always be green haired to me :P

Nearly complete!!!!!!!!

The wings just need the red orbs, just need to give them a lick of paint before gluing them on and they will finally be DONE!!!! Sadly they are rushed so the wings are made to be good for Kita but just glued enough to be removed without too much damage to the feathers if I wanna make a better job of them in the future.

The bodysuit is no doubt my favorite part so far! I still need to finish the purple zigzags. Ill get my mathematician boyfriend to help me get a better idea of how many rhinestones there are over the weekend, but without a doubt they are in the 1000's! Also need to sew in the boa and glue a few pearls.

The wristlets are made from Worbla :)

Sooo the con is only a couple of days away and still have a bit of a to-do list;

Hopefully should be about done in the morning. The gold needs 1 more coat of spraypaint and a small section of feathers are needed for the base. The harness needs some quick tweaks too.

Nearly done! The rhinestones are complete, just needs a few more pearls and the purple zigzags need doing too. Also will sew the legging to the suit using some flesh colored spandex.

Metal details
Wristlets need another layer of paint. Need to make the anklets and the shoulder pieces but will need some more craft foam as I havent been having any good luck with them. Need to glue feathers too.

I am currently using a yoga mat to use for the metal details. The wings are all cut up, now to pattern the armlets and anklets! They shoulnt take long.

Them its sanding and shit and stuff.

Not gonna lie, I still have a small amount of gems to do, but first I really should add the purple detailing as some of the gems align with them :)

After a month later of doing mostly rhinestones, I just have a few more bits of paint to do cover :D I need to do a proper count of them at some point.

Then its onto the pearls, which THANKFULLY wont take anywhere near as long :'D

After a few washes, and some cosplay Skype calls, the spots began to fade so they have been repainted for Kitacon 2016.

Also been making my boyfriend a new bell as his broke at LAGC.

Think I have got most things! I am still in rhinestone hell but I love the results!

I tried the costume on for the first time since July (who in their right mind would not do test wears earlier on?). Really colourful, but I think im gonna stick with the old wig as the quality is better and more Sora.

I got a fishing clampamabob thingy that might work well with the wings. We also have an old shower curtain post that I can use so can wear them in a simmilar way to the PVC piping method. Need a board and a way to stick them onto said board!

I have a few days off work next week so can work on the wings then.

Only a month to go!

Just this minuite completed the front of the leg. Also ordered which would be the last (I hope) of the rhinestones. No doubt I'll be needing more glue. I have also ordered the shoes I hope to wear with this. I was suggested to use pumps, but because I have legit zero ability to do gymnastics I decided to go with heels to make my legs appear more appealing.

I think all I need now are the supplies to finish the wings.

Since putting on the rhinestones and pearls I have been 1000% more happier with this!

Havent even touched the bodysuit yet X_X Looks better in real life.

After many months of procrastination I have started gluing the rhinestones to Sora. Going faster than I have thought! Gonna continue with this on my next day off as I have stuff to do this evening :)

Time to get my arse moving with this again! HOPEFULLY Ill be getting a space at Kita Karneval as this will be perfect for the theme!

I have decided to get a new wig as my other one is a bit short :P ill be sure to look into more gems and stuff as I can afford better jewels now.

Sadly real life (work and stuff) interfered to the point where I will be doing the first seasons version and will upgrade to the S2 verson at a later date. It had gotten to the point where I thought I wont be attending the con at all but now its all sorted I can carry on with Fate :)

I still need to;
Finish the buckles and other worbla pieces
Sew skirt to leotard

WIG ARRIVED!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

The cape is about done too :) Made a start on Bardiche too and gonna try to get the rest of the materials for it tomorrow.

The cape is in the progress of being shaped right now to become in proportion with the collar :) Had some free time before work yesterday so thought what the hell? :) Just need some wadding and some more black thread before I can do the final touches!

The skirt is now hemmed, just need to finish the rest of the bodice before pleating it and sewing it onto it.

I just ordered some Worbla for the armour and Bardiche :D

Made an official start on Fate today :) Most involved shaping the leotard and making the PVC strips.Took longer than I thought to make as the strips needed to be sewn in with the zips while having to check how it fits on me lol

The stripsneed to be sew in properly now i got the leotard mooostly right. Still need to hem the armscyes and the legs.

Checked the skirt to see how well it drapes :) looks quite pretty pinned onto the cosplay.

Gonna order it soon :)

The paintwork is done so that is a massive relief -_-

This cosplay is taking a lot longer than expected so happy I decided to add some sequins to the mix after setting the paint, it will speed things up a lot. Hardest part was being motivated due to using the artist license a lot. Its more tense-scared procrastination really as I hope the paintwork comes out well.

The wings are going really well at the moment :) They are super fluffy!

Managed to source much of the fabric Ill be needing from around my bedroom and sewing room. Fabric everywhere!!!! Just a few bits an bobs to buy and the red lining for the cape. I have some red PVC still left over from Hikaru, and that is after a few failed attempts to get the circle right for Rock Lee's jacket AND Ladybyg's mask ^^ The white skirt fabric seems to drape nicely.

Starting a new job soon so I can get my wig on my first paycheque working there to treat myself ^___^


In the process of repainting the details before moving onto the artist's license. I did not like how some details ended up and rhinestones might not give enough coverage so ordered some sequins ^___^

I decided to take on a slightly challenging approach for the wings. I used mesh to make the base.

All cut out and taped the edges :D Talk about ouch!

I am not as far into it as I planned. Following interview galore, depression (that seems to be clearing nicely thank god) and finishing my Ladybug cosplay I am finally back on track!

After a months break I have started painting my armwarmers. They are kind of being a pain but ill get there ^^ Also got some wire mesh for the wings.

Just need to finish the kunai pouch and the sandals :) Nearly done!

Got to resew the back a little but and 1 or 2 more to paint. Got to wait until the paint dries first.

Im so sick of painting them, taking forever lol

Think Ill applique the spots on the pouch XD Will be quicker!

Just the spots, belt and earrings to go. Tweeting in zentai sure is difficult lol


Took like 3 attempts to get right but PVC is a bit of a bugger in such ways. Thank goodness for the zigzag stitch.

Hopefully ill be working on the bodysuit in the morning :) Might as well get her done ASAP as I can focus entirely on Sora when this one is complete.

Just ordered the zentai.

I am being a lazy fuck and just altering this one. I have my hands full on my other costumes so gonna simplify things for this one :D Super super super excited for this!

About 80% done. Still waiting for the pearls from China. Really like it so far.

Just a cheap headband, some mixed feathers, some bias tape and PVA glue <3 Was fun to make! Checked today and it seems I have about half as many feathers I will be needing for the entire costume. Hopefully Ill have more than enough by the end of this month :D WOOHOO!!!!

Sorry for the webcam pic lol

Brought nearly a tenner's worth of pearls and feathers :)

The 'bigger' details are mostly done but now got the joy of finishing the blue circles that are gonna spiral around my body lo

Taking a short break while the paint dries slightly before doing the next line.

Painted the stars roughly then used the classic sellotape method to keep the lines straight :D Other than food and the odd cup of tea this took most of the day.

*Gross sobbing at the thought of having another sleeve, the armscyes, the stocking and the leg hem to applique*

Normally this wouldnt be so bad but doing this with spandex is a nightmare!!!!

The unitard is all sewn together and hemmed! Over the next few days Ill be sorting out the bias binding with some lovely duchess satin I have lying about and may get started on the stencils too.

Been testing out the paints and rhinestone for the past few days. The unitard fits pretty well now but will need hemming and stuff lol

I like how it is pictured :D Thats roughly the effect I am going for.

Today resolved a fair bit of doing some swatch tests and selecting the rhinestones.

I have done some research on painting spandex and lets just say that is the one thing about this cosplay I am dreading, even more so that the inabiity to hide my lady bumps in this thing lol

I have done some tests today. I read that watering the paint would make the colours more consistent but sadly the paint kept bleeding. I tried again without the water thats the problem solved, Id probs just need to paint in layers.

I have brought 6 difference colours for the rhinestones. I may regret this when they arrive but I am looking forward to becoming a human rainbow ^____^ Might be sensible to wait for the stones before stating the painting and while I was at it I got some feathers for the sleeves and whatever is left of them can go towards the wings ^_^ Wanna get them in many sizes. Now to decide whether to go simple and stick to the small ones or be a bitch and make them humongous and get in the way in the corridors XD

Almost nailed the base of the bodysuit! It was my first time making one with attached feet so that did up the difficulty a little bit. Thankfully making bootcovers in the past had taught me that one way around that without a pattern is to simply pin tight around my feet with them positioned as I was standing. It worked! I just need to fit the zipper better and resew it all with a tighter stitch. The suit involved a lot of trial and error but it seems to be looking okay after using my seam ripper alot. The detached leg is sewn onto the suit as normal as I dont want to cut it off until a little later. May end up using some flesh coloured spandex to ensure the leg stays up ^^

After a bit of thinking I think painting the details would be more elegant and I think using some rhinestones in places would make the costume look dazzling!

Found this and wow! Keeping this as a reference as although I have nailed sewing spandex I still have a lot to learn about other areas of it too.

I have used my Rock Lee jumpsuit to help patten the bodysuit :) I have managed to source alot of materials already from my house.

I am looking at tutorials for the wings and one a quest to find good feathers. Also looking into craft gems for the smaller details so will have to check out my local haberdashery. Ebay's gems look okay :D

Just need to buy a zipper, sew the collar/shoulder parts and sew on the appliqué :D I liked the effect that some of the jackets I saw gave so decided to use some leftovers from my Hikaru costume ^___^

Gonna have to do a quality check on the jumpsuit too but that wont take long ^^

I'd say it's like 75%ish done now :D

It is all cut out, and padded and lined where it should be. Tomorrow will be about making the final decisions and sewing the details on. The padding around the hips, pockets and emblem will need sewing on and I am scared that I will botch these up XD

Gonna move this forward to Em-con as this is so close to completion and with no updates of the cosplay contest Id much rather work relentlessly on a comfy costume than update a uncomfortable one for no reason XD

Wanna add the zipper but silly me dun goof'd and brought a closed ended one >< D'oh!

Whew! Thank goodness for the jacket ^^ If it wernt for that then no way I will be able to pull this off but I feel I would have no trouble wearing this costume once its all finished.

To be honest I was not too keen on the shoulder and wrist parts so I had planned to get them replaced for some time. I was looking through my sewing box today and found some leatherette left over from Suzaku and some push-up bra pads and immediately remade them. I used the 'push up' parts of the bra pad as stuffing for the wrists. One of the wrist thingies took like 4 attempts to get right but at the end I was happy with the results. For the shoulders I used the original shoulder bits as stuffing, just covered it in leatherette.

I have begun sewing poppers to connect the undersuit to the leotard :) At Alcon I had to safety pin it to keep it up lol lazy.

The belt was made by myself ^^ No way the ones on ebay will fit my ladyhips lol Just got a super cheap forehead protector, took it apart caveman style and super glued it onto the belt. Got dryed glue all over my leg now xD ehehehe!

Hopefully when I get the flak jacket finished Ill confident as Lee. Just started patterning on it xD

Spandex is surprisingly cold to wear >.>

It is mostly cut and I have begun sewing it together tonight. While I am at it I need to make it smaller for me to fit. Also prewashed the red fabric as I dont wanna get much further with the jacket until I make the red spiral.

I have begun patterning for the jacket. I have thrown in some fabric into a dye bath for it and found some wadding. Also brought some red fabric for the back. Just getting some time to actually get sewing ^^

The dye didnt seem to make too much of a difference so Ill leave it at that for now out of frustration before I wreck everything. I have thrown in some white cotton and it somehow turned into olive green so thats most of the fabric for the jacket sorted. The red spiral on the back will be from the leftovers of the belt, which I should buy the fabric for in the next week.

So yeah, decided that the suit will need some redying. As much as I love the shade as it is it is not overly accurate so im gonna redye it to be darker since it looks more blue in some lighting. No doubt it will exaggerate my curves but hopefully the jacket will lesson the problem.

After a whole year of retirement due to her sorry state I decided its time for a good tidy. Gave her a good clean and next would be to improve the skirt and fix loose stitching.

I have a new sewing machine now so can make much faster progress again :) The bodysuit just needs a bit more taking in and the collar/zipper installed but otherwise really happy with how it is turning out.

Might buy some thicker legwarmers but they are cheap so Ill just keep an eye out for e better pair.

I know I really should post this onto Lee's page but so far in this costume I am more comfortable with my Hinata wig on with the suit ^^

Still got some neatening up and add the zipper/collar on but Im having fun making it ^^

The sewing machine was being retarded and didnt wanna ruin the bodysuit so decided to play around with the wig. It arrived ages ago but I wasnt too keen with it at the time. I cut it into a bowl cut and blasted it with an insane amount of hairspray and it looks infinitly better now :D

A friend shown me a nice looking tutorial for the shoes

Using my Suzaku cosplay as a guide I have managed to get most of the bodysuit cut up.

My cold is getting much worse all of a sudden so calling it a night @_@ So dizzy!

Already own a shirt, got some trousers I can alter, will be needing a new wig for my next Hinata cosplay and the jacket and shoes would already be made for Rock Lee :D

Was a fun day turning the kitchen into a lab! Waiting for the lycra to dry before deciding whether to darken or not. Just used 1 packet to see how it goes.

The lighting sucks so its not a good pic of the colour, just showing I actually do stuff on my days off lol

Just this minute ordered the wig. Not 100% accurate but considering there is only a couple of weeks left and the wig I was looking at at CosCraft has all sold I have done my best with what I can do with it otherwise. Hey ho the style should suit me better than the bowl. I was discussing dyes with Fishyfins some time ago so giving iDye a go instead of the usual Dylon as it sounds better for what I will be doing. Aiming for a forest green instead of Grass green XD

OK maybe this wont entirely be a buy and alter job as originally planned. I couldnt find a jacket I like that I am willing to pay for and im sure it would be cheaper to make it instead. Upon closer inspection it shouldnt be too hard. Plus its not like me at all to buy cosplay stuff, especially since I get greater satisfaction of making costume parts myself. Made a start on looking for fabric ideas. Better consider putting some references on my phone/paper too.

I have some Spandex fabric lying about which should be enough but will require some dying to get the right shade. Knowing my luck with fabric dyes it may take more than 1 bath :'D Gonna throw the whole lot in before cutting it so I can make a beanbag or something if the colour fails.

I brought the legwarmers off ebay a few years ago. Wasnt sure about doing a Lee cosplay back then but considering he is my favourite character in the series I was open to the idea of it happening someday and nabbed them while I had the chance :D They are perfect! Bright orange, striped and very warm :D Love them!

I have been looking at headbands/his belt. They seem to only just fit my waist (damn womany hips) so I might be better off buying a cheap headband and making my own band.

Litterally just waiting for the glue to dry and sewing that would just take a few minuites.

Setting this as complete now.

All the PVC is sewn together! Just gotta make the shorts, finish hemming the undersuit, sew the black gloves and glue all the yellow details! Woohoo!

And I must say I am pleasantly surprised! For the first time since forever my sewing machine actually works well. Base of the sleeves and leggings are done!

The mock for the bodice is nearly nailed so very excited to carry on with that.

I had some time yesterday morning so I bonded the screws after cutting them out the night before. They will need another layer of paint or 2. The wings and the rings on the arms are looking good!

The reason why I have been making slow progress lately is because I had a fallout with the sewing machine. Ill be borrowing my aunt's machine tomorrow so hopefully thats the undersuit and the black gloves done and dusted by the evening. Also might get some tape and saran wrap to work out the pattern (and ice for the Ice bucket challenge XD)

The white shoulderpads and the wrist cuffs are about done. Just some lycra, stuffing and some packaging/parcel wrap thingy I have found in my room.

Could have done it easily last week but I have been sewing the rest of the costume ready for dying. Sadly it became hot pink instead of ruby red so Ill be getting some more fabric shortly Since I dont have much to do outside of redoing what needs doing I am thinking of ditching the lycra and going PVC!
The headset is Worbla with craft foam for added thickness. Being my first time using Worbla it quickly became an experimental piece and been playing around with glues and paints, getting the best results from super glue and acrylic plaints.

I have decided to take a break from the sewing machine and focus on the headgear :D

My Worbla arrived on Thursday afternoon, conveniently waiting for me after a trip into town for some additional supplies and the skipping ropes arrived too. I cut them and started the painting right away and spend most of yesterday adding layers of paint and made the end for the cables.

Worbla is fantastic for this sort of thing but with details like the cable ends and anything involving making it into a putty I think Ill be better off with fimo clay :'D My hands felt really sore due to the heat.

The next step is adding a few layers of paint onto the cables, buying some more craft foam for added thickness and getting some good glue to clue everything together ^^ Alot of work/fixing/gluing still needs doing but getting there.

So yeah, just ordered some worbla and a alice band for a base. First time using thermoplastics as I want something more sturdier than craft foam :) Very excited! Also giving some skipping ropes a try to see if they would be suitable for the cables.

The oversuit is shaped and darted to standards I am pleased with. After lots of messing around I am finally very happy. Just need to finish the gloves and leggings before throwing it all into a nice red dye bath :D

Taking shape now :) the 'oversuit' is being made entirely with trial and error so messing around with thr seams to get the right strech.

The weather doesnt seem to cool down anytime soon and I really need to get this going so im gonna use lycra. Work is stressing me out so working with lycra should be easier and quicker than PVC and be easier to focus. I have some white lycra anyway (thanks again to my boyfriend's aunt! :D ) so Just gotta make the bodie, sleeves and leggings and dye them :D Not gonna be bad for less than a fiver!

Just ignore the wig but here is the costume before I got some clear wire.

Just ignore the wig and here is the harness before I brought some clear wire to hold it up lol

Had the wig for a week now. Love it!!!!!

The leotard to go under the bodice is nearly done and the gloves are almost there.

Gonna order the PVC on payday.

Ordered the wig first thing today yay! I now have an insane amount of black lycra and have a zipper so thats gonna be fun. Might make a start on the gloves later today ^^

Putting this as 'in progress' as I am activly mentally planning what I am doing for this.

I have been looking at stores and seeing where would be the cheapest place to buy the PVC and been looking at pattens. I think I can use a Bunny suit pattern as a base and as a result found a cheap, and hopefully reliable, method to how to pattern Hikaru's bodice, involving Saran wrap and tape. My boyfriend's aunt had a fabric clear out recently which happens to be mostly what I need for the undersuit so hopefully that is a few quid saved XD

Rightio! I want to make a start on this as soon as possible as summer isnt too far away and due to the nature of much of the fabric I would like to make the bulk of it when the heat isnt too much for me.

I have been looking into PVC for the main body, legs and arms. Putting my health into consideration I am thinking of making a black lycra undersuit so the red PVC is velcro'ed on if I feel I would overheat (I dont do well with crowds and heat >.>)


I cant wait to order the wig so I can make a patten for the headset ^^

OK time to be realistic, Suzaku will be worn to Kita but I wont have time to finish the cape. Would rather be capeless and be happy with what I done than chance it and be unhappy with the bulk of it. Sewing machine problems are making progress much slower than planned and I am physically feeling drained already. Would rather take my time and enjoy the con than do allnighters and feel ill all weekend and have disappointing results. Will be top priority for my next convention ^^ Tempted to stay in the masquerade for fun tho XD

Well he is capeless when he pilots the Lancelot Albion at the end of the anime.

But still :D I love how this is coming together so far :D

Was having some major problems with the applique so rage quitted that yesterday or else id have a nervous breakdown (so close!!!) so I painted the wings instead. Just gave them a touch up and onto the bootcovers now while they dry.

Yesterday I done a fair bit of appliquing. First time using heat n bond. Champion stuff! Gonna have to buy more thread and needles today and hopefully finish with the bodysuit tonight. Looks like its mostly energy drinks for tea tonight.

Here is the chest piece. Bias tape has been stitched on, just needs going over and the gem ^^

Ended up handsewing most of the bottom half of the harness (ouch! Never again!) but all that needs doing is getting some fishing wire or something to keep the belts supported. Might get back to the skirt later but starting this weekend Suzaku will be the focus!

OK so from last time;

Darted the mockup cape for a better shape.
Acquired some better fabric for the main cape and all.
Most of the pattens are cut out.
Found some donor boots under my bed for the bootcovers :)

Best get moving with this. I am already predicting a few allnighters on the way.

Was dyed ages ago but was left to one side for a while. Just finished the final touches.

Top half of the harness is done now and justs needs a little tidying. Tomorrow Ill be doing the bottom :D

Taking a break from the bodysuit and made a start on the cape. I am currently making the undercape with the inspiration of a Red Riding Hood patten I found. My first ever cape so I am pretty nervous ^^; The overcape patten has been patterned but will need to be scaled down a little for the real thing.

The fabric I intended to use for the white seems pretty thin. Might use it as a mock up and get some better quality fabric in the week :) Hope the Nottingham market still have what I have in mind.

Found some epic sketches yesterday and today so they are uploaded onto this page ^^

The very base of the bodysuit is done. Just need to add all the white and make the wings.

The base of the belt is also done. It is made of a PVCish kind of fabric that was very cheap from a local shop. Due to the nature of it I had to use talcum powder to drive it through the sewing machine lol Thankfully it was an easy surface to clean afterwards :D I am currently experimenting with the wing/eye patten; one was drawn based on a mix of other cosplayers/artists interpretions while another was a copy from the artwork as each reference seem to vary so im looking as to which looks the best.

Brought some more fabric :) Ordering some heat n bond, fimo clay and some interfacing right now :'D

Hopefully all I will need now are some donor shoes for the boot covers. No way am I wearing flats with this XD *isastubbonbitch*

The basic bodysuit is almost done but it will need alot of adjustments to make it better fitting :) They are a bit of a pain when you are relying mostly on trial and error XD

The sleeves and cuffs are finished!

The metal buttons were pierced and glued into the cuffs allowing me to be able to sew them onto the sleeve. Ill wait until I have my little storage box handy before sewing them on as I dont want them to get damaged or lost.

Basically the hem is rolled to add stiffness to make it easier to apply the hemming tape. The first was sewn on beautifully but the other took 4 attempts before I was happy with it at all. The cuffs started out with 4 layers of a mixture of PVA glue and water for a good surface, then 3-4 layers of silver acrylic paint. I had some old metallic silver paint lying about and used pretty much the last of it as the final coloured layer to make it more realistic looking. A final thick dollop of PVA with some water was applied for a good finish :) Really simple and oh so pleased with the turnout.

Playing around with the idea of joining the cosplay contest to add just this little bit of pressure to do my best :3 Ill work on the bodysuit next (hopefully tomorrow) and decide ^^

Unfortunately came down with a cold so decided to do something fun and made a start on the sleeves rather than suffer more than I really am with something tricky *cough* Sasha *cough*. My dad needed my black thread half way into the sewing so I made a start with some craft foamy fun! Patterned, shaped and themofoamed! Currently onto the boring bit and having to wait for the layers and layers of glue to dry up.

Saved the metal buttons from the patten I used for the bodysuit (in progress) and painted them silver for when the metal cuffs are ready for painting!

Its taking alot of trial and error but the top half of the harness is mostly pinned.

Shoes arrived yesterday but are pretty ill fitting (they keep slipping off every time I move :() so Ill be better off going around charity shops I think.

Ordered the wig, some bias tape and some corset boning to help experiment with the hood construction :) Tomorrow I need to go into town so I plan to buy the fabric for the cape and some other stuff to help get started like some new needles, craft foam and thread :)

Just bidded on some shoes that should hopefully work well as a base for the bootcovers. Kinda sacrificing accuracy as they are high heels but meh, im crossplaying so Id rather have some added height and the design is by CLAMP anyway so I should be able to get away with it :)

The bodysuit has been started too. Salvaging that from a cosplay I changed my mind over in favour for another character and gotta make a few minor changes. Will do that when my AoT harness is finished :)

Hoping to buy most of the materials next weekend. I am really looking forward to making the cape! Nervous about constructing the hood. Wonder if some cheap corset boning would work...? I'll keep an eye out for ideas to support it ^^

Had a bit of a war over them throughout the day but the dungarees should arrive in a few days :D They will need some modifying but they shouldnt take long at all! Just a bit nervous as it may be my first dye job since one of my first cosplays XD

Gave the wig a slight touch up as it was my first wig styling effort ^^ Saved the cut offs in case I want to make some wefts to make it fuller but my other costumes take priority for now XD

I have a new gymnast ribbon as they make such wonderful cat toys :P First one was a cheap one so I have a better one now ^^

Styled :) Gonna look at it again tomorrow so I can see if anything else can be dont to make it better :)

Im so not confident with wigs XD ahahaha! ^^;

Took a while to find some I liked but I just bidded on some dungarees so fingers crossed!

If that fails then its a Primark job methinks if they have any :D too bad its the wrong time of year ^^; Will also be a prefect time to get a looser shirt. I have one somewhere, but I think I bigger one would look cuter ^^ hehe

Been a bit lazy in the past fortnight but the skirt and sleeves are done. Just got to finish the ruffles and get some good hair clips then ill be done ^^

Made the shorts out of the fabric ill be using for Suzaku and gathered the lace into an elastic waistband by pulling It with all my might through the machine. Just need to sew the skirt to the shorts and might hem them a little more to make them look even sexier :p p

Pattening the sleeves now and gonna finish them in the morning :)

I need to buy some elastic to finish the skorts and get some extension clips for the beads :) Ill go into town when I am no longer ill ^^

Finally ordered the fabric for the skirt and I have the black lying around for the shorts :) (I also have some black tulle around which I miiight consider putting into the skirt for modesty.

I have been thinking about the beads. There are debates around the net to whether they are earrings or hair extensions. I always thought they were from the hair when I was younger but alot of cosplayers think they are earrings.

Realistic I may make them as extensions but Ill wait for the beads to arrive and decide what I would be more comfortable with :) I will be using my normal hair so pinning them into the inner band part of the wig wouldnt be a option sadly.

All I need is elastic now :) Will get that from the shop instead! Got a little bit of handsewing left to do! Woohoo!!!

Much longer thank I expected XD

Might look into wefting as its quite thin in places ^^

Also ordered a gymnast's ribbon ^^ Im not very athletic but with some practice this might make some pretty pictures ^^

Now to look some good dungarees :)

I couldnt make it to Memorabilia in the end but I am pleased to say that I dont have too much left to do :D The harness straps are almost done and then I got the challenge of figuring out where they all connect XD Just gotta buy a few buckles and that should be everything :)

Might have got the whole think done already but...yeah...overtime and laziness XD

Ive basically got 3 inches per strap, folded it and sewed where the fold is to keep it in place, then fold the free layers inwards so its doubled, as shown in my last journal pic.

Its more for strength but it has a finished feel. Taking forever but I dislike the thought of not hemming it XD

Gonna leave it for the time being but this is (hopefully) all the straps I will be needing for the legs :) Still have enough for the top half.

I dreaded this part from day 1 of wanting to make this....

Overtime meant I didnt have time to start this until tonight so gotta make a dash at this while I could ><

Made a few notes and stuff on the reverse side XD please ignore them lol Aiming to get most of the bottom half done by tomorrow night :O Will also need buckles and needles XD No way in hell am I gonna do anymore handstiching on this lol

Leatherette is no where near as bad as I expected to work with! Trying to connect everything is gonna be fun tho XD

Managed to get some before work today!

Gonna start by cutting them into strips ^^ Think ill start from the legs and make my way up :) May need to buy more buckles in the week ^^

Jacket, boots and trousers obtained! See my entry for Sasha for details.

Just need a new blouse and the harness/skirt ^^

Had some time to try on everything so far :) Wish payday would hurry up so I can start the harness!!!!

I can so live in this jacket ^^

The jacket should arrive any moment now \^.^/ Thanks to getting a new job I might not be able to get a leatherette harness done on time so I may make one out of bog-standard cotton instead and if my pay is anywhere as good as I was told I might get a good quality one instead, depending how my Christmas shopping goes XD

I found some lovely boots in a factory shop that has opened recently in my hometown and my dad is thinking of buying them for me on payday considering I am in desperate need of boots this Autumn :O Not the most accurate for the uniform, but will do ^^ And less that 30 quid too so not bad at all!!!

Picked up some really nice trousers for a tenner (worth £20) and on the lookout for some suitable boots. Im poor so im looking mostly at charity shops and ebay :) I plan to order the jacket later today but I gotta measure up first xD

Also been looking at Leatherette but ill be getting that later in the month. Making the harness myself would be cheaper. No doubt I go batshit crazy over it so id be better off getting as much stress of my chest first xD Maybe Ill make a prototype out of brown cotton first for Halloween if the jacket arrives in time and make the proper one for Kitacon ^^

My sewing machine hates layers so Im gonna have to sew the sideskirt and ruffles by hand. Looks like its gonna take a while but this is what DVDs and living rooms are for :P hehe

Already made a start on the tack sewing :)

Its surprising how heavy the top can be XD Its gonna be even more so on the day I wear this because of the hidden pockets XD

Hurtyyyyyyy ><

A few adjustments and on to sewing ^^

After planning to start her too many times and not doing it, I have made a start! *shockhorror*

The base is nearly done but the armscye is a little tight so that would need taking in. The ruffles are getting there but at the back I plan to add more fabric to add more volume as it it looking pretty flat there. The side skirt needs doing but I can do that now as I have internet access and more references to be able to get the right shapes ^^

The dark blue has a nice cottony feel with some stretch to it. The ruffles are pinned now.

Due to plans on moving house, money and with Student Finance being difficult so I have some Uni work to do before I even start, I decided after some thought I would be better off with making a start on this that to carry on with Ledo as about half of this would be brought, just gotta make the jacket, harness and skirt. Boots can be ebayed and just find the trousers in a charity shop.

Just went to my local Boyes and considering using pleather for the harness system but I may have to look into interfacing it to make me less paranoid of it ripping. Found a nice tutorial of how I can connect it all and gonna see if I can find some old ribbons and stuff lying around to make a mock up as I wanna do it as realistic as possible if I can. That should get my brain into gear and decide what would be the best ways to connect everything XD

Thought I'd share the link for others wanting to make one too :)

No luck on the jacket fabric yet so next time while I am in town Ill go look into that :) Might as well look into finding some transfer paper.

Tempted to get a blond wig too for Armin since he is my favourite character of the series and they pretty much wear the same thing (Sasha is a very, very close second). Since he is cosplayed more I am thinking Sasha for the bigger organised photoshoots and Armin for small events like the NAMSOC reigonal social.

Out of severe boredom lol

A little peeved off as on my weekend away at Gemu my dad seemed to have threw away the hat and a few weeks ago my new puppy thought it would be a good idea to chew one of the gauntlets >.> Not happy but I think I could do better with the hat with extra time and if the gauntlet remake fails I could easily downgrade this a little and do the PS1 version instead ^^

Might start with getting the suit done fist. Apart from the hat and gauntlet/gloves everything else just needs a bit of gluing, and I would like to repaint the cheststrap detail to make it show better :)

Due to some last minuite issues I wont be wearing this for Gemucon *heartbreak*

Made it to be funtional too! made of felt and craft foam, and opens using velcro. Waiting for the glue to dry fully before deciding how well it can store my stuff...might get a bit paranoid that it breaks lol well see.

Sorta hit a bump in the road with the hat today. Tried to get some more craft foam but they didnt have any white in store today. After some time pondering the best way around it would be to use whatever craft foam I have and wrap it with some white fabric.

First think in the morning I plan to paint the gold onto the chest strap so it would have plenty of time to dry while I hem the scarf and glue the armour pieces together, and spend the evening doing the last bits of sewing. Might remake the sheath if I have time as its quite on the wide side lol

Praying it would be at a decent standard, if not Ill be cancelling my masquerade entry.

Most likely a costume ill get back to later on to properly finish :) Just excited to cosplay as one of my fav game characters yeaaahhhh!!!!

Would kinda like to get back to it at some point but damn proud of my first ever major prop!

Was a real pain but got there in the end. Not sure if I like th base tbh but no time for that xD

The goggles are in process. Need some more craft foam for the ear covers.

Mountain dew goggles ftw!

Gotten most of the armor painted but some of it needs another layer. Im really dreading the time id glue the piecies togther xD

Sword handle needs another layer too and some tidying but done otherwise yayz!!!

Then finish the suit ^^ that is nearly done too!

Managed to get the jumpsuit fitting and 3 more of the white cuffs left to sew and add pockets.

In the morning I aim to get the sword mostly done as well as hopefully finishing painting the armour and hopefully start the hat 0_0

When Easter is over I will need to head tp the shop for some fabric for the chest strap and get materials for the sheath.

Began life as an old t-shirt xD Quite comfy :)

Still lots to do but quite doable. Might result in a few late nights *cries*

Sword is getting there yay!

Leg armour is cut, shaped, glued, thermoformed and 1st layer of paint is nearly dry.

I used a coke bottle cap and a egg cup to shape the heated craft foam and a hair dryer for the heat source. Will be using the same method for the wrist armour which is in progress right now.

Plan to start the hat soon. Mountain Dew goggles are gonna be fun :3 Have some better fabric for the scarf now, original was too red so I used it for Ib instead :D

This glue is very icky :S Works like a charm but very gooey 0_0

Just the blade :)

Lots of sanding and neatening left XD Waiting for the glue to dry first ^^

3 layers of foamboard but 1 of the layers had some dents on so on the top layers they have some card on top. For the texture I have added some butterfly pins.

Just gotta add velcro to the tie and fix it and iron the skirt!

The sleeves still need depoofing and gotta add a eye and hook or 2 to keep the corset even at the top but this is almost completed! ^^

Completed the corset today! Brought some lacing specifically for this a few weeks ago but couldnt find it so its been put together with a ribbon that came with some Christmas prezzie gift wrapping and it glided through the eyelets beautifully :3

Just gotta remove the tack stitches on one of the sleeves and get some bias take to make the collar ruffles neater as some of the fraying is quite visible. Also its drowning in the infinite amount of annoying loose threads XD

The sleeves are a bit too poofy so gonna finish the corset then shorten them in proportion.

Mannequinn looks like a snowstorm so layed everything on my (cat's XD) bed.

I have decided to make it from scratch. 2 meters of fabric cut and shaped by eye ^^ Ruffles and Poplin...quite reminiscent of my Ranka Lee cosplay a long time ago ^^

Started by shaping the main body of it. I have cut 2 rectangles and sewn them together. The neckline and armscyes were cut and the body was shaped to fit on the way. 2 more smaller rectangles were cut for the poofy sleeves and ruffled them to fit around the arm.

The ruffles for the neckline and armscyes are in progress now ^^ Then I can sew the thing together properly :D

During the uber epic cleanout of my bedroom I have found a better headband :D The one I used to wear at school and it looks nicer than the plastic thing I wore of Yuri XD

Plus I have some eyelets and bias tape for the corset. ound some white cotton that would work well for the shirt. Can make a start with it soon but will need a little more for the sleeves ^^

Gonna race and try and get ALL the sewing done before the wig arrives ^^ gonna be a fun challenge XD

Just needs ironing and some loose stitches removing ^^


The tape is kinda stiff so it gives it some bone XD

So cute ^^

The skirt is an old one I own that I love and would like to wear more :) Think I lost weight so I gotta take it in a little bit :3 I will also be reusing my Yurippe headband without the bow ^^

I had some black fabric about which was just enough for the corset :D Gonna need some bias take, ribbon and eyelets in order to complete it ^^ Almost done! Would like to pin it to myself for some photos but Im gonna add some separate panels for where im gonna attach the eyelets. Man, eyelets are annoying to put in >.>

Im gonna take a look at ebay in the near future for a wig and I also plan to look around charity shops to see if I can find a decent shirt ^^ or I can make one cheaply :)

I made an attempt to sew the sleeves on last week but the needle had snapped and barely made progress that day -_-; however today I felt productive and roughly handsewn them on in preparation for when I get needles. Also Ill be needing a zipper and some snaps too so I can finish the base of the jumpsuit, and do pockets too. Been so long since I made pockets XD Kinda nervous over them. Also be needing some white and lots and lots of bias tape!

Hopefully Ill be getting some craft foam too so I can start on the armour. Been itching to so that for too long!

Made a start on the sword too! Just parts of Foamboard at the moment but hopefully it'll turn out ok ^_^

It is mostly taken in at this point and the sleeves are gonna need attaching soon. Kinda resembling a tube dress at this point so sleeves first and make my way down then get some white and some bias take at some point soon.

Really considering doing the Saturn artwork version due to the shades of blue and the extra armour work looks fun!

I had some light blue material left lying around and brought some dark blue a few days ago so I decided to make a start on the sewing.

Due to my super epic non-patten using instincts what I have done with the jumpsuit needs ALOT of taking in. I might need to buy more of the light blue for sleeves unless I can scavenge more fabric from my sewing box or whatever if any left. Other than that Ill be needing more dark blue for the hat and some white for the sleeves/legs.

Tempted to go with the bright red in the artwork as opposed to the copper in the game simply because I prefer the colour and I think it would go better with the colour scheme :D

Hopefully gonna buy the fabric for the jumpsuit sometime in the next few weeks :D

Just gotta sew the shoulder rolls on and generally neaten/iron the fuku and thats everything DONE!!!

Accessories completed last weekend. Got some boots. Not perfect but they have heels and laces and are ankle boots so theyll do :P

Just got the skirt to hem, shoulder rolls to finish and sew the bows and DONE!!!

The tiara is drying now and will just require a layer of PVA glue and add the gem. It is made of craft foam and has a layer of card under it for sturdyness. It works really well and is pretty sturdy. Tried it on with spirit gum and with that and some hair pins near the just by the ears it would just do the trick to keep it on securely ^^

The gem and the hair tie balls are made of fimo and should be done baking very shortly!

Chocker is complete and wearing the earrings right now.

The gloves are very nearly done! 1 more cuff to add!

The front bow is pinned and needs proper attachment, and the back bow needs sewing too and the sleeve rolls need making too. Apart from that the skirt needs shaping and hemming.

The gloves are making good progress too but would need more green fabric for the cuffs. One of the bases is about done and the other is tack sewed and will need a good sewing over with white XD no way anymore lycra is being touched by my sewing machines XD oh geez!

If you are wondering, the bow and the front of the collar are sewn into place but Im not to keep of the poppers under skirt idea so the back of the collar is loose and I simply put the fuku on like a swimsuit and pop my head under the collar :) easy!

The collar for my partner in crime is nealy done and I am currently revamping the overalls :) Gotta be done before Monday for a cosplay event that night :P cant wait! Hopefully better photos as the pub we all congregate at the end would be PERFECT for a shoot! :D

I have more fabric and time to mess with so taking it nice and steady. All I need to do is replace the black on the legs, machine stitch over the (black) sleeves and sew over the emblem on the front pocket so its less frayed :D

Earrings arrived yesterday and they are gorgeous and the leotard just needs a little hemming then onto the skirt/hip roll :)

Just pissed off as I was outbid with the boots ¬¬

However, I am happy that the leotard is just enough to be slipped on and off without any poppers or zippers :) Just need to use some eyes and hooks for the collar :)

Made a start on the leotard yesterday evening and will slowly work on it for the next week and plan to buy some fabric for the skirt and collar tomorrow.

Ordered the earrings without any trouble and bidded for the boots ^____^

I want those boots so much even tho no doubt they'll require some endurance training before wearing the costume in full.

Found some left over fimo clay while tidying my sewing work area this evening and decided to make a start on the brooch.

Been baked and already got it's fist coat of paint. The colour is Viridian Green and I LOVE that shade! Happens to be the shade I am looking for for the fuku :P

Being researching this on and off for ages.

I always love looking at other cosplayers and seeing what methods/fabrics they used. For SJ considering my body shape too I feel what would suit me best are:

-Viridian green fuku
-Matte fabric (like a heavy cotton)
-Box pleats

There is a little cosplay event happening in town at the beginning of July so it would be nice to complete it for then ^^

Due to boredom I took a nice stroll into town and decided its about time I do this! Being short on funds right now I had to start cheap so I brought some pink polycotton for the bows :)

Still got the front bow to do :)

I wanna make the following changes-

-Dart the front
-Replace the black on the legs
-Remove the bias around the neckline and replace it
-Applique the red on the front pocket
-Consider buying footwear with height to be taller
-Get better makeup/binding

Even if I have to pull an allnighter!

I still gotta:
-Add emblem/symbol to the front pocket and sew the pocket to the suit
-Add the black detail to the front
-Add bias to the shoulders and collar
-Finish the black on the sleeves (REALLY dreading this as this is going wrong ¬¬ saving this til last)

The earphones are complete. To make transport hell of a lot easier I have attached velcro to the wings :) waiting for the glue to dry then this whole cosplay will be complete!

The covers took alot of experimentation. In the end they are card and craft foam with plastic for the pink :)

Spray mounted 6 of these :D

Under £20!!!? Im shocked to how cheap this cosplay is! Found some black fabric in my fabric box so yep! sorted!

Still waiting for the 'ralls then I'll get that done asap!

Went to the pound shop today and found a base for the headphones and now I have everything I need to complete this. I have tomorrow planned XP

Come on!!!!! 2 more days!!!

And the first collar is at a near complete stage. Painted the insides of the gaps to stand out more :) Gonna go into town for some PVA glue so I can varnish it and stick some velcro on.

Ill be ordering another polystyrene ring very soon so hopefully ill make a tutorial to post on DA or somewhere ^^

Just need some black fabric, zippers and bias tape and thats everything Ill need ^^

This is extremely fun actually!

After a while of both measuring and panicking (im mathematically retarded ^^;), I brought a 22cm polystyrene ring off ebay and cut it in half. I then given it 4 layers of silver paint and used manicurist tools to carve in the detail.

I plan to paint the gaps in a few days to make them more defined :)

Ill need some PVA glue soon so I can varnish the top layer and then add the velcro to the sides :)

...then start over as I promised Minatski :)

But need glue before doing anything else...


Almost done!

Just gotta take the back in, attach the straps and hem :D

Cant do much with the headphones until I get some glue and a alice band >< BOO!!!!

Gotta loosely cut around the edges and make sure the pattens inside are line together when sandwiched. If I was using solid card in the middle I could skip this but because I am using see-through plastic this is vital or else it would look a mess.

I have added eyelets to some fabric that I am gonna attach to the back of the dress. They are the biggest pain in the arse thing to install into cosplay EVER IMP and look quite messy as a result so Im gonna have to strategically hide them behind the belt.

Hated how the dress was turning out so I literally torn the whole thing apart and reconstructed it. The belt was too wide so it looked really odd against my hips and the skirt was far too poofy. Normally more poof=cuteness but didnt suit the character so gave her loose pleats instead. The whole think looks much better now :) Now I just gotta add the fabric with the eyelets, add the ribbon to close at the back, add straps, sew the back of the dress and hem~

Hopefully Ill get the dress done by Wednesday night at the latest so I can give the headphones more attention ^^

Darker than pictured but I think it'll suit me better like that ^_^

It looks cute :) No doubt gonna look more androgynous than manly when this is complete XD Being so close to my natural colour my parents are actually demanding me to cut my real hair like that lol

Might neaten the sides when I get the rest of the costume mostly finishes to ensure the length of the bangs/sides look good in proportion with the collar.

Thinking of ordering the base overall and rings next week. Now I feel good with the wig I am cracking to get on with this when I am done with Gumi!

I think im getting used to having the left side of my face covered :D Might throw in a few hair pins on the other side of my face so that side wont fall in my may and obscure my vision completely ^^

Now that most of my money worries are out of the way for the time being I have just this minute ordered the wig :)

Same one as the last post :)

Think Ill go for the polystyrene rings afterall for the collar -_- *shudders* I HATE THE FEEL OF THAT STUFF 0_o

Everything is sewn together okay :D just a little tidying then thats the Fuku done :P

Gonna try and go into town this week so I can get another skirt. The one I own is too short and I dont wanna be dubbed as Slutnata XD

Just to show this is happening ^^ Only a few days late :P

This is the collar after it was ironed :) Looked awful at first but now it has been pressed its deffo improved ^^

Got the ribbon on, fuku needs ironing and sewing onto the shirt ^^

Hemmed and ribbon pinned on. Gonna readjust the ribbon so it would be more symmetrical then sew it on :)

Just brought the fabric and some bias tape for the fuku :D

Doing some last minute research on other cosplays of this before drafting the patten onto some spare Christmas wrapping paper :P

Just a lil' tidying to do then COMPLETE!!!

Ill put as complete anywayz XD

ZOMG!!!! ITS HERE!!!!!!

Wearing purple for the ball and it looks great with the mask so its ballroom Hinata on Sunday evening ^____^

Spent most of today getting most of it done while watching Fruits Basket. Just need to buy a zipper and iron and thats that done :D

Most useless hood in the world but it looks more anime like with how it justs sits on my solders ^^ Its all good as long as I dont attempt to put it on :P

Making a set out of foamboard for fun! ^^ Halfway through sanding them :P

It arrived today and wearing it around my neck now :3

The fishnet is sewn onto a old tanktop so yay thats done! Got some finishing touches to do for the trousers then be moving onto the pouch :3 Thats low priority but I wanna use it to carry stuff about ^^

Wig ordered today (see references)

Thinking of using jersey for the jacket. Trousers almost done. Gotta get my arse into gear xD been lazy as you can tell lol

Just won one on Ebay for £3!!! :D


If I sort myself financially soon I miiiiight just be able to finish this for Fushi xD

Anyways, just found an old skirt in my wardrobe that I can make trouser out of. Bit dark but they'll work xD

Just got to sew the fuku bows and the mid-part thing on the chest then complete the headband :D

Gonna move her into 'complete' as no doubt shell be done in a few hours :P

Hope to see you at JCC tomorrow!!!!

Just got to sew the bow on the fuku, iron, a bit of detailing on the back and finish the bow on the headband!!!

The zipper is still not on the skirt yet but it rests nicely on my hips so thats all good. Just needs ironing ^^


Found a screenshot of a cast card and thought I'd try to make my own for the cosplay. Plan to make at least half a dozen of these for photos. Hell, I might actually make some of these into some rather sweet! contact cards for people I meet!

Just an extra really, gonna print and mount them at a later date ^^

Created using Adobe Illustrator ^.^

Biased and all, need to be attached to the shirt :)

WAAAAAAAAAY comfier that the last one!

Gonna need to bias it now :)

Box pleats are a pain... literally :P

To make sure they stayed in place while sewing I simply tack stitched the pleats by hand then sewn 1/5 down each pleat to ensure they stay in place. because of the many, many pins it had I was screaming profanities like every 5 seconds :P then the pins and tacks were removed and screamed in even more pain from ironing :P

Yes...cosplay can be a liiiiltle painful sometimes hehe

Buts is worth it! The skirt looks really good at the moment :P Just need to add a waistband, add a zipper then hem :D

Redone the pleats and I am much happier with them now ^^ Gonna have to resew them in.

Gonna need a zipper for it now :P damn womanly curves XD

The dark blue and the light blue is sewn together but the box pleats look uneven so I have unpicked them and gonna attempt to pleat them again later.

Gonna try and get the whole thing done by the 16th of this month as the anime club is holding a picnic and wants cosplays and the park will be perfect for photos :D

Gonna buy some bias tape tomorrow :D

Arrived a few weeks ago but no one was home at the time to give a signature but its here now :)

Costume has been on hold for a few weeks due to my Final Major in college and will be unable to work on it for another week or 2, depending how much I need to do for the end or year show.

When all that is sorted, getting this costume finished will be my top priority!

One of my best friends plans to join me as Minatsuki!!! We already started helping her out with doodles of how her costume will be put together.

The bangs needs cutting but I love the colour

My dad brought home some black beads from work and decided that they would work for the dots on the hood.

Thought I'd add the finishing touches :D

After a good few days TRYING to pay for it due to techhie issues and using the wrong card I had just managed to pay for it!!!!

I have months to wait before the con so a 3+ week wait for this is fine. For meet ups its only a small detail thats missing so either way its all good!

Yurippe cosplay progress!

Got the skirt pinned and got the basics done for the slits on the side.

Started on the collar but wont get any furthur until I get the blouse.

Gonna leave it there for now ^.^

The wig will need the fringe to be cut but other than that It is all finished ^^

I'll sort the wig out when theres good natural lighting.


Theres elastic behind the shoulderpuffs to keep them on my shoulders so I slipped the wings in between so the puffs act as a harness and the harness keeks the puffs in place :D killed 2 birds with 1 stone here *happydance*


Might need to put some elastic across the back to keep them on the shoulders ^^


Its finally over!!!

1 shoulder puff down! Gonna take a break now and read the latest chapter of Deadman Wonderland!!!

-Extend back of the apron
-Add harness to wings
-Style wig

Will need ironing.

-Extend the shoulders
-Extend back of the apron
-Complete top when sewing machine behaves
-Add harness to wings
-Style wig

Just finished this evening. As I cba to post pics the costume has-

Red tube top with white sewn on front. A ring is attactched to the front and has straps which makes it a halterneck

Short red skirt with tail ^_^

Sports jacket
Oversized-would like a better fitting one but meh, it adds to the rebellious teen look and looks like one that is often worn during PE lessons in anime. Was left in the closet for aaaages but never worn until today.

From Love is War Gumi cosplay

Over-the-knee socks
To cover legs. Plain white.

Added for the hell of it. Red and black stripes.

As said in the journal.

From Love is War Gumi. Added for added badassness XD

Hello Tsuna! :D

Heres a bit more of the apron which is done months ago. Not fond of the paintwork but it looks good from a distance I guess.

The blue is actually 2 skirts made and sewn together. Need to shorten the outer one to align with the purple apron :S

Its past midnight but all I need to do is add elastic to the trousers then it would be complete! Gonna do that first thing in the morning :D

Got a few threads here and there but Ill fix that later oooh yeash! Scarf is finished too!

Now im going online to find a good patten for the gloves and when Im done with that got the trousers to finish :D


Lighter than what I would have liked but it should do ^^

Might just buy the hoodie from a charity shop at this rate. Got some leftover mount board so hopefully I can make the megaphone out of that and some card.

Just need pockets and a general clean up :D

Trousers are surprisingly fun to make actually :)

Tried using an old pair for a patten but it confused me to high heaven so I just used my imagination. Looks like I saved a few quid as the 'patten' provided a zipper and 10 buttons.

I stated off by making shorts and each leg will have 2 more panels of fabric added and some pockets when I get some better thread tomorrow.

And made a band for the top. Needs a ring for the back.

Looks wired on me as it is so I may need to put some straps on it. I plan to wear a hoodie over it so my stomach wont be showing but that would make it hard to show that the top is both red and black >< ah well.

Needs hemming.

Bad picture!!!

But its done and attached to the skirt!

Chose this one because it looks cool and should be great for parties and causal wear :p

Brought a pair of cheap brown Military boots for £10 from Jonathan James.

*stares at the ebay countdown til I get them*

I have a dark pair of stilettos so for now I better practice walking in them as its been a while since I last wore them XD


40% off :p Hope its as good as pictured as its unbelievably cheap. The rest of the shop looks gorgeous so hopes are pretty good :)

Got one for £4 from a charity shop ^_^

Wasnt keen on it at first as its quite wooly but as soon as I put it on it looked kinda nice ^_^

I now have some white felt for the teeth. I just need to draw the detail onto them, cut them and sew them to the hood. Should be easy enough ^_^

Now I have everything for it I'd better get cracking as I plan to wear it for a cosplay meet tomorrow. GOGOGOGOGOGOOOOO!!!!!

Found a suitable pair at Tescos while shopping for booze on New Years eve.

Just brought a square piece of felt ready. Should have some white scrap somewhere from my Rosetta cosplay for the teeth.

Black thread-60p

I just feel in love with her design recently and thought this would make a nice simple cosplay. Not sure what for yet, likely for cosplay meetups and maybe a Kitacon precon/party.

The hoodie should be insanely easy, just buy one cheap from Primark and get some fleece or whatever and cut and sew the detail. I could easily get away with my Ranka wig as the back is hidden and could use eyeliner for the makeup.

The botton half isnt shown in the vid but what I have in mind now is a black skirt. Saw a fanart with her wearing red and black tights which I may consider knowing me :p Gloves can be ebayed.

Im getting there with the shoulder puffs :D

I started by cutting out 2 hexagon shapes as pattens and basically sewn them to go around the shoulder/underarms and also gathered them to begin 'poofing' them. Then I got the original scrap of fabric that I used to work on the original patten and created another duplicate of the 'scrap' to turn it into a pouch which I simply put in some gathered tulle to make some sort of shoulder pad to give it support and generally make it look better.

I need to cut out some more so the puffs extend to my shoulder better so they wont keep slipping. May either use sock glue and/or elastic to keep it upright. I might actually put a strap between the puffs across my back for the wings or something. We'll see how it goes :D

Made them nice and poofy :3

Thanks Lulu Rose for the tip on gathering in the 'Pet peeve' thread :) Made it easier to make it 'poof' out like that without having to try and attach elastic around the wrists. The pink around the wrists are just some leftover bias tape I folded and sewn over. It was a bitch to align over so I did a fair bit of unpicking and resewing.

Im happy with the result ^^ Might fix it later but I want to sort the shoulder puffs now ^^ Gonna be a biatch to do methinks ^^

The top and the bottom are sewn together now. The back needs extending and I still have to find some purple scrap duchess satin. I have loads somewhere.

It is all hemmed now and straps for the top are made. I tried sewing them on but the sewing machine seems a little tired so I decided to call it a day I also had to during that time make some straps for the England flag dad brought today.

I tried it on. I was a little 'eeek!' at that it shows more stomach than I intended but despite that I am very pleased with the results. It should look better and less slutty once I dart it at the bottom to make it curve to my body better.

After giving up half way through ANOTHER failed attempt at the top and a long break from sewing I got some more duchess satin out of the blue and got some anti-staic linin to create a patten on so I wont waste any more of the gorgeous duchess ;_;

I decided to go simple. Got an old t-shirt and made a rough drawing of the top so it would fit my body. I cut it out and used that patten for the linin and played around with the shape. It seems promising so once I find the pins im gonna see if that works on the duchess and if its all good then I'll get the top out of the way XD

As for the apron I have done the fabric paint stuff but I plan to redo the top bit of the overall apron and cut it off and reattach to it to shape it better to make it more accurate. This will make it easier to put the pink ribbon on using hemming tape :D

Sadly I am unable to finish the shirt on time because of money. However, I do intend to wear whatever I got done.

Finally arrived. Now all that I need to do is sort the bow out then 100% complete.

Need to extend the front panels to match the rest of it, bias the edges and add the details under the arms.

Finished by hand as Ill be needing some industrial strengh needles for my huge-ass sewing machine XD Might hem them over when I get some to make the sewing look better XD

Minus the wig which I will get when I get into a better money situation :D As Ill be adding colour for Expo I'll mark this down as complete for now.

Photos will be up as soon as I find/get emailed any ^^

Sock glue is useful stuff!

Ankle straps-complete
Bracelets-complete but will be using safety pins as I seem to have misplaced the eyes and hooks ^^;
Socks-Drying from being washed so I can paint the stripes on tomorrow.

Skirt-1 more layer of cream fabric to buy.
Top-Pretty untouched for the past few days.

Ill be wearing plain black flat shoes :)

Progress today-
Ankle straps-80%
Need to buy and add velcro.

Hair mascara-ordered

Overall progress
I just need to hem one more of the shoulder frills and to glue them to the straps and then sew the back of the straps to the back f the top then thats it^^

I'll be needing some thick ribbon as the underskirt doesn't seem to show well. Elastic will be needed for the waistband and to just simply sew the back and sew the backbow and then glue red bow! Not much to do at all!

Shoulder puffs
One complete, but will need elastic for the other.

One down, one more to go!

Just need to add frills to the straps and sew the bows on then I'll be done.

The skirt needs elastic and some ribbon as the underskirt doesnt show very well so this should sort it out. Still got the bow to attach.

Im really proud of the whole thing so far :D

Due to my current money situation I wont be buying a wig. Instead I'll be using some Stargazer hair mascara :D

One legging done, will do the other soon :)

Scarf is almost done. The waistcoat is getting there, just need to sew the front panels up. I have some flowers for the shirt. The flowers all have safety pins attatched so I can take them off the shirt whenever I need to.

Annoying b***h is done!

After 2 hours of screaming, yelling and ranting I got the collar complete. It wasnt difficult, its just annoying getting the size right and neatly using hemming tape to put the bias tape on. Not the neatest thing in the world but one its worn all the not so neat parts seem to disappear so its not so bad. 1 layer of duchess satin wasn't enough to keep it neat and sturdy alone so 2 layers were used. Hemming tape was used to put both layers together and theres lots of strips of it between both layers for added sturdiness.

Started waistcoat. Need to play around with the shape and put it together.

Found some flowers that will be suitable for the shirt. Just got a couple but will buy more soon. I plan to make the shirt as soon as I finish the waistcoat :D Ill be on the lookout for trousers in charity shops.

This is taking forever...

Socks-Just started puting the stripe onto one of them.

Top-Stripes added. Frills done but need adding. Need to add straps and bows.

Im working on the belt right now. I am using wool as looking closely at the pic it appears woolyish and braided.

Its a surprisingly fun task and should be able to get it done by today.

Done both the bows for the top. Quite pleased with them actaully :)

Now to do the bows for the shoes, finish adding eyes and hooks onto the other bracelet, hair bow and to make the rose for the skirt. Wont be able to do much after that as need some cream fabric. Ill keep away from the skirt until then.

Almost done! Just need to figure out the harness when the rest of the cosstume is done. Maybe a bit more but that should be it.

No picture this time...sorry ^^;

Done the bow for the back of the skirt. Being a big one it took longer and was more of a bugger than I thought it would be. Its pinned onto the skirt on a mannequinn now and together it looked better than I expected. Im quite happy with it so yay. either start again on the other bracelet or make the little bows for the top.

The base of the orange overskirt is almost done. A bit more hemming to do. Afterwards I'll need to sew some cream/yellow ribbon on then attatch the bow and rose. I plan to use cotton too for the underskirt and maybe get some tulle for poofiness for added cuteness ^^

I used a few layers of rolled paper for the shape and a shampoo bottle for sturdiness. I scrunched up some paper and added layers onto it for the rounded end. Going to keep putting paper mache over it until it becomes smooth.

The bracelets are pretty much done....except that one of them turned out really sucky so I'll be remaking that one. The other one came out ok.

How they are make is for each bracelet you start with a rectangle piece of fabric (I used red polycotton). Make sure that when wrapped around your wrist it covers 4/5 of your wrist. You sew the wider side and then unfold and made sure that the seam is going down the middle. To ensure the seam stays in this position sew the ends shut then attatch elastic to one of the end. Carefully use pins to play around with the length of elastic and put the other end of elastic to the other end of the polycotton. Experiment until you are able to put un on and off nicely and that it stays on your wrist.

With another recatngular piece of polycotton I made it into a bow. Repeat the last step until you get a rectangle. It should be chubbier than the other piece so when you tie both ends of the piece together and tie it right at the centre with a really small piece of Pcotton then it should make a cute and simple bow. Sew the bow onto one side to where the elastic is so it covers all the white then use eyes and hooks on the other side of the elastic to it stays in place :)

The overskirt is done in about six pieces to ensure ruffleness. 3 pieces focus mostly on the main part but its pretty short so I added some more fabric to exntend the lengh. Thankfully she has a stripe going around the skirt so I can sew it over to hide the seam. Its pretty long right now but it hasnt been hemmed at the bottom yet.

Made a start on the bow on tehe skirt and the accessories :)

Im considering remaking this sometime as when I think back when I was at AmeCon 08 it seemed to have made people happy. Not sure when but it might happen someday ^_^ Ah, nostalgia.

There are soooo many advantages and disadvantages of the new fabric.

Cheaper and easier to buy.
Twice the thickness-less likely to be torn or damaged.
Easier to work with-doesnt move around as much while cutting.
The cosplay may actually turn out better due to the sturdiness.

The thickness makes it much harder to poof out as easily and beautifully. Might need something like wire to allow it spread out.
It's also hotter DX.

As for making the cosplay itself I already made 1 shoulder, 1 sleeve and cut out the patten for the top (with plenty of space on the bottom to ensure that proportions are ok then I finish it). Although I used my own, almost 'complicatingly professinal' patten of making it Im not too happy with the shoulder puff as I made it too small AGGGHHHH!!!!!! The sleeve is a little tight but wearable :) Might get some ribbon and actually sew it on the wristband to ensure it stays in place, especially since I might need to stitch parts of that area to ensure its stays poofy.

I used a rather simple yet stress free method to create the top proportions for the top. I used an old coathanger and played around with it until it had the right shape to my chest. I used it as some sort of stencial/template on the fabric later that evening to quickly create the shape I want :) I need some sort of sturdy wiring so I can use it as a frame as I want to avoid using troupe tape as my 'lifeline' this time around. For the back of the top Im going to use the ring that was used for my prevoius Subaru.

Im gonna wait until after my birthday to start dieting XD Thats only in like 3 weeks away.

My local anime club will be holding a cosplay photoshoot/games day at the end of the month so hopefully I'll be cosplaying Lina if my other cosplays are not done yet.

My skirt was that tiny that my friend bullied me into remaking it. I had no money and my EMA hasnt come in so my mother had to buy the fabric for me. i was given £20 for tommorrow, £5 for entry, £10 to spend and £5 for pockey :p

Other than that all i need to do is neaten the leotard and thats it. Dad has got me the shoes today. Not accurate but will do.


All I need to do now are to finish sewing the skirt to the back of the leotard, neaten the trimming on the chest and remind daddy to get me those damn shoes!

Dyed and are drying right now. They currently look more purple than pink 0_0

As for the skirt I still need to shorten the netting and find the lace my brother hid from me. THE COSPLAYER'S BIGGEST NIGHTMARE-SKIRT TOO SHORT!

If I continue working how I have been lately I should get it done by tomorrow afternoon \^-^/

My dad said he'll try to get a hold of some suitable shoes at work tomorrow.

Completed the anntenae, choker and fimo jewllery complete!

Sewn hidden support in, working on the pink trimming. Need to figure out how to put it on. Working on bow too.

Yaay! 3 layers! Pink polyester, Pink satin and white netting. just cut the pattens out. All I need to do now are to sew some lace onto the netting and sew the layers togetther abnd onto the bodice.

Going it over again with the maching then time to dye them :)

Dont have time or money for them :( Pink trainers then ;_;

Very basic now. Found some bra pads so avoid certain moments and will sew the onto a second layer of lycra soon. Still need to sort out the lining and the bow.

Bah! So annoying. Halve way through now. 2 layers of pink and probably some netting and maybe some lace trimming too if I go to Boyes later this week.

A bit of tidying up to do and all I need to do is dye them.

Fimo stuff
Done it the second time this morning (last one was a disaster!). Cooling now and will be painting them soon.

Currently waiting for te first layer of paint to dry before putting on the next.

Headband stote brought, working on choker (nice progress too!).

Need to buy shoes and paint them if I need to. Ankle straps needs dying along with the gloves.

Thinks thats everything. About half way now. Luckily I got a week off so I can focus on my cosplay well as finishing tidying my bedroom ^^;

WHY ARE THEY SO F***ING ANNOYING TO MAKE!!!! They sound so simple to make but they are not so simple to keep clean looking.

Done both of them but they are gonna need neatening up and dying.

I began the anklestaps a few days ago using lycra. Like the gloves, they will need a little neatening up and dying.

I have also finished the basic leotard. Need pink fabric for the skirt and bow. Will buy the fabric tomorrow while im in Nottingham with a few friends.

I have beenworking on this for the past week already. Progress is going slow (as always) but surprisingly well.

I began by making the gloves. I used my hands to trace on white lycra and the plan was to use my good 'ol trustly Lancelot to sew the sides of the glove and sew the fingers by hand. Part way through the first glove I had a huntch that something isnt right so yesterday I restarted them using a wooly gloves and use the rest of my arm at the same time due to the glove's lenghs. I plan to handstitch the fingers and use Lancelot for the rest of the arm. Will be dyed when complete. Hopfully that will cover a few pen marks ^_^

Second was the leotard. I began by sewing the side and when I tried it on it fitted surprisinly well but double-sided tape will be an idea to ensure it all dosnt slide down. Im relieved that 'they' wont bounce much when I do the Caramelladansan. I still need to get some pink fabric for the lining and the bow. Chest area will need another layer as its a bit transparent (and hopefully make 'them' appear a little smaller).

Made a start on the ankle straps. Just need resizing, hemming and dying. Simple ^_^

I simply brought a headband from Superdrug for £2 \^.^/

Im hoping to buy the pink fabric this weekend. According to my parents there should be a fabric place in Sheffield so I coud check that out. If not, its Mansfield.

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